1. K

    Hi Im after a couple of boxes (3 tiles in a box) of the following tiles; YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash Grey polished porcelain 600mm x 600mm can any one help

    Hi Im after a couple of boxes (3 tiles per box) of the following tiles; YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash grey polished porcelain 600mm x 600mm can any one help?
  2. L

    Tiles falling of the walls

    Hi all Im hoping that you could give me yoir opinion/ some advise. I had a tiler tile my bathroom walls 3 years ago and now the tiles are coming away from the wall the tiler has told me that the walls were primed prior and that flexible floor adhesive was used not wall adhesive as the tiles...
  3. L

    I'm Looking For This Tile How to kind of match tiles

    I need to extend these tiles by 2 inches to the edge of the bath. How to find ones as close as possible? Thanks all
  4. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Alabama Beige wall tile 25cm x 20cm

    Alabama Beige wall tile - Grespania code 11AB701, sold by Topps Tiles as 810844.
  5. E

    1200mm by 600mm porcelain tiles.

    Hi guys. Just picked up a job with 1200mm by 600 mm wall tiles. As this is the first time Ive had tiles this size is there any advice or pitfalls I should be worried about? Ive installed a lot of 600 by 600 wall tiles with no problems. Any tips would be gratefully received.
  6. M

    Porcelain Polished Poreclain tiles - possibly etch damaged? Can they be polished?

    We moved into a new build property about a year ago. Entire ground floor is fitted with Johnson Parade White Polished porcelain floor tiles. There are some marks on the tiles which can only be seen in certain light and angles. I believe they have been caused by the protective plastic which...
  7. T

    Failed floor dot & dab

    Hi, I have approximately 80 m² open plan area tiled in 800 mm x 800 mm porcelain tiles. The whole installation is creaking and moving and it has become apparent that the Tiler has used a dot and dab method through out to fix the tiles. I have asked him to come and inspect the installation and...
  8. S

    Dark discolouration on tiles

    Hello, I have whitish floor tiles in my bathroom and have noticed dark patches/ discolouration that looks like shadowing on the two tiles next to the shower. The floor tiles were installed before I moved into the house and have been fine for 2.5 years. I have however just had a new shower...
  9. Nicobond White Wall Tiles

    Nicobond White Wall Tiles

    Successful tiling project completed using our Nicobond White Wall Tiles.
  10. Castello Wall & Floor Tiles

    Castello Wall & Floor Tiles

    Our customers fantastic tiling project completed using our Castello Chambord Grey Wall & Floor Tiles
  11. E

    My 1st Job what weight tiles will paramount take

    Hi Guys, another newbie here, what weight in kgs per sqm will honeycomb plasterboard walls take please? Paramount Partition wall boards type. I want to fully tile my bathroom walls in 600x300 ceramic tiles but, since finding out the wall structure I am now concerned the walls won’t take the...
  12. L

    Floor tiles pattern identification

    Hello Everybody! I am really feeling needing help for identification of a tile flooring pattern. I am attaching here a drawing that I got and would really appreciate if anybody may help with its name, composition, supplier, manufacturer or any other related information. Many thanks in advance...
  13. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile Vitra Marfil Sand floor tile 450 x 450

    Hi, Does anyone have any Vitra Marfil Sand floor tiles 450 x 450. Looking for about 3.5 sqm
  14. G

    Repairing loose tiles on shower wall

    Hi, I need to repair the tiles shown in the photo. This is a shower stall where the grout failed and water got behind the tiles. The wall board was wet but not soggy. This is on a first floor; there is no sign of water leaking in the basement. The surrounding tiles are solid. I will be...
  15. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile I'm looking for Cevica Limestone Mixed Tiles

    I'm looking for Cevica Limestone Mixed tiles 9.8cm X 9.8cm. Earlier Listing incorrectly listed due to spell checker. Last purchased 09/2013
  16. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Device Limeston Mixed

    Looking for about 100 tiles. Device Limestone Mixed 9.8cm X 9.8cm last purchased 09/2013.
  17. K

    Asbestos tiles

    hi all. Just looked at a Floor job today.The Lady needs tiles laying. problem is the carpet needs to come up and underneath that is asbestos tiles .She knew this because another tiler came previously and checked it out and refused the job. the asbestos tiles are solid to the concrete floor. my...
  18. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Hi everyoneI am in need of some "Matrix Nacar" bathroom wall tiles. Size 31.6 x 44.6cmMade by Porcelanosa but apparently discontinued.

    Hi everyone I am in need of some "Matrix Nacar" bathroom wall tiles. Size 31.6 x 44.6cm Made by Porcelanosa but apparently discontinued. I want to put a shower in the bathroom and need these tiles to complete the job! Can anyone help please? Damsel in distress! :)
  19. A

    How To Get Old Ceiling Tile Glue Off Hardboard

    I don't know if you call it 'hardboard' in the USA but that's what we call it here: a shiny on one side brown stuff made of compressed something or other. Very cheap. Used on ceilings and generally painted over. This time I've found a place where they glued those very light foam plastic...
  20. Pstilingservices

    New here! Pstilingservices - Sonny

    Hello lads, I have only just came across this website and I’m a big fan already! I’ve been tiling for a couple years now working alongside my dad (I’m 22) he’s running his own business and hopefully I’ll take over one day. he’s old fashioned and has never had to promote himself using social...

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