1. P

    Pictures Preparing floor for tiling after relocating plumbing

    Hello everyone! I am desperately trying to come up with an idea how to repair bathroom and kitchen floor. Floor slab on the ground floor in our house was constructed 10 years ago, finished with 4cm screed and prepared for tiles/hardwood flooring. We only had our windows installed and it was...
  2. Dan

    Not quite tiling but checkout the gaffa floor thing for trailing cables

    About 1 minute in.
  3. Dan

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Not a brand I've heard of over here.
  4. K

    Removal of Impact Adhesive from Ceramic Floor Tile Surface

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice quite urgently. To explain: I recently pulled up some faux-laminate flooring strips that had been stuck down over a lovely old ceramic tiled floor. This floor covering must have been stuck down with an industrial strength impact adhesive and, as such, has left...
  5. M

    Bathroom Floor

    Hi Guys, Wanted to run past the intended process for a bathroom floor project.. First floor bathroom, 1930s house, will be UFH with Porcelain tile. Floor boards need to be ripped up to sort out the plumbing. Replace with 18mm PLY, glue, screw and prime 6mm Insulation board, with adhesive...
  6. O

    Level up an entire ground floor

    Son wants wood-effect tiles all the way from the front door to the back. Concrete on all floors - but levels vary falling away to the back. He's asked to insulate the floors with insulation board throughout - probably 10mm. Given that we have enough height for the thickness - how best to level...
  7. T

    Q Board under floor tiles

    Has anyone used the Q Board for floors? I was going to put 10mm Q Board over wooden floor boards and then lay floor tiles onto it. I've been researching the product (s) and it appears to be a good system and fairly inexpensive too. Has anyone had any experience using this product on a floor and...
  8. Terry bowker

    South East Floor tiler wanted Coventry - Coventry Tilers Required for Floor Tiling Jobs

    Floor tiler wanted Coventry - Coventry Tilers Required for Floor Tiling Jobs 60 sq m of floor to cover - Please get in touch. Thanks.
  9. Dan

    Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  10. G

    Tiles on a concrete floor butted together

    Hello everyone, it's me again. I'll try to make this as short as possible. A good friend of mine had the floor in his studio (about 30 sq.meters) re-tiled recently and the tiles are butted together (no grout lines). I've read all the previous threads on this subject, so for me that's not a good...
  11. E

    DIY Advice needed to finish floor laid with reclaimed terracotta floor tiles

    My sitting room floor is laid with reclaimed Norfolk Pamment tiles (hand made terracotta) - they are in all manner of states of repair, some smooth, some pitted, some with traces of old tile paint, some clean, some smooth, some rough. It is a very rustic look for a very old, small cottage I...
  12. G

    tile spacers for my new tiles

    Hello everyone, I am thinking of re-doing the tiles my living room. I've got 600x300 tiles and I'd like to know if it's acceptable to use 4mm tile spacers. I read some of the previous threads and noticed that most people prefer to use 3mm spacers for floor tiles, so I am starting to think that I...
  13. J

    Floor isn’t level help!

    We’ve had an extension and the concrete has been laid higher than the existing floor We’ve had a self leveller put down(20 bags) it’s levelled the floor but it isn’t flat to the new extension We’ve had a tiler come round but he’s saying he and not sure what to do We’ve bought 60x60 porcelain...
  14. Wayne Brown

    South East Wetroom Vinyl floor replacement

    Guy on the plumbing forum needs a wetroom floor sorting out a new drain, making good, SLC and tiling any tilers in the Swansea area ? Please pm me i will pass on their details to you . Regards kop
  15. L

    Kitchen Floor tiling on Latex Self Levelling Compound

    Hi all, needed some advice. Can you fit kitchen floor tiles on a surface made level using a latex self levelling compound. Can you tile straight onto the latex levelled surface or would you need to do something else before laying the tiles. I hope i have been clear and if not apologies as this...
  16. J

    Quarry Tiles on porch floor

    Hi all I plan to tile a porch floor that has a rough screed finish at present. There is a damp area at the moment but that's because of an overflowing waterbutt outside the porch which will be addressed and then allowed time to dry out. I really need to know the best process for laying the...
  17. R

    Setting Out HardiBacker & Floor Level?

    So I've got a kitchen dining room which I want to tile all the way through. The kitchen is concrete base and the dining room is floor boards. I plan on putting 6mm HardiBacker Board on the floorboards, but that will raise up the dining room by 6mm above the kitchen base. The concrete is sound...
  18. Leader

    Floor screed

    Hi Guys Hoping some of you can give me some advice on a job i have booked in for kitchen floor tiling. The customer floor has had a self leveling compound (Mapei Restoration)laid down over the top of bitumen. Few concerns i have is that on part of the floor a hole has appeared around 100mm in...
  19. L

    Broken tiles, grout broken, no adhesive stuck to tiles? Floor problem ?

    Hello Had extension built and huge floor area laid in Porcelain tiles, and water/pipe underfloor heating. All grout come out and tiles cracked. Lifted tiles and was shocked no adhesive stuck to tiles. Looks like like laid on chipboard. Am v concerned. No one will retile as said floor problem ...
  20. F

    I'm Looking For This Tile Ceramica Rondine Slate Green Floor Tiles 34 x 34 (J70529/H)

    Desperately looking for 1 or 2 boxes of these. Bought from Topps Tiles in 2014. Any suggestions? Thanks
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