1. P

    Floor prep advice

    Hi there, I have a shop floor to price up. It's about 50m2, currently vinyl and they want it tiling. It's a suspended floor with a little bounce here and there so I'm wondering which prep option to go for. I could possibly ply over for some added rigidity then ditra over that? The main problem...
  2. C

    Setting Out Best way to get tile level with adjacent floor

    I wanted to have a wood floor in my living area and a tiled hallway. The whole ground floor was self levelled so nice flat even floor. The wood floor has gone down, its total height is 19mm (15mm floor, 4mm underlay). My tile is 450x450mm and 10.5mm thick, how can I make up this 8.5mm...
  3. S

    tiling over victorian floor boards

    Hi, i know this is a common discussion but what is the best method for tiling over old wooden victorian floor boards? Should a backer board be used eg Hardibacker? can adhesive be used directly over the floor boards to stick the board down? or just screws/both. or* should ply wood be used and...
  4. S

    Tiling and insulating concrete floor

    Hello. I am refurbishing my ground floor bathroom which has a solid concrete floor to which I want to add insulation and tile. Please can you tell me the most widely accepted process for this. I have read and considered numerous options - rigid insulation, dpm, chipboard, tile vs insulated...
  5. M

    Porcelain large format floor failing

    A year ago we completely refurbished our kitchen including a new porcelain tiled floor installed by the builder. I think he put ply on top on floor boards, and then put the tiles on top 600x600 on 30sqm. I think the ply was prepped. The grout is cracking in many places now and the tiles are...
  6. V

    Adhesive Which adhesive for shower floor with ceramic tiles

    Hi, DIYer here and I'm going to rip up my shower floor which is currently tiled and put down some large ceramic tiles (90x14x1cm) instead. I don't know what the sub-floor is but guessing it's wood. I have a couple of questions - I did have a quick browse of the forum but couldn't see the exact...
  7. N

    Help! Kitchen flooded during floor tiling

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice. I started tiling my kitchen floor yesterday afternoon (first tiling attempt) and managed to get around a third of the tiles down. I came down this morning to find water all over the kitchen floor! I haven’t found the source yet but suspect dishwasher...
  8. J

    Cracked Tile New Floor UFH

    Hi Just looking for a bit of advice - new tiled floor installed in kitchen & Conservatory a few months ago, 90 X 90 Porcelain tiles. I waited 2 months before turning on the UFH and went up a degree a day, I followed all the precautions. However I noticed a hairline crack on one of my tiles at...
  9. C

    Marmox Boards 12.5mm.... are they any good for Tiling onto floor boards?

    Marmox Boards 12.5mm.... are they any good for Tiling onto floor boards? I normally use hardie backer board. I have wooden floor boards to tile over but wanted to shore them up first using a backer board and overlaying with a de-coupling Matt. Would this be good or has anyone had problems with...
  10. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Astor Blue Floor Tiles

    I'm looking for at least 3, preferably one box of 325mm square Astor Blue Floor tiles, these have a marble effect. I have attached photo. Required to replace cracked tiles on a bathroom floor.
  11. P

    DIY Terracotta floor regrout

    We have used a grinder to take a millimeter or so off our floor as it was 40 years old, filthy, damaged and yucky. The tiles look great now and are natural unglazed terracotta. However some grout is now missing and now we need to regrout. I have bought Lithofin "stain stop w" as a sealer, but...
  12. M

    Raising Shower Floor Questions

    Hi, We recently had a tiler raise an existing shower floor to turn it into a walk-in disabled shower. Unfortunately they stuffed up the fall levels and the water runs out the side and they need to do it again. However we have also since wondered about whether the shower needed to be...
  13. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Portobello Gavea Sepia floor tiles

    Tiles required to match previous work
  14. G

    Cerdomus Pietra d’ Assisi Salvia floor tiles

    I am trying to locate enough Cerdomus Pietra d'Assisi Salvia floor tiles to cover 10sq feet. It is a discontinued tile but wondered if anyone still had some in stock.
  15. J

    Tiling from floor to line up with worksurface

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. My business is a handyman. Often this includes small tiling jobs usually kitchen splash backs. My approach is to start with a full tile above the worktop surface. However tomorrow I have a job which is several splash backs one of which expands onto a floor to...
  16. C

    Water UFH UFH and Tiling over Suspended timber floor

    I am renovating and extending my 1930s property. for the rear extension part, I am looking to go with water underfloor heating and porcelain tiles. I would like to go with the same for the existing floor space as well. I have been proposed the following options for the retrofit: a.WundaTherm ...
  17. H

    Damp patches on white floor tiles

    Hi A few days ago I liad white ceramic floor tiles, the next day dark patches appeared under the glaze , some tiles went completely dark , after three days the dark / damp patches have not dried out, the tiles wrer laid on thermal board with electric heat matt on top, rapid set adhesive...
  18. B

    British Ceramic floor tiles

    Can anyone let me know if you have used British Ceramic Florence Oyster floor tiles with underfloor heating? Concerned they may crack.
  19. J

    What backer board and prep?

    I wish to tile over good solid floorboards on a suspended floor, and a small bathroom. I believe I should use 6mm cement boards prior to tiling. What backer boards should I use? I see Hardiebacker is probably the leading brand but I’m not in the trade so I’m looking at £15 a board. Have found...
  20. N

    Tiled floor height to bifold door

    Hi, I've had a new extension built with bifold doors. I'm raising the floor height of the concrete floor, but I'm unsure how high i can take the total floor build up including tiles. My intended height is where the green line is, is that possible or could i go higher if needed. On my doors, the...
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