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    Hi darren, tracey, Matt the soldier here who did the 5 week course in Jan Feb this year, got to say again brilliant course enjoyed all of it, will be back to do the kitchen fitting later this year, seemed to have done more plastering than tiling so far but have a couple of tiling jobs coming up, so cant wait, get ready for loads of questions.
    hi there Darren its David from Hartlepool, just to let you know things are going well since i have finished my course. I have been working with a plumber and completed three bathrooms and a wet room.. much appreciated for the knowledge i got taught on your courses, tiling,plastering,plumbing.. with a bit of luck maybe take this up full time.. once again cheers.:smilewinkgrin:
    Hi Tracy & Darren thanks for all your help during the course, haven't had a tiling job yet, but iv'e done loads of painting and I have just got myself a complete bungalow to plaster out. Cheers to all Dave M
    I attended the tiling course two weeks ago and found it excellent and I would recommend it to anyone, good value. Thanks to Darren, Tracey and Colin for their help
    Graham the postman
    Hi Shaun
    Allways make sure you have some powder left, never empty the whole bag in there
    Its a learning curve, you wont be the first thats done it
    Best of luck, let me know how your getting on
    Can you leave some feedback on the main site
    Thanks again
    Hi Darren, well just did my first job today ( bathroom wall ) half day job.
    Went well, although I did have to make the grout twice, first lot was like water, too much water in the bucket to start with. Doh !!
    Thank you for all your help during the course, tell Tracy I miss her tea LOL
    Take care
    Shaun, Perth Scotland ( Ex Car Salesman )
    hi darren got to qoute for a moasic bathroom tomorrow from what she was sayin its the 2 bath walls that are gettin done. i was wondering is mosaic hard.? i beleive they are the full sheet mosaic size of tile. i will need that trowel of you yes? what ddy would you use. tubbed?
    HI Darren,
    Emails get bounced back from your plastering site so you to need sort it,ASAP-so hear goes.
    Does your 8/9 day plastering course cover any polished/venetian plastering as it appears to be the "in thing".Does the average student manage to achieve a quality standard by the end of the 8/9 day course.
    Finally,how about a "special price" for the 9 day plastering course,coupled with the 8 day tiling course,dropping the b'room course-when do you have available dates for both courses???
    Hi Darren,

    From what l gather you are a trainer at NETT??? Ive had a look at
    the site and you guys seem to have a great deal of success. Im
    just starting out, l want to one day be a great tiler ( At 28 l better
    get going ...hehehe) l don't know what it is about tiling, l just know
    that it seems right. Any more info on a course to suit or just general
    advice would be mucho appreciated...
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