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  1. S

    Help with gloss floor tiles

    I’m looking fir advise to get my black gloss tiles black again as they have faded . Floor tiles
  2. R

    Preparation Hi, i want to know if it is necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor bathroom in a new (2018) build house?

    My house was built in 2018, the floor is sheet boarded which I believe to be green chipboard. I am told these are bonded together as well as to the I joists. There is not a lot of movement but I am no expert. So I ask "is it necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor...
  3. N

    Part heated floor needs careful thought?

    I have a 23sq m kitchen floor extension to do in 600 sq porcelain. Whole floor is new screed on block n beam. However only new half has wet ufh. Recommendations for Ditra mat over the whole area and movement joint where the heating joins? Skirting is going on top so good perimeter expansion on 3...
  4. M

    For Sale Original Victorian floor tiles

    We have just redecorated the hallway and have approx 5 metres sq of really beautiful Victorian encaustic floor tiles that have been protected underneath carpet and are in good condition. Reasonable offers please...
  5. Element

    10m x 6m UFH floor

    Hi guys, Laying 600x600 porcelain tiles on a large 10m x 6m screeded, SLC levelled floor with water UFH beneath.. I have laid tiles to plenty of UFH floors before but this one has the longest length run so far - a run of 10m. The question I have in the back of my mind is whether or not it is...
  6. M

    i tile floor and wall also i am a facilitator on tiling and mason

    i am new here, i am from Nigeria
  7. Dan

    External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles

    External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles Best External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles going these days? I was outside Tile Mountain the other day picking up my own bathroom tiles and found they had a whole area outside with various patio tiles. Some lovely 20mm porcelains. Polished and matte.
  8. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Discontinued ceramic floor tile - Aydos

    I'm searching for 4 x ceramic graphite-marl floor tiles that I originally bought in Topps Tile Centre in 2007. It's 300x300mm and Topps tell me they had this in stock for a few years after I bought it, but that it's now been discontinued. Anyone know where I can get any from please?
  9. R

    Water UFH Which adhesive would you use do I need an S1 adhesive?

    Hi I am renovating my house here in Italy, in the spring I took up the existing floor screed on the first floor and have installed a wet UFH system. This was screeded using a self-levelling cementitious product from Fassa Bortolo called SA500. The screed was laid on the 23rd May to a thickness...
  10. D

    My 1st Job Tile a shower floor area using 600 x 300 tiles

    Which Tile layout is best using 600 x 300 into a shower area measuring 900 x 900 with waste in the middle of the floor
  11. Dan

    The Flooring Forum - DIY and Pro Floor Fitters Advice Forum

    Discuss all types of floor coverings in this forum category. Including (but not limited to):- Vinyl Flooring Wood Flooring Carpets and Rugs Stair Carpets Laminate Flooring Underlays and fixing materials Anything else that can be installed on floors Whilst 99% of our members are floor tilers...
  12. A

    Travertine floor covered in cracks

    I posted previously about 18 months ago re the cracks in my Travertine floor. Since that date many of the tiles have additionally developed holes. I have attached pictures of the state of the floor and am looking for advice as to a remedy so that the floor doesn't look like such an...
  13. N

    Outside floor tiles - Grouting advice

    Our builder laid fabulous black 1200 x 600 tiles around our house and also on a large patio. He used Fast Point brush in grout and it looked great for a while. Unfortunately, the grout is all falling out and we have never been able to powerwash by any means as the grout comes out too. I notice...
  14. B

    Serpentine floor tile spalling

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me. I purchased Vermont Verde Green Marble floor tiles. It came with no instructions so it was installed like a marble with a 1/4" backerboard, redguard and then a modified thin-set, then grouted and sealed with Aquamix sealers choice gold. Soon after I thought...
  15. D

    Water UFH Advice required please, Multi floor level and underfloor heating...

    Hi, i am new to this forum but after some advice if possible please. I am building a new extension and as part of the work i am knocking through between the new extension and an existing room. Ideally i would like Underfloor heating throughout. My plan for the new extension was pipe connected...
  16. J K Tiling Cornwall

    JK Tiling | Cornwall Tilers

    JK Tiling specialize in all types of tile installation. Including Porcelain, Mosaic and Natural stone. From Slate to Marble all the work is carried out to the highest standard, working with the customer to achieve the personalised finish they are after. Bathroom and wetroom tiling is our forte...
  17. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile cerdomus kitchen floor tiles

    I am looking for some floor tiles that have apparently been discontinued.The box was found in a garage and the info off it is : CERDOMUS CERAMICHE GRES PORCELLANATO PIETRA BORGOGNA SHADE I 513 (it was smudged but that's what it looks like) It is a beige looking stone type tile 15"x24" many thanks
  18. H

    My 1st Job Where did I go wrong? 2sqm bathroom floor

    I attempted my first tiling job a few days ago in my downstairs bathroom. It took me around 8 hours to get to this point. The day after I came back to remove all the tile leveling clip wedges. I was left with a couple that I couldn't get out, and I also had a lot of adhesive in my grout lines...
  19. P

    North West Wall & Floor Tiler’s Required

    Wall & Floor Tiler’s Required For New Build Housing Developments CSCS Card Required Own Tools And Transport Required Immediate Start Available Weekly Pay CIS Basis Previous new build experience preferred Please contact us for more details
  20. G

    North West Wall and Floor Tiling -Wall and Floor Tiler’s required for ongoing new build housing contracts across the northwest

    Wall and Floor Tiler’s required for ongoing new build housing contracts across the northwest CSCS card required Own tools and transport required Weekly pay CIS basis Please contact for more details immediate starts available
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