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Is this acceptable lippage?

Hi all,
Recently had my kitchen tiled in a chess board style white & black 30cm x 30cm quartz tiles. The floor covers approximately 14m2. The tiler came highly recommended & has done jobs for friends & neighbours, I’m not so happy with the job he has done in my house. The job took 6hours from...

Grout thickess

Just at the final stage of having a complete bathroom installed but I think some of the tilling is below standard and want a professional tillers opinion.

What's an acceptable thickness in grout between the tile and tile trim? Looks to me like the hes cut the tiles too short and has left at...

Laying plank wood effect tiles

I'm planning to diy lay some plank wood effect tiles, size 114x20 and would appreciate advice in terms of what I'll be doing

These are 9mm porcelain rectified tiles, so I'm thinking to go with a 3mm grout line, is this ok?

As these are large format tiles I'll be using a 10x20mm notch trowel...

Newbie - Tiling Business

Evening Guy's,

Apologies in advance because I'm sure you have seen a similar thread dozens of times.

I am thinking of taking the plunge and starting up on my own tiling business following a course I plan to undertake in January. Obviously I am a little apprehensive about this because I do...

I think my tiler has used floor grout on my walls?

I had my kitchen wall tiled last week. I'm not overly happy with the job at all, but the grout is terrible. It's really gritty. When I questioned him he said he'd used course grout because the tiles had uneven edges. I suspect he had some left over from a previous flooring job he'd been...
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