1. A

    Saloni Discontinuted tile (Drach color BG)

    I am looking for any amount of Saloni 12x12 Drach Floor tile. Need to infill small area where steps were removed. Being told it's been discontinued for a long while. Can any one direct me to some or have any laying around ? Please message me. Thanks!
  2. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile PENZA BEIGE

    I am looking for a tile from manufacturer IWT. COLOR: BEIGE STYLE: PENZA SIZE 16 X 16 HELP!!!
  3. J

    What backer board and prep?

    I wish to tile over good solid floorboards on a suspended floor, and a small bathroom. I believe I should use 6mm cement boards prior to tiling. What backer boards should I use? I see Hardiebacker is probably the leading brand but I’m not in the trade so I’m looking at £15 a board. Have found...
  4. D

    South West Tiler mate/labourer looking for job in SW London

    Hi there, I'm an experienced tiler mate/labourer with C&G qualification in Tiling, looking for a job in similar role in London. Time keeper, reliable, fit and hardworking. Contact me via private message on here. Hope to hear from you. Have a good one
  5. H

    Ok so I made a mistake. Cutting a tile while it’s on the wall?

    Ok so I embarked upon my first tiling job the other day. it went really well and I’m happy with it. As far as I can see I made one stupid mistake. I haven’t taken enough out around the sockets and I can’t get my sockets back on. I need to take around 5mm off the tiles along the bottom of the...
  6. R

    Subway tile, adhesive and grout?

    Hey all, finally got my shower enclosure ready for tilling.I’m after advice on a good quality white subway tile and what grout and adhesive to use? We’re looking at a darker grout and the tiles are being fixed onto Abacus Elements backer board. I have some leftover Mapei grey adhesive, if that...
  7. C

    Room to room transition... do I have to rip up the old tile?

    DIYer tiling my whole house. Done smaller projects but in this I am concerned about the current use of tile and carpet and the transitions from room to room. Can I “build up” the carpeted areas once the carpet is out so that I do not have to rip up the old tile? I have attached a couple of pics.
  8. T

    Discontinued tile

    Hi. I have a damaged bathroom tile and no spare. (Lesson learnt). The bathroom is only a year old. The tile is a BCT tile and I know that company no longer exist. I desperately need to locate a tile. Ref is BCT48909 in ‘salt’. 24cm by 49cm. Can anyone help?
  9. C

    Bathroom subway tile

    Hello, I have a question on my bathroom subway tile job. I am very nervous and this is my first time so I want to make sure I get it right. I am installing 6" subway tiles and have attached a picture of my question. There is a lip where my tub bench is but the top of the tile doesn't meet to the...
  10. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile Yellow Cristal tiles

    Hi I am hoping to locate some yellow Cristal tiles. My dad is currently fixing up his bathroom and he is missing these tiles. He put them up in the late 70’s in the family bathroom and needs to fill in a few where they have fallen off. I would love to be able to get them for him as he is 80 this...
  11. A

    best adhesive for tiling on a bout

    Source URL: General Chat Forum | Tilers Talk - https://www.tilersforums.com/forums/general-chat-forum-tilers-talk.32/
  12. T

    Tile Identification

    Hi Everyone, I recently moved into a new property and I have a tiled floor and hallway. Some of these tiles are loose and cracked so I've removed the grouting and loosened the tiles out with the aim of putting some new adhesive down and replacing the tile. The only problem I have is that the...
  13. C

    South East The Londoner Hotel, 100 plots left to tile, £46m2, Leicester Square

    Good morning, I am contracts manager for Arcitile Group and I am looking for small gangs of top quality tilers to pay decent m2 rates to (No middle-men-Karen type 'managers' nicking a few quid per m2, please) for the future works we have secured and this hotel. The Londoner Hotel, Leiecester...
  14. J

    Bullnose first? First time tile job, uneven wall...

    Hello! First time tiling a bath. My issue is that the shower wall is about .5" (1.5cm) narrower at the top than at the tub edge over a span of about 7 feet (208cm). Should I begin tiling with the 2x6 inch bullnose edge and then trim the tiles on the inside corner edge? I'm just having a tough...
  15. R

    Grout thinset grout all in one

    Thinset-grout all in one product for tile installation on water line of your typical built in pool. The surface is concrete, cleaned and smooth. Ready for the double row of 3x3 porcelain tile
  16. K

    white mini metro style mosaic tile

    hi. last account failed. have managed to tile 2 bathrooms and kitchen floor thanks to advice on here. now new task looms:) The wife wants the above tiles to use between worktop and cupboards. has any one used them? or experience with them. mostly its the edging i am thinking about.have seen some...
  17. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile I am looking for this tile

    I am looking for this discontinued Victorian tile. Original Style Ltd. Colour Royal Palladian, Size 104x104mm no of pieces required-20 Thanks Jeremy
  18. M

    Can anyone identify the maker of this tile

    It has the word “ornament” and then there is a marking that says “SK 143”.
  19. A

    Which tile cutter please?

    Having recently bought some non-slip floor tiles for my kennels http://media.cermix.com/media/pdf/carrelages/catalogue/Armada%202017.pdf my hubby is in the process of laying them (lockdown means we can't get anyone in to do it and he's already done quite a bit of tiling for me!!). However he's...
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