Screed has three meanings in building construction:

A flat board (screed board, floating screed) or a purpose-made aluminium tool used to smooth and to "true" materials like concrete, stucco and plaster after they have been placed on a surface or to assist in flattening;
A strip of plaster or wood applied to a surface to act as a guide for a screed tool (screed rail, screed strip, screed batten);
The material itself which has been flattened with a screed (screed coat). In the UK, screed has also come to describe a thin, top layer of material (sand and cement, magnesite or calcium sulphate), poured in situ on top of the structural concrete or insulation, on top of which other finishing materials can be applied, or the structural material can be left bare to achieve a raw effect.

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  1. guediver

    Water UFH Grooved dry screed boards

    Good afternoon, Does anyone have experience of using grooved dry screed boards? (Bonus points if on suspended floor) There seems to be a few brands/products about (ThermRite, Profix, ProWarm), but I can’t see anyone talking about actually using them (literally zero mentions across various...
  2. Qwerty89

    Best practice for a large (120sqm) tiling job

    Hi all I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this forum, which seems to be a treasure trove of advice. I wanted to put my own situation up, and ask for some advice from the specialists on here! I’ve added the details, as hopefully this helps others too… Situation Ground floor renovation job...
  3. Sprotty

    Water UFH Cracks bridging screed and blockwork

    We are currently at the planning stage for a floor with bifold windows and wet underfloor heating. Basically the tiles near the windows will need to go over the screed and onto a concrete block on the perimeter (red arrows). I'm concerned that the screed with the insulation under it is likely...
  4. G

    DIY Expansion Joints in Floor Screed

    Hi, Looking for some advice regarding tiling over expansion joints in floor screed. I’m getting conflicting information as to wether I can tile over the joint or that I need to install expansion joints. My issue is that I’m laying herringbone style wood effect tiles and want to continue them out...
  5. IsmailYPatel

    Water UFH Underfloor heating screed with Grano

    Hi. I'm after some advice. Need to screed above my underfloor heating pipes. Some rooms have overlay boards and some rooms have new concrete and the floor will be chased/milled out for pipes to go in. Is it possible to make screed with grano, sand, lime, concrete fibres and cement? Make a wet...
  6. S

    Kitchen floor screed options Schonox FPL Plus vs Mapei 3240

    Evening all, newbie post regarding self levelling material. we have approx 36m2 of kitchen/diner to level before 'karndean' type material being laid. I have removed multiple layers of blown/unbonded screed and now at concrete level, which is anywhere from 3mm to 50mm out of level, making it...
  7. D

    Floorboard to screed transition

    Hi I am gping to be tiling a large ground floor flat through out The passage is floorboard and rest of house is screeded however the screed needs levelled what would be best way to prep floor as floor transitions from floorbard to screed. Is 6mm hardiebacker screwed into floor boards then...
  8. A

    Marmoleum on sand cement screed

    Can I lay marmoleum tiles directly onto a sand and cement screed? Or is it better to lay down a plywood subfloor on top of it? It will be a freshly lad screed by the way with water UFH.
  9. M

    Screed/Overboarding Question

    Hello all. I've got a question for people who know better on what to do with my floor. I thought it was T&G over substantial joists so my plan was overboard with ply, seal the joins and tile as I have for previous projects. However, I've gone to lift a board (as I want a radiator pipe putting...
  10. T

    Which screed would you recommend for wet UFH ?

    Hi folks, Just looked at a conservatory tiling job. Wet UFH system, set into sand and cement approx 50mm thick. Fitted 2 months ago so should be cured. Heating yet to be commissioned. The sand and cement is dog rough, going to need prepping to level the floor ready to receive 500mm x 500mm...
  11. J

    Replacing screed - help needed

    I've got a very thin layer (3 or 4 mm) of screed over old bathroom tiles which we had link flooring put over. Unfortunately the toilet leaked and the lino was damaged, I've pulled it up and found the screed below is slightly damaged. I've cracked and pulled up the offending bits but am I...
  12. A

    Water UFH Is a dry enough screed actually perfectly dry?

    I had anhydrite screed laid 28 days ago, commissioned ufh 21 days ago and have proceeded to test with a hygrometer for RH test. Its showing 45% which seems low given the threshold is 75%. The question comes from when I move the odd item like a cardboard box, where the tape has been in contact...
  13. Joel DIY

    Expansion joints in screed

    Hello fellow tilers forum community, I have laid underfloor heating mats on top of insulation boards and poured screed over the top of the mats. I forgot to add any expansion joints and am concerned about what to do. Any advice will be appreciated before I move forward with tiling the floors...
  14. L

    Tiles that have removed the screed when removing the tiles

    Hi all I hope you are well. After a bit of advice. I am installing some plumbing under the floor in a kitchen which is getting re done. I did to the client I would take the tiles up do I can run my pipes etc. Any how, half the kitchen is 12mm plywood screwed down every 100 on to floorboards. I...
  15. S

    Anhydrite screed prep

    A simple question I'm struggling with. Up front, it's a self build - my 4th, so done a fair bit but 1st time using anhydrite. Screed down for 4 years+. Prepping for ditra. Started sanding with 40 grit using 6"festool orbital to remove laitance - solid - (so may have to use diff tool). Issue I...
  16. Troystar

    General Question Floor tiling on screed with no visible cracks

    Could someone give me some advice please. I'm a landscaper by trade and have laid a few porcelain patios. Now I know interior tiling is not the same but would like to have a go at my downstairs toilet floor. House was built early 2000s I think its screed but could poss be the wet slurry with no...
  17. N

    Preparation Anhydrite screed prep

    Hi guys technical question hoping maybe you have an answer as I have never came across this before we have an anhydrite screed floor we sanded it hoovered then sealed twice came In Today and the sealer looks like it’s peeling in certain areas have u ever had this the floor is completely dry...
  18. J K Tiling Cornwall

    Poured concrete screed preparation

    Hi everyone. I have a floor tiling job coming up that is a poured concrete screed over piped underfloor heating. The screed has been down for many months (completely cured and underfloor heating has been ticking over on low). My issue is that the surface is quite smooth with a light sheen. Would...
  19. A

    Adhesive Ardex A29 quick set screed

    First time using this and it says it can be tiled on 24hours after application. I'm looking at it, it's firmed up but still has the wet look all around it. I was thinking maybe it would have dried out quicker than this or am I overthinking it. I want to use green screed addy, bal red anti...
  20. A

    Sand and cement screed down. How long

    I have a newly laid screed 75mm thick sand and cement laid 2 weeks ago. I'm stuck for time and need the ensuite floor tiles asap. Is there any products you can recommend for me so I can start laying now rather than wait another few weeks before it's fully dry.
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