Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any non-metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.The use of adhesives offers certain advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastenings, or welding. These include the ability to bind different materials together, the more efficient distribution of stress across a joint, the cost-effectiveness of an easily mechanized process, and greater flexibility in design. Disadvantages of adhesive use include decreased stability at high temperatures, relative weakness in bonding large objects with a small bonding surface area, and greater difficulty in separating objects during testing. Adhesives are typically organized by the method of adhesion followed by reactive or non-reactive, a term which refers to whether the adhesive chemically reacts in order to harden. Alternatively, they can be organized either by their starting physical phase or whether their raw stock is of natural or synthetic origin.
Adhesives may be found naturally or produced synthetically. The earliest human use of adhesive-like substances was approximately 200,000 years ago, when Neanderthals produced tar from the dry distillation of birch bark for use in binding stone tools to wooden handles. The first references to adhesives in literature appeared in approximately 2000 BC. The Greeks and Romans made great contributions to the development of adhesives. In Europe, glue was not widely used until the period AD 1500–1700. From then until the 1900s increases in adhesive use and discovery were relatively gradual. Only since the last century has the development of synthetic adhesives accelerated rapidly, and innovation in the field continues to the present.

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  1. E

    Laying bricks over concrete slab. Mortar or tile adhesive?

    Hi, I'm planning to do a herringbone brick floor over a concrete slab with some reclaimed brick tiles . The bricks have been sawn into narrow longs roughly 50mm x 50mm x 250mm, but there is still a fair bit of variance. Have enough extra that I can get the variance down to 5mm by being...
  2. M

    Adhesive Adhesive & Grout Recommendations for Bathroom

    Hi Everyone, I’m a new DIY tiler looking to do my bathroom and downstairs toilet. The amount of adhesives and grouts out there is a little overwhelming and confusing for us newbies so was hoping for someone to shed some light on which ones would be best for me… Substrates: The bathroom has new...
  3. T

    Adhesive bed thickness?

    On a liquid screed (which is flat) what depth adhesive bed can/should I use? I'm trying to establish how much adhesive I need to buy and just for clarity, I mean the actual finish bed depth not the trowel size to use. They're limestone tiles 15mm thick. Many thanks!
  4. T

    Natural Stone Dijon Limestone - fixing & prep advice please

    After some advice please..... We have approx. 50sq m of Dijon limestone 600 x 90 x15mm and also 50 sqm of porcelain wood effect 1200 x 200 x 10mm to lay. This is going onto a 55mm Cemfloor liquid screed (with wet UFH) that was put down about a year ago so should be dry! Really after some...
  5. Q

    Which adhesive should I use?

    Hi I am planning to fit natural stone 300x100 tiles on my bathroom upstairs onto P5 boards. I have been told I should fit ditra matting. I have a couple of bags of Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 from a previous DYI job which I would like to use if possible. However, I cannot find anything online...
  6. S

    Preparation Plaster removed with adhesive

    Good morning, I’m in the process of removing the old tiles from my bathroom wall before installing new large format porcelain tiles. As you can see I’ve lifted most of the plaster with the old adhesive and would really appreciate some advice. From scanning the forum I’ve seen people recommend...
  7. P

    Using large format tile adhesive on 6x6 tiles

    I need a bed of between 7 - 15mm for some 6x6 quarry tiles, I can pick up some Mapei large format tile adhesive which goes to 20mm bed from B&Q, is there any reason why I cant use this
  8. G

    Porcelain Floor tiles on HardieBacker on chipboard - adhesive recommendations?

    A few years ago, with advice from the forum, I used Tilemaster Setaflex S1 when I laid my 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles onto 24mm NoMorePly in my bathroom with great results, they are still solid and look perfect. Now I'm tiling my shower room (first floor on joists), that has 18mm chipboard...
  9. A

    Hardiebacker on timber floorboards water proofing query

    Hi I am new to this forum and it’s a godsend for information and tips however there is one thing I cannot seem to find clarity on. I am tiling my bathroom floor small area 1.5x1.5m which is t&g floorboards very solid and screwed down no deflection. I am overlaying with 6mm Hardiebacker glued...
  10. S

    Adhesive between tile joints

    Hello Everyone, I’m a trainee tiler, I’m doing a lot of labouring at the minuite for the other tilers, has anyone any tips on removing set in Adhesive from the floor tile joints, also removing the plastic clips that are left in between the joints after the wedges have been kicked off, I’m using...
  11. D

    Adhesive Is the adhesive products work well on tile?

    I have tiled up my bathroom and want to add some bathroom accessories like the toilet paper holder, towel rack and shower caddy. But I do NOT want to make damages to my tiled wall so I would like to choose the adhesive products. And I've found a brand named YIGII on YouTube. Their videos and...
  12. M

    Adhesive for 600x300 porcelain tiles on plastered walls

    Hope someone can help Iam going to start a bathroom project Newbie at Tiling I've brough 10mm 600x300 Porcelain Tiles What adhesive and primer will I need to buy ?? They will be going onto a plastered Wall Thankyou
  13. P

    Adhesive Adhesive for stone mosaics

    I plan to put some 5cm square, 8mm thick stone mosaic tiles on the floor of a walk in shower. What adhesive would you recommend and what size notch trowel ??
  14. C

    Adhesive recommended

    Adhesive for marble backsplash
  15. J

    Porcelain Porcelain - oudoor, adhesive and levelling system

    I plan to lay a circa 8m x 4m patio using a concrete slab and fixing with tile adhesive. The porcelain tiles will be 1200 x 600 or 900 x 450, I want to use a half bond with the longest edge parallel to the 8m length of the slab. I'm looking for recomendations on adhesive and a levelling system...
  16. Dan

    Adhesive Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021?

    Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021? Reply with the make, and upvote if you've used that one also. We'll see who gets the most upvotes. And I'll mark that adhesive make the winner. I wont be disallowing new members from getting involved, unlike previous years, so just...
  17. B

    Correct float and adhesive for concrete / durabase

    Hi All. Ive done some research which has confused me more than when I started reading. So thought id post for some advice. I have a poured concrete screed floor with UFH, its been down 18 months with UFH on low. The surface has been sanded as it had a sheen when it first cured. Im wanting to...
  18. B

    Tile Adhesive Advice .. for a Newbie DIY Tiler

    I am about to try tiling a splashback, having only tiled once before (10+ years ago) I've watched a few YT videos so think I know what to do, but there are so many brands of adhesive available, from well-known names to own brand names. I'll be using 200 x 100 ceramic tiles and think ready...
  19. Tillly

    6" waterproof adhesive membrane tape for niches in shower wall.

    Hi all, I am hoping to find some help. A false wall has been constructed in my bathroom and two niches have been put into it. The 'wall' has been boarded over with aquapanel cement board and the niches have been constructed with the same. I need to tile the entire bathroom now, but taking it...
  20. A

    Best Adhesive for shower Area

    Hi, I've been a frequent visitor to this site and found the info useful in getting me to the stage i am at now in my shower project. Have tanked tray to ceiling onto moisture resistant plasterboard, and 10m2 of 12x4 inch tiles are due tomorrow. Just hoping for some advice on the best adhesive...