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  1. Dan

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Not a brand I've heard of over here.
  2. T

    Q Board under floor tiles

    Has anyone used the Q Board for floors? I was going to put 10mm Q Board over wooden floor boards and then lay floor tiles onto it. I've been researching the product (s) and it appears to be a good system and fairly inexpensive too. Has anyone had any experience using this product on a floor and...
  3. E

    DIY Advice needed to finish floor laid with reclaimed terracotta floor tiles

    My sitting room floor is laid with reclaimed Norfolk Pamment tiles (hand made terracotta) - they are in all manner of states of repair, some smooth, some pitted, some with traces of old tile paint, some clean, some smooth, some rough. It is a very rustic look for a very old, small cottage I...
  4. K

    Looking for this tile

    Can any forum member identify this tile or know where I may be able to get 4 tiles. Cheers for your assistance.
  5. F

    I'm Looking For This Tile Ceramica Rondine Slate Green Floor Tiles 34 x 34 (J70529/H)

    Desperately looking for 1 or 2 boxes of these. Bought from Topps Tiles in 2014. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. M

    Ardesia 30 Floor Tiles

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum. We have just bought a house and are replacing the kitchen. However with the layout of the new kitchen being fitted we are missing approx 21 floor tiles. I got informed that the tiles are discontinued. They where originally purchased from Aberdeen Tile...
  7. K

    I'm Looking For This Tile Marrakech Bellisa Silver Pattern Floor Tiles 30x30

    We are missing 10 (or so) tiles. These are the Marrakech Bellisa 1 (in Silver) tiles with one pattern 30 x 30cm. These were bought at Tile Mountain who have since discontinued them a few months ago. Can you help finish our half tiled kitchen? Thanks Kate
  8. Nicobond

    N&C Gulfstone Quartz 2019-04-02

    Our range of Gulfstone Quartz tiles.
  9. Nicobond

    Flooring Systems 2019-04-02

    Our range of high quality, professional flooring products
  10. T

    Floor tiles lifted on calcium based self level floor

    Hi all,my tiler fitted 600x600 porceline tiles to my calcium based concrete slab,it was 4 months after it being poured and he did a test by laying a peice of polythene taped around edges to see if it was still emiting moisture,this was after it was professionally sanded sorry and no moisture was...
  11. L

    Preparation Marine plywood floor for tiles

    Hi all, I hope you're all well. Is it ok to tile on to a marine ply floor? If not, what sub floor are people using over joists these days. Thank you
  12. S

    To lift or not to lift? (old kitchen floor tiles c.1905)

    Hi all, This is first post here. I have an old house which we are in the process of re-doing kitchen and whilst lifting the many decades of different flooring, finally came down on what must be the original 1905 floor tiles. They are at least 2in thick and classic red terracotta. Under them is...
  13. O

    South East Didcot, Marley plastic floor tile replacement

    I have a flat currently with B&Q plastic tiles that have been in for 14 years and have lasted fine. Substrate is concreate block and beam, would like replacing with similar.
  14. Dadsiphone

    Victorian floor tiles

    Hi, anyone done any original style flooring ? I’ve done a few but I always do my own layout and setting out. So just wondering how you other tilers do it Sid
  15. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Garage floor tiles - looking for more

    Hi all In my garage the previous owner and tiled most of the floor with this, but left approx 8sqm left to do. Anyone know where I can source these tiles? They are approx 15cm x 15cm Thanks Matt
  16. S

    Loose Floor tiles :( New Floor

    got an issue with 2 bathrooms I've just had tiled. So the issue is with the floor tiles which happen to be the same ones I have on the wall and are fine. The issue is that the tiles in both bathrooms have become loose and the grout has started to come away. Now the tiler has been round twice to...
  17. BeckyEWatson

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for KAIROS SATURNIA floor tiles in various sizes

    Looking for KAIROS SATURNIA floor tiles in various sizes 40 of each size 40 x 60 - 20 x 20 - 20 x 40 40 x 40
  18. W

    Recommendations for suppliers (marble/limestone floor tiles)

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere to get some marble/limestone floor tiles from? I got some good advice here after my bathroom tiling disaster and was hoping for some advice to avoid a repeat! I like this Belgravia Honed Marble from Mandarin Stone (but was disappointed...
  19. G

    Discontinued B&Q floor tiles

    Hi everyone, I've recently tiled my kitchen about 12months ago and noticed a cracked tile which I need to replace, I bought these tiles from B&Q DIY store and they have now been discontinued, I have emailed head office and searched everywhere with no luck, can anyone please help me, the tile...
  20. JulianSidney

    I'm Looking For This Tile red and black floor tiles 100mm x 100mm need to do repairs in old farm house

    need to find something looking like these, any size as I can cut to size. need about 2m2
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