In graph theory, a cut is a partition of the vertices of a graph into two disjoint subsets. Any cut determines a cut-set, the set of edges that have one endpoint in each subset of the partition. These edges are said to cross the cut. In a connected graph, each cut-set determines a unique cut, and in some cases cuts are identified with their cut-sets rather than with their vertex partitions.
In a flow network, an s–t cut is a cut that requires the source and the sink to be in different subsets, and its cut-set only consists of edges going from the source's side to the sink's side. The capacity of an s–t cut is defined as the sum of the capacity of each edge in the cut-set.

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  1. Arelia

    How to cut water and energy bills at home - Acqua Tempus

    An electronic device to restrict the maximum shower time and thus save lots of water and gas in the shower. Easy to install and program. Water leak detector: if we leave the tap open, once Acqua Tempus returns to shower mode, it will detect it is open and will cut off again the tap. For sales...
  2. O

    My 1st Job Advice on grout/ silicone at cut edges

    Kitchen tiling around the window - (first time using tile trim) I have cut the tiles and done my best to make the cuts neat and even - but as you can see from the pics the gap is uneven. Can I make this neat / cover with grout or silicone? Or do the cuts need to be re done?? Any advice...
  3. B

    Cut bath or tiles

    Hello I have a 1700 wide bath tub and my bathroom is also 1700 and bit wide, with the tiles, in on both sides, the bath cannot be slotted as is, at least 1 side the tiles need to be cut or from side the bath tub needs to be cut. Builder claims its better to cut the bath, the person I bought the...
  4. A

    Tile cracking at edge of cut

    I have a Rubi manual tile cutter which is quite new. It has been fine initially but now each tile I cut fragments at the top. I cut from the bottom up but three tiles in a row have cracked the corner off at the top. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? These are all standard straight cuts. Nothing...
  5. D

    Small chips on cut edge - will grout hide them?

    Hi All, I am struggling to cut 10mm thick ceramics(600x300) with my wet cutter without some small chips on the cut edge. I'm worried this will look poor around the window where it meets the trim. My grout is a similar colour to the tile, will it colour the small chips? Photo attached. Thanks...
  6. B

    Big bit of ply, or cut into smaller bits?

    Hi I am redoing our bathroom. I'm going to be laying 18mm plywood on the joists (16in centres, with noggins) and tiling on that using a decoupling membrane (Ditra 25). My plywood is 2440x 1220mm. Is it better to lay the plywood in one big sheet or cut it into smaller sheets with 3mm gap...
  7. P

    Knee pads

    Looking for a new pair of knee pads that wont cut into the back of legs when wearing shorts, any reccomendation would be greatly recieved
  8. H

    What tool to cut neat contours in 6"x6" ceramic tile? — (Kitchen backsplash)

    I am installing kitchen backsplash with 6" x 6" ceramic tiles to the ceiling. The challenge —> there is an existing custom wood vent hood with trim at top and bottom of hood with curved and rounded contours to fit tile around. What is the best tool/tools to have the best success. I am prepared...
  9. B

    blade for cleanest cut and cut with not cracking bond

    unfortunately after tiling the kitchen I realized I want to end the tile about 6 inches back where it currently meets a hardwood floor for a cleaner transition line. see pics for showing the line I want to cut back, about 6 inches, my line would be the masking tape. I would like the new tile...
  10. J

    Best way to manually cut corners from floor tiles?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. I have some floor tiles I got from wickes which are thick ceramic. I also have a MAC Allister manual tile cutter which seems to have a decent enough blade on it. I can't for the life of me cut a corner piece out of these tiles without breaking the tile. I am...
  11. W

    Which variable speed grinder out of these? Does higher speed mean better cut?

    I'm after a 125mm variable speed grinder. I was going to go for the £150 Metabo at the bottom of the list, because I think the 2000rpm lowest speed would be more useful polishing at least, but it only goes to 7600rpm max. Does that mean a poor cut? Am I better sacrificing the lowest speed...
  12. D

    Thin Porcelain Cracking of cut tiles

    Evening All, I have recently had large format tiles installed 1200mm x 2400mm x 6 mm thick. All laid to a very good standard on top of UFH however 90 percent of the cut tiles have cracked. There is no other cracking on any full tiles or grout lines that suggest it’s structural. I have attached...
  13. B

    How straight should a tile snapping machine cut?

    I just unboxed my first proper tile cutter and tried a few cuts on some spare tiles. (BIG CLINKER) It works ok but the cuts aren't exactly straight. I would say they wave/vary up to 1mm to 2mm on a long cut (30cm). Most often they are curving one way toward the middle of the cut and then...
  14. D

    Cutting How to cut porcelain

    I will be tiling the girlfriend's bathroom floor with 8mm porcelain textured tiles. Sub floor is solid, secure and covered with hardie backer board. Tile pattern is established with 3mm spacing. I am looking for some advice on the best method of cutting the tiles. I have one of the budget...
  15. tommyzooom

    Bought a cordless grinder, but what way to cut?

    So I bought a Makita 18v grinder, and it could be a game changer. I'm using a Marcrist akkumax blade after being recommended one on here. So far so good. The only drawback is I'm coming home dustier, even though it's cut outdoors, but the blade as supplied is on the left, throwing the dust...
  16. S

    Tidying up cut edges

    Is there a technique and a tool that you guys recommended that can be used to smooth out any imperfections and finish the cut edge of a tile so it has a nice bevel. I normally hide cut egdes by butting them up to each other or the wall but there are a couple that i wont be able hide on my...
  17. D

    How to cut a glass tile

    Hello everyone, one of our glass tiles has fallen off and cracked so I need to replace with a new tile but have to cut down to size. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 1567957748 Pic attached
  18. J

    Montolit tile cutter won’t cut!

    I have just brought a montolit 125 p3, it cuts very well on most tiles but this one porcelain tile that’s quite thin (about 5mm) and lightly textured, it simply will not cut it, unless I pass through tile numerous times! Have also tried it on retired rubi cutter and that had no chance! Is there...
  19. Joshjupp

    Cutting Best way to cut 20mm porcelain

    What’s the best way/ blade for cutting 20mm porcelain been cutting with a 4 inch grinder it’s taking a long time with the rubi blade and getting really hot got a few hundred cuts to do
  20. D

    Rubi rubi tx max

    went to a rubi tool demo at local tile shop, had a go on the new rubi tx max, i was blown away with how easy it cut "hard to cut" tiles that the shop owner supplied, he was well impressed, he tiles their displays, so after 30 years of using only sigma i've ordered the tx 1020 max rubi were...