Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term marble refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

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  1. Y

    Marble ShowerTrowel Size

    Oops, I am reposting this into the correct forum Building a walk-in shower & additional soaking tub area 1) What specific size notched trowel for 6"x18" Carrara (stone) marble on Kerdi board shower walls. Installed in a 50/50 brick pattern with 1/16" jts. Tiles will be back buttered 2) Is a...
  2. Y

    DIY Trowel Size for Carrara Marble

    Hello. Doing... ( extremely slowly ).. a walk-in shower & additional soaking tub area 1) What specific size notched trowel for 6"x18" Carrara (stone) marble on Kerdi board shower walls. Installed in a 50/50 brick pattern with 1/16" jts. Tiles will be back buttered 2) Is a levelling...
  3. P

    White marble yellowing

    Hi there, I have some white marble mosaic to fix and I know from experience it will yellow when it gets wet. Is there some way to prevent this? Obviously I can seal the face but the back will absorb water from the adhesive. Thanks.
  4. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Carrara 800x800 white marble polished.

    looking for these tiles I picked up from tile mountain a couple of years back, need 10 more. Anyone seen or come across these elsewhere ? Thanks
  5. P

    Best adhesive for small marble tiles

    Good day all. My daughter has asked me to tile a cooker splashback in her kitchen. They've chosen marble tiles of about 150mm x 75mm x 8-10mm. They're quite chunky things for small tiles. The wall they're going on has been sanded back to smooth brown finishing plaster and the wall itself is...
  6. S

    Mastik failing quickly in marble tiled shower

    Hi, I recently had a contractor strip out and replace all the Mastik in my shower as it had failed. It was a very poor job and not colour matched. The new contractor did a good job, or appeared tom with a matched colour (Jasmine) but less than two months on it has completely failed, coming away...
  7. J

    Marble Tiles on Solid Plastered Wall

    Hello, Just about to embark on an extension and the first job is to move the bathroom into what was part of the old living room. The walls are solid blockwork with a plaster finish (and wallpaper). I would imagine marble would be too heavy to fix directly to the plastered wall so I was...
  8. M

    Issue picking grout for my polished san dona marble hex shower floor

    Hello everyone I have a question I have installed hex polished marble san dona tile in my shower floor and 3x6 on the walls. I'm not sure what to use on the floor for grout sanded or un sanded.... I have ~1/8 joints. Thanks for the input
  9. C

    Adhesive recommended

    Adhesive for marble backsplash
  10. A

    Identifying Marble Type

    Hi, We recently purchased a vanity unit which has a marble top on it. Just had a few queries if people could kindly answer. Firstly, the marble is very crystal like. When we looked at kitchen worktops a while back I never saw any marble that had crystals in it - only granite? Also, the veining...
  11. J

    DIY-Can I use liquid nails to glue marble pencil trim to shower floor?

    I want to install this marble pencil trim ON TOP of the existing shower floor tile. Can I use an adhesive like liquid nails to do this or will it not form a waterproof bond correctly? Just looking for a fast and easy way. Thanks!
  12. H

    Advice on heated floor curbless marble steam shower

    Hey guys new member here I've been tiling for almost 8 years I have a customer that would like a curbless steam shower with marble tiles floor to ceiling and electric heat system underneath these tiles. This will be my first steam shower I Do by myself just wondering advice on the best...
  13. R

    Adhesive What is the best brand fro Grout and Adhesive?

    Hi all! I just recently bought and received some Carrara Venatino White Marble Tiles by Starel Stones (link below) tiles look beautiful and I wanted to get professional advice on the best brand for the grout and adhesive to use just so I don’t mess things up ;)) Wall Tiles...
  14. T

    First time tiling with marble. Advice please

    Hello It's Hugo here. I did have an account on here before but can't seem to find it, so I have re registered. It will the first time tiling with marble. The customer is looking at 600x600 on the floor and 600 x 300 on the walls. There is a load of prep work to do first I know and I'll be...
  15. H

    I'm Looking For This Tile County Marfil 25x40; grey wood marble listelli 4x25

    I’m looking for these tiles - can anyone help?
  16. Ronin63

    International Specifications for installing marble tile

    Good day everyone, and I hope you are all staying good and healthy. Guys and girls,,I have a new project to work on, with marble tiles. The specifications call for ASTM standards, which is screed substrate, then flexible adhesive using a notched trowel. A contractor asked if it was ok to do...
  17. J

    Marble tiling cracks

    Hello tiling community, Coming here for home improvement help. We recently had an install for a marble backsplash in May-June 2020. We were overall extremely happy with the work, but in the past few months have noticed progressive cracks in the marble throughout sections of the kitchen. The...
  18. V

    Large marble tiles and Mapei p9

    Hi I have some large format marble tiles to fit onto bathroom walls. They are 10mm and 800mm x 400mm in size. They are quite heavy. Do you think that Mapei p9 will be man enough for the job- I will be back combing ? I have mainly been using s1 Keraquick for the floors but the p9 was cheap and...
  19. A

    Tiling advice for beginers

    Hello guys I’m looking for some advice I will be attempting to redecorate my living room which will involve some tiling. This would be my first attempt at tiling. I’ve done significant research and would really like to attempt this project myself so would like to clarify if my approach is...
  20. Ronin63

    Best and cost effective way to build up sub-base below marble tiles

    Good day everyone! I have a small question, i need advice on. I have a project where a typical screed allowance, on top of the concrete slab, is 100mm. I deduct 20 to 30mm for the marble tile and the balance for concrete screed and adhesive. In this situation the allowance is 200mm to top of...
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