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Tiler in County Durham, Newton Aycliffe, Darlington
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Floor prep advice

Hi there, I have a shop floor to price up. It's about 50m2, currently vinyl and they want it tiling. It's a suspended floor with a little bounce here and there so I'm wondering which prep option to go for. I could possibly ply over for some added rigidity then ditra over that? The main problem...

Priming fresh plaster

Hi there, it's my first time trying to tile. I had to fill large holes in the wall, then had to plaster. I used gypsum easifill. I think I now have to use a plaster primer. I've seen 2 both mapaei one is plaster primer and the other I noticed was primer G, which is best.

Has my hydroban gone off? Lumpy

My new 5ltr container of Laticrete hydroban is seriously lumpy - the whole body is one big jelly mass with some pale green liquid on top. Does it just need mixing, or has the pack gone off? Picture below. (It's a batch that says use by 18/09/20).

I'd be really grateful for any...

Best way to remove Mortar from ceramic tile

I have ceramic tile that has lifted due to tenting. I want to remove the mortar from the underside so I can reuse the tile.

I have a 10 x 8 feet section to remove clean and recement down. I heard you can soak the tile in water to soften the mortar, but this is not the case.
Chipping away at it...

Brick slips

Hi Lads
Brick slips becoming more and more popular. How much as a general idea are lads charging. I normally try to get 40-50m2
Sometimes i wonder if its worthbthe hassle when it comes to pointing up
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