1. M

    Wall prep - this will take a while!

    Started ripping out some shower/wet wall panels in our bathroom to discover two layers of tiles before reaching the brickwork..man it's tough to get of! Thinking the best way to go is strip it back to the brickwork before fitting a backer board? Seems like the plasterboard above the tile level...
  2. R

    Tiling painted bathroom wall

    I am re tiling a bathroom, have re plasterboarded all but this one wall as this one wall has no tiles on, just paint, not sure exactly what type of paint. Can I tile onto this painted plasterboard wall? If yes whats the best way to prepare the painted surface for the tiles? Any advice is much...
  3. M

    Sealing pipes coming out the wall

    Hi guys. As title says. What methods do you use to seal the shower outlet pipe feeds that come out the wall? Got two copper pipes coming out at 150 centers for my mira erd shower. Pipes are in a stud wall, lined with jackoboard. Its not tiled in that area yet. I have seen gaskets but cant...
  4. Dan

    Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  5. JP Tiling

    West Midlands West and East Mids Wall and floor tiling

    JP Tiling are looking to increase their workforce operating in and around the Midlands, with loads of active scheme's, and lots of new scheme's about to commence. We pay well and on time, organise the works as best as possible given the nature of the Construction Industry!! And are a friendly...
  6. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa Botticino Wall Tiles discontinued

    Hi, I’m looking for around 12 of the above mentioned tiles, does anyone have any idea how I can find them?
  7. D

    Plasterboard Wall Repairs

    Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to tiling. I decided to have a go at refreshing the bland looking tiles in my toilet. I got all the old tiles off the wall to find a bit of a mess! It looks like there was previously an old cistern with an external overflow pipe going through the wall (left...
  8. D

    Need some advice please on this wall material

    Hello everyone Tiles going onto the wall with addy works out at around 30kg m2. Started scraping off plaster to expose the undercoat. Please can somone tell me by the picture if the undercoat is sand & cement or a bonding coat. It's a little dusty but once cleaned off by a brush it seems...
  9. M

    Free Labour, Tiling Experience Needed

    Hello Everyone, I competed a Tiling course not long ago and really enjoyed it. I'm looking for work experience in the Manchester area to try and build up some enough skills to find employment within the industry. I have my own tools, van and PPE. And I can offer free labour and an enthusiastic...
  10. B

    Wall tiles cracking in a line

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm hoping for some advice. About 2 months ago we had our bathroom redone and all was fine until last night when a line of 4 tiles spontaneously cracked over a period of 20 minutes while my son was having a bath. The line runs from the...
  11. T

    Preparation Freshly skimmed bathroom wall help

    Hello all, New tiler here advice needed Just had a customer's bathroom wall skimmed as it wasn't in good shape after the tiles were removed. The plasterer told me it will be good to tile in 3/4 days which I thought was to soon. Anyway if I do give it 4 days would it be okay use mapei plaster...
  12. K

    Splitface tile on wall with window by shower

    Hi, I’m going to have the attached tile on one of the walls which has window on, I’m worried that the ribbes in the tile will capture water and dirt if installed on the window reveal? Any thoughts on this? I have a fall on the bottom reveal/cill. Would installing the tiles with the ribbes...
  13. C

    Metro tile spacers, 4mm. Is it going to look awful?

    hi, doing a diy job of filing our kitchen using metro tiles for b&q. We have started and have used the 4mm tile spacers but now we’ve realised that we probably should’ve used smaller. Is it going to look awful? Has anyone use 4mm before? We’ve chosen anthracite tiles and white grout. Should we...
  14. Toogo0d

    Wall preparation advice

    Hi All, Just after some advice on the best way to approach the wall preparation of a job i have availability to start next week. The customer wants 400 x 300 ceramic tiles installed from floor to ceiling. Wall details; Outside window wall is constructed of concrete block and internal walls...
  15. S

    Exposed brick wall prep

    My bathroom walls are currently tiled halfway and then plastered up to the ceiling, they will be tiled floor to ceiling with 600x300x8mm ceramic tiles. The general consensus is that when the tiles are removed the bricks will be exposed. The first tiler advised the bricks will need to be...
  16. Andy Allen

    Full wall,half wall tiled with Metro's...

    Take a look at my excellent drawing...:rolleyes: I need to tile one full wall, and the wall at 90 degree just half tiled. Need to trim the full wall to the ceiling, and trim the half wall, I hate seeing the double trim next to each other, so thought I might mitre the corner and trim above...
  17. G

    Tiling wall, cable protruding from wall

    Hello folks, I just finished installing my base and wall units and now need to tile the kitchen. I'm using 10cm x 20cm metro tiles, and will tile up to the bottom of the wall units (so about 60cm up from the worktop, which I am fitting first). I thought about this and realised that a lighting...
  18. S

    Kudos wall and panel kits

    Does anyone know if the Kudos ultimate2 wall post kit and panel fixing kit are made out of aluminium? Travis Perkins list it as polished aluminium but I’m not sure if this is just the finish, I’m looking for kits that won’t rust. Thanks very much
  19. V

    DIY Retiling wall preparation

    Hi, I have just removed the old tiles of the first wall of the bathroom and some of the plaster has come off with the tiles; also the top half looks like it was painted sometimes in the past. Do you think I should try to remove all the old plaster and the paint before replastering, or just the...
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