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I'm redoing our bathroom and looking for some advice on tiling backer boards in relation to the external masonry walls. We're going to get a tiler in to do the actual tiling but I'm not sure how to prepare the walls.

We have two internal 'paramount' walls (a separate headache for another day) and two external masonry walls. The masonry walls are directly bonded and skimmed, not dot and dabbed.

They are currently tiled half way up with small tiles but we're going to fit large format tiles which are very heavy. My understanding is they'll be too heavy for the masonry walls and they need to instead be installed on tile backer boards (e.g. HardieBacker / NoMorePly). This is where the dilemma is and where I have a few options I think...

1. Install the backer board directly over the plaster using adhesive and long screws to go all the way through the bonding/skim and into the masonry. I don't think this is advised and may not support the weight of the tiles? I'm struggling to find a definitive answer?

2. Knock the wall back to bare brick and install the boards using the manufacturers instructions for masonry walls (NMP = dot and dab, HardieBacker = their adhesive + screws I think). It's a lot bigger, messier job so I'd prefer not to do this if possible.

3. Again, knock the wall back to bare brick but batten the wall with timber and install the boards as per the instructions if I was installing onto a stud wall. This has the same disadvantage as option 2 but the advantage is that I can easily hide pipes / cables behind the wall where required, e.g. for a wall mounted sink we've picked out.

4. Another method?

I think I'm leaning towards option 3 but I'm keen to hear from those with experience what you would do and if I'm missing any obvious problems or solutions.

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