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  1. C

    Is it worth applying a liquid dpm or tanking bathroom floor before tiling?

    I have a ground floor bathroom with a concrete floor with no DPM sheet (was an old coal outhouse that's been bolted onto the Victorian house via a short walkway). Two external walls approximately 3m x 1.2m I've dug the outside ground level deeper than the inside level, sorted new guttering and...
  2. T

    Setting Out Old tiles in bathroom dilemma

    We have a small bathroom with very awkward-to-remove tiles- circa 1940s We can’t decide whether to rip it all out and back to brick wall, replaster then tile and fit bathroom- possibly where we are heading.. but the tiles will be a pain to get off - it’s like they’re fixed with cement...
  3. B

    Floor and wall advise for bathroom re furb..

    Hi Everyone, I'm after a bit of advise regarding my bathroom which I'm re doing. Several questions, I'm afraid! 1. When i took the old tiles off the floor, they pulled off a bit of the surface of the backer board in places, upto a few mm. This is well fixed down, so don't want to remove if...
  4. Tony_C

    October Victorian Bathroom - More spacers required!! JOTM October Entry

    Victorian style bathroom with Burlington Bathrooms high level WC & Basin. 26sqm Topps Tiles Lampas cloud tiles and 5 sqm Victorian mosaic floor tiles. Mapei tanking, p9 white adhesive, Tilemaster 3000 natural grey grout & Genesis brushed trim. Floor also levelled and sealed with LTP mattstone...
  5. R

    Bs standard for maximum adhesive bed for ceramic wall tiles in domestic bathroom

    Does anyone know if there is a code of practice defining the maximum thickness of a standard set tile adhesive for a ceramic wall tile?
  6. M

    Discontinued tiles required for bathroom shower repair

    I require a pack of discontinued Pavigres Genciana Branco tiles for a shower repair (size 200mm * 250mm). Any help would be appreciated as currently at a dead end. Thank you.
  7. C

    Bathroom walls and floor

    I am in the process of tiling my bathroom walls and floor. I have purchased 600 x 600 porcelain tiles and I could do with some advice. I have been told that I should get 9mm marine ply laid over my floor boards. Is that correct advice. I also would like to know if there is a best price / trade...
  8. W

    I need advice Stupid question - how do you skim half a wall when a wall is being half-tiled?

    I've got plasterers coming in next week to render the (brick) walls of my bathroom ready for it to be tiled. 3 of the walls will be tiled from the floor to the ceiling and the plasterers are going to sand/cement render those and not skim them. 1 wall will only be tiled half-way up the wall...
  9. S

    October Bathroom refit by Mermaid Home Solutions - JOTM Entry for October

    Out with the old in with the new!! Complete bathroom refit except the bath 😁, white metro tiles, white grout, white suite and ladder rad
  10. R

    Preparation Hi, i want to know if it is necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor bathroom in a new (2018) build house?

    My house was built in 2018, the floor is sheet boarded which I believe to be green chipboard. I am told these are bonded together as well as to the I joists. There is not a lot of movement but I am no expert. So I ask "is it necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor...
  11. J K Tiling Cornwall

    JK Tiling | Cornwall Tilers

    JK Tiling specialize in all types of tile installation. Including Porcelain, Mosaic and Natural stone. From Slate to Marble all the work is carried out to the highest standard, working with the customer to achieve the personalised finish they are after. Bathroom and wetroom tiling is our forte...
  12. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa Botticino tiles for bathroom - 31.5cm x 44.5cm & 31.5cm x 31.5cm

    Discontinued many years ago. Trying to track down 40 tiles of each of this range in order to complete a shower repair. Pictures attached of each tile. Product codes: Botticino C212211011 / G-115 & C223114001 / G-110
  13. H

    My 1st Job Where did I go wrong? 2sqm bathroom floor

    I attempted my first tiling job a few days ago in my downstairs bathroom. It took me around 8 hours to get to this point. The day after I came back to remove all the tile leveling clip wedges. I was left with a couple that I couldn't get out, and I also had a lot of adhesive in my grout lines...
  14. R

    Price for entire bathroom. Is it a reasonable price?

    Hi, i recently completely re-did an upstairs bathroom. Total I charged for all work was around £3800. Checking in to see if you think this is a reasonable price. Job included: -complete gutting of old bathroom, removal of bath, sink, toilet, and about 6msq of old wall tiles and overboarding...
  15. D

    Light Marks On Tiles

    I am finding light blotches on my bathroom wall tiles, they are ceramic from British Ceramic Tile. I fitted the tiles to the walls of my bathroom three months ago with Dunlop RX 2000, I used a notched trowel and back buttered every tile with a coverage of 100%. Grout is Dunlop as well. I...
  16. L

    120mm (H) x 330mm (W) 'Cloud Look' bathroom tile

    Bathroom 5 years old, plumber to put in new shower, needs 4 tiles of those dims. Starting to not care what colour they are :-( Whole bathroom came from Bathstore but not the tile (previous owner), any idea where can get a flat colour 120mm x 330mm tile from ? Thanks
  17. How to tile a bathroom

    How to tile a bathroom

    http://www.ceresit.com Watch step-by-step how to install a professional bathroom tiling system - from preparing the substrate to waterproofing under tiles, f...
  18. B

    DIY Adhesive advice for DIY porch tiling with ceramic tiles

    I'm looking at laying some large ceramic tiles, on top of Arditex NA SLC in my front porch. There seems to be a whole raft of stuff out there such as pre mixed, rapid set etc and I'm not sure what's best for my specific application. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  19. B

    August & September Bathroom I recently did. 900x450 and 900x150 tiles

    Bathroom I recently did. 900x450 and 900x150 tiles. Really enjoyed doing this one, the bathroom had been pretty much built to suit the tile so everything was basically centred on a tile.
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