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  1. Mapei UK Marketing

    NEW PRODUCT: Mapei Rapid Level CT 3220

    Rapid Level CT 3220 is a rapid setting smoothing/levelling compound for levelling differences in thickness from 3-20mm in one application. Recieves tiles in only 45 minutes. For further information email [email protected] or click here.
  2. D

    Water UFH Advice required please, Multi floor level and underfloor heating...

    Hi, i am new to this forum but after some advice if possible please. I am building a new extension and as part of the work i am knocking through between the new extension and an existing room. Ideally i would like Underfloor heating throughout. My plan for the new extension was pipe connected...
  3. S

    Looking for a new Laser level

    Looking for recommendations on a new mid price laser, not taking on many bathrooms any more if I can help it so don't need to spend £4/500 on 10 X 360 line jobbies, but there's always going to be the odd one I get forced into.. So looking at around £150 ish mark give or take, had a DeWalt DW...
  4. D

    Floor Level under Go Board for Floor

    I'm tiling a small bathroom floor (8'x10') which is not level (1/2 low at the one end). I plan on using the TEC EZ floor level and then putting go-board on top of that. I'll thin-set the go-board in to the subfloor and leveled Tec EZ floor area. . When reading the go-Board for flooring...
  5. Dan

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Not a brand I've heard of over here.
  6. O

    Level up an entire ground floor

    Son wants wood-effect tiles all the way from the front door to the back. Concrete on all floors - but levels vary falling away to the back. He's asked to insulate the floors with insulation board throughout - probably 10mm. Given that we have enough height for the thickness - how best to level...
  7. J

    Floor isn’t level help!

    We’ve had an extension and the concrete has been laid higher than the existing floor We’ve had a self leveller put down(20 bags) it’s levelled the floor but it isn’t flat to the new extension We’ve had a tiler come round but he’s saying he and not sure what to do We’ve bought 60x60 porcelain...
  8. R

    Setting Out HardiBacker & Floor Level?

    So I've got a kitchen dining room which I want to tile all the way through. The kitchen is concrete base and the dining room is floor boards. I plan on putting 6mm HardiBacker Board on the floorboards, but that will raise up the dining room by 6mm above the kitchen base. The concrete is sound...
  9. T

    Floor tiles lifted on calcium based self level floor

    Hi all,my tiler fitted 600x600 porceline tiles to my calcium based concrete slab,it was 4 months after it being poured and he did a test by laying a peice of polythene taped around edges to see if it was still emiting moisture,this was after it was professionally sanded sorry and no moisture was...
  10. N

    Rocatex acrylic primer with Rapid Level 30?

    Hi Has anyone got any experience of using Rocatex acrylic primer with Rapid Level 30? I’ve got a load of primer left as well as some RL30. Thanks Andy
  11. A

    Looking for advice on the best Laser Level?

    Hi all. I've been looking into buying my first laser level. Can anyone recommend the best one for general tiling? I've been looking at the IMEX ones here: Buy Laser Levels Cheap Online at EasyMerchant | Free Shipping - https://www.easymerchant.co.uk/laser-levels/ But I don't know if the...
  12. S

    Laser level advice??

    Got a few floors to tile coming up next week and looking to get a laser level. Been looking at the Dewalt dw088k, not to sure if I would be able to use this for flooring though. Even span upside down? if not can any one recommend a Dewalt alternative as im about to order online! Many thanks.
  13. Al Getaroundtuit

    Planning a level access shower

    Hello all. Newbie here. I'm new to the forum so go easy on me! I'm looking for advice, please, having trawled the net and ended up here. So far I've had conflicting advice about the best way to create my en suite shower room in the new extension/bedroom (1st floor). Room is approx 1.8m x 2.0m...
  14. Miles

    New self level compound

    Hi all, I have looked at a job today and the customer has already bought 14 bags of level compound that I have not used before. It’s Mapei Ultimate Level 1210...I’ve used Mapei grout, adhesive and screed but not this and a quick google search shows that Screwdix sell it as well as several online...
  15. SimonJC

    Advice on the best laser Level for tiling

    Hello everyone I have just joined this forum as I’m going to train as a tiler, having changed careers completely. I’ve been looking at the Bosch GTL 3 and the Dewalt DW089k. The Bosch seems to have the ability for 45 degrees whereas i don’t think the Dewalt does, however the Dewalt seems...
  16. acaciaguy

    Laser level recommendations

    which laser levels do you guys use for floor and wall tiles ?
  17. V

    Self level compound poor job?

    Hi my tiler screeded my bathroom floor 4 days ago and it hasnt fully cured in places. There also a white powdery residue on top. In some places where its thinnest it has set. In other places not so well - you can walk on it but i tried scraping some of the white residue and slithers of screed...
  18. Pritch

    Self Level compound or board first?

    Hi everyone . I have a question to ask about my bathroom. I'm about to install electric under floor heating in my bathroom and lay new tiles . I've lifted the old tiles that were laid directly on top of the chip board flooring but the old adhesive is extremely difficult to get off. Is it ok...
  19. S

    Lazer levels looking to retire the spirit level :)

    I have read through a load of old posts on the same subject so sorry to drag it up again but I have recently bought a dewalt https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dw088k-self-levelling-line-laser/38474 and I was surprised how wide the line is and not that fussed on the red laszer, I had expected the...
  20. B

    NVQ level 3. What's involved and how to achieve the qualification?

    Hi, this is my first time using this forum or any forum for that matter, so please forgive me if I'm doing it wrong! I have been tiling for roughly 12 years. About 3-4 years on job training with no college or course experiance. My family and I have decided that we would really like to emigrate...
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