Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any non-metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.The use of adhesives offers certain advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastenings, or welding. These include the ability to bind different materials together, the more efficient distribution of stress across a joint, the cost-effectiveness of an easily mechanized process, and greater flexibility in design. Disadvantages of adhesive use include decreased stability at high temperatures, relative weakness in bonding large objects with a small bonding surface area, and greater difficulty in separating objects during testing. Adhesives are typically organized by the method of adhesion followed by reactive or non-reactive, a term which refers to whether the adhesive chemically reacts in order to harden. Alternatively, they can be organized either by their starting physical phase or whether their raw stock is of natural or synthetic origin.
Adhesives may be found naturally or produced synthetically. The earliest human use of adhesive-like substances was approximately 200,000 years ago, when Neanderthals produced tar from the dry distillation of birch bark for use in binding stone tools to wooden handles. The first references to adhesives in literature appeared in approximately 2000 BC. The Greeks and Romans made great contributions to the development of adhesives. In Europe, glue was not widely used until the period AD 1500–1700. From then until the 1900s increases in adhesive use and discovery were relatively gradual. Only since the last century has the development of synthetic adhesives accelerated rapidly, and innovation in the field continues to the present.

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  1. Chris Gibbs

    floor adhesive removal

    a builder has attempted to tile a floor with 800 x 800 porcelain tiles. no expansion joints, no anti fracture matting no back buttering... well as you can imagine the floor has failed. ive removed all the tiles, but the adhesive is a barsteward to remove. what machine would you recommend for...
  2. J

    Wedi - Any adhesive as good as Wedi 320?

    Currently working on a Wedi installation, was wondering what tile adhesive I could use that would work just as well as Wedi 320, as this seems really tough to get a hold of.
  3. R

    Which adhesive would you use do I need an S1 adhesive?

    Hi I am renovating my house here in Italy, in the spring I took up the existing floor screed on the first floor and have installed a wet UFH system. This was screeded using a self-levelling cementitious product from Fassa Bortolo called SA500. The screed was laid on the 23rd May to a thickness...
  4. Bopster

    Adhesive Choice of adhesive on akw triform

    Hi guys, got a job next month where customer has a new extension and is supplying akw triform and membrane with linear drain. Walls are new MR plasterboard Bare no plaster tanked with mapei Tiles are 30x60 porcelain Which would be your adhesive of choice for floor and wall I’m trying to...
  5. G

    Adhesive for Sheet Metal

    I am installing ditra over OSB board and there is a floor vent in the one wall inside the bathroom. The sheet metal is folded out and there is about 2-3 inches of the sheet metal that stick out onto the floor from under the baseboard. The Ditra will go over the sheet metal and I wanted to know...
  6. Stuart Retter

    20mm Thick external porcelain, best adhesives and expansion joints

    Im about to embark on an external 20mm thick porcelain project 600x900's , I plan to use Bio gel no limits for laying has anyone used this before pros / cons I also plan to brace the expansion joints in the screed with a strip of uncoupling membrane to act as a movement joint, thoughts ? TIA
  7. B

    DIY Adhesive advice for DIY porch tiling with ceramic tiles

    I'm looking at laying some large ceramic tiles, on top of Arditex NA SLC in my front porch. There seems to be a whole raft of stuff out there such as pre mixed, rapid set etc and I'm not sure what's best for my specific application. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  8. G

    Single suitable adhesive for wall & floor with nomoreply, jackoboard & new plaster?

    I'm about to tile my bathroom with 60x60 9mm porcelain on the floor and 30x60 9mm porcelain on the walls:- Floor is 22mm NoMorePly to be primed with NMP primer. Shower area is Jackoboard with joints taped with Jackoboard sealing tape and to be waterproofed with Mapei Aquadefense Walls are...
  9. Lou

    BAL Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire - Hampshire Tilers - Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd Read more about this resource...
  10. Dan

    Is your tile adhesive coverage better than his?

    Just found this video and wondered if your tile coverage is better than his? 1568309703 And then there's this guy. Who is using lash clips. I thought they helped get a more even coverage by pulling the tiles together. Did he need more water in his mix so it became a bit smoother? I know...
  11. R

    Can you lay hardibacker on top of 9mm ply

    Hi, we are getting our kitchen re-done and having the floor tiled. The previous owner has put 9mm ply down and used a vinyl over the top, however he’s plyed underneath the cabinets. A few tilers have mentioned about using hardie backer but some have suggested ripping out the ply underneath. As...
  12. Phatmatt

    Best adhesive and grout for glass mosaic tiles

    Hi all, just had a new bath fitted. Took out the old one and had to remove one course of tiles around the bath as the new bath was taller. (see picture attached). I am going to tile the 150mm gap with these glass mosaic tiles Botella Indian Peacock Mosaic Tile | Topps Tiles -...
  13. C

    Mapei Mapei Keraquick S1 Adheasive (20kg) - free if you meet me in Letchworth

    Got one, unopened bag of Mapei Keraquick S1 Grey Tile Adheasive going spare in my garage. Happy to let it go for free. Will have to collect or meet up somewhere to hand it over as shipping on 20kg will be loads! Stored in dry, garage since buying new a few months ago. Based near Letchworth...
  14. L

    Adhesive Light weight adhesives

    Light weight adhesives! For those of you that have used them enough to have an informed opinion what’s the pros and cons vs standard addy? I’m interested to see what the consensus is out there.
  15. S

    Adhesive bed depth

    What sort of adhesive bed depth should i be aiming for before i apply 600x300 ceramic tiles to a couple of walls? (1 plasterboard, 1 hardibacker) Using keraflex maxi s1. Cheers
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