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    Tile levelling 10cm x 20cm

    I've recently done my first full bathroom tile using 30cm x 60cm tiles and a levelling system which was superb in getting a flat finish with no lippage. I'm doing a second install but with 10cm x 20cm tiles, should I use a levelling system and if so any recommendations on brand? If a levelling...
  2. M

    Tile preparation tools

    Hi Guys, It's my first post here so I am not sure if I am in the right forum, but here goes nothing; I am currently in a design project in which we try to design tools that aid tilers to do their work a little healthier. I am especially interested in the preparation process (think making...
  3. S

    Cement Tile Installation Issue

    Hi All, Any advice would be much appreciated as to how I can remedy the attached green cement tiles. They have changed colour. Have been sealed with Topps Fila Sealer and not grouted as yet. Ive attached an image of them as laid, with the other picture the unsealed/unfitted out of the box...
  4. H

    Best tile adhesive for Heavy Terrazzo tiles On wall

    I am installing heavy terrazzo tiles (size 400mm x400mm, and 20mm thick) onto lower part of bathroom wall up to height of 1200mm and also on the bathroom floor. They weigh 48kg/m2!. I am using the approriate backer boards on the floor and wall. But I am unsure as to the best adhesive to use...
  5. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for BCT Feature Illusion Blush BCT58656 British Ceramic Tile

    Hello, Does anyone know where I might find a supply of these discontinued tiles? I need to do some repair work on a bathroom that has these installed but they are no longer available. Thanks, Paul.
  6. S

    Coloured Cement Tile Installation Issue - Advice Wanted

    Hi all, I am hoping for some professional insight to a recent installation. We laid client supplied matt coloured cement tiles on a exterior terrace. The tiles being laid on a Schluter Dita drain terrace build up. After a week or so the terrace is still to be fully grouted but the tiles after...
  7. P

    New bathroom tile problem

    Hi I’ve just had new bathroom fitted and some of the tiling isn’t up to scratch. I don’t trust the guy who did it to rectify. If I get new tiler can they fix individual tiles or would the whole thing doing again? Some of the tiles are visible behind toilet so we’d have to remove it to...
  8. D

    pls advise- best insulation, sub-floor and underlayment for tiled kitchen floor?

    My floor joists are good but I need to replace whole subfloor and tile kitchen floor. I am working on a budget but I want to install functional and durable solution according to British standard for both subfloor and underlayment. Ppl with experience, could you please advise what insulation to...
  9. S

    Best Tile cutter

    Currently using a TS 700 and its not cutting it (no pun intended ) lol with Strong tiles any suggestions on a upgrade
  10. J

    window - best trim to finish metro tiles

    Hi all, tiling my kitchen and I am upto the window. what the best way to finish where the tiles turn in toward the window. These are metro /subway tiles and have beveled edges, so will vary in thickness where they are cut at the window recess - what is the best trim to use or is it possible to...
  11. P

    Porcelian Tile - Stain Unknown

    Hi, I just got handed my home from the builder and the matte porcelain tiles have stains on them. There are two types on stain. One is yellow/orange which I think is rust and the other is grey. Does anyone know what this grey stain is? I tried mopping and scrubbing and its not coming off. Any...
  12. D

    Pvc ceiling and then tile walls, or tile walls and fit the ceiling after?

    Looking for advice, thanks.
  13. S

    Help with first tile please

    Hi folks got some great advice a while ago. so nipped to my local tile place and have got everything ready to go. Been let down by a tiler 3 times so i have decided to do it my self. i am so stuck with finding out where the first tile should go. I will attach a plan i have pencilled up my self...
  14. E

    Quarry tile 343mm square, need to find a match

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a match for these tiles which are 343mm square and came from Wickes about 20 years ago. Anybody got any ideas? Bit of a long shot I know Thanks Edd
  15. M

    Thin Porcelain Super Ceramic out of production tiles

    Hello, I need a few tiles 45 x 30 cm which I have been informed are by Super Ceramic. It is a cream tile and it was around 12 - 15 years since we bought them originally. Can anyone advise where old out of production tiles maybe sourced , preferably within the UK. See the images. On the back of...
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    outside tile work

    Hi guys and girls, I'm about to tile the back wall in split faced tiles with no grout. Just a bit worried as its outside and will get wet. Is there a danger that water could get behind the tiles and if it freezes will blow the tile off ? Is there a sealer I could use and if so what do you...
  17. G

    Bathroom wall tile repair, unable to match tile size.

    In 2014 I had my bathroom re-titled. I'm having my shower replaced and some of the tiles need to be replaced. The tiles on the wall are white gloss tiles 248mm x 328mm (purchased from ToppsTiles). The only size I can locate is 250mm x 330mm. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get...
  18. D

    Can I Tile Over Stone?

    I have just installed a new cast iron fireplace and mantle. I’ve also built a raised trim around the old stone hearth and plan to tile inside. Can I tile directly onto the stone or do I need something in between the adhesive and the flat stone base? Thanks for any help. Dave 1601491915 I...
  19. A

    Slight chipping on porcelain tile

    First time tiling and when removing the levelling spacers I tried to remove some addy from the surface and slightly chipped the surface. What do you guys use to cover, still need to grout also.
  20. T

    Ignore tile manufacturer instructions at my peril ?

    Hello All So I bought these tiles from Wickes and it says in the small print on the side of the box something like "....minimum grout line 3mm....". I just put two face to face and they seem identical to me but it doesn't actually say rectified anywhere. I'm planning to put them on the floor...
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