Mapei S.p.A. (Italian pronunciation: [maˈpɛi]) is an Italian limited company founded in 1937 in Milan, Italy, that manufactures chemical products for the building industry.

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  1. D

    Mapei Silver grey darker than expected

    Not sure if anyone can answer. My mate and I both had kitchen floors layed by the same guy. Me = porcelain tiles with Mapei silver grey grout My Mate = quartz tiles with Mapei silver grey grout My grout is as expected and after 8 months still a lovely silver grey My mates went dark immediately...
  2. S

    Kitchen floor screed options Schonox FPL Plus vs Mapei 3240

    Evening all, newbie post regarding self levelling material. we have approx 36m2 of kitchen/diner to level before 'karndean' type material being laid. I have removed multiple layers of blown/unbonded screed and now at concrete level, which is anywhere from 3mm to 50mm out of level, making it...
  3. R

    Grouts bal or mapei?

    Hi, I am going to be grouting my bathroom & shower enclosure and am looking between Mapei and Bal grouts... is one any better than the other? Thanks
  4. S

    epoxy grout recommendations

    hey all I made a tiled vanity unit recently..just wondering if anyone knows of an epoxy grout that drys with a gloss finish to match the tiles in the picture I'm really not to keen on having gritty rough looking grout on the falls that's all
  5. M

    My 1st Job Using Blue Grit and Mapei Plaster Primer

    Hello All, I would just like to start off by saying that I've been in the construction industry for roughly 7 years as a Cladding Site Manager and Facade Engineer, but apologetically, I have zero expertise in Tiling and I am attempting a DIY Re-Tiling job on a very small budget for my...
  6. E

    Adhesive Anhydrite+Ditra+Porcelain - Mapei Primer or not / Keraquick with or without Latex Plus

    Hello Everyone! First time writing here. 😅Contemplating the horrendous prospect of installing underfloor heating in a fully inhabited house with furniture and belongings now in the garden I have read a ton of posts on this forum and you’ve been a marvellous help. So, a zillion thanks ahead of...
  7. J

    Mapei Pro Standard adhesive (tile giant)

    Hi guys Is anyone on this forum familiar with Mapei Pro Standard tile adhesive from Tile Giant. Having purchased 7 bags of it today i have noticed that nowhere on the packaging does it state that it is a flexible adhesive. However the guy at Tile Giant assured me it was and it is sold as...
  8. D

    Phantom Patches on Mapei 112 Grout

    Hi all - I've just done a DIY tiling job on new tiles using Mapei medium grey grout ultracolor 112 for the grout. I've used Mapei Ultracolor for loads of projects but never that exact shade, but have never had a problem before. Frustratingly it's dried with really inconsistent colour with some...
  9. Sean-tries-to-tile

    Silicone colour match for mapei charcoal grout?

    I'm surprised to find that i mapei dont seem to do a charcoal silicone (for interior corners) to match their charcoal grout... anyone know of a good colour match? Should i stick with mapei silicone and chose the next best colour, or chose another brand that does charcoal which will still be a...
  10. V

    Large marble tiles and Mapei p9

    Hi I have some large format marble tiles to fit onto bathroom walls. They are 10mm and 800mm x 400mm in size. They are quite heavy. Do you think that Mapei p9 will be man enough for the job- I will be back combing ? I have mainly been using s1 Keraquick for the floors but the p9 was cheap and...
  11. P

    Mapei Ultracolor plus Grout for porcelain tiles?

    Hi. Thanks in advance for your help. We have been let down at the last minute by a tiler and so have had to tile an en-suite ourselves. We have 600x300 porcelain tiles. We are now at the grouting stage and we were going to use mapei, Ultracolor plus silver grey grout, until I saw a professional...
  12. M

    Mapei Eco Prim Grip for tile on tile job

    Hi. I am planning tile on tile job, by laying glass mosaic tiles on existing glossy tiles in the bathroom shower area. The materials I have bought are Mapei Eco Prim Grip, Mapei Aquadefence for membrane. I also tried to remove glossy surface with sanding machine (240 grit), but didnt notice any...
  13. D

    Mapei liquid membrane safe with kerdi?

    is mapei liquid membrane ok to come into contact with kerdi? Hello First time poster- embarking on a wetroom project. I wonder if you can help with this first query please ... the wall area I’m going to tile will have kerdi matting but planning to also apply mapei liquid waterproofing membrane...
  14. A

    Grout Colour Problem: mapei ultracolour grout manhattan grey

    Had our patio guys grout our porcelain patio yesterday and have to say to say feel quite unhappy with the result. The colour is really uneven and looks like a coating of white on some grey areas. The consistency of colour just doesn't look right. I've called them back to come take a look. Has...
  15. J

    Adhesive How white is mapei white grout?

    So I've bought a bag of Mapei white "flexible wall and floor grout" for my kitchen splashback - like this: My tiles are "Opal White" from Porcelain Superstore...
  16. O

    Adhesive Priming Brick For Mapei Keraquick Adhesive (Jackoboard)

    Hi, I'm currently working on a bathroom and have stripped the walls back to brickwork with lime mortar. For the shower area my plan is to dot and dab 20mm Jackoboard onto the brickwork with Mapei Keraquick before tiling. Does the brickwork need priming for the Keraquick? I understand PVA...
  17. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Tiling Trade Event, Tile Giant, Shipley

    Stephen will be hosting our trade event at Tile Giant in Shipley on Thursday 19th March. He will be on hand between 7.30am and 2pm with expert product knowledge and technical support. He will also have plenty of Mapei goodies and a batch of our brand new t-shirts to give away. Make sure you get...
  18. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Tiling Trade Event - CTD, Denton, Manchester

    Darren will be hosting our #tiling #trade event at CTD Tiles CTD Trade in #Manchester on Tuesday 17th March. There will be an exclusive event only offer on our new Rapid Level CT 3220. RAPID LEVEL CT 3220 - He will be on hand between 7.30am & 1pm with expert...
  19. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Trade Day - Builder Depot, Staples Corner, London

    Neil will be hosting our trade day at Builder Depot, Staples Corner branch in London on Thursday 20th February, from 7.30am. He will be on hand for technical support & expert product advice. He will also be giving away our brand new #Mapei logo t-shirts & plenty of other freebies. So make sure...
  20. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Trade Event - CTD, Carlisle

    Steve will be hosting our tiling trade event at CTD in Carlisle on Friday. He will be there from 7.30am with expert technical support and product advice. He will also have plenty of #Mapei t-shirts and freebies to hand out. Make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment. We look...
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