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  1. J

    This will make you cringe ...

    Hi folks, I've signed up to ask for some advice. I know you'll wince as I'm a try-hard DIYer who's been trying very hard over the last couple of days (and a lot more "couple of days" here and there), since moving into our first home last year. We're in a first-floor maisonette that was leaking...
  2. D

    Need some advice please on this wall material

    Hello everyone Tiles going onto the wall with addy works out at around 30kg m2. Started scraping off plaster to expose the undercoat. Please can somone tell me by the picture if the undercoat is sand & cement or a bonding coat. It's a little dusty but once cleaned off by a brush it seems...
  3. B

    Is this a BAD TILING JOB?

    We are currently getting our whole house refurbished. The standard of the work as been very high so far however when it's come to the finish and attention to detail of the tiling in the Main and EnSuite bathroom, well, I think, even having never ever tiled before, after watching a handful of...
  4. A

    Uneven Grout Lines - How Easy Is This To Rectify?

    Please could someone advice if it’s possible to easily rectify the uneven grout lines shown in the attached pictures please?
  5. Jon329

    Is this a silly question?

    I'm probably asking a really silly question but here's my problem. I've tiled a few rooms before and the way I start is to screw a piece of wood into the wall low down where the second row of tiles will start I make sure this is level with a spirit level so I have a straight and level...
  6. G

    Builders Tiling job - is this acceptable?

    Hi, I'm having my bathroom renovated and would really appreciate some advice as I've heard/read conflicting information and would like to know where I stand. The job is due to finish around the of this week. The tiles are 600x300mm and 9mm thick porcelain. Please see the attached image, which...
  7. T

    Critique this Tiling Job

    Hello, I'm not a tiler, I'm a customer. Just had a job done, a little bit to finish off tomorrow. In general an ok quality except I cannot stand the corners and it is poor/scabby around the window. Is this acceptable, yes or no, what if anything could/should be done to improve. Is there a...
  8. jcrtiling

    Is this stuff any good

    I'm thinking of producing my own tiles, Jcr tiles . Of course these need to be of the utmost quality so does any body know if I would be able to produce a high quality tile using this equipment .
  9. C

    Can I tile onto this type of plywood?

    Hi, My friend's Dad built some boxing around the toilet in my bathroom using some plywood salvaged from a building site. I think it was previously used for boarding up windows (shuttering ply?). See pics attached. Can I tile onto this if properly primed or am I better off redoing the box in a...
  10. A

    Is this substrate ok?

    It's been a few years since I have visited. I have to replace 2 tiles previously fitted to marmox that got damaged. When I pulled them up most of the concrete face has come off the marmox board so I'm not sure what is best. Hopefully this picture is clear to see.
  11. B

    Wetroom dilemma's - want to pick on your professional opinon on this

    All professional opinon appreciated - Had a wetroom done and the tiles are falling off in the wetroom, the tiler used the dot and dab method in a wetroom. I have up loaded the images to see what your opinon should we take the tiles off and start again.
  12. jcrtiling

    Anybody had this an is it time to retire it

    My Makita radio has stopped working on dab but still works on fm . Anybody any fixes or is it U.S.
  13. Pritch

    Is this acceptable ?

    After tiling my en suite to a good standard ( with help from you guys) I decided to get a pro in to do my bathroom because of the expensive tiles being used. I've noticed some cuts are badly chipped. Do you think these are acceptable and will be less noticeable when grouted ? Thanks
  14. I

    Did this Forum have major changes last few years?

    I used to be a regular forum member joining post 2000 unsure exactly. Went quiet for a few years and could not login end of last year. Able to locate my old posts and threads etc. Anyway, reported this and had my user name activated again, not sure how, but now have zero history, that was there...
  15. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile Desperate to find this

    Good evening all I have a few cracked kitchen tiles 60 x 60 pics attached which looking to replace. I cannot seem to locate them anywhere despite being fairly generic looking. The nearest I have so far is CTDs Eagle dark grey...however the Eagle tiles are too light. Please can anyone help me...
  16. N

    Is this an acceptable finish?

    Good evening, we have just had our bathroom replaced by a local company who advertise that they specialise in bathroom and kitchen replacements. The general standard of the work has been good except for two issues. The first is the quality of the cutting of the tiles and the second is a...
  17. D

    What kind of tile is this, where can I get them from?

    A friend of mine just moved in to a council flat and has these tiles in his bathroom but wants them in his kitchen as well but can't find them any where, they are just under 20" x 20" (I apologise about the poor quality of the photos)
  18. S

    Any fix for this limestone?

    Builder on the job I'm on has blobbed these limestone on two window cills, not sure what adhesive was used but he was using grey rapidest on a bathroom so presume it would be that.. They were fitted six months ago and never been sealed, they have no tiles left so any ideas to sort besides...
  19. llcoolfay

    Is this a dodgy job?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if a tiler should be expected to know how to remove a stainless steel splashback. The guy who tried to remove one for me put a big chip in the ceramic hob and dug a couple of holes in the wall then gave up. When I turned up I saw straight away it was too thick just to be...
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