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floor tiles

  1. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Khartoum Cream 450 x 450mm matt finish floor tiles.

    Hi, I am chasing some Khartoum Cream 450 x 450mm matt finish floor tiles to replace some damaged tiles. House was tiled about 12 years ago & believe that they are discontinued. Any qty would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile White 30cm x 30cm ceramic bathroom floor tiles

    White 30cm x 30cm ceramic bathroom floor tiles
  3. G

    how do I know the difference between wall and floor tiles?

    Hallo, I am a hobbyist and was thinking of tiling my bathroom floor. Great new challenge. I bought a job lot of tiles (without boxes) for my bathroom floor. They were sold as floor tiles, but I am not sure. Written on the back of the tiles is 'Made in France', P.123 and then a number, preceeded...
  4. A

    My new floor tiles scratched easily

    I bought my italian home tiles and everything was perfect.. I discovered after the first day when placed that all the tiles have full scratches knowing that its not a cheap type at all.. Its not the tiler's fault.. I think this is a problem with the tiles shiny material.. Can you inform me...
  5. I

    Porcelain floor tiles direct to screed on wet UFH without DITRA

    Hi Guys, I had my kitchen floor tiled a few weeks back. The floor is a screed slab of approx. 24m2 over wet UFH pipes clipped to Celotex. This screed was “hand mixed” vs ready mixed off of a truck and laid around 100 days ago of a thickness of 60mm. Around 45 days ago the UFH was commissioned...
  6. S

    Help with gloss floor tiles

    I’m looking fir advise to get my black gloss tiles black again as they have faded . Floor tiles
  7. M

    For Sale Original Victorian floor tiles

    We have just redecorated the hallway and have approx 5 metres sq of really beautiful Victorian encaustic floor tiles that have been protected underneath carpet and are in good condition. Reasonable offers please...
  8. Dan

    External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles

    External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles Best External Floor Tiles - Patio / Path Tiles going these days? I was outside Tile Mountain the other day picking up my own bathroom tiles and found they had a whole area outside with various patio tiles. Some lovely 20mm porcelains. Polished and matte.
  9. N

    Looking for tiles - 'Luna' matt black / graphite colour floor tiles 297 x 597mm

    Need about 8 'Luna' matt black / graphite colour floor tiles 297 x 597mm. Bought from Homebase in 2012. Manufacturer is MML in Malaysia. Anyone?
  10. Albert

    CTD Newcastle; Tile Shop Recommended by Albert from TilersForums.com

    CTD Newcastle is the only place I use and have done for the past 39 years Darren is the current showroom manager with Ernie Quinn running the place Ernie's background is stone and he knows his stuff. Most of the counter lads are knowledgeable to quite a proficient degree. There is also an...
  11. Dan

    A bit of history - Tile Frieze Fragment from Kashan, Iran. 13-14 Century.

    Think any of your tile work will be knocking around in 7 centuries time? :D :D Giving the nod to @timeless john of Timeless Tiling Solutions. (Find Timeless Tiling Solutions in the Tilers Directory at TilersForums.com - Available for Victorian and Edwardian Tiling Work across the UK - Very new...
  12. N

    Outside floor tiles - Grouting advice

    Our builder laid fabulous black 1200 x 600 tiles around our house and also on a large patio. He used Fast Point brush in grout and it looked great for a while. Unfortunately, the grout is all falling out and we have never been able to powerwash by any means as the grout comes out too. I notice...
  13. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile cerdomus kitchen floor tiles

    I am looking for some floor tiles that have apparently been discontinued.The box was found in a garage and the info off it is : CERDOMUS CERAMICHE GRES PORCELLANATO PIETRA BORGOGNA SHADE I 513 (it was smudged but that's what it looks like) It is a beige looking stone type tile 15"x24" many thanks
  14. R

    Porcelain Floor tiles dilemma???

    Anyone with some advice would be much appreciated. Around 4 years ago I had my hall and lounge tiled in shines porcelain floor tiles, wife don’t like the shiny finish any more as the upkeep is too much. How far would I have to go to change them. I have originally taken up old floor boards as...
  15. T

    Wickes Riga Slate Effect Beige Porcelain Floor Tiles 300 x 600 ~ Desperately Needed!

    Hi, Does anyone out there have any of these discontinued tiles left over from a project? I have finally ripped out my 29 year old (I kid you not!) kitchen and due to the different layout of my new (yippee...) kitchen units, I need some of these tiles to fill in the gaps which will be on show...
  16. Dan

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Not a brand I've heard of over here.
  17. T

    Q Board under floor tiles

    Has anyone used the Q Board for floors? I was going to put 10mm Q Board over wooden floor boards and then lay floor tiles onto it. I've been researching the product (s) and it appears to be a good system and fairly inexpensive too. Has anyone had any experience using this product on a floor and...
  18. E

    DIY Advice needed to finish floor laid with reclaimed terracotta floor tiles

    My sitting room floor is laid with reclaimed Norfolk Pamment tiles (hand made terracotta) - they are in all manner of states of repair, some smooth, some pitted, some with traces of old tile paint, some clean, some smooth, some rough. It is a very rustic look for a very old, small cottage I...
  19. K

    Looking for this tile

    Can any forum member identify this tile or know where I may be able to get 4 tiles. Cheers for your assistance.
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