1. B

    Hey all not the real Bob Marley here Im afraid

    Nice forum you have here. Seems very helpful. I have some work coming up soon so will post in the more relevant forum. I hope your businesses are flourishing! Be well
  2. Dan

    The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools - Pro Tiling Tools

    The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools - Pro Tiling Tools The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools Tiling is a popular home improvement project that can add value and aesthetic appeal to any space. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, quality...
  3. tennantwv

    I'm Looking For This Tile Need 1 case of this tile not sure of the make.

    Please see pics to see if someone can match 16 x16.
  4. kenw232

    Recommend tile sealer to not change the look?

    I have a natural stone kitchen backsplash. I would like to seal it but not change the look at all. its very matte/non-glossy/dry stone looking. I want to maintain that. I guess I need an impregnating sealer? Is that right? Can anyone recommend something that will not make it glossy or change...
  5. Mart1n1i

    Grout not seeming to dry out

    Hi guys, I've had a bit of an issue on a job I've been doing recently. We finished tiling on Friday using a new adhesive (python rapid and standard adhesive) and also a new grout that I've not used before (Validus) Basically I came in to grout on Saturday midday, so majority of the adhesive...
  6. T

    My 1st Job Reusing material not typically used in tiling

    Hi, I’m new to the tiling scene. As a camp ranger I take care of a property in Massachusetts USA. I have a handicap shower stall that I need to replace and update. It is in my main cabin on the property and I thought a stone veneer would look amazing in the stall as the building is all wood...
  7. T

    Tiling on emulsion or not

    Can I tile on emulsion walls? If not what do I need to do please prior to starting? Have started to chip away emulsion as beat I can but wondered what else I could do please
  8. G

    What will a tiler do and not do!

    Hi, I'm wondering what, as a tiler, you would expect to do when you go to a job. Do you prepare the walls for tiling? remove toilets? Take out sockets? I'm sure its different for everyone but I was wondering what is ok to say no to and what to expect.
  9. M

    Ditra mat or not under floor tiles on ground floor?

    So, on the ground floor there is a wet underfloor heating system. It is using pipes that were installed into grooved ProWarm boards. On top of that is about 4cm of concrete. The current install then has floor tiles which had the adhesive directly on the concrete. For other reasons, all the floor...
  10. H

    Tiles not bonded to floor properly

    We are having some issues with our newly laid tiles. Within several weeks of being laid, we noticed some hollow and 'popping' sounds on the tiles in high traffic areas and the grout started to crack. We are getting conflicting answers about what the issue could be from our contractor. Can you...
  11. N

    Carpeted bathroom with wall tiles. Skirting board or not?

    Hi all, hoping for an advise pls for a bathroom work currently underway. Insurers are fixing a bathroom leak, part of which they are replacing wall marbrex panels with tiles. Done by a 3rd party who is actually doing the job. This is carpeted bathroom, with wall tiles, and skirting board, how it...
  12. B

    Tiled floor not cured properly - help!

    Hi guys, sorry for the clunky thread title... Just over a year ago we had a side return/knock-through extension project done on our home in South London - end result was a 40sqm +/- kitchen diner space, which has turned out really well asides from the tiles... We went with 600 x 1200...
  13. W

    Is this spot bonding and if not will it be an issue?

    Hello, I'm a member of the public and would really appreciate your opinion on a tiling job that is being done right now. My landscaper is tiling my patio with large ceramic tiles 75x75cm. I got home and noticed that the tiles sound very hollow when knocked. On looking at CCTV I noticed that he...
  14. A

    PLM not snapped in right place stuck in grout lines HELP!

    Afternoon all Perfect Level Master first time tiling went for the best (highly rated on here). Worked wall so far just come to knock them out with a rubber mallet and we’ll some haven’t exactly broken in the right place leaving plastic bits protruding through the grout lines (see pic). Most...
  15. A

    tiles not sticking to wall

    Hi, don't know if anyone can help but I'm having real difficulty getting tiles to stick to the current wall in bathroom. I was hoping on removing the old tiles that the surface would be ok but not great to just tile over. However every tile is not grabbing well and falls off from the slightest...
  16. Taylormade

    Not done this for some time!

    Started a job last week 40 sq mtrs around an indoor swimming pool. 30mm thick limestone tiles! Sized all 600mm wide in lengths of 900 800 700 and 600mm. Client wants them laid up to the edge of the pool. 1st photo shows tiles laid to pool edge look awful and too sharp an edge for children. Told...
  17. A

    Terrazzo tiles not sealing properly

    Hey there, Sealed my terrazzo tiles a couple of times with 'aqua mix professional sealer's choice gold' Still seams to be water penetrating and leaving the tile a different colour until it drys out. Whats the best way to dry out to tiles and is there a trick to getting the sealing correct...
  18. R

    Seal grout or not

    Finishing up shower wall (pan was bought ) and soap dish job with ceramic tile. For soap dish aesthetics, had to use a bit more thinset than the 3/8 in. for walls. Now at grouting stage and did clear out grout groves well and will grout today. There seems to be difference of opinion on need to...
  19. Kyle Knowles

    Outdoor Tiling | Tiling outdoors

    I gave a step to tile it's 6ft x 6ft with to steps up to the main platform it's brick build then backfilled with concrete would it be acceptable to use something like kerdi membrane to cover the whole thing or even the old homelux wetroom fabric or sold I just go ditra drain or similar? ? The...
  20. J

    Not happy with the standard of tiling

    Hey so I have recently bought a new build house and wanted my floors tiled, I bought the tiles myself from Mandarin Stone and hired a tiler to lay them for me. The floors were in good condition and most importantly level prior to him starting. After 4 days he was done however the tiles were not...
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