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  1. T

    South East Tiling work wanted in Surrey and surrounding areas

    I am a English 31 year old seeking tiling work. I have tools, qualifications, transport, Cscs, ppe and experience. I am punctual and have a good working attitude. I am Seeking price or day rate work. I live in Addlestone ,Surrey I ask you contact me with further questions. Thanks Tom
  2. S

    Not happy with tiling job - or am I being picky?

    Hi All, I’ve just had 2 rooms tiled with oak effect ceramics and I feel a little disappointed with the final result. The tiler used self-leveller to even the floor prior to laying but I feel that this should have been done with more care, and that many of the subsequent problems are a result of...
  3. Dan

    JOTM 2019 Job Of The Month November - PLEASE ENTER

    We have 4 entries in the JOTM November so far. Please don't leave it too late to enter. www.TilersForums.com/jotm to enter :)
  4. F

    Is this a good job

    Hi Recently had a kitchen fitted and came home this evening and Tiler had finished work, we have white metro tiles and he suggested grey grouting. I feel the work in some areas is sub standard. And the grey grouting seems to make the errors more noticeable. What do you think?
  5. W

    South East 50m2 porcelain/marble domestic job in Berkshire

    Hi I'm looking for a tiler to fix: 25m2 porcelain 900 x 600 kitchen floor (over screed with wet UFH) 18m2 marble 600 x 300 bathroom walls (render/tile backer board) 3m2 porcelain bathroom floor (tile backer board - electric UFH) and a downstairs loo wall and floor in marble 600 x 75 / 600 x 300...
  6. A

    Help! How do I fix a contractors bad tiling job?

    HI All, We recently had a contractor replace a tub surround and it appears he used marble threshold material to fill the gap between the new tub and the existing tile. Unfortunately it appears he did not add anything underneath. Part of it has sunken and is now uneven with the existing...
  7. JOTM October Entry by Macten - Another Plank Job!

    JOTM October Entry by Macten - Another Plank Job!

    JOTM October Entry by Macten - Another Plank Job! Full pictures & discussion here: https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/another-plank-job-jotm-entry-for-october-by-macten.90069/
  8. L

    How's My Tiling? Poor tiling job

    Please can someone who knows what they are talking about help me out. I am very unhappy. I purchased a new build and had plans to have the kitchen, dining room and utility rooms tiled in a nice shiny porcelain tile. I decided to go with a local builder, who stages he does tiling. He did other...
  9. H

    Tile cutter

    Hi tilers forum, i've bought some cement based terrazzo tiles 600X600X20mm. What would be the best tile cutter to hire for the job?
  10. macten

    October Another plank job - JOTM Entry for October by Macten

    Seem to be getting lots of extensions with wet UFH and nice flat cementous screeds so happy days. There was one large crack in the screed where the new met the old so stitched it with resin, matted it and put a cold movement joint across that area so should be all good. Love plank tiling, so...
  11. L

    Is this tile job ok so far?

    Just having our bathroom tile done by a contractor. . Does this look like an acceptable job so far?
  12. ThomasJamesReid

    Can you tell me if this is a bad job? (with photos)

    Hello, can you please help me decide if this is a bad job. We have two balconies and I'm not massively happy with the workmanship on either one: Problem 1 close to the sliding doors: We have sliding balcony doors and the waterproofing for the balcony goes right up to the door and there is an...
  13. J

    Bad tiling job am I right to want complete replacement

    I am Currently in dispute with a large company on my area regarding this recent tiling job and cloakroom fitting. I would just like some comments from experienced tilers as to what they think of this work. It is alwrge area cloakroom hallway kitchen and utility room. I am requesting they lift...
  14. B

    South East South of England, different m2 per job

    Site work, require tilers for ongoing works in Hampshire,Berkshire,wiltshire and lots more areas.
  15. stone tiler

    Anyone near Jct 8 of the M25 want a job?

    TILER WANTED JOIN OUR BUSY TEAM FULL TIME POSITION COMPETITIVE SALARY ON OFFER Private Message me for email and / or phone number. Thanks. As the title says, we are looking for a tiler to join the team. Must be capable to a very high standard on domestic projects, have all own tools etc...
  16. Dan

    Help Threads How to Vote for a job in JOTM

    Okay, So we are encouraging all types of jobs these days. When they take off again, we will start requesting that people upload a photo of the job that has a newpaper clipping laid on the tiles in the shot. Showing the date the tiling was done. But for now, any job, that its completion date...
  17. R

    My 1st Job Kitchen Floor 12 x 12 job

    I'm doing a second floor condo kitchen, 6' by 9' of tile area. The surface is gypsumite (poured) over plywood. I'm going to use 12" x 12" porcelain tiles. I've put down the tiles (loose- not set) and walked on them. Floor seems level. Questions: 1. I was told to seal the gypsumite, one source...
  18. M

    How to cover/work round copper pipes?

    Hi All, Installing Marmox boards in a shower area and want to avoid a stud wall to keep as much space as poss. Will carry on with dot and dab (uneven old walls) for the boards but what advice could you give for where the shower pipes are? If i was to cover them then the boards would sit out...
  19. A

    Is this a bad tiling job this is my first tiling work done on my house

    Hello i never had tiles done im not sure if this job is done correctly or not. So far from some post i have read i think there are some issues here. The grout at some places is thicker and some places smaller there is grout discoloration on some edges and some of the tiles are not even,i have...
  20. Dan

    August & September START: New Job Of The Month Contest - 9/2019

    TilersForums.com members, I'm pleased to say a new new Job Of The Month 9/2019 contest has just started, you can submit your job picture to this months dedicated album page. You have 28 days to submit your job picture, only 1 job picture can be added to the actual JOTM album, so you will need...
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