1. W

    Is this a good job?

    Hi all I’m a homeowner and have just had my bathroom floor tiled and am requesting your opinion please as to whether you think that this is a good job? Some of the tiles appear uneven and the grout joints differ so I’m guessing spacers weren’t used. In fact in some joints it looks like you won’t...
  2. M

    My 1st Job Installing Mosaic On a Wet Room Floor

    Hi All, First time poster and tiler here. Hoping to get a bit of advice on tiling a wet room shower tray using hexagonal mosaic (30cm x 30cm sheets - individual tiles are probably 2.5cm x 2.5cm or so). The shower tray is level to the floor, I've used cement board on the walls and floor and...
  3. J

    Waiting time between tiling

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a time limit when tiling. I am DIYing my bathroom. So far I have tiled the floor but not grouted. I have also tanked the shower area and primed the plasterboard walls in the rest of the room with Mapai plaster primer. My question is how long can I wait now...
  4. R

    Pictures What floor is this?

    Hiya, so I've been asked to tile a wet room full floor and walls. I've been sent this photo of the floor, what material is this and is it going to be difficult to remove? It's my first bathroom/wetroom to tile as I'm new to the game. TIA :-)
  5. C

    Floor tiling puzzle - advice needed

    Not sure if you can provide some simple guidance here. Our kitchen extension project has hit a roadblock with this tiling issue. The tiler followed the lines of the existing floor tiles which unfortunately were a few degrees out lining up with the walls. The patio doors are straight however the...
  6. C

    Floor tiling alignment puzzle - help to solve

    Not sure if you can provide some simple guidance here. Our kitchen extension project has hit a roadblock with this tiling issue. The tiler followed the lines of the existing floor tiles which unfortunately were a few degrees out lining up with the walls. The patio doors are straight however the...
  7. L

    My 1st Job Preparation

    Preparation Hi I’m looking to tile my bathroom and I’m just wondering if I can tile straight onto these walls once I scrape off the loose adhesive and plaster or does it need to be rebounded? Also I’m tiling the whole way up do I need to remove the emulsion paint it seems stuck well to the...
  8. B

    Tiling and walk in shower help

    Hi! we recently bought a new build property and all bathrooms have been tiled fully. The kitchen through to the orangery also has large floor tiles. The tiler has done an awful job. Lots of chipped tiles, dirty grout marks all over the tiles, missing grout and uneven tiles. A major issue too is...
  9. M

    Tiling over removed wall

    Hi, I’ve taken down an interior wall that reveals a dpm. I need to tile over this area. What should I do with this to get the prep right?
  10. R

    tiling on timber with ufh

    Hi Ive been browsing your forums over the years looking for guidance for odd tiling DIY tasks, and the advice I have read has been very helpful. Im currently planning to have my ground floor tiled with 600x600 porcelain tiles, with wet underfloor heating. The main two house rooms are fully...
  11. Dan

    Register your tiling business with our new website please

    Hello lads and ladies, I've been working on a new website. www.FreeRatedTraders.com. It's a directory but it will come with some awesome features and it's well optimised. I'm aiming for a check-a-builder and mytrader type website, but free for both the customers and the tradesepeople. I need...
  12. TF Bot (Alan)

    3 Brilliant Tiling Courses to Consider During Current Lockdowns: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    Let’s Talk Tiling Courses Let’s talk about Tiling Courses and Tiling Training. To see what they involve and what type of people might be booking on some right now. But first. A bit about me. I’m Dan. I own the forum, and much bigger forums in the construction industry, and a lot of blogs, some...
  13. TF Bot (Alan)

    Find a Tiler | Find a Local Tiler | Find Trusted Tilers: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    Find a Tiler with our new website that we’re working on. It’s in Beta stages right now, we have some test listings on it. If you’re a friend of Tilers Forums then you’ll know that over the years we’ve attempted to do this a few times and although some worked for a bit, most didn’t. […] Continue...
  14. E

    Poor preparation for shower wall tiling?

    Who is at fault here? Our builders built a stud wall and secured backer board to it. Our tiler then proceeded to tile onto it. We had multiple tiles crack along one vertical line where the two backer boards met. Upon removing tiles, one backer board was only secured with 6 screws and there were...
  15. Nicobond

    Fancy £1k worth of tiling gear?

    One lucky tiler will win in excess of £1000 worth of Nicobond adhesives, grouts, screeds and tiling solutions for Christmas! 1000kg’s of Professional Nicobond Tile Adhesives 100kg’s of Professional Nicobond Flexible Grouts 100kg of Nicobond Professional Tilers Screed 40ltrs of Nicobond PVA...
  16. W

    Poor Tiling Job - Advice Needed Please

    Hi there, I had an en-suite tiled in July 2017, we noticed a leak in the hallway in December 2019 and found it was coming from the en-suite shower. I've added some pictures to show the damage, but in summary: Walls were not primed or tanked before tiling Tiler has used dot and dab technique...
  17. S

    Is this a bad tiling job?

    Hi guys, I’m new here. I’m a landlord and I have been in the process of getting some work done at a property. One of the jobs was a new kitchen with a tile splash back. I opted this time to go for a higher end price for the full kitchen job, so my expectations were high. I don’t know whether to...
  18. A

    Tiling pattern

    I'm tiling some fairly standard tiles - 60w by 30h round the bathroom. The last tile on the corner is 20cm so do I make the next tile 40 cm and continue round the room? I have started in the middle of one wall (bath wall) and am moving round the room. It made sense but I just wanted to double...
  19. TF Bot (Alan)

    PVA vs Primers: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    People, and certainly plasterers (who are murder for it) tend to think and use PVA glue as a primer when tiling walls. If you're tiling over plaster or plasterboard and wish to separate the tile adhesive (which may be cement-based) from the plaster (which causes issues; cement and plaster don't...
  20. J

    Tiling on tile

    I know tiling onto tile is a thing of contention, however in current times I cannot choose to be picky about jobs. I would like some honest advice on primers and adhesive.