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  1. R

    Preparation Hi, i want to know if it is necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor bathroom in a new (2018) build house?

    My house was built in 2018, the floor is sheet boarded which I believe to be green chipboard. I am told these are bonded together as well as to the I joists. There is not a lot of movement but I am no expert. So I ask "is it necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor...
  2. C

    Porch wall tiling

    Hi I used to do a lot of tiling but am now a little out of practice (and possibly confidence).☺️ I’ve been asked to tile the inside walls of a porch which are not exposed to the wet due to double glazed doors but I guess there’s always a possibility of some damp. The walls themselves are part...
  3. Hidden rooms youtube video (turn your volume down - annoying music!)

    Hidden rooms youtube video (turn your volume down - annoying music!)

    Some tiled hidden rooms and areas. Some wood and stuff too so don't just expect tiling. :) Very clever ideas here.
  4. L

    Poor tiling job

    Please can someone who knows what they are talking about help me out. I am very unhappy. I purchased a new build and had plans to have the kitchen, dining room and utility rooms tiled in a nice shiny porcelain tile. I decided to go with a local builder, who stages he does tiling. He did other...
  5. M

    i tile floor and wall also i am a facilitator on tiling and mason

    i am new here, i am from Nigeria
  6. Dan

    Best tiles for kitchen splashbacks - Kitchen areas and kitchen tiling

    Best tiles for kitchen splashbacks - Kitchen areas and kitchen tiling Which are the best ones?
  7. P

    Tiling on polypipe ufh overlay boards

    Hi Newbie here (DIY - small jobs only!) Need to get a pro in to do a floor (35m2 or so kitchen/utility room) which has had polypipe ufh overlay boards freshly laid down. Tiling with a 600 x 300 porcelain floor tile. Question is what is the best option to tile on the boards - poly pipe have...
  8. B

    Asphalt roof terrace with tiling on top

    Hi, The fibreglass waterproofing under my 10m2 roof terrace has failed and I am getting quotes for this to be replaced with asphalt (more hard-wearing?). On top of this I would like to tile the surface (mosaic/geometric). Is there anything specific I need to tell the roofers to ensure the...
  9. B

    Looking to get work experience Tiling in Glasgow

    Hi all, I have just finished a 4 week Tiling course and I am trying to start working for myself. Planning to take on basic jobs to begin with and build confidence. I would also really like to get a bit on the job experience with a professional tiler. I would ideally be looking to work a day...
  10. Dave

    Ctd Darlington, Tile shop recommended by David Howe Tiling from Tilersforums.com

    Address CTD Tiles Unit F North Road Industrial Estate Darlington United Kingdom DL3 0QR Contact Tel: 01325 483 414 Fax: 01325 463 030 Opening Hours Monday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Wednesday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Thursday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Friday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday: 8.00am -...
  11. Dan

    Tiling Tools and Materials Forum

    This is me still customising the forum. Check this page out: Tile Materials and Tiling Tools - https://www.tilersforums.com/categories/tile-materials-and-tiling-tools.201/ It's the forum categories related to tools and products. As well as having its own section now in the main menu. And the...
  12. Toby

    How To Tile Over Spray Foam That Has Not Set Hard

    My plumber has just finished the pipework into a drain in a new utility. He said he would put down some board but instead has half-filled a cavity with foam. But the foam has not dried hard it has dried soft. Originally I envisaged using self leveling compound but I can't lay this on soft foam...
  13. Dilalio

    Porcelain Post tiling issues with finish

    Hi all. Looking for some input and advice. Recently had master bath tiled and now working on ensuite. We are the plumbers and have used our Tiler. Customer not happy with finish of dark grey matt porcelain tiles as they are water marking, have striations and don't have a uniform look when...
  14. A

    Travertine floor covered in cracks

    I posted previously about 18 months ago re the cracks in my Travertine floor. Since that date many of the tiles have additionally developed holes. I have attached pictures of the state of the floor and am looking for advice as to a remedy so that the floor doesn't look like such an...
  15. Dave

    Who’s into Netflix , any recommended films.

    Any recommendations for good films on Netflix, watched some good ones but always up for any you recommend, action,horror etc etc. Just watched In the midnight moon tonight. Good film I thought. Looking forward to In the tall grass on Friday.
  16. Protiler 68

    Sigma 1200 snapped twenty mm porcelain ,cool

    Did a test today for a job i got coming up ,my mates 1200 sigma snapped 20mm porcelain,good job ,was going to buy a rubi tz ,can borrow his as its new and he never uses it
  17. J

    Water UFH Tiling on underfloor heating warm panel

    Hi all, I've put water underfloor heating down in our bathroom using "ProWarm Warm panel" which are panels with premade tracks for the pipes in wet rooms. The panels are glued together but not glued down (consistent with manufacturers instruction) and with plastic end panels which enables the...
  18. Dave

    Weber Joint premium grout setting times.

    Bet whoever thought hey lets make the grout set super fast is giggling like a ****. Sets like the clappers now doesn't it. :sweat: , anyone else a regular with weber grout. ?
  19. Dave

    Tiling to an old house with quite a wonky wall.

    Tiled a few weeks back but after a cuppa and a head scratch lol , set about setting out this very old house and it’s wonky hallway. Yes I’m still using mayonnaise to tile with 😂
  20. Dave

    David Howe Tiling - TilersForums.com Listing

    Dave submitted a new resource: David Howe Tiling . Tilernewtonaycliffe/Tilerdurham/TilerDarlington - Tiler in County Durham Read more about this resource...

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