1. T

    Pictures Victorian tiles hallway

    Hello, am trying to complete a Victorian tiled hallway (pic attached), loads of questions to make sure I get it right. I didn't hack through the floor to lay the pipework, previous owners did! Floor is part solid, part suspended ceiling over cellar. New joists have been installed and are rock...
  2. A

    Ayrshire tiler, new to the forum, saying hello.

    hello, Ayrshire tiler for about 11 years. Found the website while trying to find some information and thought I would join. Hopefully I can learn some new things and I can help others that may be new to tiling. For any experienced tilers, any advice on how to price Victorian tiles or a rough...
  3. M

    London Path tiling with Victorian mosaic tile sheets

    We have some Victorian-style mosaic tiles which we need laid on our front path. They are on mesh-backed sheets so no need to lay individual tiles. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm. There is a concrete base in place, but this has a crack in it so would need to be levelled beforehand. The whole area...
  4. D

    Poor laying of Victorian tiles?

    Hi, I’m having somevictorian tiles laid down our front path and up the front door and have seen that the tiles don’t go flush with the wall. I would say there between a 10 to 20mm gap between wall and tiles. The builder says that the wall isn’t straight which it probably isn’t but I’ve raised...
  5. Dadsiphone

    Victorian floor tiles

    Hi, anyone done any original style flooring ? I’ve done a few but I always do my own layout and setting out. So just wondering how you other tilers do it Sid
  6. Ross tile

    Uneven hardiebacker on victorian terrace bathroom floor

    Hi there - so i have ripped up the old tiles and old layer of ply and cork. Replaced with 12mm hardiebacker screwed in along with a layer of adhesive between the backer and the floor. There is some discrepancy of maybe 5mm between aome of the boards. Do i need to start again? Im using flexible...
  7. Tom Astley

    Pictures External Victorian path... Alderley Edge

    Well I was forced into screeding (sand and cement) this today... at 7:45am....... contractor stated it needs to be done and he will stand the cost if it fails...... Talked him out of it for starting the tiling until the spring to see if the base lasts...... No parking.... it was totally dark...
  8. timeless john

    Pictures Victorian Geometric Hallway.

    Victorian Geometric Hallway Flooring. Geometric Floor Tiling by Timeless Tiles John. Nothing straight, nothing level, carpet fitters, painters and every other trade walking around me! Almost lost the will to complete till today. Dark pictures at 8.00 tonight but big floor to start tomorrow.
  9. L

    Cleaning Victorian Hallway

    Whats the going rate to clean and seal a victorian hallway approx 7sqm ingrained dirt little bit of paint, not been properly cleaned in 18 years? Best sealer to use they dont want a shine but like the look of it when they mop it?
  10. S

    Hydroflouric acid drips on Victorian tile path

    Hi all. Im working on a house with a Victorian tile path that leads from the front gate to the front door. I have used hydroflouric acid to clean the brickwork of the house however i have noticed some drips on the pathway that have dis coloured the tiles so you can see the drip marks. Is there...
  11. A

    Victorian Tiles - Best Practice Advice Needed Please !

    Hi I am a complete novice when it comes to tiling so I'd appreciate the forums advice on a project I am currently undertaking. I am in the process of renovating a property that has a run of Victorian tiles in the hallway. They have fallen into a state of disrepair , the lines have gone out due...
  12. Victorian tiles outside pathway

    Victorian tiles outside pathway

  13. S

    London Victorian Pathway & Stairs (outdoor), West London

    Hi all, got a job in London W14 for an experienced Victorian Tiler. The finish will be black and white. The existing steps on the main pathway are solid with no cracks. The area is approx 1.5m x 4m There are also 9 stairs that adjoin the main pathway but go down to a basement flat. These...
  14. Lou

    The winner of the Makita Drill competition with Victorian Plumbing is...

    A huge thank you to everyone who entered the @VictorianPlumbing competition to win the 18v Makita Drill. We are very pleased to announce that the winner is… @Dave Congratulations Dave! Thanks again to everyone who entered and stayed tuned for more competitions in the very near future.
  15. E

    Preparation Tiling Over Victorian Tiles

    Good Evening all, I have an enquiry that I require some help on. The situation is that there's a customer who has old Victorian tiles throughout her hallway. They have tiled the remainder of the house but now want to extend throughout. The problem being that there are original Victorian...
  16. Lou

    Win A Makita Drill With Victorian Plumbing!!

    To celebrate @VictorianPlumbing 's sponsorship of the and we are giving away a brand new 18v Makita drill to one lucky trades person. To enter simply click this link to register your entry. Winner announced Wednesday 4th October. Good luck!
  17. L

    Colour enhancer for victorian floor

    Any recommendations on the best colour enhancer sealer which protects as well for a victorian floor? thanks
  18. Tommythetiler80

    How to price for fixing of Victorian floor

    Evening all, I've got a Victorian floor in the pipe line to be fitted in a bathroom.Now I was just wondering what was the general rule of thumb for pricing,I'm not interested in knowing price per mtr or anything like that because I have a figure in my head, but do you guys...
  19. Paul C.

    Advise on a victorian type layout

    Hi. Calling all experienced Victorian floor fixers and anyone who has come accross this situation before. I am trying to work out a layout for the Gosford/Donard tiles from Armatile. these are on a mesh, panels 285x285, borders 285 x 93 and 93x93 corners and plain tiles. This room goes into a...
  20. Lou

    Victorian Plumbing are now sponsoring TilersForums

    TilersForums are pleased to announce that Victorian Plumbing are now sponsoring the forum! They can be contacted by messaging @VictorianPlumbing and Ed will be happy to answer all your queries. Welcome to the forum!
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