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  1. J

    Missing information about Marmox tile backer

    Planning to install brick imitation porcelian tiles 250x250 size in dinning room, decided to go with studs on brick wall ( 20.5mmx 45mm,because need to cover some pipe work) and will cover with Marmox 12.5 . There is very light official manual, so please, could some one explain me a bit more in...
  2. S

    Price Check Can I afford to tile chimney breast?

    We’ve recently decided we’d like to tile our narrow chimney breast in advance of fitting a wood burner. The recess itself will be lined with some leftover limestone paving slabs I have, but we’d like to tile the rest of the breast in a split face natural stone mosaic if possible. This is...
  3. H

    Tile cutter

    Hi tilers forum, i've bought some cement based terrazzo tiles 600X600X20mm. What would be the best tile cutter to hire for the job?
  4. Lou

    Which Tile Adhesive Have You Used Most in 2019?

    As it says on the tin, please cast your votes below :)
  5. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wickes Formations Linear Shades Ceramic Wall Tile

    Desperately looking for boxes of discontinued Wickes Formations Linear Shades Ceramic Wall Tile Product code: 152328 Started a bathroom and now stuck
  6. Y

    Adhesive tensile bond/pull off strength of tile adhesive and size of tile

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to decide which tile adhesive based on its tensile bond/pull off strength corresponds to which size of tile. For example, if I would like to install 30*60cm wall tile, tensile bond/pull off strength of tile adhesive needs to be higher than kgf/cm^2 at...
  7. M

    i tile floor and wall also i am a facilitator on tiling and mason

    i am new here, i am from Nigeria
  8. TomMcgTX

    My 1st Job Tile above shower

    Hi all! I want to put tile above a shower in one of my bathrooms. The wall has paint and or plaster or something peeling off of the drywall, and has traces of mold showing (see pictures). I think the people we bought the house from 2-1/2 years ago did a quick patch job to try and make it look...
  9. L

    Is this tile job ok so far?

    Just having our bathroom tile done by a contractor. . Does this look like an acceptable job so far?
  10. Dave

    Ctd Darlington, Tile shop recommended by David Howe Tiling from Tilersforums.com

    Address CTD Tiles Unit F North Road Industrial Estate Darlington United Kingdom DL3 0QR Contact Tel: 01325 483 414 Fax: 01325 463 030 Opening Hours Monday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Wednesday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Thursday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Friday: 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday: 8.00am -...
  11. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Discontinued ceramic floor tile - Aydos

    I'm searching for 4 x ceramic graphite-marl floor tiles that I originally bought in Topps Tile Centre in 2007. It's 300x300mm and Topps tell me they had this in stock for a few years after I bought it, but that it's now been discontinued. Anyone know where I can get any from please?
  12. M

    Can I tile on Lino.?

    Hi got a job coming up on a new build and customer wants me to tile the whole downstairs floor. So it’s a concrete floor.no underfloor heating.but has brand new Lino stuck down! Need advice 1. Do I rip it all up and start fresh? 2 can I tile on top of it? Thanks tilers
  13. Dan

    Can tilers plug their local tile stores that they use please?

    I think this is okay to do. I can't see this upsetting a relationship you have. But by all means if you want to keep your suppliers to yourself, don't do this. That said, if you don't mind doing so, and do want to give your local tile store some acknowledgement (and perhaps one day therefore...
  14. Dan

    Need help finding a tile shop?

    If you need help finding a good tile shop, then please post in this forum area. This is a new area of the forum. But we'll still be able to help you out. Our tilers clearly always have working relationships with their local tile outlets and tile suppliers. And will have spent their whole...
  15. Dan

    A bit of history - Tile Frieze Fragment from Kashan, Iran. 13-14 Century.

    Think any of your tile work will be knocking around in 7 centuries time? :D :D Giving the nod to @timeless john of Timeless Tiling Solutions. (Find Timeless Tiling Solutions in the Tilers Directory at TilersForums.com - Available for Victorian and Edwardian Tiling Work across the UK - Very new...
  16. Toby

    How To Tile Over Spray Foam That Has Not Set Hard

    My plumber has just finished the pipework into a drain in a new utility. He said he would put down some board but instead has half-filled a cavity with foam. But the foam has not dried hard it has dried soft. Originally I envisaged using self leveling compound but I can't lay this on soft foam...
  17. Dan

    Choosing your tile well, will guide your cost

    A huge factor when buying tiles are the cost of them. But not just them, the adhesive and grout too. But not even just those three things, the products needed to prepare your background (substrate) to tile to is often the part that is missed out when it comes to costings. We've made a whole new...
  18. D

    My 1st Job Tile a shower floor area using 600 x 300 tiles

    Which Tile layout is best using 600 x 300 into a shower area measuring 900 x 900 with waste in the middle of the floor
  19. A

    Travertine floor covered in cracks

    I posted previously about 18 months ago re the cracks in my Travertine floor. Since that date many of the tiles have additionally developed holes. I have attached pictures of the state of the floor and am looking for advice as to a remedy so that the floor doesn't look like such an...
  20. Dave

    Who’s into Netflix , any recommended films.

    Any recommendations for good films on Netflix, watched some good ones but always up for any you recommend, action,horror etc etc. Just watched In the midnight moon tonight. Good film I thought. Looking forward to In the tall grass on Friday.
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