LEVEL is a computer and video games magazine originating in the Czech Republic with branches in Romania and Turkey. These three brother divisions occasionally exchange content. In addition to publishing the magazine, LeveL also organizes many yearly gaming competitions for players in two of the countries (Romania's pro-gaming sponsor being the PGL - Professional Gamer's League); it is one of the biggest Turkish sponsors of international gaming contests (such as WCG).
LeveL was founded by Jan "Beast" Tománek in 1995 in Czech Republic. Its first issue was released on 24.01.1995. The current LeveL editor-in-chief is Michal Křivský (replacing Petr Poláček).

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  1. J

    Change of level to provide access for wheelchair

    Has anyone done any work like this? We are having a pvc door removed between dining and utility room and replaced with an internal door. The aim is to create a level access for a wheelchair. However, there is a change of level 50mm. Builders want to create a level/shallow tiled ramp. What would...
  2. G

    Level Subfloor Under Plywood Before Tiling?

    I'm off level 1/8'' over 2' and 1/4'' over 4', from left to right in picture. Building recessed shower for schluter pan. What can I use to shim between joists and plywood to level out? Roofing felt? Drywall shims? I need something I can screw through but which won't compress. Looking for...
  3. V

    Adhesive Tile adhesive to level off floor

    Hi all, Got some 1sqm 6mm tiles to lay and the subfloor is 18mm T&G ply on top of joists. On this is 6mm hardie board (was used to build up height to match landing) and ditra mat. Underneath this is wet UFH. As the ply is straight onto joists the floor is not exactly 100% flat and level. It's...
  4. M

    Need advice. How do I raise the level of just one tile? See picture.

    I didn't tile this old bathroom but I'm cleaning it up, one tile is missing and needs to be almost half an inch forward to match the tiles around it. Can I use extra adhesive? Or extra cement? Or something else like mortar? I really need to get this fixed. Any tips would be appreciated. ed.
  5. J

    Setting Out Keep tiles level

  6. G

    Raising Floor level

    Hi, I need to raise an 18sqm concrete floor by just over 10mm and am unsure whether to use a self smoothing compound or some kind of board or a mixture of the two. Any advice on the the best approach would be most welcome. Thanks. Gnasher
  7. J

    laser level advice

    Morning all, just wondered if anybody to could point me in right direction, I'm in the market to purchase a crosshead laser but I don't want to spend loads. maybe a good starter laser would be nice? but any tips, could properly go between £100-£200 for now. many thanks
  8. Fitwidge

    Setting Out Unlevel / out of plumb walls

    hello! if you have an unlevel but flat wall are you building out with adhesive (if possible) or do you just follow the wall?
  9. area tiling

    Huepar laser level

    Anyone have this laser level or heard any reports about them ? Huepar 3D Floor Laser Level Cross Line 3X 360 Self Leveling Green Beam Three-Plane Leveling, Alignment and Tiling Floor Laser, 1X 360 Vertical + 2X 360 Horizontal Line with Remote Control (503DG)
  10. Davethefish

    HardieBoard then level?

    I've started tiling my bathroom, floorboards are all screwed down and tight, and i have 6mm hardiebacker to lay first. but there is a dip from the centreline of the room towards one corner of up to 10mm but mostly 4-6mm. on one side. do i hardiebacker then level up? or level the floor first then...
  11. T

    Tiled Floor Level Tolerance

    Hi, I am buying a new build house and the snagging surveyor has raised an issue with some floor levels in a bedroom and 2 en-suite shower rooms, which are out of NHBC tolerance. The main issue is with a tiled floor that is off by 6mm over 2 metres. The build states that it is in tolerance...
  12. S

    Help with uneven chipboard floor to level and prep for tiles

    Hello, I hope you can help me ... My kitchen was tiled over concrete floor but tiles were cracking because floor had different levels and was uneven. To fix this the contractors have used 15 or 18 mm wp chipboard over the old tiles with a lot of adhesive but the problem still persists as you can...
  13. G

    Self level tips

    I’m going to be self leveling my concrete floor I’ve removed tiles today but cannot get the adhesive off it’s solid even with a sds chisel so I’m going to self leveling it I’ve noticed with a laser the floor is 15mm out from one side of the room to the other has anyone got any tips for when...
  14. G

    Self level tips

    I’m going to be self leveling my concrete floor I’ve removed tiles today but cannot get the adhesive off it’s solid even with a sds chisel so I’m going to self leveling it I’ve noticed with a laser the floor is 15mm out from one side of the room to the other has anyone got any tips for when...
  15. R

    Electric UFH Self level or not?

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a bathroom floor over existing floorboards. I'm also adding a 1.5 sq m electric heating mat before tiling with 30 x 30 granite tiles. I'm applying thermal board which I'm sticking with adhesive. Been told don't need screws or tape as adhesive will do. My dilemma is whether...
  16. C

    Self levelling over UFH mats - how to get it flat?

    Hi, I'm tiling my 12m^2 conservatory - Concrete base, Self levelled, 20mm Jackoboards, Prowarm mat, self levelling compound, then 600mm square porcelain tiles. So far I have self levelled the base, and stuck the jackoboards down - all really nice and flat so far. Now I need to fit the UFH mat...
  17. H

    Ardex am 100 on kerdiboard that is not level?

    I messed up and failed to level bathroom wall properly in prep for tiling. I have installed kerdiboard 5mm but still a problem as wall is slightly bowed with some areas having a maximum10mm dip were wall meets adjacent walls at either end. Can I fill in and level with ardex am 100 on top of the...
  18. S

    Build up level under hardiebacker with adhesive?

    Hello, I'm soon to be tiling my bathroom floor. It was tiled by a previous owner directly on to T&G floorboards, and miraculously no tiles ever cracked. The floor is quite stable and surprisingly level; I've replaced some damaged floorboards and removed the previous flexible adhesive, and...
  19. J

    warm up mat how deep can i level over it

    how deep can i self level over electric heating mat i need to bring the floor up 15mm
  20. E

    Electrical: Level 2 electrical advice nsw australia

    Level 2 electrical advice nsw australia Hi, recently completed my cert lll gap training. From the uk and been in Australia for two years. I am just asking for any advice as I would like to get some further Experience and knowledge of qualifications I will need or the best advice in gaining...
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