1. L

    Herringbone issue

    Hi, we are having a herringbone pattern in our bathroom and the tiler has done one wall but then when he’s gone onto the next wall and the lines don’t match. Is that right? It looks funny to me but I’m no expert! Your help would be appreciated before we waste too many tiles and time!!
  2. L

    Help with expansion joints on Herringbone floor

    Dear all, I'm half way through tiling 40sqm of an extension. It's over an existing floor which I've laid underfloor heating insulated panels and going onto the extension where it's also under floor heating but a liquid screed has been laid on top. So it's two totally different surfaces which...
  3. macten

    Setting Out Herringbone walls ! The definitive answer?

    I've committed to my first 450 herringbone job - will be 3 walls of a shower enclosure with little 2x6 inch tiles. Lots of advice out there tells you to find the midpoint of the wall and keep the tile points to this plumb line: From all the google images of jobs where this has been done I...
  4. P

    Pricing herringbone tiling

    Hi, I haven't fixed herringbone pattern since the eighties so don't have much idea how long to allow for a job. Can anyone say how much longer percentage-wise this pattern takes verses straight tiling? The job in question is feature bathroom walls if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance.
  5. L

    Herringbone feature wall set out

    Hello, I’m thinking of Tiling the bath wall in my bathroom as a feature in herringbone 45 using 200 x 100 porcelain tiles. The witdth of my bath is the same with as the wall. The wall is flat and has been plastered. Looking for any advice on, -Where to start? As in work up from the bath or...
  6. area tiling

    Herringbone pattern !!

    anyone laying large plank tiles these days on the herringbone pattern ? Heading to a job on Tuesday where the customer wants it laid on a bedroom floor about 17m2 , tile size 25x150 !
  7. Ben R

    Electric UFH Correct build-up of subfloor for UFH + engineered herringbone planks?

    Hi all :handwaving: I realise this is a tiling forum, but I'm guessing some of you lay wood too ;) Does this look right? Joists > 18mm/25mm ply > 6mm UFH insulation boards > electric UFH > SLC > engineered herringbone planks. Also, is there any requirement to stick the herringbone down, or...
  8. J

    Setting out Herringbone pattern

    Never done a herringbone pattern before. What to watch out for please boyos? Ta, Jim.
  9. herringbone planks

    herringbone planks

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