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  1. Nicobond White Wall Tiles

    Nicobond White Wall Tiles

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    Castello Wall & Floor Tiles

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  3. J

    Pictures Can anyone help me understand tile markings.

    1579375583 PS I understand arrow for direction but I don't understand box. Also the tile with box has a border on top edge and tile with arrow has border on two edges. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. L

    Floor tiles pattern identification

    Hello Everybody! I am really feeling needing help for identification of a tile flooring pattern. I am attaching here a drawing that I got and would really appreciate if anybody may help with its name, composition, supplier, manufacturer or any other related information. Many thanks in advance...
  5. Q

    I'm gonna tile and there's no stopping me

    Hello everybody, My name is Jens and I am from Germany. Last year I bought a house built in 1972 and now I am trying to make this bugger look nice. Almost all of the rooms are cheap vinyl flooring which I will tear out eventually and replace it with nice and shiny tiles. :D The bathrooms I...
  6. A

    Correct format after bare bricks? Need to tile the water soaked bathroom eventually. But need solid foundations before i get there.

    Hi I’m doing my own bathroom after many years of neglect, I know guilty as charged but I’m on the pursuit of a makeover that will make it good hopefully for many more years to come but I need some help in this and I’ve discovered this forum. Thank you all for having a platform that can share for...
  7. D

    Floor tile orientation

    Hi, I am about to tile my small utility room floor with 600x300 porcelain tiles. the room is ~3.3m * 2.2m. Is there a perceived wisdom or "right way" as to which way the tiles should be oriented. I've never laid a floor tile that wasn't square so don't really know what looks "right". the walls...
  8. B

    Cerro Negro Tile?

    Looking to find out if anyone has ever heard of Cerro Negro tile company? Tile was installed about 15 yrs ago and I have 4 full boxes that were found in storage room. Problem is that I need quite a few more boxes. As far as I can tell, it is Argentina made ceramic On the box is: Cerro Negro...
  9. G

    New Member, several tile jobs to finish

    Hi, I am an experienced DIY’er that has several tiling jobs that I need to complete. In the past I’ve installed ceramic tile on bathroom floors and tiled above a tub so I have some experience. As I go through these new jobs I know I will have questions so thanks in advance for the help. GPag
  10. E

    Tile floor before fitting raised shower tray

    Hi, new here and after some advice on fitting a raised stone resin shower tray. The shower tray comes with a raised upstand kit which is a fixed height. Do you set the shower base at the height of the upstand plus the 10mm floor tiles plus the tile adhesive? That seems the most obvious to me...
  11. T

    For Sale Large Format Tile Tools And Equipment For Sale

    Lightly used large format porcelain tile Raimondi tools, tables, etc for sale. Used for one job. Everything you need to fabricate and install floor tile, wall tile, and countertops. Located in Iowa. Text 563-580-9306 if interested.
  12. G

    Wanted Wickes 600x600 infinity grey porcelain tile

    Need to purchase some tiles to replace some damaged ones, please message me if you are willing to part with them
  13. Texasbear

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for a gloss white tile, also what company distrusted this tile.

    I’ve been looking for a box of replacement tiles for the tile that is pictured. It was a discontinued tile probably when the house was built. It was a model home and I can’t find any spares. I think it’s 32cms X 32cms or really close to 13 inches. It’s a high gloss white and it has P1111 or PIII...
  14. E

    New tile glue

    Hi all, Is there an easy way of removing the protective glue on every tile when you first get them out of the packet? I seem to be wasting loads of time picking / rubbing it off. Thanks Edd
  15. Y

    Grout Correct way to using tile grout

    Hi, I read one article saying that when using tile grout, we need to have 2-stage stir . After the first stir of tile grout, just let tile grout stand for 3~5 mins in order to make "redispersible (latex) polymer powder " in tile grout dissolve. If we skip 3~5 mins standing time, part of...
  16. S

    Gap floor tile to wall

    In the bathroom next to the tub, the baseboard was particle board and swollen from water exposure. Took off the baseboard to reveal this damage and how the tiler didn’t tile all the way to the wall. Done with wood so want to do a tile baseboard... but do you have any ideas what to do with that...
  17. S

    Pictures Discontinued BCT28659 "Mary Black" Feature Floor Tile

    I'm Looking for this tile - Discontinued BCT 28659 "Mary Black" Feature Floor Tile https://britishtiles.co.uk/bct28659-feature-floors-mary-331mm-x-33 Source URL: Tiling Forum | Tile Advice - https://www.tilersforums.com/forums/tiling-forum-tile-advice.43/
  18. B

    Please help identify a mystery tile manufacture

    Hi, I am completely lost. I am looking for a specific tile manufacturer, please find images of box with logo attached as well as the back of a tile with identifying numbers on it with made in U.E. Markings. Can anyone on here please help me identify the manufacturer? Much appreciated!
  19. R

    Tile cutting and dark grout finish

    Hello, We recently bought a house and have refurbished it. We have ripped out and redone 3 bathrooms, two are fine, one looks terrible. There have been so many issues but the main one I need to understand is this; The architect advised that the walls should be metro tiles, herringbone pattern...

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