1. K

    Removal of Impact Adhesive from Ceramic Floor Tile Surface

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice quite urgently. To explain: I recently pulled up some faux-laminate flooring strips that had been stuck down over a lovely old ceramic tiled floor. This floor covering must have been stuck down with an industrial strength impact adhesive and, as such, has left...
  2. hmtiling

    For Sale Tilemaster AnhyFix Gypsum-Based Adhesive 20KG Bags For Sale

    10 x 20kg bags of Anhyfix (gypsum adhesive) £100. Available near Portsmouth next week. Pm me if interested. Cheers
  3. wrighty

    Adhesive Non Slip adhesive

    What is your, 'go to' 'sticks like **** to a shovel' proper non slip adhesive? It's years since I've used Bal powdered adhesive, never mind the old Mosaicfix.....can you still get it?
  4. M

    Adhesive Adhesive + grout recommendations for bathroom tiling

    Hi Which adhesive + grout brand/color is best recomendeded for bathroom Walls- light beige ceramic 250x500mm Border - glass mosiac - dark brown/steel Floor - dark brown ceramics 450x450mm Thanks
  5. D

    Adhesive Tile Adhesive dragging.

    Hi All, I am tiling onto some wedi concrete foam boards and I am having issues spreading the grout. When spreading the grout quite often it will drag and leave gaps in places instead of going on smooth. It will often take several paces until I get a satisfactory result. If I re-do a pass it...
  6. M83T

    Bathroom tiling adhesive and clips advice. advice and

    I have been asked to tile my cousins bathroom and it will be my first time using 300x 600 ceramic for the wall. The tiles are going on a skimmed wall which is in good nick, can anybody reccomend a decent slow setting adhesive to use for this please. And also is it worth using clips to get them...
  7. N

    DIY Adhesive failure and fixing problem.

    Hi Gang Bit of background to my rambling query:- I needed to replace a bath that meant removing all the tiles on an end wall, fair enough hardly a big issue since killing the bath didn't matter, refix different tiles as a feature and job done (famous last words!) Problem is the old tiles...
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