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  1. P

    Shower under tile seal

    Hi i am looking for a shower tray under tile seal, a few years ago I found one that the tile sat in a channel on the seal with the up stand behind the tile and the flexi seal part below, does any one know if they still do anything like this anymore ? regards peter
  2. Steve_Bcs

    Mould under lifted tiles?

    I’m continuing to lift tiles on my dot & dabbed kitchen floor over retofit ufh. i thought I’d start a new thread due to what I’m finding underneath. A few tiles have green mould looking spots & bits of water & this one is by far the worst. Taken up just now with my trusty plastic car trim...
  3. T

    Concrete slabs under log burner

    Hi We have recently had some old fashioned concrete slabs laid for under a log burner at the time when I asked the builder he advised any natural stone like this would be easy to keep clean and not stain. I am finding this untrue even without the log burner in and Google seems to suggest they...
  4. L

    Recommendations for Tiling under HE Washer

    Hi All, Could really use some sound advice. I will be tiling my basement laundry room with 12" square ceramic tiles (that I got from my Father-inlaw) ontop of cement foundation. The floor is plain cement over 30 years old that has a dip to the drain (opposite end of the room from where the...
  5. M

    Installing floor tiles under kitchen units

    I'm getting large floor tiles install in the kitchen with existing kitchen units. However, getting different comments from companies over the difficulty of installing the tiles under the existing kitchen units. It's not a problem where there are kitchen cabinet legs and a plinth hiding it as...
  6. M

    Ditra mat or not under floor tiles on ground floor?

    So, on the ground floor there is a wet underfloor heating system. It is using pipes that were installed into grooved ProWarm boards. On top of that is about 4cm of concrete. The current install then has floor tiles which had the adhesive directly on the concrete. For other reasons, all the floor...
  7. N

    condensation under tile

    replaced a loose quartz (resin) tile laid 5 days ago on ditra using s1, loads of condensation under tile; droplets of water. any one seen this before?
  8. M

    Tiling Under A Bathroom Window

    The tile all around the top on the bathroom walls will have piping on the top tile. The tile on the wall under he window will butt up against the bottom of the window sill. This way the height of the top of the tiles are the same on all walls. See the photos. Is this a good way to do this? what...
  9. shimlad

    Putting Electric Heating Mat Under Tiles

    Hello, I have got the boarding down it is wedi board which had been stuck down with adhesive and screwed down also with extra metal washers. Someone has now told me it is not a good idea to put an Electrical Heating Mat over it beacuse of the metal screwes and washers. Can I just take them...
  10. H

    Plywood or Chipboard under Backerboard?

    Hi all, Quick question, when installing 6mm backer board onto a floor prior to tiling, would you prefer plywood or chipboard underneath? Also, do you use adhesive and screws to fix the backer board down, or just screws? For reference, it would be 22mm thick either way, and if chipboard it...
  11. L

    Sandy stuff under bathroom wall tiles!!??

    Hi everyone, first time here as a first time buyer in a flat where literally everything needs doing, and now I have no money, so DIY here I come! So I've started on the bathroom, and have been removing the wall tiles, and they've pretty much been falling off in big sections, coming off with...
  12. C

    Primer for new skim under waterproofing

    Hiya, just had a long discussion at Topps Tiles about which primer would be best to use under the waterproofing liquid. The technical sheet doesn't rule out to use the liquid on new skim (on bathroom plasterboard), provided it is primed first, but doesn't specify a primer. The store staff didn't...
  13. T

    Help. SLC failed under tiles.

    Hi, a few years ago I used SLC in a conservatory on to the original concrete base. I primed and followed the pack instructions and info I found on here and let it set for a few weeks I think before tiling over it (I don't rush these things) Now the tiles sound hollow in certain areas. I...
  14. L

    Tiler Brick slip tiler required - Newcastle Under Lyme

    Good rate of pay offered for someone experienced in this field.
  15. D

    Floor tiling - dot and dab over electric under floor heating

    Bathroom fitter says this is the correct way to lay tiles and nothing in the rule book says he can’t dot and dabb
  16. T

    Messy tiling under kitchen cabinets

    I've recently had a kitchen installed and there is tiling up to the extractor fan and cabinets (pictured). The tiles are light green (not as light as pictured) and the grout is charcoal. Unfortunately the grout really shows up how messy the titling looks, especially as it meets the...
  17. D

    Tiling under hot tub (outdoor)

    I've had some great advice on here before and i'm back for some more - mainly about adhesive choice. I built a gazebo in the back garden earlier this year and have put a hot tub under it. The concrete has been down for 3 months and it'll be 2-3 months max before i start this job, so still quite...
  18. M

    Hollow sounds under porcelain tiles

    Please help... I have numerous large format floor tiles that, when tapped, sound hollow as if there are voids underneath. Our builders, and their tiler, are trying to tell me this is ok. Everything I read says it should be close to 100% adhered. I'm at my whits end with this... And to make...
  19. Kyle Knowles

    Outdoor Tiling | Tiling outdoors

    I gave a step to tile it's 6ft x 6ft with to steps up to the main platform it's brick build then backfilled with concrete would it be acceptable to use something like kerdi membrane to cover the whole thing or even the old homelux wetroom fabric or sold I just go ditra drain or similar? ? The...
  20. S

    Under hardie or not?

    hello. I am installing a new shower/bath. the long edge will be against a finished hardie backer wall and one side edge against a solid concrete wall. what is the best way to tile and seal?. should I cut out the hardie backer so it sits on the bath lip or leave it so bath is flush with the...
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