1. S

    removing thick tile adhesive from wall completely

    Can anybody please help, we are removing the tiles from our kitchen wall and cannot remove the tile adhesive! We are trying to chip away at it, it’s quite thick but just won’t budge, we want to paint it afterwards. can anybody recommend something to remove thick tile adhesive. Thank you!
  2. J

    Build shower pan over old wall tile?

    Hello, First time posting. I'm helping a friend of a friend who recently had a basement shower installed, and unfortunately the contractor who did it was completely incompetent. The floor of the shower is tile, and there is no slope to the drain (in fact if anything, there is a hump drawing...
  3. P

    Wanted Porcelanosa Nara Beige wall tiles 33.3 x 59.2cm or 33.3 x 1.00cm

    Looking for a couple of boxes or a minimum of seven tiles of discontinued Porcelanosa Nara Beige wall tiles - ideally in 33.3 x 59.2cm size but could accommodate 33.3 x 100cm. Willing to travel to collect. Alternatively any suggestions as to who Porcelanosa might clear their discontinued stock...
  4. P

    best product for plastered wall

    Evening. I'm currently working in a new house that has a curved shower wall which consists of concrete blocks that have recently been bond coated and skimmed. I used mapie shower waterproofing kit....applied the primer and 2 coats of the tanking over 3 days to allow drying. however....the...
  5. G

    how do I know the difference between wall and floor tiles?

    Hallo, I am a hobbyist and was thinking of tiling my bathroom floor. Great new challenge. I bought a job lot of tiles (without boxes) for my bathroom floor. They were sold as floor tiles, but I am not sure. Written on the back of the tiles is 'Made in France', P.123 and then a number, preceeded...
  6. O

    Advice please. What board to use to level wall and tile on?

    I have porcelain tiles 600mm x 150mm x 9mm that I need to fit on a wall 135mm x 240mm but the plastered wall is way out. I need a board to fix to level the wall and take the weight of tiles and adhesive. Wanted to know what board is best for doing this, what's the best way to fix to a plastered...
  7. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wickes Marmaris Blue Wall Tiles

    Hi, On the lookout for some Wickes Blue Marmaris wall tiles, as per picture below which were discontinued some time ago. Any number considered - even off cuts provided they are at least half a tile I am based in Leicester Thanks
  8. B

    Waterproofing cement rendered wall?

    I will have a bath in the corner with a shower over. Most water will go in the bath but the walls will get splashed. The walls were prepared as follows: 1. Plaster hacked back to bricks. 2. Bricks mechanically cleaned so no trace of plaster. 3. Cement render coat applied to all walls about...
  9. K

    Require 20 x Porcelanite 300 Grafito size 33.3 x47.5

    Require 20 x Porcelanite Grafito 300 Size 33.3 x 47.5 urgently will travel to collect
  10. J

    Tile Trim Large gap between bath and wall

    I have about a 40mm gap between the bath edge and the wall, I plan to tile the wall, do you recommend boxing this in or using some kind of sealant? Really struggling to find a large enough ceramic or plastic lip edge to fit.
  11. B

    Floor and wall advise for bathroom re furb..

    Hi Everyone, I'm after a bit of advise regarding my bathroom which I'm re doing. Several questions, I'm afraid! 1. When i took the old tiles off the floor, they pulled off a bit of the surface of the backer board in places, upto a few mm. This is well fixed down, so don't want to remove if...
  12. C

    wall tiling across a doorway

    Hi all just wondering how you guys go about tiling a wall with a door in it. Options I can batten then tile up the right side then once above the door way i can then run a row of tiles on a batten across to the left. Then I would have to tile back down the left side of the door way. Reason...
  13. R

    Bs standard for maximum adhesive bed for ceramic wall tiles in domestic bathroom

    Does anyone know if there is a code of practice defining the maximum thickness of a standard set tile adhesive for a ceramic wall tile?
  14. C

    How's My Tiling? Porch wall tiling

    Hi I used to do a lot of tiling but am now a little out of practice (and possibly confidence).☺️ I’ve been asked to tile the inside walls of a porch which are not exposed to the wet due to double glazed doors but I guess there’s always a possibility of some damp. The walls themselves are part...
  15. N

    How's My Tiling? Big gaps in shower wall grout

    I’ve just had a tile shower installed and went to clean it for the first time after it’s been installed. Haven’t used it yet. When I was cleaning I’ve seen a few big gaps in the grout in a couple of the lines. Also around the window the grout is all cracked and completely missing in most cases...
  16. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wickes Formations Linear Shades Ceramic Wall Tile

    Desperately looking for boxes of discontinued Wickes Formations Linear Shades Ceramic Wall Tile Product code: 152328 Started a bathroom and now stuck

    i tile floor and wall also i am a facilitator on tiling and mason

    i am new here, i am from Nigeria
  18. S

    South East Northants wall and floor tilers required

    Tilers required in Northants for new build dwellings across the county, must be experienced and work on a m2 rate. Cscs card essential along with own tools and transport
  19. Dave

    Tiling to an old house with quite a wonky wall.

    Tiled a few weeks back but after a cuppa and a head scratch lol , set about setting out this very old house and it’s wonky hallway. Yes I’m still using mayonnaise to tile with 😂
  20. P

    DIY Fitting shower screen to wall above tile sloping to bath edge leaves a gap

    Hello Tilers I recently fitted a bathroom for a (paying) friend. One of the problems I encountered was the soil pipe which runs behind, then turns to run along the tap end of the bath. I made up the gap with 76 x 51 mm (3''x 2'') CLS, I tiled it forming a slope to shed water, grouted and then...
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