1. C

    HELP! latex this crap floor or grind it down?

    Hi all, I've got a porch/bathroom to tile. My contractor says to tile straight onto the concrete foundation but its a bloody mess. What prep should I do here? Latex over it all with self leveler ( Ardex na ) or should I use hardiebacker or somthing.
  2. 1

    Bad tiling

    Got a bathroom fitter in now he’s nearly finished The standard of work is not up to standard I don’t think , he’s tiling the bathroom , He did not level the walls or any backa board or anything water resistant
  3. S

    2 tilers needed for London Underground

    Hi guys , I need 2 tilers with LUL permits to work London Underground! thank you for your attention Regards Steve1974
  4. R

    Constant dark patches in grout - New Build Property

    Hi All, We moved into our new property in November and are experiencing something that I have never seen before... There are several areas in our new bathroom, where the grout has gone really dark and never seems to dissappear. Moreover, everytime you run your finger of the grout / surrounding...
  5. A

    Tile cracking at edge of cut

    I have a Rubi manual tile cutter which is quite new. It has been fine initially but now each tile I cut fragments at the top. I cut from the bottom up but three tiles in a row have cracked the corner off at the top. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? These are all standard straight cuts. Nothing...
  6. T

    Porcelain Cleaning Cement Tile Adhesive marks from Victorian Tiles

    Hello, I recently lifted some modern tiles to reveal the original Victorian Tiles (Actually dated late 30's but in the Victorian/Edwardian mosaic style). The previous owner had for some bizarre reason tiled over them. Sacrilege! With considerable effort, I've managed to clean off almost all of...
  7. S

    Tile trim question

    Hi- I have just had my kitchen tiled with Metro tiles. I bought the trim requested by the fitter- but it looks odd and I’m not sure how I can change it.
  8. C

    Floor tile came up - how to fix

    Had my bathroom floor done a year or so ago and noticed for a while now that one of the tiles next to the door was moving when walked on. I've taken it up and wondering how to fix it now - can I just take out the rest of the old adhesive and then re-lay? The floor is chipboard with jackoboard...
  9. Z

    Adhesive for mirror tile with no grout

    Hello, What would be the best thing to use in terms of adhesive and achieve the no grout look for mirror metro subway tiles. Like these examples attached. It is going in the kitchen not behind the hob. However they are going behind a sink. tile size is 7.5cm x 20cm please appreciate any help.
  10. D

    600x300 floor tile ,how flat for 1/4 bond

    Hi all, mostly done smaller wall tiles in the past so just wondering how flat a 600x300 floor tile needs to be for it to be ok for 1/4 bond pattern. I have been told if not perfectly flat not to do half bond due to lipping issues. The tiles are decent rectified porcelain 10mm but not "perfectly...
  11. E

    shower over bath

    hi all im a diy tiler and have done a few small tile jobs but this will be a first for me im fitting a new bath and shower over the bath and have the following questions after i strip off the old tiles i undertand i need to waterproof the walls around th bath [tanking] the walls are plastered...
  12. M

    Intensify grout colour for Porcelain tile patio

    I used Nexus Projoint Mid Grey Porcelain grout on our patio and it hasn't come out quite as dark as I would like. I should have gone for the darker grey, the mid grey looked great initially but its almost exactly the same colour as the tiles now that it's cured. It looks great when it's wet...
  13. C

    Tile prep advice

    Hi what would you recommend in regards to prep a shuttered exterior wall prior to tiling? Over boarding not a option
  14. T

    Large tile cutter advice

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone could get me any advice on which tile cutter to go for please 🤞 I have been pondering for a while to buy myself a large tile cutter as the tiles keeps getting larger by the year I am torn between the Rubi slim system with a breaker or maybe a Razor 63” or any...
  15. J

    Tile Boards to Masonry wall

    Hi all. Am currently replacing bathroom wall tiles. Walls are a mixture of stud and masony. Taking off the old tiles resulted in replacing the old plasterboard with STS tile boards. All done. Coming to masony wall behing the toilet, a little of the plaster has come away from this wall. It says...
  16. J

    Tiling on tile

    I know tiling onto tile is a thing of contention, however in current times I cannot choose to be picky about jobs. I would like some honest advice on primers and adhesive.
  17. EazyTileZ

    Trying to Locate this tile...

  18. C

    How to clean the floor for Bathtub Reglazing?

    I have a standard bathtub. Most of the bathtub is plain but there’s a patch around / under the floor that had to be screened to install under the floor. What would be the best way to clean the floor for Bathtub Reglazing?
  19. R

    Porcelanosa tile cleaning

    We are refitting our Ensuite shower room. The tiles we are thinking of are Porcelanosa Silver Image 33x100. We are wondering whether these will get dirty with soap scum or chalk out of the hard water (we have a water softener, but it doesn't make the water perfectly soft) and how easy they are...
  20. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile H&R Johnson border tile

    Can anyone help me with this - I need 4 or 5 border tiles 6" x 3" (150mm x 75mm) like the attached picture - cream with a burgundy pattern. They are about 25 to 30 years old. Thank you in advance!