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While its core markets are still located in Europe, Board International has been expanding globally and now operates in 19 countries worldwide. It has a total of over 3,000 customers from a number of different industries,

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  1. K

    Tiles stuck to chip board

    Hi all, moved into a property and dining area has been tiled. The tiles have been placed directly on to chip board floors . Really struggling to get them up, is there an easier way than chipping off tiny bits at a time? Can’t really afford to get anyone in to do it so could really do with some...
  2. AP tiler

    4mm wedi/marmox board

    Evening. Has anyone had any experience with over boarding in 4mm wedi/what do the manufacturers say about it. Got a skimmed wall that’s having heavy stone going on. Need to overboard but need to keep the thickness at a minimum. It’s solid wall behind the skim, planning to glue, plug and screw...
  3. S

    DPM and insulation board

    Hi, I have decided to install underfloor heating in my hall and kitchen the current floor is uninsulated screed, the ceilings are a bit low so took up the 50mm screed so I can install 50mm tile backer boards something I wasn't expecting is to find a bitumen layer between the screed and slab...
  4. P

    Tiling on Multipro board

    OK lads, having a right mare here. Re-doing a bathroom, shower etc. Have boarded the shower with multipro and extended this board across to the end of the room. Existing crap was plywood which had rotted etc, didn't make sense to multipro the shower area then finish the wall with something...
  5. Rozza2022

    Backer board on plaster?

    Hi, I have to tile an area abovr the bath which will be a shower enclosure. Some of the plaster I've had to knock off and replace as it was blown. I was just going to tank over this before tiling, however approx half the area of the wall is still old plaster, and whilst it's not hollow it is...
  6. D

    6mm or 12mm backer board?

    Hello I need to rip out and refit my bathroom, including retiling a bath area which will have a shower over it. I am planning to use Jackoboard for these wet areas. I am yet to see the condition of the wall below the existing tiles but am unsure as to whether I should take it back to brick and...
  7. A

    What side STS board?

    Got a quick one :) I'm just about to fit STS foam boards prior to tiling with some 600 x 300 x 10mm using Dunlop CF3 fast set flexible tile adhesive. Not sure it needs it, but will prime as well anyway. Surface of boards is smooth one side and rough the other, so does anybody know what...
  8. M

    Best Moisture Board & Mapeii adhesive

    I am just about to have a bathroom renovation done and have been reading about different plasterboards. My first question is what board would be suitable for larger tiles 120 x 60 and should it just be cement board or although more expensive, marine ply? Or do you have a better suggestion? The...
  9. MarbleArt

    Foil backed underfloor heating board. Can I tile?

    Does anyone know of a foil backed board for underfloor heating, (with the inserts for white hot water pipes) that's suitable for tiling? I've said no but they (contractor) insist it's ok providing the primer is allowed to dry for 24hours, so against my better judgement I have primed Saturday...
  10. P

    Preferred method of prep for chip board?

    Hi there, Don't know whether it's just a matter of personal preference but what's the best method of prepping a chipboard floor? i.e. 6mm cement boards, glued and screwed or Ditra mat? Cheers.
  11. F

    Can you backer board over standard toungue and groove floor boards?

    Hi all, please bare with me as I am a plasterer by trade but quite handy round the house. I want to tile my hallway with some new slick white tiles and follow straight through into the kitchen. Now I have done this many years ago at my old place with ply wood base but have never used these...
  12. R

    Knauf Cement Board Odour

    My contractor has put down some Knauf cement board in my kitchen to prep the floor before tiles. The product smells very strong like ammonia/ chemicals. Is this normal for this product? Im Assuming that it won’t be apparent after tiling/ grouting?
  13. M

    Sealing plasterboard/moisture resistant board

    I once worked with a tiler. Who when tiling straight to plasterboard he would seal it as he said if any moisture got behind the tiles the paper could come off the front of the boards obviously effecting the tiles. Is this true? He used to seal it with I'm sure PVA, though I've heard this...
  14. S

    Backer board joint sealing

    Looking at using a backer board like jacko, wedi, kerdi, etc and im not sure on whats the most suitable way to seal the banding tape for the joints, washers etc. Some posts ive read people just use a SPF addy to bed the tape onto. Then theres full on sealing kits like this...
  15. R

    Electric UFH The New Warmup Ultralight Board - anygood?

    Has anyone used the new 6mm Ultralight Board from warmup. Any opinion, experience with it? Is it worth it. Looking to install it on a Concrete Kitchen floor under El. UFH and porcelain tiles?
  16. S

    Light weight backer board

    I need to overboard an 1800 wide paramount plasterboard wall that only has studs at 900 centres. (one at each and and one in the middle running vertically) part of the wall will be in a shower cubicle so needs good waterproofing i think hardi or even aquapanel might be a bit too heavy and...
  17. D

    Board fixing advice please

    Hi Everyone Removed the plasterboard from a wall to re-board ready to tile. What I have found is that all the walls are battened with 50x25mm battens spaced every 400mm There is also insulation between. Now will 12mm no more ply be okay to glue and fix onto these 25mm thick battens? Or should...
  18. jassie78

    Tiling onto plaster board?

    Hi, I've made my previous extension room slightly smaller to accommodate for downstairs bathroom which includes shower, toilet, sink vanity unit etc... The shower enclosure area has the green plaster board other parts have white plaster board. The guy has just told me that he will be tiling...
  19. G

    22mm No More Ply or ply and cement board

    Hi All, I’ve searched endlessly for an answer to this and can’t seem to find an answer, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and ask. We’re redoing our en-suite and have found that the existing flooring has completely disintegrated, so it’s gotta go. We’ve got two options: 22mm No More Ply...
  20. I

    Aquapanel, elements board and ply which to choose?

    Hello all. I'm doing a total refit of my bathroom, including the floor which is water damaged, and I'm at a loss as to what best to do for the various parts of the substructure. The house is a 1980's council house, the floor and ceiling joist are set to 600mm centers. Some of the walls are...
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