A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor. Most showers have temperature, spray pressure and adjustable showerhead nozzle. The simplest showers have a swivelling nozzle aiming down on the user, while more complex showers have a showerhead connected to a hose that has a mounting bracket. This allows the showerer to hold the showerhead by hand to spray the water at different parts of their body. A shower can be installed in a small shower stall or bathtub with a plastic shower curtain or door. Showering is common in Western culture due to the efficiency of using it compared with a bathtub. Its use in hygiene is, therefore, common practice.

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  1. N

    Remove and replace shower river rock tile flooring and marble wall tile water damage help

    This is my first time posting, I searched for a similar thread and didn't find much- apologies if this is a repeat! My upstairs bathroom has a walk-in shower with marble wall tile and river stone floor. The river rock flooring is getting messed up. The grout is cracking and coming loose, and a...
  2. S

    Tile gap between shower tray and tile

    Hi all, just tiled one of two sides of my shower tray but I’ve left a 7mm gap at the base. Technically and mechanically is this too big? I’d rather not try and redo the bottom row of tiles 🙄 Behind, the plasterboard primed, then silicone sealed then tanking tape then tanking paint before...
  3. C

    Kerdi shower pan extension advice?

    Hey. I doing my first walk-in tiled shower. The shower is 4’x8’. Most of the floor is covered with a Kerd pre-sloped shower tray. I’m going to make up the remainder with drypack (4’x 3’) What I didn’t consider is that, to maintain proper slope, the drypack at its highest point will be 5/16”...
  4. rclough1684

    Shower 'stone' getting discoloration ('wet') stains

    I could use some help from everyone! The floor mosaic tile was recently retiled over a tile-redi base but the affected material (pictures attached) was not changed. The stone appears to be soaked or wet with water. I have a few theories about what could be going on here but could use input from...
  5. O

    Tile trim & shower screen

    Hi I have two questions. First question. My bath is only 700 wide & im only going to tile to the edge of the bath. I have a glass shower screen which I was going to put in after & set it about a 10-15mmm in from the edge. So I’m going to be left with about 10/15mm of tile showing just past the...
  6. Givey Tago

    Waterproofing options for new shower room

    Hi, A newcomer here and thank you to anyone with the patience to read my drivel. I am renovating an old stone house, have just finished a kitchen, and now need to install a first floor shower room (1.7m x 2.35m). The previous owner had the room to a state of green plasterboard walls, and...
  7. jayetnier

    Custom Shower Pan Alternative

    I am remodeling a bathroom, adding a large walk in shower - 42 x 78. I will use a 40" linier drain at the entry of the shower. This makes for a single slope install. Is there a reason cannot/should not build an angled subfloor with 4 2x4's cut at slope, anchored into subfloor, sheathed with OSB...
  8. Ollie_selby

    Large gap in corner of tiled shower

    Looking for some advice of tiled my en suite and coming towards the end and gap down the edge is getting bigger as I go higher and looks as though will be about a 20mm gap What do I do?
  9. P

    Help with shower needed

    Hi This is not a specific tiling question - sorry if inappropriate. i am in a position where i need help with my bathroom installation. the shower tray 1500x900 has not been installed level, and the glass panels of the enclosures do not fit into the grooves as intended. the plumber must have...
  10. A

    Tiling on to impey shower tray

    Can anyone help. I’ve installed an impey wet room shower tray, do I need to use the impey waterproof membrane or can I tile directly on top of the impey tray?
  11. Tile Marble Granite

    Schluter shower/wet room 24h flood test

    Shower Tile Repair - Tile Waterproofing in Brownstown MI. Schluter wet room conversion 24h flood test done by Tile Marble Granite Oct 1st 2023 in Huron Charter Township, MI, USA for a customer of mine that needed help with an old school water damaged shower that was leaking down to the...
  12. Tile Marble Granite

    Water Damaged Old School Shower Repair Job

    My last Old School Shower Repair/wet room conversion. It was leaking in the basement to the point where the customer had to put a bucket underneath the drain to collect the water, 100% waterproofed. Flat Rock, MI
  13. J

    Should I Tank Rendered Brick Walls in Shower Area?

    Hi, I am installing a shower/wet room in an upstairs on suite. Shower tray will be installed and three walls tiled to form the shower area. All the walls are rendered/plastered brick. The floor is hardwood boarded with a 6mm OSB overlay. Do I need to tank the walls and floor with it being a...
  14. M

    Tiling on Universal Shower Bases

    Hi there - I’m hoping to get some advice. I’m a builder, based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve recently done a few bathroom renovations, using a Universal Shower Base, where a fibreglass shower base is installed and then tiled over. These jobs were all completed in the last few months, using the...
  15. P

    Sealing a newly tiled shower area

    This is a rather novice question I admit, but I would appreciate some advise. My tiler has grouted the corner of the shower wall, and between the shower tray and the tiles. He also grouted into the ceiling. Is this ok from a waterproofing point of view? I feel uneasy as I thought that grout...
  16. Tile Marble Granite

    Water damaged shower repair

    Water Damaged Shower Repairs Shower tile repair – water damage – tile waterproofing Do you have shower leakage that goes downstairs leading to either your main floor or basement? Read this blog to find out why the worn-out shower leaks downstairs. You are not alone, in fact, water damaged...
  17. markgannon

    Sealing Shower Enclosure

    Hello. I've received conflicting advice on whether the bottom horizontal piece of a shower enclosure should be sealed with silicone on the outside only OR both on the inside and outside. See images. The original installer sealed both inside and outside when the home was built. It lasted 15...
  18. P

    Shower sealing strips

    Hi is it better to use an under tip sealing strip on shower tray or just silicone it. Has anyone used a sealing stop if so which would be recommend? Thanks
  19. T

    Grout repair in shower

    Hi All, Having recently found lots of water dripping down under my bath I managed to locate the problem to a small hole in the grout. I had a quick rummage in the loft and found some old BAL micromax grout which I was pleased to find was still a nice powder after 7 years. It mixed up nicely...
  20. T

    Used wrong sized trowel for shower walls

    Good Evening, I installed 12x24 wall tile in my shower remodel. I realize now that I should have used a 1/2 x 1/2 trowel, but used a 1/4"x1/4" trowel. I back buttered and troweled each tile as well as the wall. I pullled up tiles every so often and always had good coverage of the back. The tiles...
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