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Porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles are porcelain or ceramic tiles commonly used to cover floors and walls, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. The clay used to build porcelain tiles is generally denser. They can either be glazed or unglazed. Porcelain tiles are one type of vitrified tiles and are sometimes referred to as porcelain vitrified tiles.
Historically, porcelain was not the usual material for tiles, which were much more often made of earthenware (terracotta) or stoneware. The first porcelain tiles were made in China, for example in the 15th-century Porcelain Tower of Nanjing (now largely destroyed). Here the tiles were used for walls, which long remained typical. In Europe, a few rooms were made in palaces of porcelain plaques, often with forms in high relief. These were made by Capodimonte porcelain and Real Fábrica del Buen Retiro among others.
Although porcelain has now been widely used for making tiles for many years, modern production methods and quantities have made porcelain tiles available for the average householder in recent years.

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  1. Mart1n1i

    Grout not seeming to dry out

    Hi guys, I've had a bit of an issue on a job I've been doing recently. We finished tiling on Friday using a new adhesive (python rapid and standard adhesive) and also a new grout that I've not used before (Validus) Basically I came in to grout on Saturday midday, so majority of the adhesive...
  2. B

    Preparation Slightly unlevel wall, best way to get around it?!?

    Hi, so I’m relatively new to tiling. I’ve got a job where the walls aren’t 100% flat but not the worst. I’ve sealed the old plaster with a primer. Am I ok to dot and dab the tiles, I don’t mean 5 dots with 20% coverage, the dots I’d put on would get a minimum coverage of around a 70% adhesive...
  3. Steve_Bcs

    Adhesive How should I remove tile adhesive from the edges of lifted tiles

    The saga of my hollow floor 50sqm continues. All tiles now lifted but there is adhesive around the edges of most tiles (800x800) and a small amount on the back. Whats the best method of cleaning these tiles ip ready for relaying? The tiles were not grouted and the adhesive residue is around the...
  4. S


    I recently got several loose/hollow tiles rebonded on my bathroom floor. Having left with several drill holes and cracked grout, I hired someone to do the repair and replace all the cracked grout with new grout. This contractor said he was going to use epoxy grout for the job and when I...
  5. Steve_Bcs

    Porcelain SLC over old tile adhesive

    Further to my other post re our hollow tiles issue It looks like our tiler has dot and dabbed most of our floor to accommodate tiling 800x800 porcelain over an uneven floor. The gap from defrac membrane to the underside of the tiles in question is around 20mm. The membrane sits directly on our...
  6. M

    Tile adhesive as a filler.

    I'm tiling over tiles and I want to extend them a little way beyond where the old ones stop. Can I apply the adhesive an extra 6mm deep to fill the space?
  7. B

    Which tile adhesive?

    Which tile adhesive should I use for 60x60cm porcelain floor tiles? The floor is concrete that has an area that has been self levelled & there is a small section that has floorboards. I was thinking to use a flexible adhesive? Also which size trowel would be better for this large of a tile?
  8. R

    Tile Trim How do I deal with this gap? (re-posting as forgot to attach pic!)

    So, I've tiled most of the wall in my downstairs WC and am left with a narrow floor to ceiling strip at each end of about 25mm (see pic) The majority of this gap will have the flat section of the tile trim so what should I use to stick the tile strips with? I'm assuming the standard tile...
  9. W

    Adhesive Larsen Tile Adhesive and Grout - good or bad?

    I am planning to get 1000x1000 tiles in my kitchen from the following website. In the quote they have also suggested the following tile adhesive and grouting. Larsen Standard Set Flexible Plus Grey Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive S1 Grade...
  10. P

    Adhesive Norcross NX Floor tile adhesive failure

    need eyes in the back of your head. Using Norcros NX standard set floor tile adhesive. After an issue with multipro boards I did some trials with this product. Following tec instructions on the bag, to the letter, after. 4 day cure my tiles pulled off with minimal finger pressure. On primed ext...
  11. H

    Water UFH Working out levels.. Anhydrite screed, mat, adhesive, porcelain tile

    Need some help please with calculating levels and the build up of the floor to support tiling. Not sure about the need for the uncoupling mat? Not sure about the thickness of the tile adhesive? As I have sliding glass doors to be spec'ed and installed before the screed, I need to gauge the...
  12. B

    Out of plumb walls help.

    Hi I’m fitting a Nova Frameless 1000 x 800 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure with a low profile shower tray that you lay on sand and cement. I’ve fitted Some aqua boards and where I’m fitting the enclosure the walls are slight out of plum by about 10-15mm. I’ve already primed the walls with Mapei...
  13. L

    Porcelain tiled kitchen floor - cracking after 2 days

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice please. I had my kitchen floor tiled last week (porcelain tiles). I think there is movement and cracking/crumbling grout in some of the tiles. I supplied the tiles and the grout. The tiler supplied everything else including the adhesive. I think he’s used the...
  14. Dan

    Adhesive Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021?

    Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021? Reply with the make, and upvote if you've used that one also. We'll see who gets the most upvotes. And I'll mark that adhesive make the winner. I wont be disallowing new members from getting involved, unlike previous years, so just...
  15. B

    Tile Adhesive Advice .. for a Newbie DIY Tiler

    I am about to try tiling a splashback, having only tiled once before (10+ years ago) I've watched a few YT videos so think I know what to do, but there are so many brands of adhesive available, from well-known names to own brand names. I'll be using 200 x 100 ceramic tiles and think ready...
  16. V

    Adhesive Tile adhesive to level off floor

    Hi all, Got some 1sqm 6mm tiles to lay and the subfloor is 18mm T&G ply on top of joists. On this is 6mm hardie board (was used to build up height to match landing) and ditra mat. Underneath this is wet UFH. As the ply is straight onto joists the floor is not exactly 100% flat and level. It's...
  17. Lou

    Adhesive Larsen Tile Adhesive Fails - Anybody else experienced this?

    This was mentioned in another thread, so I thought I'd ask the question to others to get a feel for it. Larsen rep "blamed everything but their products and said their report was final". Anybody has any larsen tile adhesive fails recently? Perhaps a bad batch they're not pulling?
  18. T

    Acrylic primer didn't bond to Larsen Tile Adhesive

    I had an issue recently that I've never seen before and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I used a Larsen acrylic primer on gyspum walls as instructed on product (walls had been skimmed 8+ weeks previous and moisture tested prior to sealing and tiling). 18 months later and it...
  19. F

    Heat resistant tile adhesive

    Hi guys, I have a couple of questions related to tiling a hearth and the surrounding walls around a large wood burning stove. The walls around the stove will be done with thin stone cladding and the hearth will be done with either sandstone or limestone 35mm slabs. Can I use regular tile...
  20. J

    Lime free tile adhesive

    Hello, I am seeking advice please. I have a small tiled balcony on the roof of the conservatory at the back of my house. Hello, I am seeking advice please. I have a small tiled balcony on the roof of the conservatory at the back of my house. The balcony floor is timber covered with fibre glass...
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