1. B

    Will thick DPM sheet act as a poor mans decoupling membrane?

    Hi, I've put some latex self level on a ply overlay(all done right) and wondered if I could use some thick DPM sheet as a decoupling membrane - am totally skint and wondered if anyone has tried this or what you think please? cheers
  2. C

    Floor tile came up - how to fix

    Had my bathroom floor done a year or so ago and noticed for a while now that one of the tiles next to the door was moving when walked on. I've taken it up and wondering how to fix it now - can I just take out the rest of the old adhesive and then re-lay? The floor is chipboard with jackoboard...
  3. R

    Granite floor riles

    Hi, I've just laid 6m of polished granite floor tiles on a bathroom. I was told by the seller of the tiles that I should seal the tiles prior to grouting and also afterwards. Ive also read somewhere that I should leave it a period of time before sealing and grouting for any water in the tiles...
  4. D

    600x300 floor tile ,how flat for 1/4 bond

    Hi all, mostly done smaller wall tiles in the past so just wondering how flat a 600x300 floor tile needs to be for it to be ok for 1/4 bond pattern. I have been told if not perfectly flat not to do half bond due to lipping issues. The tiles are decent rectified porcelain 10mm but not "perfectly...
  5. A

    Canekkale floor tiles

    Help! I'm looking for some Canekkale Seramik Tornado Cream (33 x 33) floor tiles. Any spares out there? Thanks!
  6. D

    Floor build-up advice with Hardiebacker

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on final floor buildup. We're installing a shower tray onto ply (with grab addy), it's 1700x800mm so should perform as a wetroom, closed on all sides apart from a bit at the end of one side to get in and out. So my question is about the rest of the floor...
  7. K

    Hi everyone, I have some lovely rose quartz porcelain tiles which are going in my downstairs cloakroom toilet. Ceiling to floor. Does anyone know of a

    Hi All. How can I match my tile trim to my tiles? The tiles are rose quartz. Unusual shades of purple & mauve. I have a RAL shade chart as I am getting some green trim coloured to the RAL code for my en-suite bathroom tiles. But there is not even a close match for the rose quartz. Does anyone...
  8. W

    Dodgy laid floor tiles.....dot and dabbed

    Hi all, I hope i'm asking in the right place! I am currently doing some work in my kitchen and have ran into a bit of a dilemma. We had some porcelain 600x600 tiles laid around 9 years ago. I've known for a while some were dot and dabbed in a certain area of the floor by the sound. Looking...
  9. R

    Heated floor dilemma

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a bathroom floor over existing floorboards. I'm also adding a 1.5 sq m electric heating mat before tiling with 30 x 30 granite tiles. I'm applying thermal board which I'm sticking with adhesive. Been told don't need screws or tape as adhesive will do. My dilemma is whether...
  10. R

    Preparing a thermoplastic tiled floor

    First of all, I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times so apologies in advance! A little info: I've just moved into a 1950's bungalow and have got 3 rooms plus a hallway which appear to have the red/brown thermoplastic floor tiles laid with a bitumen adhesive. Just from a bit of...
  11. I

    Replacement Floor with Existing Adhesive and Backerboard

    I've had my floor tiles lifted in my ensuite as there was a leak in the toilet. It's a newbuild house so the builder is doing the work. The floor tiling was done by my own contractor who used 6mm hardies backer board. The builder hasn't stripped the adhesive or backer and I think he is...
  12. S

    Kitchen Floor - Large Format?

    Hi - this looks like a really great forum and I’m hoping I can get some advice. We have a kitchen extension to refloor - at the time it was built we just got a cheap laminate put down. I’m thinking tiles will be a good option now. It’s ~ 7.5 x 3.5m but take the footprint of the units out the...
  13. R

    Dodgy cuts for floor waste and drains

    Just had bathroom redone and very disappointed with tiling particular jagged cuts for drains. I mentioned to builder and he says that’s just how those tiles cut (mixed concrete and stone I think?). Surely using a proper tool or finishing would make a smooth cut? I have already copped them not...
  14. Chris_32

    Limestone floor haze

    Hi, I did a limestone floor for a customer which I washed and sealed, then grouted 24 hours later. A week later I went back to apply another coat of sealer. The floor was mostly clean but had a few dried up droplets of grout water. I made the mistake of using an acid cleaner to wash the tiles...
  15. A

    discontinued b & Q Floor tiles

    i am trying to locate some B & Q Colours Floor tiles Applestone Beige 331 x 331 mm (13 inch) Any one help please ,
  16. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile Kitchen Floor Tiles

    I am trying to source 1 x box of gloss silver 45cms x 45 cms floor tiles manufactured by the spanish company ARGENTA with the reference ZEPL1F for repair work to my kitchen floor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. R

    Forgot to mortar down insulation board to floor....

    Hi, I bought some sheets of 6mm insulation board to install on my bathroom floor. (It has blue foam in the middle of it.) My subfloor is 21mm treated wooden floorboards. I've freshly installed them and they're nice and level and smooth. (I even planed some of the joists to make sure I'd have a...
  18. D

    pls advise- best insulation, sub-floor and underlayment for tiled kitchen floor?

    My floor joists are good but I need to replace whole subfloor and tile kitchen floor. I am working on a budget but I want to install functional and durable solution according to British standard for both subfloor and underlayment. Ppl with experience, could you please advise what insulation to...
  19. K

    Red-brown floor tiles, can't find any! Please help me

    300 mm square, 8 needed, I walked into Cessnock (NSW) tiling shop- disbelief at seeing only grey or beige coloured tiles, at a loss now. Please can someone help me? Thank you very much indeed Kait
  20. G

    New house - bathroom floor, mixed advice

    Hi Going to be helping with tiling the upstairs bathroom floor in a new house. Just bare flooring right now. I've read / watched just about every bit of advice from just using PVA to seal the boards first and then tiling directly on top with a flexible adhesive to putting down ply then backer...