A bathroom or washroom is a room, typically in a home or other residential building, that contains either a bathtub or a shower (or both). The inclusion of a wash basin is common. In some parts of the world e.g. India, a toilet is typically included in the bathroom; in others, the toilet is typically given a dedicated room separate from the one allocated for personal hygiene activities. In North American English the word 'bathroom' is sometimes used to refer to any room in a residence that contains a toilet, regardless of the inclusion of a bath or shower.
Historically, bathing was often a collective activity, which took place in public baths. In some countries the shared social aspect of cleansing the body is still important, as for example with sento in Japan and the "Turkish bath" (also known by other names) throughout the Islamic world.

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  1. S

    Pictures Looking for a tile

    Please help me find this tile.
  2. R

    Bathroom window and half tiled wall

    Hi. I am going to be filing around a window which is very close (about 70mm to the adjacent wall. That wall next to it will be half tiled. My question is would it look best if I aim to run the grout line dead on the bottom of the window and stop the tiles on the other wall at that height or...
  3. M

    Tiling Under A Bathroom Window

    Is it ok to butt the tile up against the bottom of the window sill to keep the tile height with the piping on h other walls the same?
  4. M

    Tiling Under A Bathroom Window

    The tile all around the top on the bathroom walls will have piping on the top tile. The tile on the wall under he window will butt up against the bottom of the window sill. This way the height of the top of the tiles are the same on all walls. See the photos. Is this a good way to do this? what...
  5. R

    Tiler New plaster work renovated bathroom. In ware in Hertfordshire SG129HF

    Small bathroom ready to go New plastered through. About 10 square meters
  6. D

    My 1st Job Bathroom re grouting.

    Can I add anti mold solution to my grout when mixing it
  7. M

    Tile expansion joint - small bathroom and boarded

    Hello I have a 3 x 2.4m bathroom. Floor is 25mm ply overboarded with 6mm cement board. Walls are a mixture of brick & stud that have been boarded with either foam tile backer board or moisture resistant plasterboard depending on area. For a room this size and with those features is an...
  8. M

    Adhesive Adhesive & Grout Recommendations for Bathroom

    Hi Everyone, I’m a new DIY tiler looking to do my bathroom and downstairs toilet. The amount of adhesives and grouts out there is a little overwhelming and confusing for us newbies so was hoping for someone to shed some light on which ones would be best for me… Substrates: The bathroom has new...
  9. H

    This is really Poor setting out isn't it?

    Post deleted post deleted
  10. M

    My 1st Job Mike's Bathroom floor project

    First time tiling, I'm using 12 X 12 ceramic tiles on the floor. Cement board underlayment is down, I've dry fitted the tiles with spacers, but some of the tiles aren't quite flat on the floor, they wobble a little. Can I mix the thinset mortar a little thicker and use it to make all tiles...
  11. L

    Sandy stuff under bathroom wall tiles!!??

    Hi everyone, first time here as a first time buyer in a flat where literally everything needs doing, and now I have no money, so DIY here I come! So I've started on the bathroom, and have been removing the wall tiles, and they've pretty much been falling off in big sections, coming off with...
  12. M

    First ever bathroom tile job. Have i done things right or wrong

    Had my bathroom ripped out and plumbers first fix at weekend. Tiler I had turned up Sunday. Did an hour and half. Did half a wall that looked a complete mess. I tried to put it right but couldn't. Me and my missus decided they would look horrendous and got rid of the tiler. No one could come at...
  13. G

    backer board advice for my bathroom

    Hi guys, I am a novice DIYer looking into options for backer board. I have ripped out my existing bathroom. This consisted of a bathtub with ceramic tiles. The property is a purpose built flat built roughly 16 years ago. It appears that the tiles were put on green plasterboard. Underneath the...
  14. P

    Ensuite bathroom - Gap

    Hi, We are currently getting our en-suite tiled and there seems to be an issue. On one of the walls where the tiles are exposed, there is no gap at the very top but as you work your way to the bottom there is about a 10mm gap. The tiler said that the wall surface wasn't flat but the wall is...
  15. N

    When to apply grout to shower walls & floor and bathroom floor tiles

    Hello, I'm renovating my 2nd floor master bath. I'm about to lay down tile in three areas... on the shower floor first, then the his and her side bathroom floors, and finally the shower walls - in that order. My question is... Should i grout immediately after each tiled area's mortar it...
  16. S

    Tried a bathroom, Kitchen next

    Hi I have been lurking around here for a while, started to tile a new bathroom, then chickened out and got a pro to finish it. My tiling is as good as his, just takes me ten times as long. Kitchen is next, can’t decide what to do with splashback behind hob, tiles or stainless or plate glass with...
  17. J

    Using brick slips as a bathroom floor over old bitumen

    Hi there everyone. What a fantastic forum. I have taken out the bathroom in our 1930s bungalow. The floor was tiled, and well stuck down. Removing the tiles has revealed a layer of bitumen painted onto concrete. The floor is solid and isn't likely to move. My question is this...what kind of...
  18. nick9one1

    Tiling over bathroom paint

    I'm about to start tiling my bathroom and was wondering if is there some sort of self etching primer available for priming glossy bathroom paint before tiling? The bathroom was previously tiled 1/2 way up
  19. O

    New Bathroom preparation

    Hi all We finally got it together to do a renovation build and the bathrooms are boarded out with water-resistant boards - and the builder has skimmed them, which I was not expecting. But funds are running out and I intend to finish the bathrooms myself. How best to prepare the shower area for a...
  20. A

    Hello - bathroom tiling already boarded

    Delighted to find this Tilers’ forum. Have previously used the Plumbers’ forum which has been very helpful. I took on tiling the en-suite in our extension a couple of years back. Didn’t start well: didn’t know the significance of having selected porcelain tiles until I tried to make the first...