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  1. F

    Which tile adhesive to use with Schluter Ditra

    Hi guys, I'm a homeowner and a DIY enthusiast. I have two small areas to tile. A front hall and a pantry area. Ceramic tiles (small) and using Ditra matt. Both areas are over concrete. From my research online they say it is important to use unmodified mortar. I live in Dublin Ireland. Any advice...
  2. I

    Porcelain floor tiles direct to screed on wet UFH without DITRA

    Hi Guys, I had my kitchen floor tiled a few weeks back. The floor is a screed slab of approx. 24m2 over wet UFH pipes clipped to Celotex. This screed was “hand mixed” vs ready mixed off of a truck and laid around 100 days ago of a thickness of 60mm. Around 45 days ago the UFH was commissioned...
  3. B

    UFH screed showing few cracks, is Ditra Mat essential ??

    Hi need advice. We had the wet UFH done topped with screed. Been a month since the screed was done. Cracks have appeared at a few places. Is putting Ditra Mat absolutely essential ?? Will it affect the heat coming up from the UFH ?? Do the cracks need to be fixed ?? Thanks
  4. P

    Ditra coming up in small area

    Put down tiles, then noticed lipage 3 days later. Removed 6"x6" tile. Now - Ditra is loose in that small area. Help - what do I do?
  5. P

    Adhesives for Ditra and Porcelain

    Hi All. I am about to start tiling my hall. The floor is concrete & screed. The plan is to prime the slab with APD, bond the Ditra matting to the slab with Mapei Keraquick S1 and then use Mapei Mapeker to bond the large format porcelain tiles to the Ditra. I am confused about the...
  6. R

    Ditra matting and tiles cracking a year later

    We had tile installed in January of 2018. The installer put Ditra down. The grout stated to crack and come out a few months after installation. Other tiles move. Is this caused by the Ditra? Or some other reason?
  7. J

    For Sale Ditra matting for sale

    200+ metres available. Some rolls are full and others are opened. £5 a square metre. Collection from St. NEOTS PE19.
  8. J

    For Sale Ditra matting for sale

    About 250sqm . Brand new. Some rolls are unopened . Price is £5 sqm
  9. C

    Ditra matting on top of Hardiebacker board?

    Good morning guys and gals, Went to look at a job at the weekend. Hallway in a victorian house. 15m2. Floorboards down at present. Big skirting boards present too. The owners want to replace the floorboards with 10mm Hardiebacker board with Ditra matting on top. They tell me Mr Hardie...
  10. M

    Porcelain Plywood + Flexible adhesive or Plywood + Ditra matting

    Hi there, need some advice. Have spoken to quite a few tilers, tile companies and read loads of info online and now I have a lot of conflicting advice/mixed opinions. I am renovating a house and have a 4m x 10m kitchen area. Original kitchen and flooring has been removed leaving a large empty...
  11. T

    ditra on backer board

    hi guys I'm looking to tile my upstairs bathroom floor and was wondering if i need to use ditra matting if I'm putting bakker board down? any guidance if appreciated.
  12. Bopster

    Ditra matting setting

    hi guys, kitchen I’m installing next week is now having an overlay ufh system installed by others but tiled by me. Simple question really, I’m going to use ditra matting onto the overlay boards then porcelain tiles. Do I set the matting in flex adhesive then leave to set before laying tiles or...
  13. S

    Ditra direction? Parallel to short or long edge?

    i have a room to tile that is 3.1m by 10m and I wonder if there is any problem with running the ditra parallel to the short edge so as to avoid a thin 0.1m strip? The tiles will be porcelain 1200x600 laid 1/4 offset but parallel to the long edge of the room.
  14. Dan

    Tile Fix Direct now sponsor TilersForums - Offer on DITRA!

    Tile Fix Direct is a one-stop-shop for tiling and wet room essentials including decoupling matting, shower trays, tile backer boards and adhesive. We stock a range of the most popular products at competitive prices with fast delivery. To celebrate our new sponsorship of Tilers Forums we would...
  15. B

    Water UFH Which adhesive to the ditra mat on the anhydrite screed with water UFH

    Hi. I have about 55 sqm floor, anhydrite screed laid about 5 years ago with water UFH. Because my house is old, build 1902 on side of the hill and on the clay, I have few crack on floor. One of the first shop where I was looking for tiles, wood effect which I want, was Topptiles. Because crack...
  16. Ion Milion

    For Sale Ditra matting . £5 / sqm.

    Brand new. Got few rolls. Some are full and some are openned.
  17. D

    Ditra Drain4 and Ditra Rake edging

    Hi, I wonder if someone here can offer some independent verification of my what my tiler contractor are telling me. It is too late to change anything but I am keen to understand. We have a 50sq meter terrace raised 18” above ground level running the width of the house. A new 4” concrete base...
  18. E

    Do I need to latex over UFH pipe prior to laying ditra matting?

    Hi all, I have recently had JK Underfloor heating route out my existing screed floor with a 15mm groove to take the underfloor heating pipe. They have done a great job but my tiler is worried about sticking the ditra matting straight over the top without latexing it first to take up any small...
  19. C

    Unmodified floor tile adhesive for putting 600x300 tiles on Sculter Ditra

    Hello, I am still deciding the best option for laying 300x600 porcelain floor tiles on. I am considering laying 12mm ply on top of existing 18mm floor and using Schuter Ditra. I understand that I need a unmodified adhesive to put the tiles on top of the Ditra. Can anyone give me the name of...
  20. Adey1980

    Electric UFH 45m2 ditra heat duo e

    Looking forward to fitting @Schlüter-Systems Ltd ufh tomorrow, customer chose it after doing loads of research himself.
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