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  1. V

    Sourcing Victorian Path Tiles- Please Help!

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with sourcing some replacement tiles for a Victorian path.... or even what search terms I should be using as I can’t seem to find the right ones anywhere! They are ca. 151mm x 151mm x 10mm in red and buff colour. Picture attached. Any help or advice would be so...
  2. Tony_C

    October Victorian Bathroom - More spacers required!! JOTM October Entry

    Victorian style bathroom with Burlington Bathrooms high level WC & Basin. 26sqm Topps Tiles Lampas cloud tiles and 5 sqm Victorian mosaic floor tiles. Mapei tanking, p9 white adhesive, Tilemaster 3000 natural grey grout & Genesis brushed trim. Floor also levelled and sealed with LTP mattstone...
  3. M

    For Sale Original Victorian floor tiles

    We have just redecorated the hallway and have approx 5 metres sq of really beautiful Victorian encaustic floor tiles that have been protected underneath carpet and are in good condition. Reasonable offers please...
  4. Lou

    Cedar Ceramics - Professional Wall and Floor Tilers in Hertfordshire

    Cedar Ceramics - Hertfordshire Floor and Wall Tiling Services Ross Mabbott is a professionally trained, domestic and commercial wall and floor tiling specialist, enthusiastically committed to providing high standards of customer service and workmanship. Many projects have been transformed...
  5. Adey1980

    August & September Front path Victorian terrace house

    Front path old tiles removed and replaced with tiles supplied from tile mountain and fixed with tilemaster setaflex and grouted with @Mapei UK Marketing silver grey grout
  6. T

    Victorian tile restoration

    I have problem and would like some help or advice. We have a victorian home in Saint John NB. At some point, the homeowner carpeted over a beautiful victorian black and white marble floor in the portico. I tried everywhere to figure out how to remove the mastic stuck on the floor. So today I...
  7. T

    Replacing single victorian tile

    Hello, before I attempt it and apart from loads of care and patience, are there any tips or techniques for removing and replacing a single tile (2 1/4 inch) from a victorian floor. Usual thing, there's not much grout to play with, they're tightly packed. Thanks TN
  8. timeless john

    Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian / Encaustic Geometric Tiling Specialist - Tyne and Wear Tiler

    Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Encaustic Geometric Tiler / Tiling Specialist Timeless Tiling Solutions are based in Newcastle in the North East of England. However, we provide our services nationwide and can even travel abroad if required. We've just recently completed a Victorian...
  9. O

    Victorian tile porch/step entrance

    Hello, I'm about to lay the porch area, it's very small 890mm x 470mm. I have the Victorian tiles and have layed it out and it's the right fit. Now I'm wondering what to do at the grout stage, most advise sealing first then grouting. Clean and seal again. However because mine are outdoors...
  10. T

    Pictures Victorian tiles hallway

    Hello, am trying to complete a Victorian tiled hallway (pic attached), loads of questions to make sure I get it right. I didn't hack through the floor to lay the pipework, previous owners did! Floor is part solid, part suspended ceiling over cellar. New joists have been installed and are rock...
  11. A

    Ayrshire tiler, new to the forum, saying hello.

    hello, Ayrshire tiler for about 11 years. Found the website while trying to find some information and thought I would join. Hopefully I can learn some new things and I can help others that may be new to tiling. For any experienced tilers, any advice on how to price Victorian tiles or a rough...
  12. M

    London Path tiling with Victorian mosaic tile sheets

    We have some Victorian-style mosaic tiles which we need laid on our front path. They are on mesh-backed sheets so no need to lay individual tiles. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm. There is a concrete base in place, but this has a crack in it so would need to be levelled beforehand. The whole area...
  13. D

    Poor laying of Victorian tiles?

    Hi, I’m having somevictorian tiles laid down our front path and up the front door and have seen that the tiles don’t go flush with the wall. I would say there between a 10 to 20mm gap between wall and tiles. The builder says that the wall isn’t straight which it probably isn’t but I’ve raised...
  14. Spencer

    Exterior substrate For Victorian tiles.

    I’m pricing a job which is 26m2 of front garden path to be tiled with old English geometric tiles. The old concrete path will be taken up, and a new base putting down. I will be getting a firm in to do this work, but I want the best solution for the base, that will take these tiles without...
  15. Plan Tec Tiling

    Victorian porch

    Someone submitted a new contest entry: Victorian porch View contest entry...
  16. Dadsiphone

    Victorian floor tiles

    Hi, anyone done any original style flooring ? I’ve done a few but I always do my own layout and setting out. So just wondering how you other tilers do it Sid
  17. Ross tile

    Uneven hardiebacker on victorian terrace bathroom floor

    Hi there - so i have ripped up the old tiles and old layer of ply and cork. Replaced with 12mm hardiebacker screwed in along with a layer of adhesive between the backer and the floor. There is some discrepancy of maybe 5mm between aome of the boards. Do i need to start again? Im using flexible...
  18. Tom Astley

    Pictures External Victorian path... Alderley Edge

    Well I was forced into screeding (sand and cement) this today... at 7:45am....... contractor stated it needs to be done and he will stand the cost if it fails...... Talked him out of it for starting the tiling until the spring to see if the base lasts...... No parking.... it was totally dark...
  19. timeless john

    Pictures Victorian Geometric Hallway.

    Victorian Geometric Hallway Flooring. Geometric Floor Tiling by Timeless Tiles John. Nothing straight, nothing level, carpet fitters, painters and every other trade walking around me! Almost lost the will to complete till today. Dark pictures at 8.00 tonight but big floor to start tomorrow.
  20. Boggs

    Suppliers of Victorian geometric tiles

    I am looking to source some original/reproduction geometric tiles, I have found sites like original style etc but wondered if anyone on here had contacts or a good source of reclaimed floors that won’t normally be found by searching google. I only need around 2sqm, it’s for my own house and...
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