1. J

    Pictures Studs not where I need them

    So, I've removed all the tiles and plasterboard to find I can't reboard as the studs won't be correctly located on the 'back' wall. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. R

    Replacing tiles around shower mixer

    Hi All, Very much a novice at DIY and tiling but i have just moved into a house where there are some tiling issues in the bathroom i would like to have a go at fixing. I just want to check that is a basic level job before i make the problem worse. Hopefully the attached pictures explain the...
  3. J

    DIY Tile cutting for a shower?

    I have already successfully tiled my bathroom floor using a fairly cheap manual tile cutter, and a handheld grinder but I did get some minor chipping on my cuts (not an issue as all hidden under the skirting boards). My next task is to tile the shower enclosure where the tile cuts will be...
  4. Al Getaroundtuit

    Why sand and cement for shower trays?

    I have a Simpsons/Crosswater 1100 X 900, low profile, stone resin shower tray to fit. My question is, why do the manufacturers insist on a sand cement bed when sand and cement tends to crack, shrink and not stick to wood very well? My father in law is a bricky by trade and he seems to think it...
  5. E

    Off White shower grout with black spots !

    Hello, any ideas what maybe causing this stains in a shower grout and how to get rid of them. The grout was Sealed about 3years ago. Thanks.
  6. J

    Help with water proofing kit

    So with the Mapei waterproofing kit you get some waterproofing tape. Bare with me, with sealing the shower tray to the wall you use the tape then tile over. My question surely excess tape will be visible on the show tray depending on the thickness of the tiles? Do you trim the excess with a...
  7. L

    Semi Roll Top Bath with shower & screen - Tiling to the bath?

    Hi, we have a half roll top bath (so is a straight edge and connected to the wall on two sides, but doesn't have a panel). Picture below: Our tiler and our plumber are saying two different things and I don't know what is best. Our plumber is saying he isn't happy with the walls being tiled...
  8. D

    tanking hardibacker joints in shower area

    Hi all, Just seeking advice on wet area joints in hardibacker. In a "dry" area I would normally fibatape then skim with addy. Should i still do this and then tanking tape and then tank membrane over all? Will this be a bit thick at the joints? Or is it OK to just use tanking tape over joints in...
  9. H573

    Shower/ Wetroom waterproofing

    Hi all. I’m after some advice on how to waterproof a shower? I’ve recently moved from the UK to Zambia materials such as Wedi board, tanking systems etc are not available here. Any ideas/ advice on waterproofing will be much appreciated
  10. R

    Natural Stone Sealer for travertine in a shower cubical

    Is there a sealer specificially for waterproofing travertine when it's used in a shower cubical? Most sealers appear to be just for kitchens etc.
  11. K

    Splitface tile on wall with window by shower

    Hi, I’m going to have the attached tile on one of the walls which has window on, I’m worried that the ribbes in the tile will capture water and dirt if installed on the window reveal? Any thoughts on this? I have a fall on the bottom reveal/cill. Would installing the tiles with the ribbes...
  12. T

    Shower tray installation

    After some advice. I've scoured different sites looking for the right way and there seems to be so many different ways to do this. I have a shower tray to install against stud walls with cement board fixed to it. What is the right or best way to seal the tray in properly? I've seen videos...
  13. J

    Mapecoat I24 - Tanking to shower walls

    I'm thinking of using this to tank walls prior to tiling for a shower (tray going below). Walls have been bonded level and skimmed with multi. MAPECOAT I 24 - Has anyone used this and can confirm it can be...
  14. D

    Pre made shower niches

    Hi, just a quick question about the pre made shower niches that you can buy ready to be tiled. Can these be drilled at the top to install a light? Any advantage to getting the pre made niches vs getting my bathroom fitter to make one? Thanks!
  15. T

    My 1st Job Sealing around shower door frame.

    I have refitted my ensuite and I have made it to the last step only to run into trouble I cant seem to fix. I have a tiled shower floor with wet room tray underneath, all tanked etc and tiled the walls. Sliding shower door frame fitted. Siliconed up where the metal meets the tile but I keep...
  16. A

    Nicobond premier linear shower deck

    Hi guys Anybody use these decks with linear drain? Are they any good?
  17. A

    Nicobond premier wetroom linear shower deck

    Hi guys Have any of you fitted the nicobond remier wetroom decks. If so do you rate them?
  18. R

    how to treat area just outside of tub or shower

    I'm getting ready to tile two bathrooms, one with a tub and one with a shower. I'm wondering what the best way to treat the area just outside the shower door and along the base of the tub. The tub area in particular could be subject to lots of continuous wetting, especially when kids have a...
  19. Cranbrook

    Scratch on shower screen

    Anyone got a fix for a scratch on polished Chrome shower screen? Certain we didn't do the scratch but I said I'll try and sort as a gesture of good will
  20. M

    How to fill gaps in shower tiles?

    I have recently fitted a new riser rail in the shower, and this has left me with a couple of gaps in the tiles where the brackets for the old riser rail were, and I’d be very grateful if you could tell me what I need to do to fill them. Is grouting sufficient? Will I need to tank the...
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