Employment is a relationship between two parties regulating the provision of paid labour services. Usually based on a contract, one party, the employer, which might be a corporation, a not-for-profit organization, a co-operative, or any other entity, pays the other, the employee, in return for carrying out assigned work. Employees work in return for wages, which can be paid on the basis of an hourly rate, by piecework or an annual salary, depending on the type of work an employee does, the prevailing conditions of the sector and the bargaining power between the parties. Employees in some sectors may receive gratuities, bonus payments or stock options. In some types of employment, employees may receive benefits in addition to payment. Benefits may include health insurance, housing, disability insurance. Employment is typically governed by employment laws, organisation or legal contracts.

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  1. S

    How to do this job ?

    Hi All , I am trying to build a shower cubicle using the tray in the picture (super heavy ) at the corner here. There are a couple of things i wanted to get some advice on before doing something wrong. There will be a stud wall (orange ) and a glass shower door (blue) What do I line the shower...
  2. M

    Help! Kitchen wall tile job done badly - What do I do now?

    Hi all, I am hoping someone here can help me. I had kitchen tiles installed on Monday, and I’m really not happy with the finish. The grout lines are uneven, the plug sockets have been put back on crooked (I checked with spirit level to make sure my eyes weren’t tricking me), the tiles don’t line...
  3. R

    Kitchen splashback metro tiles -is it a bad job?

    Hi! Could I get some advice on my tiling? It's just been done last week by a tiler by trade but my builder who does everything says that he could have done a neater job and that he's surprised by the level of finish and pointed out some clumsy areas. I'm now worried that my tiler did a bad job...
  4. K

    Wanting to make tiling my job

    Hey guys, Just some ramblings here. I hope I'm posting this in the correct part of the forum. I'm a desk job guy wanting to switch careers. Stuck in my current job, dreading to go to work, etc. I've done a few tiling jobs for friends and family and it has been very fun to do. I love the...
  5. U

    How's My Tiling? Opinions please on ongoing floor tiling job

    Hi, I’m not a tiler - which is why I have one in working away on my new kitchen floor! However I struggle to see the floor lasting very long due to the amount of void under the tiles. I raised my concerns with the man in charge of the project who said the tiler has since explained that he will...
  6. S

    Introduction: ensuite will be first tiling job

    just posting this to keep account active, so you can ignore! Job is some months down the road yet. :-/
  7. S

    Introduction: En-suite first job

    Not started yet, hence lack of activity on here. Just posting this to keep the account active. :-/
  8. M

    Starting second tiling job at home

    DIYer. Did a very successful wetroom for the family bathroom. Thanks for the invaluable advice. Now starting the ensuite. Also a wetroom.
  9. P

    First Tiling Job Finished

    Posted a couple of times for advice a few weeks back, the outcome of which was to scrap my plan to tile over the old bevelled tile kitchen splashback, and to rip out the old tiles and start from scratch instead. The old plasterboard ripped off with the tiles so the job also entailed screwing in...
  10. S

    Advice please on poor job

    Hi all, I’ve recently had my shower tiled and am very unhappy with the result. As the tiler was putting the tiles on, I told him that I was unhappy with it but he said that he would make any last tweaks before he grouted. He made some changes and then finished the job and it’s shoddy. I’ve paid...
  11. B

    This Tile Job Makes Me Sad

    We had a contractor tile some of the walls in three of our bathrooms with white subway tile. It looks unacceptable to me; the edges at the corners of the walls are sharp on both sides - he did not use curved tiles. We have other areas in the bathroom that were previously tiled with the same type...
  12. T

    Large Porcelain Job help !

    Good evening Looking for some advice I have been tiling for a few years know but tend to stick to 600x300 size tiles and below when installing. I have a job where I need to install 1000x600 large porcelain tiles 10mm thick. I intended to use cement based tile board on the walls, can I use a...
  13. S

    Problem with LVT job

    So I ordered LVT from Luxury flooring. 2.5mm nest stick down. Had a tiler who did a great job at families house in ceramic tile. It seems he’s not so skilled in LVT. Where the kitchen kick boards are the lvt is gappy. There’s 5-10mm gaps. It’s IKEA kitchen so the kickboards are deeply set back...
  14. Z

    DIY tile Job, removed excess hardened grout with nylon wheel and now tiles are ruined.

    I have just ripped out my old bathroom and refitted it with new beige porcelain tiles. I grouted the walls yesterday and found by the time I'd finished grouting the excess grout left around the tiles(especially close the grout joins) had hardened off and I was unable to remove it with a light...
  15. M

    Is this an acceptable job?

    Hi, I just had my hall and wc re-tiled and I'd like advice on whether the tiling is acceptable. There are holes in places and blobs all about the place and it generally looks sloppy to me, but I don't know if I'm being overly picky.
  16. Ignatius

    Searching job anywhere in uk

    I’m Ignatiu from Ghana seeking or searching tiling job in yo from an individual or a company. I have 5 years experience but am also willing to enhance what I already know. There pictures of me doing what I know how to best. thanks you..
  17. M

    Looking for job

    Hi. I am aged 21, Based in East Kilbride and looking to see if any tilers are taking on a trainee or apprentice as I'm looking to get into the trade
  18. M

    Looking for job

    Age 21. Looking to find work as an apprentice tiler or trainee tiler.
  19. N

    Complex diy job😬

    Hi, im looking for some advice please on what correct adhesives and tanking to use in regards to my small and (to me) quite complex bathroom renovation. Btw im a chippie/dryliner by trade but have done a few small tiling jobs before like kitchen splashbacks etc. Basically 2 of the walls are...
  20. faceman

    South East Northamptonshire Leicestershire

    We’re still looking for tilers to join our team in the Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire area. We are picking up nee sites and projects of all sizes so looking to expand. Please reply if you’re interested.