Porcelain () is a ceramic material made by heating substances, generally including materials such as kaolinite, in a kiln to temperatures between 1,200 and 1,400 °C (2,200 and 2,600 °F). The strength, and translucence of porcelain, relative to other types of pottery, arises mainly from vitrification and formation of the mineral mullite within the body at these high temperatures. Though definitions vary, porcelain can be divided into three main categories: hard-paste, soft-paste and bone china. The category that an object belongs to depends on the composition of the paste used to make the body of the porcelain object and the firing conditions.
Porcelain slowly evolved in China and was finally achieved (depending on the definition used) at some point about 2,000 to 1,200 years ago, then slowly spread to other East Asian countries, then to Europe and eventually to the rest of the world. Its manufacturing process is more demanding than that for earthenware and stoneware, the two other main types of pottery, and it has usually been regarded as the most prestigious type of pottery for its delicacy, strength, and its white colour. It combines well with both glazes and paint, and can be modelled very well, allowing a huge range of decorative treatments in tableware, vessels and figurines. It also has many uses in technology and industry.
The European name, porcelain in English, comes from the old Italian porcellana (cowrie shell) because of its resemblance to the surface of the shell. Porcelain is also referred to as china or fine china in some English-speaking countries, as it was first seen in imports from China. Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity; considerable strength, hardness, whiteness, translucency and resonance; and a high resistance to corrosive chemicals and thermal shock.

Porcelain has been described as being "completely vitrified, hard, impermeable (even before glazing), white or artificially coloured, translucent (except when of considerable thickness), and resonant". However, the term "porcelain" lacks a universal definition and has "been applied in an unsystematic fashion to substances of diverse kinds which have only certain surface-qualities in common".Traditionally, East Asia only classifies pottery into low-fired wares (earthenware) and high-fired wares (often translated as porcelain), the latter also including what Europeans call stoneware, which is high-fired but not generally white or translucent. Terms such as "proto-porcelain", "porcellaneous" or "near-porcelain" may be used in cases where the ceramic body approaches whiteness and translucency.

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  1. T

    Scratched porcelain floor tile

    Hello, We accidentally scratched a few tiles while moving into our new home. It has been bothering me ever since. I was wondering if there is anyway to polish it up or hide it? Attached is an example. About 3-4 tiles were affected.
  2. T

    Removing / hiding scratches in a high-glaze porcelain tile

    Hello, A tile got scratched while trying to move a heavy furniture. Now it bothers me everytime I look at the floor. Anyway to polish or remove it ? Image attached
  3. B

    Scratched porcelain floor tile in shower

    I like DIY projects. Figured I'd try my hand at removing cracked grout in my shower and replace it with caulk. To remove the old grout I used a oscillating tool with diamond edged grout remover. The end result is severely scratched floor tile. Is there any way to remove the scratches short of...
  4. L

    Thin Porcelain Laying porcelain pavers on fibreglass/concrete pool surround

    Can I trouble some experts in here for some advice on laying pavers on a concrete pool surround with a fibreglass pool shell. The slab was done around the shell 12 months ago there are no expansion joints in it no cracks in it but I’m no concrete expert Is it absolutely critical to cut an...
  5. korkowa135

    South East Tiler required for re-grout of porcelain patio

    Hi I’m looking for a tiler to come and give me a quote for a re-grout of a large approx 75m2 patio tiled in large 600x1200mm porcelain tiles. The grout used originally was Kerakoll Fugabella color. I’m happy for the same grout to be used or if an alternative one would do a better job then that’s...
  6. T

    Laying 1st row of 60x60x20 porcelain slabs . Gap or No Gap!

    When laying 1st row of porcelain tiles following line of house wall, Is it best I leave a gap for grout or but up direct against house wall? Thanks regards The Famous Forry.
  7. T

    Porcelain Patio Advice

    What is the best way to lay Porcelain slabs, slurry base or concrete base.? Your advice will be much appreciated
  8. T

    Lay Outdoor Porcelain Patio

    Area _ Birmingham Yardley 16m2 porcelain 60cm x 60cm x20mm
  9. T

    Laying outdoor Porcelain 60cm x60cm

    Hello you Pro’s out there. I am embarking on replacing my current outdoor patio concrete slabs with Porcelain Slabs 60x60cm x 20mm I have been advised to do it 2 different ways so far. Is there a Right Way and a Wrong Way ? I have been advised to take up slabs, hardcore base, compact then lay...
  10. Slippery

    Porcelain laid on sand and cement?

    A friend of mine (who is a great brickie) laid his patio the other day, he used a wet bed of sand and cement and back buttered the tiles with a sand and cement slurry. He didn't use a decoupling mat or cement board, just a MOT base. He does a lot of stone paths and patios like this but I have...
  11. J

    Porcelain slabs for patio

    Hi all. Just after a quick bit of advice. The other half wants porcelain slabs for the patio. It’s about 11sqm. I’ve watched lots of different YouTube videos. Doesn’t look to bad. Just couple questions from anyone that’s fitted them. 1) what’s the best way to cut them? I’ve got a 4” and 9”...
  12. A

    Porcelain Porcelain Rajah volcano tiles

    Hi I am looking for up to 6 Rajah Volcano Porcelain Tiles, part of the Angor Collection, sold by Topps Tiles some years back
  13. D

    Loose Porcelain slabs outside

    Hi I’m a complete amateur at this apart from an afternoon spent researching the internet. Two years ago I had porcelain slabs put down on my back garden and recently noticed a lot of them have come completely loose, as I’m not attached whatsoever I can just lift them up. It turns out the tiles...
  14. D

    Porcelain Upstairs/2ND Story Durock 1/4 for Italian Porcelain Tile Florida home

    Hello, A recent property purchase as an investment in Florida. Home is 1-owner from new. I'm second owner. Mint condition home. No pets or kids. Just an older retired couple who originally bought it. I took out the upstairs carpet and orginal tile. Subflooring was mint. I decided to put 6x36...
  15. G

    Water UFH large floor area with 1200 x 230 porcelain tiles

    ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED. The room is 10M x 4 M and has a new 50mm liquid screed over wet UFH. I intend to use Durabase C++ decoupling mat and Kerakoll Biogel adhesive. As the tiles are wood effect (Topps Kanza) I intend laying the tiles along the length of the room with staggered joints so...
  16. B

    Help cleaning stubbornly stained Porcelain tile

    Hello Tilers! I am a homeowner in California and I thought I'd come say hi in search of a fresh perspective. I have some Porcelain tiles in my entryway which seem stained and I'm having quite a time to try cleaning them. So far, I've had a professional cleaner have a go at it then I've...
  17. C

    Porcelain manual cutter technique

    Hello, I hope you can help. I'm get despondent cutting 9mm glazed porcelain tiles, 300 x 900mm. Here's a link to the tiles Wickes Mississippi™ White Matt Porcelain Tile 600 x 300mm | Wickes.co.uk -...
  18. S

    Wunda EPS 400 and 10MM 900x900 Porcelain...?

    Hello friends. I am looking for a bit of advice, you would be so kind. I have been a long time lurker on here, but as a DIY;er to tiles. We are having an extension built, and we are at the heating and flooring stages, which brings me back here with some questions. I find myself fighting...
  19. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Sativa cool grey porcelain 50 x 50, London

    Hi, I only need one tile although spare/s would be good. Bought originally from Tile Giant.
  20. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Super white porcelain 60x60

    Hi, i only need about 3-4 boxes of Super white porcelain tile which has now been discontinued. Product code on the box was pan-hy-01
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