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Broadcast Networks, LLC, part of the Allen Media Group division of Entertainment Studios. Originally formed in 2008 as a joint venture between Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Weigel Broadcasting, the network maintains a large programming emphasis on films (those primarily sourced from the library of partial owner MGM), but also airs other limited general entertainment content in the form of classic television series and children's programming.
The network is available in many media markets via broadcast television stations, primarily on their digital subchannels, and on select cable television providers through carriage of a local affiliate (primarily on digital cable tiers). This TV's programming and business operations are headquartered in Century City, California with the rest of Entertainment Studio's operations; MGM handles advertising sales for the network through its offices in New York City.

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  1. G

    Preparation How would this be boarded?

    Hi, Any ideas how I would attach a foam backer board (or indeed any type of backer) along the right side of the window in the attached picture. The right side is about 130 mm.
  2. W

    How's My Tiling? Is this grouting acceptable?

    Hi all, I've had a nightmare with my patio, one issue after another. The latest one is the grouting, I think it's shocking but would like to hear your opinions to see if I'm expecting too much on quality of finish and also want I can do to fix it, would it be a regrout or can I sandpaper to...
  3. B

    What to do with this wall?

    I’m installing a bath in this area. There used to be a shower there & that brick wall had a board over it which was soggy & weakened so I removed it back to the brick. I’ve bought a 12mm hardiebacker board to put over the brick area. I’m aware I have to install with an adhesive & screws but...
  4. T

    Advice - can this be fixed

    I have had issues with our contractor regarding the quality of his work, however when confronted with the issues around his sloppy grouting his response to was to tell me to keep the outstanding money and find someone else to finish the work! So my main question is can this be fixed? and if so...
  5. W

    Preparation Is this spot bonding and if not will it be an issue?

    Hello, I'm a member of the public and would really appreciate your opinion on a tiling job that is being done right now. My landscaper is tiling my patio with large ceramic tiles 75x75cm. I got home and noticed that the tiles sound very hollow when knocked. On looking at CCTV I noticed that he...
  6. Zaney1987

    Can anyone recognise this old tile please?

    Total long shot of course but owner needs only one tile for a very exposed position and can’t afford to replace entire floor. Thanks in advance
  7. JL Building

    What type of tile is this?

    Hi Newbie here! I've got a couple of tiles to replace on a job I'm doing but struggling to source the type of tile. Would anyone be able to advise what tile this is? Thanks
  8. Z

    Do people only reply if your known and respected on this forum?

    It seems like alot of people don't get answers to their questions. To be fair I am new here so I could be wrong I put a question up earlier with no reply yet but other people get replies so was wondering if it might be because I'm new to the forum Either way the forum is very helpful and I...
  9. B

    Can I tile onto this?

    Hi, Can I tile directly onto this? I have taken off the previous tiles and (most) of the adhesive. Can I tile onto this wall? I have read that you should not using pva under any circumstances, but the wall does feel a bit dusty. Any advice greatly appreciated! B
  10. S

    How to do this job ?

    Hi All , I am trying to build a shower cubicle using the tray in the picture (super heavy ) at the corner here. There are a couple of things i wanted to get some advice on before doing something wrong. There will be a stud wall (orange ) and a glass shower door (blue) What do I line the shower...
  11. sdm1964

    How's My Tiling? what do you think of this tiling?

    Hi everyone. I'm after some genuine comments on a job that someone did for me recently. I'd just like to get an idea of what people think of the work. I'm not going to say anymore than that, but any constructive criticism I would greatly appreciate. The photos are of a shower niche, and the...
  12. AldousHuxley80

    Advice Please - Fixing This!

    Had a tiling company in to get rid of some glass wall mosaic tiles, redo with green ones. In the process of removing the old they’ve damaged the ceiling (see photo - it’s some sort of plasterboard covered with waterproof paint) and have pumped in a load of silicone to try and mask it. Actually...
  13. P

    Tiling on hardwall - is this a big no no?

    Hello I'm really hoping someone can help as we are doing 4 bathrooms in our home and everyone is saying different things. Pretty new to this so any advice gratefully received! We have a 1930s property which has solid brick walls (no cavity). Our builder has hardwalled the bathrooms. Our tiler...
  14. T

    Not done this for some time!

    Started a job last week 40 sq mtrs around an indoor swimming pool. 30mm thick limestone tiles! Sized all 600mm wide in lengths of 900 800 700 and 600mm. Client wants them laid up to the edge of the pool. 1st photo shows tiles laid to pool edge look awful and too sharp an edge for children. Told...
  15. M

    Hello to everyone on this wonderful forum

    Glad to be part of this forum, hope to carry on learning and improving my diy skills
  16. D

    This forum is a great tool

    Seasons greetings to everyone all the best for 2022.
  17. F

    JuJu going down on this forum

    Was just gonna post to keep up my access to the forum but I see some strange JuJu going down in the most recent posts!
  18. B

    This Tile Job Makes Me Sad

    We had a contractor tile some of the walls in three of our bathrooms with white subway tile. It looks unacceptable to me; the edges at the corners of the walls are sharp on both sides - he did not use curved tiles. We have other areas in the bathroom that were previously tiled with the same type...
  19. A

    Too many pages on this forum

    This isn't a rant! Just a quick msg to anyone who needs to know. IMO, this forum is cluttered with to many pages to go on. In today's internet world, I think it needs to be more simplified!
  20. F

    Alternatives to this Schluter tile trim?

    Hi all Do any UK stocks do a similar tile trim to this Schluter design? Deco-SG I've phoned around a few of their stockist in the UK and they all say it has to be ordered specially from Germany which they can't do for a small order. I only need 2 x...
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