1. P

    Pictures Preparing floor for tiling after relocating plumbing

    Hello everyone! I am desperately trying to come up with an idea how to repair bathroom and kitchen floor. Floor slab on the ground floor in our house was constructed 10 years ago, finished with 4cm screed and prepared for tiles/hardwood flooring. We only had our windows installed and it was...
  2. judge

    Cement based liquid screed

    Evening all,does anyone know the % reading you need to tile onto cement liquid screed using a hair hygrometer ? Virtually all my floors in the near future are going to be cement based.this is probably aimed at Alan jackson(are you out there pal??)
  3. D

    Priming Anhydrite screed

    Hi folks, I’m just about to start tiling the ground floor of my house with Limestone tiles, the area is around 80m2. The floor has a anhydride screed which I have recently sanded and hoovered. I planned to prime the area with neat ROCATEX acrylic primer twice before I lay my decoupling mat. I...
  4. Leader

    Floor screed

    Hi Guys Hoping some of you can give me some advice on a job i have booked in for kitchen floor tiling. The customer floor has had a self leveling compound (Mapei Restoration)laid down over the top of bitumen. Few concerns i have is that on part of the floor a hole has appeared around 100mm in...
  5. GrayD

    Water UFH New screed down - trying to figure tiling out approach!

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have read many posts over the past year as I have created and tiled a wet room and also created and tiled a bathroom in my house that we are renovating. I've also tiled our utility room too. Thanks for all the tips & tricks I learned! So, I'm ok with tiling...
  6. E

    Mapei renovation screed primer

    Hey guys I've got a new, tampered concrete floor. Not sure if I need primer before applying Mapei Renovation Screed If yes, I've got a ton of SBR. Will this work? The screed will be containing UFH pipes. Thanks ES
  7. R

    Prep for screed that's 2 years old

    Hi, We have a Gyvlon screeded floor that was laid over 2 years ago. We've finally got round to tiling it. It's got wet underfloor heating. It had all the laitence cleand off, just after laying. As we have been using the room, there is going to be some dust, dirt, grease etc etc on the...
  8. jcrtiling

    Opinions , 20mm screed removal

    I've been to look at a screed part of which is 20mm higher than the rest . Easy option screed up , but that's going to take £700 of levelling . So options I see . Grind it , score/cut into sections with disc cutter and kango or take that piece of screed right out . Any bright ideas and options...
  9. W

    Water UFH Commissioning UFH, cracked screed, large tiles, help

    Hello. I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me out here; I've been reading as many threads as I could on the matter over the last few days here and while I think I have a fair understanding of things, I'd like to provide the specifics of my situation. I have a 68 sqm apartment in which UFH...
  10. J

    Screed prep for tiles

    I have an area of 35msq to tile using 440mm sq Porcelain tiles. Kitchen, utility, shower room, lobby and porch. Screeded in Jan 2018 is traditional off the back of a lorry, barrowed in with fibre. There is paint on the screed off the walls and a few other marks as well. So mainly round the edge...
  11. S

    Fitting Limestone to new concrete flow screed 80mm, wet UFH and main room is 11m x 5m!

    Hi all, Ive been asked to lay limestone to a new extension, it has a main room 11 x 5m with smaller rooms off. At present no expansion joints in slab and they say they are going to grind 8mm deep joint in middle of room and in doorways! In my mind 8mm won't achieve anything ? I am proposing...
  12. Balloo

    Quick set larsen screed

    Has anyone tiled on this type of screed, larsen say you can lay tile 2 weeks after installation even with under floor heating. Would really appreciate some feedback
  13. E

    DPM on top of screed and under tiles

    We converted our garage and building control are insisting I install a DPM over the screed (even though the DPM runs under the concrete raft foundation of the house). I will be tiling over the screed so looking for the simplest option. I could get a tin of blackjack and paint that on but...
  14. K

    Laitance removal - underfloor heating screed

    Hi all Just been reading up on the above and it looks like I should have sanded the floor down a bit sooner - no one advised that it should be done after a couple of weeks Floor has been down a good while now and has a good surface I think - its not crumby at all but hey may as well do a...
  15. B

    DIY Which adhesive to the ditra mat on the anhydrite screed with water UFH

    Hi. I have about 55 sqm floor, anhydrite screed laid about 5 years ago with water UFH. Because my house is old, build 1902 on side of the hill and on the clay, I have few crack on floor. One of the first shop where I was looking for tiles, wood effect which I want, was Topptiles. Because crack...
  16. Cranbrook

    Calling the screed experts

    Is this actually possible?
  17. Andy Allen

    Anhydrite screed........

    Currently working out a price to tile one of these screeds, last one I did must of been 10 years ago, and things seem to have moved on since then. First off, what's the tile master anhydrite a Adhesive like. The screed has UFH and there using a porcelain tile, on a normal screed I wouldn't...
  18. T

    Insurance repairs - advice please

    Hi, Advice required please... I had a porcelain tile to kitchen, dining and utility area. A boiler leak meant tiles started lifting and the drying company requested utility area tiles to be removed to aid drying of the screed. Replacement tiles could not found so the whole area has now been...
  19. Muff Tiler

    Screed to chipboard sub floor

    Hi guys, Been to look at a job where 2 floors (Chipboard & concrete screed meet) a couple of the tiles that are laid at the moment have come loose so there must be movement in the chipboard extention, was thinking over boarding the whole floor with cement board making sure to over lap where the...
  20. M

    Preparation New UFH screed with a few cracks.

    Hi, thread over the UFH section, it's sort of moved onto prep. Cementainous screed with some cracks. Plan to deal with as below: 1. Sand/hoover/seal? Is the seal bit needed? 2. Fill any cracks I can with Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler. 3. Kerakoll Idrobuild Tex as uncoupling membrane 4...
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