A trim command (known as TRIM in the ATA command set, and UNMAP in the SCSI command set) allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive (SSD) which blocks of data are no longer considered to be 'in use' and therefore can be erased internally.Trim was introduced soon after SSDs were introduced. Because low-level operation of SSDs differs significantly from hard drives, the typical way in which operating systems handle operations like deletes and formats resulted in unanticipated progressive performance degradation of write operations on SSDs. Trimming enables the SSD to more efficiently handle garbage collection, which would otherwise slow future write operations to the involved blocks.Although tools to "reset" some drives to a fresh state were already available before the introduction of trimming, they also delete all data on the drive, which makes them impractical to use for ongoing optimization. By 2014, many SSDs had internal background garbage collection mechanisms that worked independently of trimming. Although this successfully maintained their performance even under operating systems that did not support trim, it had the associated drawbacks of increased write amplification and wear of the flash cells.TRIM is also widely used on shingled magnetic recording (SMR) hard drives.

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  1. K

    Can ceramic tile trim be installed over existing Schluter trim?

    My parent's shower tile was installed using Schluter trim, but it is Mexican tile and would look better with tile trim. Is it possible to install tile trim over the Schluter somehow? The highest priority is adding tile to the outside of the pony wall as shown in the photos, but we would like to...
  2. C

    Finishing without trim+

    Hey guys, We have some porcelain tiles in a matt white. Stutal stone sort of vibe (Rushmore white to be specific). We're keen thay these look as natural as possible for the effect we're going for. Can the raw edges be painted of successfully primed first? If so, will Zinsser 123 do the job...
  3. Dowler77

    Trim on 3 edges of window

    I have a window in the corner of the bathroom. One side is flush with the reveal. Should I only trim 3 sides or will this look stupid?
  4. G

    Trim advice please 10 or 12.5

    I have 600 x 300 tiles 9.5 thick should I use 10mm or 12.5mm trim? thanks
  5. S

    Loose tiles and trim need fixing

    So, my elderly/disabled neighbour mentioned to me the other day that one of the seals had come off in her bathroom come off. Not problem i said id take a look as it should only be a quick clean up and re seal. (im a diy tiler by the way) Turns out its actually the grout and a few tiles that...
  6. E

    Tile Trim Tiling stairs, which trim shoud i use .

    Hello. I need to tile an indoor stairs, which trim can I use? Could be a normal aluminium L shape ? Any other suggestions I should have in mind for the job? The actual stairs are concrete. Thanks on advance!
  7. Alf_Laden

    Tile trim install method

    Hi all, Have a question about how/when best to install tile trim - probably quite basic! One of my walls has a 5 inch recess, and the wall will be tiled up to a height of 1.3m. The recess means I have an external corner to deal with and I want to install the tile trim across the top of the...
  8. D

    External corner wall half tile to fully tiled return-best way to trim?

    Hi, I am looking for advice about half tiling an external corner which meets a full tiled shower wall(over bath); unfortunately, I have cement board on the shower wall so cannot return (set back 30/50mm) as it will expose cement board. Any other suggestions would be appreciated? Cheers DTCB
  9. P

    Tile Trim Cutting/mitring stainless steel trim

    Hi there, My customer has chosen stainless steel trim (unable to pursued them otherwise) Just wondering if there’s a method for mitring I haven’t thought of. A suitable blade for my mitre saw is about 50 quid so not an option for a small job. Have done this with a grinder before but accuracy...
  10. N

    Tile trim finish query

    Morning all, I like the finish of the window reveal of the attached. My question is, how do you finish the top of the tile trim? Is it a case of a dab of silicone or something to finish off the exposed edge? Many thanks
  11. F

    Alternatives to this Schluter tile trim?

    Hi all Do any UK stocks do a similar tile trim to this Schluter design? Deco-SG I've phoned around a few of their stockist in the UK and they all say it has to be ordered specially from Germany which they can't do for a small order. I only need 2 x...
  12. J

    DIY-Can I use liquid nails to glue marble pencil trim to shower floor?

    I want to install this marble pencil trim ON TOP of the existing shower floor tile. Can I use an adhesive like liquid nails to do this or will it not form a waterproof bond correctly? Just looking for a fast and easy way. Thanks!
  13. Abedegno

    Advice on Tile trim lip

    ahouls there be a lip on the tile trim or it be flush - a 12mm trim has been used here leaving a lip when perhaps a 10mm should have been used instead?
  14. L

    What tool to use for cutting trim mitres

    Hi all. I hope you are keeping well. Need a bit of advice on which tool is best to cut the mitres on metal trim. Can you get a good blade for an angle grinder or is there not enough control with this? I don't have a small chop saw, only a big sliding mitre saw which a blade would be very...
  15. H

    Tile trim is this correct?

    Hi In the process of getting bathroom done and came home to this…see photos. I am used the the tile trim facing the room, like a frame, but tiler has done it this way facing in towards the recess. It doesn’t look right to me and looking online can’t see anything else like this! Is this even...
  16. A

    What size tile trim for 7mm tiles

    Quick question, I have bought some 7mm tiles and was wondering what size tile trim would be best? Any help greatly appreciate
  17. J

    Tile Trim Is this tile trim a professional standard

    Is this acceptable tile trim job. How should it be done. Can it be ripped out easily and redone. Any advice welcome. Also is this grouting an acceptable standard. What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  18. A

    Tile trim size.

    Hi all. It's been a while since I have completed any tiling and will be doing some basin splashbacks with 9mm thick 600 x 300 porcelain tiles. I will be running a trim around the whole of the outside of the tile Schluter Jolly- A 110 TSBG – Natural Beige Grey. I want the trim to be flush...
  19. S

    Trim / Grout Problem

    White tiles, metro pattern. The tiles have bevelled edges, that is, there is a 1 mm difference in thickness between a whole and cut tiles (edges). Trims are white too, very thin, straight edge. Grout is dark. Problem: if you grout as normal, there will be an ugly uneven dark line alongside the...
  20. Frelon

    Tile Trim Search/Advice

    Hi all, first post here so be gentle! I tiled behind a sink unit a couple of years ago and used Homelux Kitchen Corner Cove 6mm at the joint between the sink unit and the tiles. The job has turned out well as I did not want to use silicone sealant at the join. I am now wanting to tile above...
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