1. macten

    Pictures My big plank job

    It's been a couple of weeks of hard graft and I'm glad it's over. Forget the name but it was a Tarmac cement based screed. Nice and flat, first big pour that I've encountered that actually had movement joints built in. When I first went to look they had been back to repair one crack. There was...
  2. M

    bathroom job any advice, tips, tricks appreciated

    Bathrrom getting ripoed out everything except the bath with two internal walls and two external. Plan is to rip out old tiles,take wallpaper off plus any plaster left behind it and board all walls with marmox multiboards and seal joints on boards around bath area with their waterproof tape...
  3. Dan

    Extra information required when posting a job to the forum Take a look see what you think. Let me know if there's anything missing that you think would be handy to have.
  4. J

    Hello (New and Neeeding Advice)

    Hi everyone, ( This could be quite long): Hope everyone's well. So I'm very new to tiling, I start an intensive 8 week course in June doing a NVQ Lvl 2 with a company called Able Skills. Couple years ago (21 now) when I was 19 I started a small company. 6 months later it failed and ever...
  5. B

    Is this a BAD TILING JOB?

    We are currently getting our whole house refurbished. The standard of the work as been very high so far however when it's come to the finish and attention to detail of the tiling in the Main and EnSuite bathroom, well, I think, even having never ever tiled before, after watching a handful of...
  6. L

    2nd opinion on tiling job

    Hello, We recently had a new bathroom fitted. We originally had a 5k budget (small bathroom m) but we decided to double budget, go with an upmarket company and finance the rest. The bathroom was fitted whilst we were on holiday. The bathroom is lovely but in my opinion the tiling isn’t great...
  7. R

    Advice needed re tiling job

    Hi I have just had a bathroom re done and the bathroom done. Job took 4 weeks instead of the agreed 2 weeks. I’m not happy with the tiling and wanted to get an expert opinion. Firstly the tiles are not straight on lots of them. (Edges sticking with shadows at night) and the grout is flaky...
  8. G

    Builders Tiling job - is this acceptable?

    Hi, I'm having my bathroom renovated and would really appreciate some advice as I've heard/read conflicting information and would like to know where I stand. The job is due to finish around the of this week. The tiles are 600x300mm and 9mm thick porcelain. Please see the attached image, which...
  9. T

    Critique this Tiling Job

    Hello, I'm not a tiler, I'm a customer. Just had a job done, a little bit to finish off tomorrow. In general an ok quality except I cannot stand the corners and it is poor/scabby around the window. Is this acceptable, yes or no, what if anything could/should be done to improve. Is there a...
  10. I

    Electric UFH Sos advice needed can bad job can be salvaged

    My first post, joined forum to get some help as my husband thinks everything is ok and i am harrasing. We Had warmap Ufh installed on Friday. It went on a bare concrete floor. Tiler used Tarmac floor levelling compound and did on the go as he poured compound. he never laid wires down, they are...
  11. Localtiler

    Pictures Job of the month prize

    Just to say thank you to @Schlüter-Systems Ltd for this fantastic prize haul, very kind of you. To all those thinking of entering job of the month, do it!
  12. S

    South East Uneven just installed tiling job needs fixing asap

    I’ve recently had a bathroom wall tiled that isn’t as neat as I’d like and I need it fixing. Here’s a photo of the work. Hoping it doesn’t require completely removing everything. But if it does, I’d be looking for someone to remove and replace neatly ASAP. It was only grouted yesterday (Monday...
  13. L

    please help! poor tile job, what will it take to fix?

    I just had some tiles put into my small WC and the tiles are uneven, poorly cut, unevenly grouted, and look especially bad around the toilet. I have a little bit of left over tile and I am wondering what it would take to fix the area around the toilet or if it would be better to take it all out...
  14. M

    Price / How long for tiling job

    Hi, I have a Bathroom and WC that need tiling and need advice on the length of time / price to do the job, please. The are both stripped, empty, replastered and bare floor boards. No tricky boxing. Tiles are the same for both rooms - 600 x 300 natural stone tiles for the floors and 75 x 300...
  15. DJS

    Little job to do at home

    Wanted to share this, as its been 5 yrs since that thread about self levelling tips, and after having a break from tiling and now back at it again, I got to do the hybrid mix for the bay's and runners method. Was much easier with sand and cement in mix, but next time, will mix it a bit dryer, as...
  16. A

    Tiling job issue question

    Morning all, Have a question for the professionals out there Just had my bathroom refurbished and everything was taken back down to brick etc , however whilst inspecting the work some of the tiling just looks really badly done Now the question is am I being to picky or is this a bad job ...
  17. Plan Tec Tiling

    JOTM 2019 Amazing Schluter prizes up for grabs!

    @Schlüter-Systems Ltd have announced the absolutely amazing prizes they are awarding this months Job of the month competition winner. This is probably the biggest prize haul Job of the month has seen!!!!! The winner of February's JOTM competition will win- 1x DITRA 25 Kit or KERDI Kit 1x...
  18. A

    Botched job? Advice needed

    Afternoon all, So we’ve just had our feature wall tiled and there’s a few areas we’re unhappy with. Me and my partner are looking for final confirmation before we seek legal advice because so far the tile manufacturer and relatives/ work colleagues have all advised us the job has been rushed...
  19. Plan Tec Tiling

    JOTM 2019 'How to' post a Job of the month entry

    Firstly, any new entries will go into a moderation queue, so you will NOT instantly see your entry. Admin staff will check your images have been uploaded correctly . 'How to' - Select ‘add your JOTM entry’ Write your description and select ‘upload JOTM photos’ When they have...
  20. T

    Bad Tileing Job Advice needed?

    I wonder if any one can give me some advice. I live in a fairly new build house that was built 8 years ago. And have lived here since house built. It's owned by housing association. House was not well built and have had continual problems. Most recently tiles started falling off wall in...
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