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Sep 16, 2020
United Kingdom
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I'm getting mixed opinions on what class of adhesive I need.

I am tiling my bathroom, hallway and kitchen. I've had blown screen throughout, mostly because of an old Gas pipe which had rusted. It had blown the screed and it just came up in sheets.

It's an 1950's bungalow with no constructional dpm, so the sub floor is covered in bitumen but it's heavily shot. I want to do the job properly so I am going to put down two coats of epoxy DPM (Ultra Floor DPM IT).

Now, when it comes to what adhesive to put on top, I spoke to UltraFloor technical which initially said I could use my ProFlex SPES (S1) adhesive. On speaking to them again, they said I had to use their ProFlex S2 adhesive. Now, I spoke to a professional tiler I know who said I should just use S1 adhesive, and if it was him that is what he would put down. He does not see the need for S2 adhesive.

I will be tiling straight to the sub floor, with an average 10mm bed, as it's not worth re-screeding the floor it will be too thin of a screed.

The tiles I'm putting down are porcelain tiles. 600x600x10 in the bathroom, 1200x150x10 in the hallway and 1200x200x10 in the kitchen.

Would S1 adhesive be suitable or do I really need S2 adhesive?

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 2, 2006
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I'd go for the S2 for reassurance. Perhaps speak to Mapei Technical too.
0121-5086970. Say Dan sent you from the forum.

If you're doing it properly though, an S2 wont be wrong but S1 perhaps not quite as good for it.

Not 100% sure to be fair mate.

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