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Tile to ceiling - salvage of bad tiling

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Hello everyone,

I had a very unprofessional tiler who did a lot of errors and left my bathroom job unfinished with a lot of excuses on why he is not available. I stopped chasing him now and have a friend to help me to finish and fix the errors as much as we can as I cannot afford the re-tiling (which firnd has recommended). One of the issues I need advice on is how the best to finish wall to sealing for the wall now fully tiled, but one of the tiles he put is below the other tiles by 0.5cm making the line under the sealing uneven (5mm step is a very big noticeable step straight under the ceiling). I have read the thread about silicon vs grout vs calk, but such finish will highlight the step... unless there might be a trick I can use to hide this bad finish? The tiles are already on the wall, not sure whether I can use a trim and whether it can be used between the tiles and ceiling? I would very much appreciate advice on how to salvage this......

Thank you so much!!
Here’s my suggestion. Firstly, finish the grouting of all the tiles. Paint the ceiling. When both these are dry and set, fit an even bead of good quality white silicone all the way round the room where the wall and ceiling meet. Use a silicone profile tool to finish it at a 45 deg angle. Profile tools will offer different sizes of bead pick the size that matched that wide gap (5mm you say). The result should be a neat, even bead round the whole room. In my opinion, better look than any trims etc.

This advice is just for your particular situation as obviously the tile should have been cut right in the first place.

Good luck.

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