1. Dan

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles

    RIDGID LevelMax System used on Large Bathroom Floor Tiles Not a brand I've heard of over here.
  2. A

    Bathroom tiling

    Hi, we have been doing up our house but had a bathroom fitter in for that room. Some of the white tiles have discoloured- see photos of before (all same shade, same batch numbers etc), and see after with ‘darker’ white tiles behind shower fittings and lower down near tray. Is this a leak? If so...
  3. M

    bathroom job any advice, tips, tricks appreciated

    Bathrrom getting ripoed out everything except the bath with two internal walls and two external. Plan is to rip out old tiles,take wallpaper off plus any plaster left behind it and board all walls with marmox multiboards and seal joints on boards around bath area with their waterproof tape...
  4. M

    Bathroom Floor

    Hi Guys, Wanted to run past the intended process for a bathroom floor project.. First floor bathroom, 1930s house, will be UFH with Porcelain tile. Floor boards need to be ripped up to sort out the plumbing. Replace with 18mm PLY, glue, screw and prime 6mm Insulation board, with adhesive...
  5. Dan

    Look who's got to tile a bathroom soon

    Got a bit of tiling to do myself soon. I won't be back buttering anything. Porcelain 350x350 on floors and walls and some boxing in and maybe a removable bath panel and some shelving hole things. Got aquapanel for the floors and shower.
  6. M83T

    Bathroom tiling adhesive and clips advice. advice and

    I have been asked to tile my cousins bathroom and it will be my first time using 300x 600 ceramic for the wall. The tiles are going on a skimmed wall which is in good nick, can anybody reccomend a decent slow setting adhesive to use for this please. And also is it worth using clips to get them...
  7. R

    Tiling painted bathroom wall

    I am re tiling a bathroom, have re plasterboarded all but this one wall as this one wall has no tiles on, just paint, not sure exactly what type of paint. Can I tile onto this painted plasterboard wall? If yes whats the best way to prepare the painted surface for the tiles? Any advice is much...
  8. C

    Friends bathroom refit timescales

    Hi all, Just after opinions from you guys. I have been doing a friends bathroom refit as a favour and to also develop my experience etc. I have done five solid days so far. Remove old suite Hacked walls back to brick and to old stud wall. Reboarded walls and ceiling. Drilled new basin...
  9. C

    Tiling Bathroom - Going overboard?

    Hi All, New to the forum but not new to DIY... Been reading a lot of posts on here recently to get some ideas on the best way to go about tiling the bathroom in my new house. It's not going to be anything too complex - L-shape bath with shower, sink on counter top unit, toilet and tiled floor...
  10. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for these dark and light grey bathroom tiles..

    Hello, Can anyone help me to find my bathroom tiles? I'm planning changes in my bathroom, which will mean exposing part of the wall which was not tiled (being hidden behind units and a bath) - so I'm looking for these tiles to tile the exposed areas - see attached photos. So I am looking for...
  11. K

    Dropped ceiling shadow light detail

    Hi, I would like to find a detail to give the best lighting effect for bathroom dropped ceiling shadow (led strip) lighting , any suggestions welcome? See attached. The detail in attached seems to a lot in terms of the drop or spacing of the edge of the dropped ceiling from the wall. Thanks
  12. Bbbecca7

    Tiling bathroom floor- floorboards/cement board question

    Hi all! Since everyone was so helpful with near tiling disaster last time I am hoping to get a bit more advice now that we are coming to tile our bathroom floor. We want to make sure we do it right first time! The floor of the bathroom is wood floorboards. They're in relatively good nick and...
  13. T

    Preparation Freshly skimmed bathroom wall help

    Hello all, New tiler here advice needed Just had a customer's bathroom wall skimmed as it wasn't in good shape after the tiles were removed. The plasterer told me it will be good to tile in 3/4 days which I thought was to soon. Anyway if I do give it 4 days would it be okay use mapei plaster...
  14. M

    Redoing bathroom with large format tiles

    Afternoon. I'm planning on re-tiling our small (1.8m by 2m) bathroom in our late 1970's house with some large format tiles that I've come by, but in doing some research on how to fix them I think I've hit a snag and would appreciate some confirmation before I completely change my plans. The...
  15. B

    Bathroom floor to be tiled

    Hey all need some advice so I can follow the same when doing my bathroom. My pensioner sister is having a bathroom refurb which consists of replacing a bath with a cubicle shower and fitting new toilet and basin. She's also having quite expensive porcelain wall to ceiling tiles & floor tiles...
  16. R

    Clean grout from new bathroom tiles

    Just had bathroom tiled. Good job but grout on wall tiles has seaped its way into every groove of the tile...floor tiles are spotless though. Ive made some progress with tile cleaning pads and dertedek residue remover, this worked wonders...
  17. N

    Bathroom Prep Help - Skimmed Walls

    Hi All, I have spent all day reading the forum but thought it best to ask the question direct for some feedback. We have an ensuite in our new extension which we are tiling, however, the builder has skimmed the entire room and did so before I knew the weight limits on skimmed walls etc...
  18. G

    First ever tiling work

    Hello, I'm Gian and we recently purchased our first ever ocea bathroom tv. We'll be installing it recessed against our bathroom tiled wall. Any tips on how I can do this successfully? I'm doing the cracking of the tiles in the area and this is gonna be my first time. Wifey doesn't want to hire...
  19. Mark parry

    Bathroom tiling dot and dab

    Hi I need some help I am having my bathroom tiled onto plaster board my tiler has put them on with dot and dab 45x90 tiles is this ok and also puting underfloor heating mat down with 45x90 tiles dot and dab my understanding it should be total coverage on floor tiles. The pic is one of the tiles...
  20. R

    I'm Looking For This Tile Pilkington's white bathroom 100mm x 100mm

    Dear all Does anyone know where I could gain about 40 white 100mm x 100mm Pilkington white bathroom tiles, broken off due to recent building work. Any help very very gratefully received. Richard
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