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David Howe has been tiling for a very long time. He is one of very few tilers who managed to run the worlds largest tile community for a while. As administrator of the forum, Dave developed the legacy 'Job of the Month' competition the forum runs still to this day.

Having been a tiler in Newton Aycliffe for decades, he is still tiling kitchens, bathrooms, floors and walls, to standards that will mean the tiles outlive both Dave, and the customer, by a factor of 10 at least.

Thanks to Dave from me personally for being part of the forum and helping create what it is today.
Known Tony since he joined the forum, turns out quality work and knows his stuff, if you need a tiler in Glasgow would highly recommend 👍
Excellent tiler, i past Adeys details on for a job at Cardiff airport and although the job wasn't quite how it had appeared to be, Adey went above and beyond and sorted it... highly recommended
Have known Andy through the forum and he has provided me with a lot of advice and encouragement on tilersforum.
Known through tilersforum.com and always on hand for excellent advice
Been a member of the forum since 2011. I'd consider this tiler if he was in my area. Definitely would be on the short list. If you're local to him, then please do have him in the last few you research to do your tiling. :)

Thanks for being a forum member for so long Del. :)
Been a member of TilersForums.com for over a year now. Please consider this tiler when choosing a tiler in Kent and surrounding areas. :)
Please consider this tiler when choosing a tiler in Caerphilly.
Joined the forum in June 2017. Is a valued member of the forum and looked up to by fellow tilers. Please include this tiler in your shortlist of tilers in Glasgow, Renfrewshire and surrounding areas.
Been a member of the forum since June 2019. Include this tiler in your options when researching tilers in Oxfordshire. :)
Harry has been a tiler on tilersforums.com since June 2011 and isn't going anywhere soon. He has provided tiling advice to some of the best tilers in the country. When sharing advice between them, they come up with the tiling that will be dug up in a thousand years time and get in the news. Whatever that might be then.

It's a pleasure to have him on the forum. And a pleasure to read his knowledge and know it is being shared.

If you are lucky enough to live local to him, please consider him for your tiling work.

If you do your research well when choosing a tiler, you'll find that he comes out leagues above the average tiler.

Cheers for being a member of TilersForums.com Harry. :)
Thanks for posting on TilersForums.com. Your listing has been transferred over to your account. :) Tilers in Cheshire should be getting visitors now we're all up and running on the forum with the tilers directory. Cheshire is well covered.
I’ve know Harry for several years now and I can safely say he’s one of the most knowledgeable members here, and his tiling skills are a match for his knowledge.
If you’re looking for someone on the Isle of White or close by on the mainland, Harry is definitely worth a call.
Awesome listing. Looks like lovely tiling. Readers of TilersForums.com need to note that I haven't left this review because I have used Dave as a wall and floor tiler. I don't live anywhere near the lovely place of Waveney Valley. Or in Suffolk or Norfolk. I have left this review for the tilers directory listing alone. And his listing is 5-stars all day long. :)

Nice listing. Thanks for posting. This isn't a review for the tiler in East Sussex, I don't live near East Sussex. But if you have a review for this tiler, then please leave one here. Thank you. :)
Brilliant listing, thanks for submitting this. (This isn't a review as a customer, I haven't used this tiler. But if you have, please feel free to leave your review).
Awesome listing. Clearly know your stuff. :) Thanks for submitting. (This isn't a tiling review, I haven't used this tiler, but feel free to leave a review if you have)
Thanks Dan. I will work on this some more. Had to learn some basic SEO for my site. Started learning a year ago and now my site is no1 on google in my area for virtually every search term. I get a minimum of 4 inquiries per day. Best thing i ever did..... Apart from marry "she that must be obeyed "......
Julian Sidney registered to TilersForums.com in early 2008 and has been a loyal and informative member since then. We only setup the website in 2006 so that's well in the early days when he joined.

Soon after he joined he became a Trusted Advisor for providing lots of solid advice linking to explanations and PDFs and posting really informative replies to fellow tilers, DIYers, specifiers and architects and the likes.

He has been a member of the forum during many of its changes, and would have contributed in a way to each of them. By providing advice and feedback along the way, he's become ingrained in the fabric of the forum and wont ever be able to escape.

It's thanks to such good tilers that we are still online, providing the best advice going. And all for free.

And if I were in Essex, I'd want him to be one of my tilers.

Thanks Julian. :)
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