1. L

    Changing a cloakroom sink

    Would like to retain tiles but need 5 more to fill in spaces. Cristal Pennine blue.
  2. M

    Which tiling system is best?

    Apologies if this has been asked before and I suspect all tilers have their individual preferences, but I would appreciate some feedback as my tiler is recommending an adhesive/grout that I've never heard of, well, it's not one of the best known, but possibly you guys are aware of it. I have...
  3. F

    tiling on side of a bathroom cupboard help appreciated!

    Hi i'm having an old bathroom ripped out and the room skimmed. Boiler is in the bathroom and the cupboard for the boiler is being built in after it's skimmed. and then the side of the boiler will be where the bath and shower go. so the shower will be attached to side of the cupboard. I've...
  4. TF Bot (Alan)

    Emerald green embossed border tile with emerald Ggreen bevelled edge field tile: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    TilersForums.co.uk - The UK Tiling Forum. UK Tiling Forum This has to be an old tile for sure. Bevelled edge field tile about 6 inch wide maybe 3 heigh. Might be 4 inch heigh. Emerald Green field tiles 6 x 3 inch Looking again 6×3 for sure. Anybody guess what they are and who made them...
  5. R

    Tiling path and step

    Hi all. I have a job that I'm unsure of how to approach, and I have 2 queries. I need to lay 10mm porcelain tiles onto a newly poured concrete path. Path has been down for approximately 8 weeks. I am going to use Keraflex S1 Maxi as the adhesive. 1. Can I fix the tiles directly to the path...
  6. N

    Porcelain Tiling to Office WCs

    Hi Guy's, I have 260m2 of 1200x600 wall tiles and 100m2 of 300x600 floor tiles to fix in November and would welcome some extra labour. Work is just outside Cambridge. Please get back to me a call if you are interested in working with us on this project. Regards, Paul
  7. J

    My 1st Job Cement Board Tiling Challenge!

    Hi Everyone, 1st time bathroom install around a bath. Current stud wall with tiles removed has had it, I'm taking out the plaster board and replacing with cement boards (already purchased). Question: When cement boards are installed, I am going to tank it using "Aqua Seal Tanking kit". Before...
  8. Dan

    A1 Tiling Courses

    For quite some time we had dozens of websites. We closed a whole bunch (including tilingcoursescompanies.co.uk) some time ago due us (me) being so busy with the main few forums. That said; I bring you www.a1tilingcourses.co.uk - the website that will let you know who to spend your money with...
  9. T

    Bathroom tiling - walls first or floors?

    Thanks for letting me join. I am approaching the end of a "on the tools" owner build. I have noticed there are two trains of thought... Tile floors first and then tile walls, or tile the walls first and then the floors... Advice on which way and why?
  10. James C

    Natural Stone ADVICE PLEASE! - First time tiling - Installing split face tiles in my bedroom

    Hi all, I'm struggling to get a tiler in my area since lockdown so I have taken the bold decision to go alone as I need to get the project finished in the next month! I think I am prepared to start but I have some areas I'm not so clear on... I will be starting by mechanically fixing 4mm...
  11. M

    My 1st Job tiling over wires

    Can I tile over concrete floor with a telephone cable running underneath with no preparation?
  12. C

    Feedback on cloakroom WC wall tiling

    Our cloakroom WC has just been tiled (pictures attached) and our contractor says he 'doesn't see an issue' with the gaps between the tiles and the wall (5-6mm gap). There's also void space visible behind tiles i.e. large gaps with no adhesive. As someone with no experience tiling, I'd have...
  13. G

    Tiling over lath and plaster

    Hi, I'm about to tile over an old but good condition lath and plaster wall over a bath. I'm going to use no more ply cement board, should I strip the old lath and plaster away and use 12mm board or would I get away with 6mm over the existing plaster? The studs are easy to locate. Cheers
  14. TF Bot (Alan)

    How Much Do Tilers Charge?: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    TilersForums.co.uk - The UK Tiling Forum. TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News What’s the going rate for wall and floor tilers? How much do tilers charge? And do they charge per job, charge per day, or charge per square meter? The post How Much Do Tilers Charge? appeared first on...
  15. S

    Tiling over existing vinyl flooring glue/adhesive

    Hi all, I'm going to put ceramic tiles down over a concrete floor which has previously had clear looking vinyl flooring glued down onto it as can be seen in the attachment. Am I ok to scrape off any high points and tile down onto it using the Norcros flexible adhesive (after priming with SBR)...
  16. TF Bot (Alan)

    Most Used Tile Adhesive Brands from 2007 to 2019: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    TilersForums.co.uk - The UK Tiling Forum. TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News TilersForums.com has hosted an annual ‘most used tile adhesive brand’ poll for each year from 2007 to 2019, bar 2014 for some reason. We’ve seen some brands come and go in that time. Some changed positions massively, some...
  17. TF Bot (Alan)

    How do I become a Tiler?: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    TilersForums.co.uk - The UK Tiling Forum. TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News How do I become a Tiler? If you want to know how to become a tiler then there are a few main ways that you can achieve your goal. We will give you a brief rundown of your options in this article and some handy tips to...
  18. TF Bot (Alan)

    The Tile Association: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    Who Are The Tile Association? The Tile Association (TTA) was set up in January 2000 when a combination of Tiling bodies came together to set up the Association. The post The Tile Association appeared first on TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News. Register to the forum for free: UK Tiling Forum |...
  19. TF Bot (Alan)

    NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling is the standard in Tiling Courses. Below are a few common questions and answers regarding the NVQ in Tiling. The post NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling appeared first on TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News. Register to the forum for free: UK Tiling Forum |...
  20. TF Bot (Alan)

    Tiling Courses: Blog from TilersForums.co.uk

    The post Tiling Courses appeared first on TilersForums.co.uk | Tile News. Register to the forum for free: UK Tiling Forum | Tilers Forums - https://www.tilersforums.com Continue reading... This thread has been posted from our TilersForums.co.uk blog
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