1. Dan

    How to work out your reaction ratio

    So the new tags that automatically get dished out by the forum work on a ratio of your posts versus the likes those posts have received. So here's my profile: As you can see I have 23,000 posts and just under 5,000 'reaction score' (basically, likes). So my score isn't even 1:1. Or even 2:1...
  2. M83T

    Setting out above bathtub.

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has already been covered before. I'm going to start doing my cousins bathroom at the weekend, (I'm not a professional but I'd like to be in the future, I just enjoy tiling) got everything covered so far so just thinking about setting out. What are the general rules...
  3. M

    Sealing pipes coming out the wall

    Hi guys. As title says. What methods do you use to seal the shower outlet pipe feeds that come out the wall? Got two copper pipes coming out at 150 centers for my mira erd shower. Pipes are in a stud wall, lined with jackoboard. Its not tiled in that area yet. I have seen gaskets but cant...
  4. M

    Max run out too to bottom

    Hi the wall is flat but runs out gradually from top to bottom by 10 mm, can this be overcome through tiling or does it need to be plastered Thanks mark
  5. S

    Adhesive Out of Date Ardex X7 G - Adhesive Past Sell By Date

    By way of background that might go some way to explain this question - I'm from Yorkshire... I have some bags of Ardex X7 G tile adhesive left over from a DIY tiling job i did in spring 2016, when i tiled my downstairs shower room/ toilet. There are two unopened bags and one open. The date...
  6. M83T

    Starting out as a Tiler.

    Hi apologies if this has been asked before but here goes I have recently finished a short introduction to tiling course which I really enjoyed. I took the course to see if I tiling was for me and with a view to eventually starting out on my own. The course covered the basics of floor and wall...
  7. Cranbrook

    Ripping out existing floorboards

    One of my pet hates is ripping out old floorboards so was wondering what everyone's tried and tested methods and what tools you use...
  8. timeless john

    Video from LinkedIn - Brexit -I’am out!

    Liam Tuffs - https://www.facebook.com/298062044267676/posts/415174745889738/
  9. E

    Cutting out door frames to fit tile under

    Just wondering what height to cut clear - Tile + How much for adhesive? The tiles are 59cm x 59cm porcelain and 9-12mm thick. I have a 20mm trowel. I think that is 15mm height so applied at an angle presumably will be somewhere between 9 and 12mm (depending on angle)... is there an official...
  10. Bbbecca7

    Help! Tiled whole bathroom with Tubbed adhesive only to find out it’s not showerproof

    In a bit of a nightmare here We recently spent a lot of money having our bathroom re-plastered (plaster board and skimmed) to make the walls smooth and square ready for tiling My dad and husband have been tiling it and have done a lovely job! (My dad has done it a few times but it’s my...
  11. A

    Proud dad post ... Check this out and buy as much as you can

    Spreading the word to support my daughter's art business, lisellefae art... Check out her website. She has her first full blown exhibition coming up in March2019. Tiling is an art some thiught some of you might appreciate what she does albeit a different art form. Who knows you may even want to...
  12. Pritch

    Advice how to cut out a square hole.

    Hi Could anyone give some advice on how to cut out this flush plate that falls in the middle of the tile? Thanks
  13. jcrtiling

    Tilers getting the blame for ufh burning out .

    Ufh are very quick to blame the tiler for ufh wires burning out due to tenting when sticking down wires with tape but what about this.you may have to enlarge it to see the gap . But my taping is always 100 percent better than that .
  14. W

    Trying this stuff out today to bond some Wedi onto a window reveal.

    Not to be confused with filler foam. This is a foam adhesive. Fast setting and sticks more than it expands although does expand a bit apparently.
  15. acaciaguy

    Kitchen Splash back with metros - setting out for trim

    Hello all, I have a job this week doing a kitchen splash back and window reveal. The wall behind hob has a boxed in section which means extra cutting. I had originally planned and customer agreed that they wanted mitred externals. They have now changed their mind and want to use white round...
  16. A

    How should my bathroom tile be laid out?

    Hi all, New to the forum - thanks for having me and sorry for the long first thread. I’m having my bathroom retiled (after a hilariously bad tile-job by another company - more on that later) and am hoping for some advice on how to lay out the tiling on one of the walls. It’s being done by a...
  17. Kieks

    A rip out and redo bathroom to be tiled.

    Here is a job I’m on at the moment. A bathroom walls and floor, trying my woodwork skills out too Started a couple of months ago. Joists were rotten, leaky wedi tray. Had to drop the ceiling down stairs, cut the joist back. Re joist. Bit of a ball ache I’ll try and keep it with daily (ish)...
  18. D

    Thinking of starting out on my own how much can I earn a day/week?

    Hi All, Been considering going it alone for a while now. How much can I realistically earn a day or week on my own. What is the going rate? Cheers Donald.
  19. Stevev

    Setting out a floor..........

    Setting my floor out, is it worth dry laying g and doing all my cuts then doing the adhesive or do cuts for half the room and then adhesive. It's a 4m squared porch. What do u prefer
  20. C

    Setting out for window

    Evening, hope all is well. Im Looking for a bit of advice regarding setting out on the window wall. Which ever way I play around with it I seem to have a sliver either at the window or both ends. I've attached a photo of the wall and a diagram with the measurements. It would be nice to know...
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