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  2. S

    Marking out and sqauring off window sill recess

    How best would you mark out out the tile for cutting in this situation where the recess is narrower than a whole tile? Same for the wall that comes off the recess to the right. Normally i overlay the tile to be cut on top of the second from last tile(which would be arranged in its correct...
  3. G

    Cleaning hairspray off porcelain tiles

    Hi everyone, I was just hoping someone could help with an issue I have. I have a male flat mate with an obsession with using excessive amounts extremely strong hold hairspray. I estimate he goes through 1 can very two weeks. Obviously this hairspray coats my bathroom in gunk, which for the most...
  4. D

    3 months off work

    last year I was told I had adhesive capsulitis, got a second opinion and it wasn't that, it was shoulder impingement, ie a bone spur growing and trapping a tendon. Went in for a "straightforward" op and then got told post op that it was a little bit more than MRI had picked up. Had the spur...
  5. timeless john

    Photo of your day/weekend off.

    24-08-2019 1st day of August Bank holiday and off to the seaside. Only a couple of miles away BLYTH in Northumberland.
  6. E

    My 1st Job Tiling Virgin wants reassurance after maybe biting off more than be can chew....

    Hello, I'm relatively handy when it comes to DIY, but I have never tried tiling before and I may have come over all ambitious for my first attempt. It feels like I have read and watched a hundred tiling websites and youtube tiling videos, along with speaking to "experts" who have provided...
  7. T

    Tile colour rubbing off?

    We moved into our flat a few months ago. The kitchen floor has fairly cheap ceramic tiles which have a printed black finish and rough surface - kind of 'fake slate' thing. The colour on the tiles seems to be rubbing off on our feet / socks. If you spend some time in there with white socks on...
  8. Dan

    50% off loads of Amazon & Ring products

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/l/17296280031/ref=gw_uk_desk_card_comb_tkldnmstrvd2_pd19?pf_rd_p=8b61e6b5-ac8d-459e-9263-95713b1ac5ce&pf_rd_r=78RPW26085KWVWG45ADM I've got a ring doorbell, they rock. Mines the old one and you have to keep recharging it but the ring doorbell 2 has a version that you...
  9. R

    Blade starts to walk off centre?

    The cutting of Porcelain tiles, 16mm, with a Vitrex bridge saw, has been very successful, holding cuts of 900mm to 0.4mm. BUT All the blades I have tried, ATS, Marcrist and Rubi, have all started to cut off centre. I have dressed the blade with a Rubi cleaning block and this will improve...
  10. R

    Vitrex Vitrex Ulitmate blade walks off line

    I am cutting 16mm porcelaine paving with a Vitrex bridge cutter. I fitted a Vitrex Ultimate blade to replace the standard blade. It cuts better, with less chipping but on a 600mm cut it walks off line by 3mm. The saw runs true and the standard blade cuts true but it chips like a MF. So any...
  11. Balloo

    Ardex Ardex grout nightmare to clean off

    Ardex is not as good as it used to be . I find it very difficult to clean off the tile. And efflorescence is shocking
  12. E

    Off White shower grout with black spots !

    Hello, any ideas what maybe causing this stains in a shower grout and how to get rid of them. The grout was Sealed about 3years ago. Thanks.
  13. Wayne Brown

    Sacked work off today.

    Started my holiday early and had a day fishing on a local beach now off for 14 days of sun all the best chaps. Kop
  14. Wayne Brown

    How do you guys relax and switch off

    Just wondering how you guys switch off and distress after a crazy week ? I am lucky enough to live by the coast so fishing from the beach is my go to place to switch off spent a few hours last night catching these gorgeous creatures they give a good fight and always makes me smile . Kop
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  16. K

    Kitchen order of finishing off

    Hi all Been stuck over christmas with the kitchen install - Howdens cabinets are now all in and plumbing ready to go / waste and water in place The only thing I haven't done is put the island curved corner posts on and the side panels to the island....this is because I will have to cut those...
  17. Pritch

    Just stripped off the tiles...What next?

    Hi I've must taken the tiles off which came away quite easy and not leaving too much damage to the walls? I'm thinking next job is .. Clean off as much adhesive possible. Is there Need to patch up where the plaster came away a bit? Also do i need to pva before tiling? Many thanks
  18. acaciaguy

    Which quick setting plaster to tile off

    So I have stripped this kitchen wall back and the skim coat has come off most of the wall with the tiles. Underneath is a bonding /base coat plaster. That is sound and level. But for the lack of a skim coat the wall is in great condition. I know that you can't tile on bonding and I would normal...
  19. Andy Allen

    Guess where I'm off to tomorrow....

    Northampton.. Santa pod raceway to watch the European finals... Top fuel 300mph drag cars and bikes. Really looking forward to it..
  20. Dan

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    Hi Guys, Just a quick message from @FILPLASTIC :- For the first time ever, Filplastic are offering 10% off our entire site on orders above £100 (Ex VAT and Delivery) until Sunday 30th September. FilPlastic already kindly give us 10% off of Tilt Bins on their website, but this discount code...
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