1. E

    Adhesive Anhydrite+Ditra+Porcelain - Mapei Primer or not / Keraquick with or without Latex Plus

    Hello Everyone! First time writing here. 😅Contemplating the horrendous prospect of installing underfloor heating in a fully inhabited house with furniture and belongings now in the garden I have read a ton of posts on this forum and you’ve been a marvellous help. So, a zillion thanks ahead of...
  2. Y

    Adhesive Adhesive Not Stick to the Back of the Tile

    Hello everyone, Recently, I found that tile adhesive does stick to the wall, but does not stick to the back of the stoneware tile (30x60 cm)in my bathroom. The weird thing is that the same brand adhesive has no problem of sticking to other 30x60cm stoneware tile in other places. So, I am...
  3. B

    Adhesive Adhesive

    Got a very small job next week and it’s really small ! Just a bathroom window sill to be tiled and the top of boxing in at the end of bath, literally 8 tiles with 4 cuts ! my question is can rapid set adhesive be made to set faster with warm water as don’t want to be hanging around for 2 hours...
  4. L

    Pictures Help. Adhesive coverage photos.

    Hi guys, first post after much reading. A wealth of information exists on this forum and its very appreciated that the experts are willing to pass on their knowledge. I live in france renovating a 1960s villa. Due to circumstances beyond my control , crooked builders, covid, remote work etc...
  5. Fitwidge

    How's My Tiling? Collapsing ridges

    when your tiling walls are you going mad trying to get the tile as close to the wall as you can? I assume that’s what the new tile vibrating machines are for? say for instance, if i use a 10mm square notch on prefect plumb and flat walls then use a tile vibrator, i should be aiming to have a...
  6. Dan

    Man gets fined for breaking COVID rules to buy tile adhesive

    Man gets fined for traveling from Sheffield to Stoke to buy tile adhesive. Note that you can buy adhesive online from our sponsors and get it delivered right to your door. A man has been fined after travelling 50 miles from Sheffield to Stoke-on-Trent - to buy tile adhesive. The man, aged 23...
  7. H

    Preparation Re-Tiling over cement Sheeting

    Hello Tilers, I've lifted and are preparing to re-lay part of our kitchen floor. We are using the existing tiles as they had an issue with, over time, releasing themselves. We’ve removed as many tiles that are loose, chipped away at the existing adhesive, cursed at hurting arms and damaged...
  8. A

    Glass shower wall panels fixing method?

    I'm looking for advice on how to fix two 6mm toughened, backpainted glass panels to a Marmox board substrate. The first picture shows the current state of the installation. The second picture is a computer generated visualisation of how its intended to look. I'd like to have the glass flush with...
  9. H

    Contractor did not use recommended adhesive over old tiles - how big a problem?

    I am part-way through having retrofit underfloor heating installed (the panel type) and in a couple of rooms it is going down over old vinyl tiles which contain asbestos (so we decided not to disturb them). We had the old tiles checked by a tiler and he said they were sound enough for the panels...
  10. L

    Questions about wall preparation

    Hi, Apologies, this is quite a long question... I am currently renovating my bathroom and soon to embark on tiling the walls with ceramic metro tiles. When removing the old tiles, some of the plaster / skim underneath came off in patches to reveal a mixture of bare concrete and flaking...
  11. T

    Porcelain Cleaning Cement Tile Adhesive marks from Victorian Tiles

    Hello, I recently lifted some modern tiles to reveal the original Victorian Tiles (Actually dated late 30's but in the Victorian/Edwardian mosaic style). The previous owner had for some bizarre reason tiled over them. Sacrilege! With considerable effort, I've managed to clean off almost all of...
  12. Z

    Adhesive for mirror tile with no grout

    Hello, What would be the best thing to use in terms of adhesive and achieve the no grout look for mirror metro subway tiles. Like these examples attached. It is going in the kitchen not behind the hob. However they are going behind a sink. tile size is 7.5cm x 20cm please appreciate any help.
  13. GrumpyGrampa

    Adhesive application

    HI everybody, hope you are all safe. I'm retired now (not a tradesman) but I help a guy out who refurbishes bathrooms and other things. He's actually an electrician but is a self taught plumber and a very clever guy. I get to do a bit of tiling and we have a lot of banter about applying the...
  14. I

    Replacement Floor with Existing Adhesive and Backerboard

    I've had my floor tiles lifted in my ensuite as there was a leak in the toilet. It's a newbuild house so the builder is doing the work. The floor tiling was done by my own contractor who used 6mm hardies backer board. The builder hasn't stripped the adhesive or backer and I think he is...
  15. W

    Replace glass tile - which adhesive to use?

    Dear all, as a homeowner, I have had to hack off a glass tile which is backpainted from a wet room. It seems that the tile was pressed into a cement like glue as there are no visible trowel lines and it was really difficult to remove the remains of the old tile without hitting it very hard in...
  16. D

    norcros ultim8+ tubbed adhesive

    Hi Guys I recently bought 600x300 wall tiles direct from Johnsons and the above adhesive is what they advised and sold to me. I queried it and they insisted it was the correct one. Just wanted opinions on this as a 6mm trowel doesn't seem much adhesive for such a large tile. Thanks for your help
  17. T

    Adhesive Best tile adhesive to use on schluter

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tile adhesive for bonding a schluter pre formed shower tray to a timber suspended floor. I asked Schluter and they recommended using Ardex S27 for the adhesion of the tray and X77 for tiling on Kerdi board. Trouble is none of the tile shops local to me stock...
  18. B

    Preparation adhesive and leveling

    hi im in the process of floor prep for ufh. the floor is out by up to in 15mm in places and wondered if i could level up with tile backer boards on deep bed tile adhesive? if so which tile adhesive would be best?
  19. Dave

    Adhesive Bal Allstar adhesive.

    Watched a video on this. Anybody used it ? Thoughts ? View:
  20. J

    10cm x 20cm ceramic tiles - trowel size and adhesive recommendation

    Hi I'm fixing 10cm x 20cm ceramic tiles to Jackoboard in a tanked shower area would be grateful for a recommendation on the ideal trowel notch size and a slow setting adhesive - preferably one that is availble from CTD. Many Thanks Martin