Citizens Advice (previously Citizens Advice Bureau and also known as Cyngor ar Bopeth in Welsh) is an independent organisation specialising in confidential information and advice to assist people with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems in the United Kingdom.The twin aims of the Citizens Advice service are "to provide the advice people need for the problems they face" and secondly "to improve the policies and principles that affect people's lives". This research and campaigns agenda also known as "social policy" is more preventative in nature and designed to stop problems arising in the first place.
Citizens Advice organisations emerged in the 1930s linked to the emergence of a fledgling social welfare service and the outbreak of World War II. Public funding for the organisation was cut following the war but restored during the 1960s and a government grant in 1973 allowed the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB) to expand the charity. Citizens Advice has grown to be the largest independent advice provider in the United Kingdom. There are also a number of Citizens Advice organisations that base themselves on the United Kingdom advice charity mainly in parts of the Commonwealth including Australia, New Zealand, and Gibraltar.In 2013 the Citizens Advice Adviceguide website was visited by one third of United Kingdom's online population and Citizens Advice's own research shows that four in ten of the British population contact Citizens Advice at some point during their lives. In 2014 Citizens Advice celebrated its 75th anniversary and in 2015 the charity was named Charity of the Year at the 2015 Charity Awards. During the ten year leadership of the former Chief Executive Gillian Guy Citizens Advice expanded its remit taking on the contract for the Witness Service and the face-to-face advice element of Pension Wise.

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  1. N

    Hardibacker advice onto chipboard floor

    Hi guys. Been out of the tiling game for some years and just about to tile kitchen and hall in 60*60 porcelain. Tiling over a chipboard floor and laying 6mm hardibacker first. My question is, is it essential to need the hardibacker onto adhesive then screw down or can you just screw the boards...
  2. M

    Advice on tiling work carried out - raised patio

    Hello, as a novice, I need some advice. Our landscapers have been doing a fantastic job so far with our back garden. We’ve come home today to the first tiles being laid on the raised patio they created. We had discussed the patio size, and agreed the rough size of the final patio to allow for...
  3. korkowa135

    Issues with Grout - Patio

    I had a new porcelain patio installed several months ago, and we have been struggling ever since the tiles were first laid down, with a recurring discolouration issue regarding the grout that's been used. The grout is Fugabella. In short, the grout looks patchy, dark and wet even when the rest...
  4. F

    First time tiler advice

    Hello. First time tiler looking for some advice. Doing a bathroom reno and had a professional tiler booked in to tie in with plumber, but we will sadly not have the room prepped for new tiles in time to meet the tilers scheduling window…so due to not wanting to be without a bathroom for any...
  5. T

    Silicone seal base and corners of a walk in shower? Currently grouted

    Bathroom fitters finishing job tomorrow, is it necessary for them to seal around the base and corners before they leave?
  6. P

    Hi All - Silicone colour choice advice.

    Hello All, bit of lurker DIY tiler. Done a few floors and walls in the past mostly in bathrooms. Touch wood all been successful! Just doing a bathroom and have used white tiles with black grout. For the vertical corner (stud wall to solid) I'm pondering whether to use black or white silicone...
  7. D

    Advice for anyone looking to hire a tiling contractor

    I see and hear all to often of the horror stories when someone hires a supposed tiler only to have things go horribly wrong.. here are a few suggestions for anyone hiring a tiling contractor 1. Don’t hire general handymen/maintenance/general builders to do it… they rarely have the knowledge...
  8. T

    Advice - can this be fixed

    I have had issues with our contractor regarding the quality of his work, however when confronted with the issues around his sloppy grouting his response to was to tell me to keep the outstanding money and find someone else to finish the work! So my main question is can this be fixed? and if so...
  9. H

    Bathroom started, wrong from the start? Advice appreciated please.

    Hi all, I've got a bathroom fitter starting on my bathroom he's put Hardiebacker all around the bath area, he was going to put hardiebacker at the bottom and middle and plasterboard at the top but I asked for full cement board. He's used 6mm hardiebacker, which I believe is for the floor but...
  10. S

    Fixing botched tile job in a wetroom, need advice

    Need some advice on a wetroom repair. Tiler installed the tile trim too close to all the edges of the door frame, only discovered this when i went to rehang the door, the hinges cant go flush to the frame and couldnt even put the strike plate back on theres no room at all. Ive removed the trim...
  11. S

    Advice on narrow strip round window reveal

    I'm looking to renovate the bathroom after leaving it for some time since we moved in. Currently there is a very narrow strip of tiles on the right side of the window and I'm asking for advice on how to deal with this when I retile. Please see picture. I was going to use bigger tiles (probably...
  12. T

    Natural Stone Dijon Limestone - fixing & prep advice please

    After some advice please..... We have approx. 50sq m of Dijon limestone 600 x 90 x15mm and also 50 sqm of porcelain wood effect 1200 x 200 x 10mm to lay. This is going onto a 55mm Cemfloor liquid screed (with wet UFH) that was put down about a year ago so should be dry! Really after some...
  13. E

    Advice on which Tiling, British Standard, to Purchase Please

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so thank you for reading my question. I am looking to purchase the British Standard for tiling but am a little unsure of which one I should purchase and as they cost so much money I am keen not to purchase the wrong one. I would like it to cover workmanship for...
  14. lukeoflondon

    My 1st Job Advice appreciated on first tiling attempt

    Hi everybody, I've taken on the task of tiling my own kitchen, and before I wreck everything and regret it I thought it would be sensible to ask the pros for their opinion. It's a small kitchen ~2.3m x 2m, on the top floor of old victorian building, currently with bare original floorboards...
  15. J

    corridor horizontal tile pattern

    Good morning, I am planning to tile an entrance floor of 580x410cm. The tile I will be using is 20x40cm. My wife wants me to lay the tiles in the "Corridor horizontal" pattern. I haven't been able to find much information/advice on laying this pattern on the internet. I was hoping someone could...
  16. A

    Advice for grout and edges please

    Hi, I’m tiling my kitchen (first attempt at tiling) and have a couple of questions. 1) what can I do to sort this edge where it meets the splash back? I thought I could grout it but the tiles aren’t all the same length and I think it’ll look rubbish. 2) my wife wants to use a light grey...
  17. E

    Australian tiler going to migrate to Uk, needing advice :)

    Hi all, Sam here. I've been a tiler in Sydney, Australia for 22 years and looking to migrate to the Bristol/Bath area in the near future. Just wanting advice on Rates charged per sqm How does a daily rate work? Where do tilers get work from in the Uk? In Sydney l usually get all my jobs...
  18. C

    Advice for tiling bathroom floor

    Folks I'm after some general advice for tiling a floor... I'm going to be laying 60 x 60 tiles. So I've replaced all the floor with 22mm T&G P5 and I've going to lay hardibacker over the top. Should I SBR the floor before fitting the hardibacker or just make sure its good and clean? So once...
  19. surreyMan

    Tiling quality advice

    Hi all, We've currently got builders in redoing our bathroom and we bought our tiles from Homebase and told the builders this in advance and they had no concerns. One the first day they started laying tiles, we noticed a lot of edges sticking out between each tile. They promised to remedy...
  20. N

    Advice on corners for subway tiles please.

    Hi, I am in the process of tiling with subways and just wanted some help with corners, if trim or grout is best? Am tiling in wetroom on backer board, Wedi tray all sealed in. I started tiling floor to ceiling and just thinking about the corners. I have one 90° internal corner (which I have...
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