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So, on the ground floor there is a wet underfloor heating system. It is using pipes that were installed into grooved ProWarm boards. On top of that is about 4cm of concrete. The current install then has floor tiles which had the adhesive directly on the concrete. For other reasons, all the floor tiles and adhesive is being removed.

I've had various companies come in to quote for installing new floor tiles in the area and I'm getting conflicting information on whether Ditra mat is needed or not. Some say it will prevent movement and cracking of the tiles and will also give a waterproof membrane from the concrete where dampness can come up from the ground. Others say that Ditra mat is not needed, it's only needed if you have wooden subfloor or if it's not on ground floor. Each company claim to be experts and in the field for years.

All I want is a robust and clean install of the tiles which aren't going to have movement, cracking or any other issues. I need something that will last.

Suggestions or advice?

bsc ceramics

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You should not need a mat if they are porcelain but are you sure the only 4cm of concrete
that does not sound a lot

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