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Hi guys, sorry for the clunky thread title...

Just over a year ago we had a side return/knock-through extension project done on our home in South London - end result was a 40sqm +/- kitchen diner space, which has turned out really well asides from the tiles...

We went with 600 x 1200 porcelain tiles for the flooring as we had wet undefoor heating installed and had read this was the best finish with that in mind.

Soon after moving back in tiles started to pop in places and some of the grouting was breaking up and coming away. Fast forward to present day and a lot more grouting has come away and there's a fair bit of movement in the tiles across the floor.

What we believe/know happened is that the UFH was ramped up way too high and way too quickly and essentially f*cked the curing/adhesion process (?) We know this as when the builders were installing the kitchen and finishing up the plumbing (the week following the tiling) we were on site and the place was a furnace - I'm not particularly interested laying blame at anyones door but there was obviously a lack of communication between the building team & the tiler about the aftercare and how to bed in the UFH system.

We have no idea where to turn or how to resolve the problem - has anyone encountered this before and the process to rectify or know of a specialist company that deals with such a problem?

Thanks and I'll do best to answer any follow up questions people may have


bsc ceramics

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Ok so the only way is to take up the floor and start again.
In my opinion you have thermal shock to the adhesive and that wont change.
The adhesive is gone.
After tiling on underfloor heating it should not be swicthed on for 2/3 weeks
then it should be at its lowest setting and raised a degree a day until up to heat
Even if its been down a while you should never just whack it up high in one go
as this may cause thermal shock at any time. this should have been explained
to you by the builder/tiler so thats your first phone call and see what they say.
but im sorry to say your floor is toast.
let me know how you get on because its not YOUR fault.

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