1. J

    Pricing a bathroom tiling job

    My business is handyman but I regularly get asked to do tiling jobs. I have just been asked to tile a bathroom but have no idea how long it will take and therefore how to price it. Before I start I will need to remove the shower, shower screen, sink, toilet cistern, and radiator also I have to...
  2. G

    Should I board

    Hi, I am going to tile my sons bathroom where most of the the skim plaster has come off when removing the few tiles there were and the rest of the bathroom is covered in artex, which is quite old and probably contains asbestos. Under the plaster is a very absorbent soft plaster, I asusme this...
  3. J

    client wont pay

    Started a job, tiling 5 kitchens on Monday, I had got nearly 3 of them finished when the client come in and said he has found problems with my tiling, baring in mind up to this conversation he had been in and out several times a day, saying what a good job it looked and he was happy. he has been...
  4. S

    tiling over victorian floor boards

    Hi, i know this is a common discussion but what is the best method for tiling over old wooden victorian floor boards? Should a backer board be used eg Hardibacker? can adhesive be used directly over the floor boards to stick the board down? or just screws/both. or* should ply wood be used and...
  5. S

    Tiling and insulating concrete floor

    Hello. I am refurbishing my ground floor bathroom which has a solid concrete floor to which I want to add insulation and tile. Please can you tell me the most widely accepted process for this. I have read and considered numerous options - rigid insulation, dpm, chipboard, tile vs insulated...
  6. B

    Tiling prices for ceramic vs porcelain vs mosaic vs herringbone etc

    Hi. I'm relatively new to tiling, and have begun offering it as a service alongside my existing skills in property maintenance/repair and general construction etc. I am not a "time served" or particularly experienced tiler, but I have been on a week long course to make sure I understand the...
  7. D

    DIY Garage Tiling: what prep/adhesive?

    I've read multiple threads over the last few weeks and get different or even contradicting advice in each. I've got a 5x5m integral garage with a 3 year old well finished concrete base. It's not polished smooth, but it's fairly level. I put down SBR to contain the dust 2 years ago. I want to...
  8. A

    Adhesive Will this adhesive be ok for around wood burner insert?

    Hi, I tiled around my fireplace last night with Weber fix plus tile adhesive which withstands up to 100C...I thought that would be ok for what I need it for as I'm not tiling underneath or in the actual alcove that my wood burner will sit in. However, after doing more research AFTER tiling...
  9. N

    Help! Kitchen flooded during floor tiling

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice. I started tiling my kitchen floor yesterday afternoon (first tiling attempt) and managed to get around a third of the tiles down. I came down this morning to find water all over the kitchen floor! I haven’t found the source yet but suspect dishwasher...
  10. W

    Porcelain I'm not sure if this tiling is acceptable

    Hello. Hope I'm in the right place. I have enployed a bathroom designer / fitter to do my bathroom. I'm not happy with the tiling. I am extremely happy witg every other aspect of the job. I was hoping to get a professional opinion on the tiling, so I can decide if I should as the fitter to re...
  11. C

    Marmox Boards 12.5mm.... are they any good for Tiling onto floor boards?

    Marmox Boards 12.5mm.... are they any good for Tiling onto floor boards? I normally use hardie backer board. I have wooden floor boards to tile over but wanted to shore them up first using a backer board and overlaying with a de-coupling Matt. Would this be good or has anyone had problems with...
  12. J

    Drain too high

    Hi, New member and rookie homeowner from Australia here. I am in the middle of my first bathroom build at home, and have an issue with the drain height. where i am at : I hired a contractor to come and level the floor prior to waterproofing, he sloped all the falls to the center drain which...
  13. J

    Tiling on cracked skimmed plasterboard

    Hi All, I'm just about to start some kitchen tiling. I've been knocking some old tiles off the skimmed plasterboard, and some of the skimming has come off (see photo). What's the best course of action here? Remove all the broken skimmed areas and work from there? Or try and remove all the...
  14. J

    Kitchen Wall Tiling Help

    My kitchen units on the right hand side hang 1/2 inch lower than the left side. I will have 5 rows of 200x100 tiles to make a brick effect. I was told to divide the half inch by the number of rows of tiles which will be 0.1 inch on each row? I am wanting to know how this will effect me using the...
  15. H

    Ceramic tiling onto cracked concrete hearth

    Hi - I'm trying to lay a flush tiled hearth for a new fireplace. It's likely to be decorative rather than used for fires, but so far it has been built to regulations for solid fuel use. To get it flush with the new floor, the hearth has been raised with a sand and cement slab over a concrete...
  16. L

    DIY Preparation of Concrete Blocks before tiling (outdoors)

    Hi - I'm just having some concrete block walls built in the back garden and I intend to tile these with 30 x 60 8mm porcelain tiles. Couple of bits of advice please. 1. How long do I need to leave the wall after building before I tile? 2. Do I need to prime the blocks before tiling, or can I...
  17. N

    tiling help

    DIY tiler here Ive to do my kitchen wall behind the sink and cooker and have a question i could do with answering please tiles are 200x100mm and are ceramic firstly the back wall is silk emulsion straight onto the plasterboard. its solid. do i need to strip this paint off completely?
  18. A

    How's My Tiling? Tiling green plaster board

    Hi could someone help me, I have a bath panel made of green board which was primed before applying tiles but the tiles just popped off. Why is this?
  19. S

    Plasterboarding out of plumb walls before tiling

    I live in an old house and I don't think there's a single square corner or plumb wall in the whole place. I've gutted the ground floor bathroom and I'm in the process of battening the walls to take insulation then plasterboard before they are tiled. How important is it the the walls are plumb...
  20. H

    DIY Tiling onto Bonding Plaster? (even though it's wrong!)

    Firstly, I know that tiling onto bonding isn't recommended - at least not by British Gypsum... https://www.british-gypsum.com/technical-advice/faqs/034-can-you-tile-directly-on-thistle-bondingcoat It would be more useful if they said why not - strength? suction? chemical effects? However...
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