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  1. Lou

    Darren Coles Tiling - Tilers in Gloucestershire

    Darren Coles Tiling - Gloucestershire Tilers We have successfully worked on projects of all sizes ranging from shopping malls, hotels, leisure and commercial outlets to domestic kitchens and bathrooms. Our recently completed projects include Premier Travel Inn; Romford, Liverpool and a 40 bed...
  2. Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    Small bathroom floor tiling with lash clips

    I partnered with RIDGID to show how to tile a bathroom floor. This is part of my small bathroom remodel project and floor tiling. This video is showing use of lash clips for tiling. In this scenario with really small tiles for lash clips to be fair. Usually used on bigger tiles I think.
  3. K

    I'm Looking For This Tile Trying to find tiles desperately.

    Hi all. I am trying to find some 50mm x 50mm x 5mm mosaic black and white tiles. Rounded bevel on all sides. Has anyone any idea where I could get these from please. They are for a lady with a victorian style bathroom and are to match existing tiles. An older hand at ctd said they were ARKITEKT.
  4. P

    Outdoors, terrasses & pools tiles

    Hi to all... It´s Pablo from Gresmanc company, specialized in outdoors ceramic tiles, garden tiles, patio, pools tiles including special pieces like steps, coping, bullnose... You can check our products and projects at www.gresmanc.com
  5. Phatmatt

    Best adhesive and grout for glass mosaic tiles

    Hi all, just had a new bath fitted. Took out the old one and had to remove one course of tiles around the bath as the new bath was taller. (see picture attached). I am going to tile the 150mm gap with these glass mosaic tiles Botella Indian Peacock Mosaic Tile | Topps Tiles -...
  6. J

    Natural Stone Limestone tiles colour change

    Hi, I have recently had Jerusalem Light Limestone tiles installed over a brand new wet underfloor heating system laid on the original floor (concrete over 10 years old). A decoupling mat was put down first. The appearance has significantly changed during the process of laying including severe...
  7. Dan

    JOTM 2019 JOTM October 2019 is about to start, 1:01 BST -

    JOTM October 2019 is about it start, at exactly 1:01 British Summer Time. So this kinda JOTM is slightly different in the sense that you simply add an image to a job you've already posted to the forum somewhere. So you can start the threads off towards the end of a month, post pictures and...
  8. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile I am searching for tiles

    Can some one help to let me know how and whs in attachment. As you can see from attachment, the tiles come in black and white.
  9. J

    Tiles Kitchen tile over the top ?

    Hi am currently looking at tiling my kitchen well re doing it. Can I tile over the tiles ? Or do I have to take them all off I have a feeling it will rip most of the wall off ?
  10. T

    152mm tiles wanted!

    I'm currently refurbishing an old fireplace for my sister and she has bought two Art Deco tube lined tile panels - each with five 152 x 152mm tiles set together vertically to form one complete design. The problem is that these panels will have to be set into a background of plain coloured...
  11. O

    I'm Looking For This Tile Cerdomus Thermae

    Looking for Cerdomus Thermae Posthumia 16 x 16 tiles. Have tried Cerdomus website and also messaged them, but without response. Any leads woud be appreciated.
  12. L

    Tiling over existing tiles in bathroom.

    Hi there, I just wanted the opinion of some pro tilers. I live in a rented house and the bathrooms are really tired. I got the Landlord to agree on having them updated. They are both medium/ large sized with floors & walls completely tiled. She'll pay for it and I'll arrange it for her at the...
  13. J

    77mm between concrete and existing tile floor

    Hi, we've been victim to an AWOL builder who has not left enough space for us to insulate with 50mm pir board, screed and then tile. I was thinking 50mm PIR board over concerete, chipboard and then no more ply. Should I self level the concrete, assuming the concrete is level but just bumpy or...
  14. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wickes Florina Beige Tiles

    Did a fairly large job with these tiles about 3 years ago, but since then and with some remodelling a door position has been changed leaving a bit of a large patch where the old one had been. I've searched ebay, Gumtree, FB all the usual places, so thought an ask here might work. Please let...
  15. Al Getaroundtuit

    DIY Mosaic tiles tips please?

    Hi all. Is there a knack to minimise adhesive coming through the gaps between small mosaic tiles when applying them to the wall? I’ve done my first one of this size and I’ll end up spending more time, with a trowel, scraping out adhesive between the cut lines than I will doing the rest of the...
  16. M

    bathroom job any advice, tips, tricks appreciated

    Bathrrom getting ripoed out everything except the bath with two internal walls and two external. Plan is to rip out old tiles,take wallpaper off plus any plaster left behind it and board all walls with marmox multiboards and seal joints on boards around bath area with their waterproof tape...
  17. K

    Can anyone help me track down these tiles?

    I've attached a pic. They are 15 x 15 quarry tiles. Cream/beige in colour with a brown speckle. I have scoured the internet and can't find them anywhere. They are on a front doorstep. They are also on the doorsteps of just about every council house in the area, but still can't find them Thanks...
  18. E

    DIY Advice needed to finish floor laid with reclaimed terracotta floor tiles

    My sitting room floor is laid with reclaimed Norfolk Pamment tiles (hand made terracotta) - they are in all manner of states of repair, some smooth, some pitted, some with traces of old tile paint, some clean, some smooth, some rough. It is a very rustic look for a very old, small cottage I...
  19. Nicobond

    Nicobond Tiling Solutions Roadshow

    Join the Nicobond and Rubi team as we partner for a series of innovative and informative tiling product demonstrations designed for the professional tiling contractor. Don't miss out on a morning of exclusive roadshow deals on Nicobond adhesives, grouts, screeds and tiling solution products...
  20. K

    What sealant for glazed ceramic tiles?

    We purchased Winchester Classic Field tiles for our kitchen. It's only a small area so we are doing it ourselves, we have done a small bit of tiling before. The brochure says we should seal the tiles before fixing with Fila MP90, but that seems to cost a fortune everywhere. Is there a cheaper...

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