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  1. T

    Dry cutter not cutting straight all way along

    Hi there, been cutting 800 x 300 porcelain tile square cuts no problem for my bathroom walls however struggling to cut hex porcelain tiles corner to corner. The last 20 to 30mm breaks away from the score line. I checked the score and it does look or feel any different where the break veres...
  2. I

    DIY Terracotta tiles

    I've got a wooden floor OSB but fairly stable and rigid to which I want to lay terracotta tiles (French and unglazed). Can anyone recommend the best adhesive to use? Been told adhesive with high latex content is best but would appreciate knowing manufacturer and product to order.
  3. D

    Hi I have done hundreds of wet rooms. But not in quartz I have the big rubi table saw. I have tried plenty of water a new blade

    Hi I have done hundreds of wet rooms. But not in quartz I have the big rubi table saw. I have tried plenty of water a new blade and an old blade and tried a marcrist ultra thin blade to and can’t stop it chipping the eges . The saw cuts all other tiles marble granite no problems Can any body...
  4. P

    To tank or not

    Hi I am having my bathroom refitted with shower tray and glass screen, bath taken out and all tiles removed, plasterer coming to plaster full bathroom. Guy doing the bathroom work states tanking not neccessary when the walls have been plasterered, you only need to tank when tiles are going...
  5. Toby

    How To Tile Over Spray Foam That Has Not Set Hard

    My plumber has just finished the pipework into a drain in a new utility. He said he would put down some board but instead has half-filled a cavity with foam. But the foam has not dried hard it has dried soft. Originally I envisaged using self leveling compound but I can't lay this on soft foam...
  6. P

    Cutting Wet cutter not cutting

    Hi, My wheel has pretty much ground to a halt, refusing to cut any more that an inch or so of porcelain without a struggle. It's nowhere near worn out so I'm assuming it's gotten coated with something maybe. I've used one of those cleaning blocks in the past but didn't feel it was really helping...
  7. T

    Mosaic tile not sticking!

    Never had this happen before. Customer ordered mosaic tile. Traditional black and white checkerboard with 1" tiles. They are very thin, but packing says "for floors and walls". Mesh on back is quite dense. The mesh is bonding with the Mapei adhesive, but once dry, the tiles pop off! We have...
  8. J

    Pictures Studs not where I need them

    So, I've removed all the tiles and plasterboard to find I can't reboard as the studs won't be correctly located on the 'back' wall. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. J

    Cutting Tile cutting for a shower?

    I have already successfully tiled my bathroom floor using a fairly cheap manual tile cutter, and a handheld grinder but I did get some minor chipping on my cuts (not an issue as all hidden under the skirting boards). My next task is to tile the shower enclosure where the tile cuts will be...
  10. Beyond the blue

    Not very impressed (unless I've done it wrong)

    I've never used tiling wedges before and bought some of these. I've only used 3 of them up to now and when I came to knock them out this is how they broke off, meaning I had to Stanley knife the remainder of the plastic out of the joint. I used standard setting adhesive and left them for 3 days...
  11. S

    Looking for a tile, but if not, a tiler. :)

    Hi All, I'm sure this is a duplicate post from many who sign up but, I'm faced with a cost I can't cover currently and I'm desperate for help. I live in a Bovis home built circa 2002. Two showers have broken, I cannot get a replacement cartridge for them as Triton have discontinued support and...
  12. tilernot

    How not to grout ...

    Tiling floor with 3mm grout gaps. Removed all visible adhesive between tiles before letting it dry. Used Mapei Ultracolour grout. Ok so far I _think_ Then I started to go wrong (!!!). Mixed the grout too thin and after applying it I decided I'd wipe a little from the top with my grout sponge...
  13. Bopster

    To mat or not to mat

    Morning everyone, I looked at a job last night that customer wants 45sqm limestone tiles fitted where a conservatory has been converted into a dining room off the kitchen. A new solid roof has gone on and windows replaced, the sand/cement screed in conservatory needs slc to bring up to kitchen...
  14. Al Getaroundtuit

    To mitre or not to mitre, that is the question!

    As above. As a DIY’er what would be the best way to cut the square edge type polished metal tile trims? I have normal tin snips, hacksaws and even one of those Evolution compound angle chop saws that cuts through steel and alsorts-but will the blade bash the trim to bits? Would I be better...
  15. Al Getaroundtuit

    Adhesive Alternative to battens for support?

    Good morning all. I was contemplating screwing a batten to my walls before tiling, but don't really want to compromise the waterproofing membrane I have painted on. However, I have just come across this on a supplier website; "Mapei Super Flexible Adhesive has excellent resistance to tile slip...
  16. M83T

    To trim or not to trim?

    Hi all, I'm just getting to the end of doing my kitchen splash back it's my first real job for myself. I've done the walls under the units and now I'm on the the last wall which has no units so I'm wondering should I use trim along the top of the last row of tiles or will a nice neat line of...
  17. S

    To lift or not to lift? (old kitchen floor tiles c.1905)

    Hi all, This is first post here. I have an old house which we are in the process of re-doing kitchen and whilst lifting the many decades of different flooring, finally came down on what must be the original 1905 floor tiles. They are at least 2in thick and classic red terracotta. Under them is...
  18. Jon329

    Stick or not hardiebacker board.

    Hello, finally got around to getting my floor down, I've used 6mm hardiebacker on top of a new 18mm plywood sub floor. Now I know the idea behind sticking the boards down with adhesive is to eliminate any unlevel/air gaps under the boards, however this floor is brand new and the bathrooms so...
  19. D

    I'm not new, but I am back!

    So, who's missed me? I see the graphics have changed on here and a bit of the layout since my last visit (2 years ago, soz, been busy).
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