Best Western International, Inc. owns the Best Western Hotels & Resorts brand, which it licenses to over 4,700 hotels worldwide. The franchise, with its corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, includes more than 2,000 hotels in North America. The brand was founded by M.K. Guertin in 1946. As of May 2019, David Kong is the president and CEO of Best Western and Dorothy Dowling is the chief marketing officer.
In 1964, Canadian hotel owners joined the system. Best Western then expanded to Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976.
In 2002, Best Western International launched Best Western Premier in Europe and Asia. (The other hotels in the chain were known as Best Western.) In 2011, the chain's branding system-wide changed to a three-tiered system: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

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  1. N

    Trade Discount Question...What's best?

    Hi everyone, I've been tasked with coming up with a new trade discount structure for the tile company I work for. What sort of % or deals do you look for when buying tiles, or are you driven by the customer choice? Thanks :)
  2. G

    Looking for a good soft grouting float

    Where the best place to get soft grouting float from? At a decent price ?
  3. S

    were is best place to get diamond Cones

    Hi were is best place to get diamond Cones and hole saws i normally use Mexco but this job needs bigger not held by local stockist Thanks
  4. Dodger2303

    Best adhesive for very thin gap.

    Hi all I have to replace a handful of quarry tiles on a cement based kitchen floor. I guess a long time ago these tiles were laid directly onto cement (with the cement potentially as the adhesive). I now have thinner tiles so I can relay them onto the concrete only the space between the tile...
  5. N

    Best tile cutter you've used for cutting 1500 mm long tiles??

    Bought the Rubi TX-Maxi to use on 1000 mm tiles which is very good but customers seem to be going for bigger floor tiles on each job ,😩. any recommendations pls
  6. D

    Invoices unpaid - best legal route to getting paid ?

    Hi everyone, I have a delightful customer who thinks they don't have to comply with what they agreed before work commenced and has not paid invoices for two stages of work completed. Their issue is with additional works (positioning external cable the electrician failed to do to enable tiling...
  7. M

    Best Laser advice please

    What’s best laser for dura base matting? currently have a dewalt red laser but struggle to see the line and it’s starting to annoy me now. I use dura base 98% of the time cheers men
  8. P

    What is the Best Electric Tile Cleaning Brush?

    What are electric cleaning brushes? . Powered by electricity, it can scrub anywhere in your home. Be it your bathroom or kitchen, electric cleaning brushes have all the answers. It easily cleans your home with just one swipe, which saves your precious time. Buying an electronic cleaning brush...
  9. T

    The best tilling systems (spacers) in your opinion

    Hello, My name is Theodor and I am head of technical sales in a building supply store in Greece. I am looking to import a value for money tile laying system (maybe the traditional system with the clips and wedges or what ever is the best in your opinion), Unfortunately as well I know, there is...
  10. A

    Best Adhesive for shower Area

    Hi, I've been a frequent visitor to this site and found the info useful in getting me to the stage i am at now in my shower project. Have tanked tray to ceiling onto moisture resistant plasterboard, and 10m2 of 12x4 inch tiles are due tomorrow. Just hoping for some advice on the best adhesive...
  11. M

    Best Moisture Board & Mapeii adhesive

    I am just about to have a bathroom renovation done and have been reading about different plasterboards. My first question is what board would be suitable for larger tiles 120 x 60 and should it just be cement board or although more expensive, marine ply? Or do you have a better suggestion? The...
  12. B

    Grout Colourant, what's the best?

    Hello Guys I am looking for a some advice, after the tiler washing all the colour in the grey grout I have elected to use a grout Colourant. Smart Seal do samples but unfortunately their dark grey is almost blacks and mid grey is almost white. Lots of reviews but colours are no good. Grout...
  13. K

    Best brand of grout

    Grout in my shower is all cracked, it was only installed 3 years ago, I'm looking to have someone remove all the cracked grout and put in new grout for me. I know the guy that originally installed my tile and grout purchased all the materials and used a grout type that you add water to, not sure...
  14. R

    Adhesive What is the best brand fro Grout and Adhesive?

    Hi all! I just recently bought and received some Carrara Venatino White Marble Tiles by Starel Stones (link below) tiles look beautiful and I wanted to get professional advice on the best brand for the grout and adhesive to use just so I don’t mess things up ;)) Wall Tiles...
  15. N

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 12000 Porcelain floor tiles ?

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 1200 Porcelain floor tiles ?
  16. Winkers

    Best tile adhesive?

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added. I am tiling a bathroom three walls floor to ceiling. The tiles are porcelain 600mm x 300mm. What is the best adhesive to use and what thickness?
  17. D

    Best floor and UFH

    I have 15mm - 18mm between my FFL and the top of my bifold base. 1. What’s the best floor to use with wet UFH? We have about 75mm of screed on top of the UFH. 2. Am I forced into a thinner tile? Ideally we will need about 1mm non fracture mat, and a 1.5mm of adhesive. Is this correct? 3...
  18. M

    Best subfloor advice

    My client is wanting a loft floor tiled with 600x600 polished porcelain tiles. Hes building a new frame for the whole floor (40m2). Hes wanting to put 18mm ply on top for me to tile onto. I'm trying to advise him to use backer boards.....but it seems the client knows best😁 Usually I would walk...
  19. Scotiansailor

    Best sealer for rustic riven multicolor slate?

    Hello, I’m laying slate tile (indoors) for the first time, and need help choosing a sealer. Has anyone used Adseal Water Based Sealer (Matt)? We dont want a glossy floor, but if the slate was to darken a bit with the sealer, we would be ok with that. It will be in the front vestibule, so will be...
  20. E

    grout best before date

    hi just noticed on my bag of larsen colorfast grout the use by date is next week does this matter if so i will be taking it back [i bought it last month cheers george
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