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I'm hoping some of you can offer some advice on the best way to edge trim metro tiles. They will be fitted horizontal brick above kitchen worktops, with the top edge and one end edge bordering a painted wall. The top edge will be the as-bought tile, with the bevel against the trim. The end edge will be 1/4 & 3/4 tiles, so a cut end against a trim.

The thickness of the cut tile is 9.5mm. Beveled edge approximately 7mm.

We quite like a square edge trim, but cannot seem to find one in a colour we like greater than 12mm. My theory being that with tile adhesive (3mm?) the total thickness is likely to be 13mm, therefore the edge trim will need to be 15mm, in order to hide the cut edge. This also may look strange against the beveled edge at the top.

Any nicer alternatives to a square edge trim?

Dado tiles are nice, but will not work with the vertical cut edge I do not think.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly received! Thanks, Adam
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