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  1. C

    UK Tile backing board adhesive and application

    I'm having a nightmare trying to establish product info from distributors. For example, Jackoboard: Installation instructions say put the adhesive on the wall, their video tells you to put it on the back of the board. There are countless examples like this from other manufactures. Abacus...
  2. B

    Crack mat or cement board

    Got a 100m2 floor to do in 900x900 , floor is chipboard with underfloor heating below, floor is very sturdy no deflection, I've always thought dura base matting more for screed and cement boards for wooden floors. Which is best option to go with for belt and braces
  3. S

    Plywood or Backer Board?

    I'm about to tile my kitchen with 600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles. I am tiling onto a subfloor, which already has 22mm floorboards. When I previously tiled onto this floor I used 6mm Plywood, this was 12 years ago. I am planning in ripping up the old tiles and 6mm of ply. What Im now trying to...
  4. H

    Tile trim & XPS board

    Hi everyone Looking soon at retiling a shower enclosure walls at a local leisure centre. Once the old tiles have been removed I will be fixing XPS boards to the masonry wall(10mm) and 9mm porcelain tiles. I will a couple of edges that will end in exposed board and tile. Would you install 20mm+...
  5. H

    Electric Cable through Foam Backer Board in Shower

    I am considering purchasing the Wedi system for a shower renovation. The current shower setup uses an electric shower and the new shower renovation will also use an electric shower. The current electric cable runs from the studs, through the tile backer board, through the tile and then into...
  6. G

    Do I prime skimmed and bare plastered board walls before tiling?

    I have recently stripped the bathroom. I have 2 walls in non water area. One wall is new plasterboard and the other wall is skimmed plasterboard that I have managed to get most of the paint off though planing to use a 120grit orbiter to clean off any loose pain Both these walls will be tiled...
  7. D

    Wedi Board fixing - advice needed

    I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice! I'm re-tiling my shower after needing to rip out the previous dodgy plywood backing which failed (right side in the photo) and plasterboard (left side) I'm planning on installing Wedi board as a backing board solution. For the right side onto...
  8. burg93

    To tank or not to tank STS board

    Hi all, probably a pretty common question but I'm going around in circles looking online for a proper answer. I'm going to be fitting some tile backer boards to a 2 wall shower enclosure soon and decided on the STS boards as they seem cheap and decent enough. The STS technical guide just says...
  9. K

    Tiles stuck to chip board

    Hi all, moved into a property and dining area has been tiled. The tiles have been placed directly on to chip board floors . Really struggling to get them up, is there an easier way than chipping off tiny bits at a time? Can’t really afford to get anyone in to do it so could really do with some...
  10. N

    Carpeted bathroom with wall tiles. Skirting board or not?

    Hi all, hoping for an advise pls for a bathroom work currently underway. Insurers are fixing a bathroom leak, part of which they are replacing wall marbrex panels with tiles. Done by a 3rd party who is actually doing the job. This is carpeted bathroom, with wall tiles, and skirting board, how it...
  11. A

    URGENT - Wanting to use concrete board alongside existing ply

    I am repairing one square meter of bathroom floor which has gone rotten because of a bath leak. I intend to extract that section and replace with concrete board however the rest of the floor is plywood. Can this be done and how do i tackle the joint where the concrete board meets the plywood? I...
  12. S

    Managing Transition from Cement Board to Plasterboard in bathroom

    Hi all, Have been here in the past for a previous job some years back, but back again to get some great advice on my next job. I'm renovating my bathroom. Existing wet areas around shower and bath appear to just be plasterboard (!!) so I am looking to cut out the existing plasterboard for the...
  13. 1stTimeTiler

    Levelling out Hardie board with adhesive

    Looking for advice on how much adhesive to use. I’ve taken on my first tiling project and found that the chipboard subfloor was affected by water under the washing machine so have cut it out and replaced it with osb and ply (the only way to match the 20mm thickness). However it doesn’t match up...
  14. IHTRIQ

    Advice regarding backer board installation

    Hi Everyone, I have recently started the task of renovating the bathroom in my flat and am at the stage where I will be installing tile backer boards. In the end I went for a foam board kit made by abacus elements as they have positive reviews and it seems to be a pretty comprehensive...
  15. AP tiler

    4mm wedi/marmox board

    Evening. Has anyone had any experience with over boarding in 4mm wedi/what do the manufacturers say about it. Got a skimmed wall that’s having heavy stone going on. Need to overboard but need to keep the thickness at a minimum. It’s solid wall behind the skim, planning to glue, plug and screw...
  16. S

    DPM and insulation board

    Hi, I have decided to install underfloor heating in my hall and kitchen the current floor is uninsulated screed, the ceilings are a bit low so took up the 50mm screed so I can install 50mm tile backer boards something I wasn't expecting is to find a bitumen layer between the screed and slab...
  17. D

    Tile down to wooden floor or skirting board

    Hello everyone, my name is David, nice to meet you all. I would like to ask you all your opinion on this, all opinions would be greatly appreciated. Should I tile down to the wooden floor the customer wants to install or should I tile down to a skirting board. Im worried about movement in...
  18. P

    Tiling on Multipro board

    OK lads, having a right mare here. Re-doing a bathroom, shower etc. Have boarded the shower with multipro and extended this board across to the end of the room. Existing crap was plywood which had rotted etc, didn't make sense to multipro the shower area then finish the wall with something...
  19. N

    Which tile backing board, tanking and adhesive for large format tile

    Hi Peeps, about to rip out my bath and put a new one in with a shower. I've done a few bathrooms already but because I'm using 60x60 tiles (28.5kg per m2 Polished ) I just need some advice on what board and adhesive I can use. The tap wall is stud and the side is block. The block is currently...
  20. S

    60x30 porcelain tiles onto elements board

    Hi, I have completed some smaller tiling jobs before in the kitchen etc but this is my first time using larger format porcelain tiles so looking for some tips before I embark on tiling my bathroom renovation. The substrate being tiled is abacus elements board which has had the waterproof tape...
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