Tiles are usually thin, square or rectangular coverings manufactured from hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. They are generally fixed in place in an array to cover roofs, floors, walls, edges, or other objects such as tabletops. Alternatively, tile can sometimes refer to similar units made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood, and mineral wool, typically used for wall and ceiling applications. In another sense, a tile is a construction tile or similar object, such as rectangular counters used in playing games (see tile-based game). The word is derived from the French word tuile, which is, in turn, from the Latin word tegula, meaning a roof tile composed of fired clay.
Tiles are often used to form wall and floor coverings, and can range from simple square tiles to complex or mosaics. Tiles are most often made of ceramic, typically glazed for internal uses and unglazed for roofing, but other materials are also commonly used, such as glass, cork, concrete and other composite materials, and stone. Tiling stone is typically marble, onyx, granite or slate. Thinner tiles can be used on walls than on floors, which require more durable surfaces that will resist impacts.

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  1. C

    Cracked tile help please

    Hi could anyone help me a porcelain tile I kitchen has cracked and has a small hole the cracks around it are getting worse. Does anyone know if there is anything I can fill it with rather than removing the tile
  2. Smith1930s

    Preparing concrete path for tile

    Hi everyone, I'm a competent DIYer and have tiled a couple of bathrooms and recently my kitchen. They've all come out very well - however, I have a friend that wants me to tile their path and I'm not sure which course of action to take in preparing it. You can see in the photo that it has...
  3. L

    subway tile sheets color varies

    i just finished a white subway tile backsplash and now it looks like some of the tiles are gray and not white. all the boxes where sealed and are the same color according to the boxes. i really didn`t notice it when putting it up , it seems like they turned gray overnight. could it have...
  4. H

    Natural Stone Tile over Limestone or remove and start again

    My bathroom currently has Limestone which was laid on marmox, we are now thinking of replacing with ceramic tiles. Tile shop says ok just to tile over it. This would save loads of work and it all seems secure. So, crack on and tile over or remove back to wall and apply new backer board? Cheers
  5. C

    Gap from last tile before ceiling

    Hi all! Might be an easy question for the pros! I have a 12x14 tile that I am going to vertically stack to the ceiling. Not too fancy. However from the top of the tub to the ceiling is about 76" which would be 3 tiles (about 72" with a little for the 1/16" grout) That would leave about a 3.5"...
  6. M

    Laying the new tiles over old tiles

    Hi. I would like to have new tiles over the old tiles in the bathroom. The old tiles are of glossy type. The first thing I did is I removed the gloss from them. I used an angle grinder with a diamond disc. You can see the results on the pictures. The new tiles are going to be 30 cm by 60 cm...
  7. annnajoy

    Help identify my mystery wall tile!

    I've had no luck identifying this wall tile with online reverse image searches and would be more than grateful if someone can help me identify it here! My apartment building is over 100 years old, and this wall tile was probably installed 50+ years ago. Maintenance is no help so I'm taking...
  8. P

    Using large format tile adhesive on 6x6 tiles

    I need a bed of between 7 - 15mm for some 6x6 quarry tiles, I can pick up some Mapei large format tile adhesive which goes to 20mm bed from B&Q, is there any reason why I cant use this
  9. M

    First ever bathroom tile job. Have i done things right or wrong

    Had my bathroom ripped out and plumbers first fix at weekend. Tiler I had turned up Sunday. Did an hour and half. Did half a wall that looked a complete mess. I tried to put it right but couldn't. Me and my missus decided they would look horrendous and got rid of the tiler. No one could come at...
  10. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Black jewel Diamond Tile from Toppstiles

    Hello, I am looking for the discontinued topps tiles range - Black jewel diamond
  11. 0

    Tile Search to Match Existing Tile

    Trying to match an existing floor tile. Tiles are 6”x36”, porcelain wood grain image. Front and backside pics are attached. If anyone may recognize the manufacturer, tile make, supplier, etc., I am all ears. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. B

    Can I tile onto this?

    Hi, Can I tile directly onto this? I have taken off the previous tiles and (most) of the adhesive. Can I tile onto this wall? I have read that you should not using pva under any circumstances, but the wall does feel a bit dusty. Any advice greatly appreciated! B
  13. Y

    Ideas for filling in a cut-out section of a porcelain tile floor.

    Seeking ideas for filling in a cut-out section of a porcelain tile floor. I removed a display cabinet from my business reception area. What remains is a missing section of tile that was cut to fit around the cabinet and concrete floor beneath the defect. The original tiles are 20” x 20”. The...
  14. P

    Quartz tile in shower

    please can I ask if quartz tiles are suitable for inside a shower cubicle. Do they need any special treatment? And do I need to look out for anything in particular? Thanks
  15. B

    Tile mitre tools advice.

    has anyone got the rubi du 200-evo 650 for cutting mitres on tiles. or have any recommendations for a cutter to do this. done the last 4 or 5 with the angle grinder looking for a cleaner cut really
  16. S

    Adhesive between tile joints

    Hello Everyone, I’m a trainee tiler, I’m doing a lot of labouring at the minuite for the other tilers, has anyone any tips on removing set in Adhesive from the floor tile joints, also removing the plastic clips that are left in between the joints after the wedges have been kicked off, I’m using...
  17. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile Mosaic Tile - Find or Make from Scratch?

    Re: the attached photo of a strip of mosaic tiles (15mm x 15mm) - I'd like if I can to either buy some more of this or, if I can't find it, to work out how to find some individual white/blue/green tiles to make something that closely resembles it. It's for a repair to a damaged area. The tiles...
  18. Cutsnake

    First time floor tiling- tile over tile

    Hey guys, I haven't yet done any floor tiling and about to do a 30sqm balcony. Existing ceramic tiles are textured and quite porous. I'm going to prime and then start laying the 500*500 porcelain tile and get myself some levelling wedges. Would appreciate any advice as I'd hate for it to go...
  19. D

    Adhesive Is the adhesive products work well on tile?

    I have tiled up my bathroom and want to add some bathroom accessories like the toilet paper holder, towel rack and shower caddy. But I do NOT want to make damages to my tiled wall so I would like to choose the adhesive products. And I've found a brand named YIGII on YouTube. Their videos and...
  20. SamCotton

    Tile Cutter Needed (DIYer)

    Hi guys, I am a DIYer and want to tile my en-suite. What tile cutter do you recommend that won't break the bank as I will only be using it on my own DIY projects and possibly tiling friends and family homes. Budget £100...