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Hi all, I was hoping to get some input/help on this situation.

Background: We had 12 x 24" Calcutta gold installed on the floor / shower wall in two second story bathrooms. The contractor floated the floor with concrete.

After approximately 2 months, we noticed a linear crack along 4-5 tiles. Our contractor believed this was due to "house settling". We live on a hill but the foundation is on bedrock. We also have marble in other parts of our house that do not have cracks. I had a foundation expert evaluate our house and there is no evidence of movement.

Since the initial crack along 4-5 tiles, we have now a crack along several other tiles. We paid a lot for the job and I am worried that we are going to get more cracks in other tiles. I had another tile expert evaluate the job and he was impressed with the quality of the tile work which led him to believe that they probably installed it correctly. He did mention that he often places "anti fracture membrane" above the concrete to act as a barrier to cracks in the concrete. I do not think our contractor installed this.

It has been 6 months now and we have seen a few more cracks in the marble.

My question is: What would you all recommend we do in this situation? I realize there is not a great solution to this problem and my options are 1) living with the current situation and likely awaiting future cracks 2) ask the contractor to replace the broken tiles 3) replace all the marble tiles at the contractors expense.

As a licensed contractor, I assume he has insurance that would cover a scenario like this.

Any input would be appreciated.


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