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  1. Y

    How's My Tiling? I think my tiler has used floor grout on my walls?

    Hi I had my kitchen wall tiled last week. I'm not overly happy with the job at all, but the grout is terrible. It's really gritty. When I questioned him he said he'd used course grout because the tiles had uneven edges. I suspect he had some left over from a previous flooring job he'd been...
  2. stratford_noob

    Preparing walls for porcelain tiles

    Hello, I would start wit ha little back story. We've both a house where the main bathroom begged for renovation, however we didn't have the dime, so we've decided to get it slowly. The bathroom was half tiles and half wallpaper. In the supper I've removed the wallpaper, re-skimmed the walls and...
  3. J

    Tiling walls and floor, which adhesive and grout?

    We've got as far as stripping out the bathroom in our new (to us) bungalow dug up floor, laid new pipework and electrics etc. now about to start the job of putting it back together! I'd really appreciate some recommendation for adhesive and grout and any other suggestions. Floor is concrete...
  4. C

    Bathroom walls and floor

    I am in the process of tiling my bathroom walls and floor. I have purchased 600 x 600 porcelain tiles and I could do with some advice. I have been told that I should get 9mm marine ply laid over my floor boards. Is that correct advice. I also would like to know if there is a best price / trade...
  5. dg-1984

    Tiling walls with skirtings removed

    Hi all, we have had the floor tiles up to the skirtings. I am now going to tile the toilet walls 1/2 height. I have removed the skirtings and preped the walls etc but wanting to know how I would start due to there not being an edge for the first tile to sit on and I can not get a baton in there...
  6. How to use a Tile Leveling System for Walls

    How to use a Tile Leveling System for Walls

    Install tile with a tile levelling system on walls the right way. Tile Levelling System.
  7. E

    straightening walls prior to tiling

    Expert advise please you wonderful people. is it right that if a wall is tiled to an existing bathroom wall or walls, it is the duty of the installer/tiler to ensure that the wall is perfectly true and level? I assumed that old properties with leaning walls were simply tiled that way so long as...
  8. Dan

    How to use a tile levelling system for walls

    How to use a tile levelling system for walls
  9. J

    Pictures Studs not where I need them

    So, I've removed all the tiles and plasterboard to find I can't reboard as the studs won't be correctly located on the 'back' wall. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. J

    Boarding walls with homelux sheets

    I've been told I can use homelux boards as a tilebacker board for walls! Is this correct?
  11. H

    Preparation Making walls good

    I am looking for some advise on how to best prepare bathroom wall for tiling. I removed and bricked up window and will be looking for a tiler to come and re-tile the walls around the bath. Should I strip back to brick and fix backer boards to bricks/thermalite blocks? Or should I just...
  12. M

    New to the game, and needing help

    Hey guys and gals, I'm Michael and I'm new to the game. Looking for any and all experience in the Manchester area as well as any hints, tips or tricks you guys can offer to a newbie Thanks Michael
  13. L

    Preparation Adding moisture board to walls for tiling

    Hello all. I am after some advice. I am doing a bathroom job and have discovered that the walls are made of corrugated cardboard with plasterboard either side and then more plasterboard dot and dabbed onto this using multi finish. This extra layer has been removed and I want to add green...
  14. J

    Mapecoat I24 - Tanking to shower walls

    I'm thinking of using this to tank walls prior to tiling for a shower (tray going below). Walls have been bonded level and skimmed with multi. MAPECOAT I 24 - https://www.mapei.com/za/en/products-and-solutions/lines/products/detail/mapecoat-i-24 Has anyone used this and can confirm it can be...
  15. J

    Adhesive Porcelain 600mm x 600mm. Same adhesive for floor and walls?

    Looking for some adhesive advice... DIY bathroom job, 600 x 600 porcelain tiles 26kg per sq metre plus weight of adhesive (pick my Sigma 3c3m up tomorrow). Tiles going on floor and halfway up walls both on 6mm hardie backer (unless plaster board will take weight of tiles going up the wall...
  16. N

    Bathroom Prep Help - Skimmed Walls

    Hi All, I have spent all day reading the forum but thought it best to ask the question direct for some feedback. We have an ensuite in our new extension which we are tiling, however, the builder has skimmed the entire room and did so before I knew the weight limits on skimmed walls etc...
  17. Toogo0d

    Large format tiles onto plastered walls

    Hi All, Currently pricing up a bathroom for floor to ceiling tiles, the wall substrate is concrete block, bonding, new plaster where previous tiles were removed and painted original plaster. The tiles the customer has purchased are 600x400x0.8 porcelain, without looking i know that with the...
  18. P

    1200x600x10mm porc on walls

    I have never tiled a wall with anything bigger than 50x50cm porc., and have been putting it off since before Christmas. Any tips on tiling around my shower tray? Only 14 pieces portrait, 2 high, and the lower one will be cut down to 1000x600wide.
  19. NewbieTiler99

    Prime old plastered walls

    Evening all, Quick question on priming old walls. Original plaster is in reasonable condition, some minor imperfections etc. Do i need to prime the walls before tilling old plaster? Thanks!
  20. R

    Existing drill holes in walls

    Hi all, Got a tiler coming around this monday to fully tile the bathroom and was wondering.... I have: 2 x drill holes + raw plugs for electric shower 3 x drill holes + raw plugs for extractor fan 4 x drill holes + raw plugs for radiator brackets When tiling is done does the tiler make holes...
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