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  1. B

    I need advice Joining horizontal tiles to shower tray.

    I am retrofitting a 1200 X 760mm shower tray into an irregularly dimensioned shower room 1200mm X 1200mm X 1000mm X 780mm. The short sides are parallel and square to one long side. This leaves a roughly triangular area 1200mm long and about 30mm wide at one end and 240mm at the other which I...
  2. P

    Replacing shower tray - help needed.

    Hi all, I need to replace a shower tray. It sits on a base of plywood so I reckon it was glued. No access from underneath. Any recommendations on how best to do this? Brut force? Chisel and hammer? Or is there a more advanced way of doing this? The tiles sit on top of the tray - do I have to...
  3. craigy

    DIY shower floor 2x2 mosaics

    Hi All, have a square drain cover in the center of a 3'x4' stall. Could the setting be started at the drain and work out to the walls? I just wanted full tiles around the square drain cover.
  4. T

    Cutting tiles for a wet room shower former

    Hi There, im about to start cutting my floor tiles for a wet room, i have a shower tray former with an end drain. The cut patterns are fairly self explanatory however am i right in thinking that dry cutting the 'fall cuts' is not an option? Im thinking wet cutting is required to create the...
  5. D

    shower tray plinth advice

    Hi all, just after a quick bit of advice. I am planning to install a shower tray onto a tiled plinth in similar way to the image attached. i haven't bought the tiles yet but i am about to build the plinth. Question:Should i avoid strips of tile less than a certain width on the top edge? I don't...
  6. M

    Discontinued tiles required for bathroom shower repair

    I require a pack of discontinued Pavigres Genciana Branco tiles for a shower repair (size 200mm * 250mm). Any help would be appreciated as currently at a dead end. Thank you.
  7. N

    How's My Tiling? Big gaps in shower wall grout

    I’ve just had a tile shower installed and went to clean it for the first time after it’s been installed. Haven’t used it yet. When I was cleaning I’ve seen a few big gaps in the grout in a couple of the lines. Also around the window the grout is all cracked and completely missing in most cases...
  8. TomMcgTX

    My 1st Job Tile above shower

    Hi all! I want to put tile above a shower in one of my bathrooms. The wall has paint and or plaster or something peeling off of the drywall, and has traces of mold showing (see pictures). I think the people we bought the house from 2-1/2 years ago did a quick patch job to try and make it look...
  9. D

    My 1st Job Tile a shower floor area using 600 x 300 tiles

    Which Tile layout is best using 600 x 300 into a shower area measuring 900 x 900 with waste in the middle of the floor
  10. craigy

    Large format rectified polished porcelain with no Grout in a shower?

    I am a non pro who has been asked to set some large tiles on a shower wall tight. is that recommended?
  11. M

    My 1st Job Shower room large tiles. Where too start

    Hi, I’m about to start a shower room job. I’m using 1200mm x200mm tiles vertically. So it will only be 2 high each row. What’s the best way to start. If the tiles were smaller I would use a baton to get my level but wiith only 2 high, not sure the best way to start. Should I use a baton and...
  12. P

    Desperate for advice on our Travertine showers.

    Hi all, I'm faced with a bit of a conundrum regarding the state of our shower recess, as well as my partners parents en suite shower. The posted images are just of the major issues in the main bathroom aka ours, and it has been cleaned, scrubbed, anti-molded to high hell and this is what...
  13. P

    DIY Fitting shower screen to wall above tile sloping to bath edge leaves a gap

    Hello Tilers I recently fitted a bathroom for a (paying) friend. One of the problems I encountered was the soil pipe which runs behind, then turns to run along the tap end of the bath. I made up the gap with 76 x 51 mm (3''x 2'') CLS, I tiled it forming a slope to shed water, grouted and then...
  14. N

    DIY Replacing silicone around shower tray

    I just bought a house and noticed the stone resin shower tray is leaking. The silicone job is pretty crap so I started removing it with the aim of redoing it properly but noticed the shower tray is still wrapped in plastic around the edges meaning the silicone hasn't bonded to the side of the...
  15. 1

    DIY Cement Board Jointing and Tanking ?

    Please help. I’m about to tile a small two-sided shower area, 2.5m high and width 1.2m one way and 2m the other. Tiles are conventional ceramic Substrate is 6mm Hardie Board glued and screwed onto original plywood to one side and plasterboard to the other. Hardie recommend using their fibatape...
  16. D4A94FB3-296F-4D0D-B1D2-64810E64E496.png


    Patchwork effect tiled shower www.tilersforums.com/threads/tiled-shower-in-grey-patterned-200-x-200-tiles-with-grey-grout.89857/
  17. Joshjupp

    August & September Tiled shower in grey patterned 200 x 200 tiles with grey grout

    Shower finished off today customer wanted a grey patchwork quilt effect look to the shower so that’s what I gave them 5 different tiles from topps tiles and finished off with ultra grey grout and brushed trims and overboarded with wedi board before tiling
  18. D

    Light Marks On Tiles

    I am finding light blotches on my bathroom wall tiles, they are ceramic from British Ceramic Tile. I fitted the tiles to the walls of my bathroom three months ago with Dunlop RX 2000, I used a notched trowel and back buttered every tile with a coverage of 100%. Grout is Dunlop as well. I...
  19. W

    Disaster shower wet wall

    I had my bathroom tiled and fit by a “bathroom fitter, tiler and plumber with 14 years in the industry” in 2018 and he did some pipework elsewhere. He’s registered with a chartered body. His work has been poor, he’s since come back and ripped it all out (except the shower) and just left it. I...
  20. H

    re sealing shower

    Hi I need some advice on re applying sealant in my shower. We have had some movement and a gap in the corner of the shower has appeared (I've attached a picture) The gap is over 7mm. How would be the best way of re sealing this? I was going to use CT1 sealer.
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