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  1. D

    Hello everyone, poppin in to say hello

    Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself. Im Davy, a bathroom fitter/plumber and look forward to knocking our heads together
  2. Trades Training School

    Hello from Trades Training School

    Hello everyone Its been a while since I was last here. Was trying to find my old account but seems to have gone. Anyways great to see some familiar faces Trades Training School (formally Tiler Training School) in Edinburgh Keep on tiling
  3. C

    hi everyone, just thought i would come and say hello

    im a diy'er looking to do things right first time by learning fro those who know rather than learning from my mistakes.
  4. S

    Intro - First project completed

    Hello! Glad I found this forum. Well.. I just finished my first tiling project and wanted to know what people thought. I’ll put up some pics to give all of you lot a laugh 😁 I don’t think it’s that bad but my family think I used the wrong tiles (used Matt when they preferred gloss). Anyhow...
  5. F

    Hi There! Fredrick MacDonnell here

    Just joined up to the forum, been tiling for 20 years, specialise in stone, see a few familiar faces on here, so Hi!!
  6. FreddieGardiner

    hello from United Kingdom

    Hi, I am Freddie Gardiner from United Kingdom
  7. J

    New member saying Hello

    Good morning all. I went back on the tools in June after 11 years in Facilities Management. Doncaster based, I provide a property maintenance and repair services. I have found myself doing plenty of projects involving tiling, so made sense to become a member.
  8. M

    Hello! 1st time tiling

    Hi all Was scouring sites and pages for advice on the best way to prep floors and came across this forum. We've had an extension built and are thinking of tiling our new utility room and cloakroom. Most of the floor is new screed, but the cloakroom is where the new floor meets the existing...
  9. B

    Just Saying Hello .. a newbie DIY tiler

    I've just found this forum so will have a look through some of the threads to get some advice. I am about to tile a splashback in a new kitchen, having only tiled once before and that was several years ago. the YouTube videos make it look easy .. but like all things, it's never as easy as the...
  10. B

    hello from bbxrider, great site here

    hello all, great site here, lotsa good forums, I do tiling when remodeling, will be asking about using quick pitch kit
  11. M

    Hello to everyone on this wonderful forum

    Glad to be part of this forum, hope to carry on learning and improving my diy skills
  12. R

    Hello everybody im having a nose around

    Hello all, iv been tiling on and off for over 15 years, retrained as an electrician and been doing that for the last 3 years and after 3 years I kind of miss the tiling, its a strange job that pulls you back in somehow, anyway just keeping myself in the loop
  13. M

    Good morning, just want to say hello

    Hi I'm Maciek, I'm a Tiler for 10 years and still learning. Hope I'll find some answer here for things I don't know. Have a nice day. Cheers
  14. N

    New Starter - Hello everyone

    Hello all, Joined the forum to hopefully read and pick up advice on tackling some home tiling. Before I browse around many previously asked questions that might be what I need, I thought I'd say hello and ask a couple of questions in any case :) I'm wanting to tile my kitchen floor - New...
  15. A

    Hello - bathroom tiling already boarded

    Delighted to find this Tilers’ forum. Have previously used the Plumbers’ forum which has been very helpful. I took on tiling the en-suite in our extension a couple of years back. Didn’t start well: didn’t know the significance of having selected porcelain tiles until I tried to make the first...
  16. T

    Hello Tilers.

    Hi Everyone New to the forum, been tiling for about 14 years and do the occassional bathroom refit. Trigger
  17. T

    Hello again from Cornwall

    Hello. Long time no see I have been registered as Hugo I think but the e mail wasn't recognised so here I am again. I've not done a huge amount in the way of tiling but have volunteered to to a bathroom to help a customer out, inly to find they want to use marble tiles. If anyone is South...
  18. D

    Porcelain tiles ok for wetroom?

    Hello all I’ve purchased some Wickes Mississippi grey 300 X 600 Matt porcelain tiles for wetroom floor. Also purchased Wickes Olympia great polished porcelain tiles for walls. - they kind of match with Mississippi. I noticed That the Olympia and and other porcelain tiles wick sells all say for...
  19. R

    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm Richard and I'm just on the verge of tiling my bathroom. Previously I've tiled the wall behind my kitchen (old house) using 600x300 porcelain, and more recently tiled my ~15m2 conservatory with 30x30 terracotta/quary tiles. Bathroom is in 600x600 porcelain and includes a...
  20. K

    Hello everyone I am a new member from India.

    I am the marketing executive of Radhe Ceramics. We are a manufacturer and exporter of ceramic wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles since 2011. Radhe Ceramics is a pioneer establishment in the ceramic industry in India where there was already an important manufacturing business network dedicated...
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