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  1. P

    Grout too pale... Help!

    Hi everyone, Our tiler has done a really amazing job with our kitchen flooring, but has used a grout far paler than originally suggested. Was going to be dark grey. The one they've used matches the tiles really well, so looks great, but as this is a high traffic area, I'm really worried about...
  2. N

    Remove and replace shower river rock tile flooring and marble wall tile water damage help

    This is my first time posting, I searched for a similar thread and didn't find much- apologies if this is a repeat! My upstairs bathroom has a walk-in shower with marble wall tile and river stone floor. The river rock flooring is getting messed up. The grout is cracking and coming loose, and a...
  3. S


    Hello I'm new to tiling my first flooring job it's 42sqm in 600x 200 floor tiles (wood effect) My room starts at front door where I'm hoping to start"?" To then go right through door into living room then left into dining room ans left to the kitchen! It's like a big u shape I do have a floor...
  4. J

    Silicone Residue Help

    Hi Guys, I've recently tiled my own bathroom and all went well but I have noticed about an inch of silicone residue on either side of the silicone after using a plastics tool to get a good silicone line, I cannot remove with a Stanley blades as it doesn't touch it, its almost like it has soaked...
  5. P

    Help with shower needed

    Hi This is not a specific tiling question - sorry if inappropriate. i am in a position where i need help with my bathroom installation. the shower tray 1500x900 has not been installed level, and the glass panels of the enclosures do not fit into the grooves as intended. the plumber must have...
  6. A

    Contractor damaged edging. Now what? Please help.

    Hi everyone. I'm really hoping you all can help as I am at my wits end. We have hired contractors to renovate a large portion of our home. We are nearing the end, but the shower has been quite a struggle. The contractors did our tile work and subsequently the edging along with it. Some of their...
  7. Aileen

    What is wrong with this tiling job? Help please

    Hi, it's my first time here and I'm desperate to solve this problem. Can someone please tell me if there is something wrong with this tile job? I was told thick thinset is needed since we are installing 12 x 24 porcelain tile and that the look of this tile job is normal. I was told not to worry...
  8. P

    Tiling my bathroom help please.

    Hi all. I am tiling my bathroom after removing old suite. I have used a batten all the way around half a tile above where the bath will go. I am now tiling above batten. Once I’ve done that how do I go about tiling below where the batten was please ? Do I have to measure and put another...
  9. T

    Any tilers in Coventry require help?

    Hi, 35 year old female here, looking to retrain in tiling. Are there any qualified tilers in the coventry and Warwickshire area that require any free help in return for knowledge and experience?
  10. S


    I recently got several loose/hollow tiles rebonded on my bathroom floor. Having left with several drill holes and cracked grout, I hired someone to do the repair and replace all the cracked grout with new grout. This contractor said he was going to use epoxy grout for the job and when I...
  11. R

    Help - Did builder do an acceptable job tiling?

    We recently finished a bathroom renovation where the two builders who did the bathroom also did all the tiling. When looking over the work at the end of the job it seemed generally ok, but we found some things we weren't happy with like an extractor fan that wasn't flush to the wall by almost...
  12. planttrees

    Please help judge this work, looking for expertise!

    Hi all, I have just had someone tile my front path but to me it looks a little odd, but no idea if this is acceptable and I'm being too fussy. They were laid 4 days ago and for some reason they are still lifting super easy, I am not sure why. If anyone can advise it would be hugely appreciated.
  13. M

    Help needed. Gyproc easifill

    Hi I'm new to the forum. Just a quick question. Can you tile onto Gyproc easifill as I have to level out my wall. If not any suggestions?
  14. B

    Help grout cracking all done through builder and his own tilers

    Hello need some help had a new bathroom done though a builder and the tiling does not look like what I think it should, but want to know if I’m being overly picky? They was rulers who did it, The tiles do not line up where shower was installed it now got a gap at the bottom of the shower where...
  15. B

    Please Help! Porcelain floor tiles coming off the floor

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere. My husband and I are doing a full refurbishment in the kitchen and after a long time we were hoping to be finished this week but the tiles placed on the floor are now coming off. They are porcelain...
  16. W

    Starting up a tiling business

    Hi Just after any advice on starting up as a tiler , same old stuck in a dead end boring job need a change of career. The only thing is i'm 47 years old is that to old !!! I have done a few jobs in the past and enjoyed it and recently did the uk pro tiling home course. Its taking the step to go...
  17. C

    Indoor/Outdoor Tile Layout HELP!

    Hi there I’m new to Tile Forum and joined to get professional opinions because I really need advice. We laid 100m2 900 x 900 tiles internally in a perfect square formation transitioning three rooms with a 2mm grout line. The idea was to seamlessly transition this to the raised patio outside...
  18. C

    Help Different Caliber Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

    Hi there I ordered 160sqm of 90cm x 90cms of matching Large Format Porcelain tiles. 105sqm for Interior (10mm thick), 55sqm for Exterior (20mm). The installation of the Interior took place in December but we held off on the Exterior due to weather conditions. We've now come to install the...
  19. J

    Where did I go wrong installing ditra

    Hi everyone I tried installing ditra 25 matting for the first time but didn’t get the same coverage on the Matt as what they did in the videos I was wondering if anyone could point out where I went wrong as I thought I followed all steps. Thanks
  20. A

    Help with bad tile job and grout

    I was hoping for some advice. I have large white tiles in my kitchen who a friend laid. I was away at the time he laid them so was unable to give him feel back and ask for them to be altered at the time. I absolutely hate the way they have been laid, the joints do not line up and he didn't use...
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