1. Dawz84

    UK Main Water Leak Repair and Tiling Advice over Asphalt.

    I had a small leak in the main water line before the stop tap in my 1950s house. The copper pipe had worn away over the past 70 years, causing a small crack in the copper. A plumber/builder fixed the leak by digging a one-foot by one-foot hole in the corner of the property where the main water...
  2. S

    Water spillage after applying stainstop

    I applied Lithotin stainstop to my newly installed sandstone tiles. Shortly after i had an issue with a water pipe and the stone got wet. Now there are dark puddles have dried on the stone and remain after a week. How do i remove the dark puddles?!
  3. N

    Remove and replace shower river rock tile flooring and marble wall tile water damage help

    This is my first time posting, I searched for a similar thread and didn't find much- apologies if this is a repeat! My upstairs bathroom has a walk-in shower with marble wall tile and river stone floor. The river rock flooring is getting messed up. The grout is cracking and coming loose, and a...
  4. Tile Marble Granite

    Water Damaged Old School Shower Repair Job

    My last Old School Shower Repair/wet room conversion. It was leaking in the basement to the point where the customer had to put a bucket underneath the drain to collect the water, 100% waterproofed. Flat Rock, MI https://showertilerepair.blogspot.com/
  5. Tile Marble Granite

    Water damaged shower repair

    Water Damaged Shower Repairs Shower tile repair – water damage – tile waterproofing Do you have shower leakage that goes downstairs leading to either your main floor or basement? Read this blog to find out why the worn-out shower leaks downstairs. You are not alone, in fact, water damaged...
  6. N

    Do my wall tiles have water ingress? (Photos)

    I have started to notice a wet pattern look on my Porcelanosa Marmol Carrara Blanco bathroom wall tiles. I have looked at unfitted tiles and I do not believe the grey ‘wet’ looking patches to be a part of the design. Quite a lot of tiles display this pattern but not all. Also they are scattered...
  7. Ben ow49

    Water spotting on tile? Are these ruined?

    Hi All, I have installed tiles to a fire place and had to use wet plaster to install. Looks like the water has pulled through to the front and ruined the look. Any ideas? Are these tiles done for? Thanks Ricky
  8. F

    Impey Water Guard System

    Hi, I am a keen DIYer and have chosen an Impey Aqua Dec 4 and waterguard tanking kit. The Aqua dec 4 is 1.6x0.9m in size so was as real challenge to get level and properly supported into a concrete bathroom floor. The Dec is completely solid with absolutely no movement anywhere on its surface...
  9. P

    Hollow tiles with water underfloor heating

    We had a water underfloor heating installed and tiled over. 3 months later we noticed many tiles sound hollow. We worry this can signal future problems. More details on our floor: water underfloor heating system fitted on XPS Overlay Lite Boards, laid on top of self-levelling porcelain tiles...
  10. J

    Mapei white grout absorbing water

    Hi after some advice . Just finished the shower cubicle , used a Mapei white grout and the grout goes grey and absorbs water . After a while it dries out again , but this is not normal ? I have the same tile in my other bathroom but used a cheap travis Perkins 4 trade grout and had no problems ...
  11. T

    Holes forming in grout on water exposure

    Grout failing 5 days after job completed. What is the cause, poor mix, ,application or something else? The business who carried out the work are coming to assess in a couple of days and I'd like to know what level of poor workmanship I've been exposed to
  12. Arelia

    How to cut water and energy bills at home - Acqua Tempus

    An electronic device to restrict the maximum shower time and thus save lots of water and gas in the shower. Easy to install and program. Water leak detector: if we leave the tap open, once Acqua Tempus returns to shower mode, it will detect it is open and will cut off again the tap. For sales...
  13. Shower timer with shut off Acqua Tempus -

    Shower timer with shut off Acqua Tempus -

    The Acqua Tempus shower timer is an easy-to-install device that restricts the maximum shower time, thus saving large amounts of water and gas. It prevents our children or hotel guests from taking excessively long showers, reducing our water and gas bills and helping to combat global warming...
  14. D

    Water Absorbency of Ceramic tiles

    Hi All, A while back a short course on tiling and have done a couple of smaller projects in the house. My brother in law has asked if I would be able to help him with his bathroom. It's not too big so it should be fine, but I need a little advice on tile suitability. He's looking at ceramic as...
  15. S

    Can you tile on routed water UFH?

    Morning all, I have been given the opportunity to quote for a 110m floor in a chevron pattern. Around 80m of it is screed and the remaining 30m will be on a 12mm cement board, bringing an existing floor together with a new one. The cement board will be going down over 22mm floorboards in 3...
  16. M

    Water marks on matt Regal tiles

    We had matt slate Regal tiles laid in our kitchen three years ago and they are starting to look really water damaged. We do use a non-abrasive floor cleaner but I think we might have damaged them somehow. Is there anything we can do/use to restore them? Any suggestions gratefully received!
  17. J

    Rain water in joints!

    Hi guys, made a complete rookie mistake! Been tiling a couple of years now..and recently Done my first Victorian mosaic forecourt about a month ago, haven't been able to get back due to my partner being hospitalised, she's all good now and we're both back to work. Unfortunately with...
  18. Scotiansailor

    Stone sealer that doesnt change the look, but allows water in for wet look

    Hello, is there any such thing as a sealer/impregnator for our pebble shower floor that would allow the stones to look dry when dry, but wet when the shower is in use? Many thanks :) Laura
  19. S

    Split Face Quartzite Mosaic Tiles sealer for wet look and Silicon Waterseal Masonry Sealer on top to water seal 100%?

    Hi all, Finding it a little hard to get my head around something and hoping one of you might be able to help/ advise. I had some Split Face Quartzite Mosaic Tiles and I want to know a few questions. I want to seal them as best as possible and have them kinda add a wet/darker look to them...
  20. naomin

    Small water barrier

    I'd like to build a small mosaic barrier that will sit on the edge of my bathtub, against the wall, to keep water from sloshing out at that end.
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