The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) is a distance learning public university in Tanzania. It was established by an Act of Parliament No. 17 of 1992. It is a single mode institution offering certificate, diploma and degree courses through distance learning. Its headquarters is situated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and conducts its operations through 30 Regional Centres and 70 Study Centres. The university has a capacity of approximately 70,000 students both local and international ones.
It consists of:

Directorate of Regional Services
Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Faculty of Business Management
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science, Technology and Environmental Studies
Institute of Educational and Management Technologies
Institute of Continuing Education

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  1. T

    Metal trim jutting out at corner, creating sharp point.

    Coming to the end of a bathroom fit, just inspected some trim fitted at a corner yesterday and where 2 trims meet it juts out 5mm creating a sharp point. Doesn't seem correct to me. What is the solution when I speak to them next week?
  2. H

    This is really Poor setting out isn't it?

    Am I right in thinking this setting out is awful? He's also fitted plasterboard to the dry areas of the bathroom, I insisted in him putting Hardiebacker around the shower/bath and I tanked it. But we're not happy with it at all. The cuts are obviously bad. Thanks.
  3. M

    Building out 10mm to Plumb

    Hi, Retiling a corner shower (brick wall). Have removed tiles and one of the walls is about 10mm out of plumb on bottom half of wall. What would anyone recommend to build this out to make wall plumb before tiling? Thanks
  4. D

    Freaking Out! Grout lines darkening

    I thought I did everything right--my 13 inch tiles came down and stopped 1/8" away from the tray, I filled it in with mad adhesive, and sealed the grout 3x. Then I noticed, after a few showers, One dark grout line. You can see it in the bottom right of the pic. So I dug it out, and yes, there...
  5. O

    What would get out these marks/stains?

    Hello everyone, my first post here. I have recently had these tiles laid: Classico Fleur Silver Pattern Tiles - https://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk/fleur-silver-tiles?web=1&wdLOR=cA29807BE-580F-4591-9014-1033D29BEF76 They are in my bathroom, on the floor of the wet room. They have always looked...
  6. Has567

    Why are my new tiles bowing out and cracking? Please help!

    My newly tiled bathroom wall has presented a few issues in the last few days. Some of the tiles appear to be popping off with cracked grout lines and where this has occurred there is some bowing of the wall. I also have a tile in the bottom left corner that has cracked down the surface. This is...
  7. L

    replacing 70 year old shower pan, do I need to take out the curb?

    The shower pan on my all tile 70 year old shower started to leak. I have access the the underside of the shower and am also replacing the old galvinized pipes which are rusted through, in fact this is what alerted me to the pan leak. I want to replace just the pan and the drain. The wall...
  8. S

    Quick setting out question

    Hi All, I have a question about setting out and would appreciate you guys input. I have a room to tile that is just over 1500mm wide and fits 6 250mm tiles with spacers perfectly if you don't include the door threshold. My question is do you think it would look better if I just went with the 6...
  9. halate

    Tiling Over DITRA, need to clean excess out of little square cutouts?

    Hey There, I'm tiling 3' by 6" ceramic tiles over DITRA in a herringbone pattern. I can only do several tiles at a time, because of time constraints. So I do a little area and place the tiles, but of course there's all the excess thin set from either spillage or just going a little too far...
  10. D

    Rip out and start over?

    Hi guys, brand new member so I'll hope not to be a pain in the rear. Had to lift the tiles in part of our bathroom. Turns out the underfloor heating wasn't buried under a screed and was in with the tile adhesive. That's been binned, but the bigger problem is the adhesive is ripping up chunks of...
  11. T

    Setting out tiles

    Hi all, Due to money constraints I am having to renovate the bathroom myself. I am trying my best to set out the tiles before starting to avoid slithers. I'm using metro 20×10 tiles and 2mm gap. But no matter which way I try I end up with either a cm gap at the ceiling or a slither under the...
  12. Fitwidge

    Setting Out Unlevel / out of plumb walls

    hello! if you have an unlevel but flat wall are you building out with adhesive (if possible) or do you just follow the wall?
  13. N

    Should I rip out the tiles in the window sill?

    Tiling kitchen splashback, but I've messed up the layout. Should I rip out the tiles on the window sill? Or do I just about get away with it? It kindof looks like the tilesnin the window sill are 3D bricks. Done quite a phew tiling DIY jobs in the past, so this is noty first time. I just messed...
  14. R

    Pictures Second opinion on work carried out

    Looking for advice as had a bathroom and kitchen place into do my bathroom. And kitchen and I'm not happy I've posted pics of the work The way it has been done the tiles has came over my door frame and I'll have to reduce a door size because of this... The floor grout has all cracked been told...
  15. J

    Corner set out

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added. Tiling into a corner. Full tile next to a cut tile or 2 cut tiles next to each other to form the corner with 2 full tiles together above ? I have seen pics online of both. Is there a right way ?
  16. Davethefish

    CTD selling out of date adhesives?

    I bought all the materials needed to complete my bathroom in september/october before starting work. as due to covid some delivery times had been quite long. and i had to complete a lot more work prepping as all the walls had to be stripped and re boarded. i've just come to start tiling and...
  17. M

    Thin Porcelain Super Ceramic out of production tiles

    Hello, I need a few tiles 45 x 30 cm which I have been informed are by Super Ceramic. It is a cream tile and it was around 12 - 15 years since we bought them originally. Can anyone advise where old out of production tiles maybe sourced , preferably within the UK. See the images. On the back of...
  18. Lou

    I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2020

    I am not sure if they need anything tiling but what do you think about this years series being in Wales? I reckon the celebs (if you can call them that) will be a bit peeved that they aren't going to Australia! I would be but I do love old castles and stuff - not sure I would sleep outside one...
  19. E

    Looking out for these tiles.

    Hi my name is I am on the look out for floor tiles I used a few years ago a couple of years ago don’t want to replace because it a very large area been back to we’re I bought them from but no luck any advise we’re to luck 315 mm x 315mm
  20. T

    Setting out advice

    Hi there, Im a DIY tiler and am about to half height tile my downstairs toilet with 600x300 tiles. I understand the advice on always ensuring the top and bottom row of the tiles should avoid thin slithers. If I measure out to get a good size at both floor and the top row (half way up wall)...
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