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  1. C

    Need pricing advice(new tiler)

    I was with for a tiler for the last 3 years but I’m working for myself now. Im not sure what I should be charging? For my first few jobs I charged €20/sq m but I think this is too low. I don’t want to charge too much but not sell myself short either. and also should I be charging different...
  2. Lou

    Breaking Bad Film Out Next Week

    El Camino comes out next Friday on Netflix, which follows Jesse from straight after the last episode of Breaking Bad. Huge breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fan and have noticed as I have been checking threads that some of you are too. Who's excited for the film? Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  3. Dan

    Oh thank god, FixRadio have send the Makita radio out!!

    Thought I was going to end up buying one then because I couldn't make an appointment for this week. But they sent it to me instead! Get in! Gwan @FIXRADIO
  4. A

    Setting Out Wetroom tray setting out

    Hello people. Been up to the eyes with life, but finally managed to progress my (now 6m long!) wetroom project. All tanked ready to go, but wondering which way you pro’s would set out this tray. 315 square tiles, and with one sitting dead centre on the tray, hard against the front edge of the...
  5. C

    Setting Out Setting out advice - 600 x 300 x 9mm porcelain tile brick bond fashion?

    Hi, Running a small bathroom job for a customer. Customer really wants to use a particular 600x300x9 porcelain tile he has picked out in a brick bond pattern. The back wall of the shower cubicle is awkwardly a little over 600 wide. It's also on the wonk in a proper pyramid shape, but all...
  6. acaciaguy

    Setting Out Setting out conundrum

    So I have a bathroom to do in 100 x 200 metros. Lucky me. Taps are on long side of bath next to wall. Taps are and bath are centred to wall. I generally like to use the taps as the centre. Tiles are to be fitted brick bond. Using the taps as centre means that I end up with a 25mm cut in reach...
  7. S

    Marking out and sqauring off window sill recess

    How best would you mark out out the tile for cutting in this situation where the recess is narrower than a whole tile? Same for the wall that comes off the recess to the right. Normally i overlay the tile to be cut on top of the second from last tile(which would be arranged in its correct...
  8. Dan

    I think I may have sorted out the phone keypad smilies

    This might not work on all devices. So the fallback is the smilie face / emoji icon in the text styling bar, as usual. But you should find that on most devices, you can now use your phone keypad smilies in posts! Can you confirm you can see these, and then test a reply for me please...
  9. jcrtiling

    Just putting this out there

    As above I'm finding the I'm getting type lag on the forum , pages are slow to load, and also slow to delete mistakes , anyone else or just me . Things like whatsapp and fb seem fine
  10. dg-1984

    Setting Out Setting out - small toilet en suite tiling prep

    Hi all, please see attached picture of where the toilet is located on the wall that's straight In front of the door. In the picture you can see the centre line drawn on the wall that I was going to have a grout line and use this as my starting point. My issue is as you can see the toilet is not...
  11. O

    Sigma Sigma running out

    Hi all. My Sigma is running 2mm in 600mm put of square. Am I right in believing that you can adjust it withe the nut on the guide rail mechanism?
  12. Dan

    How to work out your reaction ratio

    So the new tags that automatically get dished out by the forum work on a ratio of your posts versus the likes those posts have received. So here's my profile: As you can see I have 23,000 posts and just under 5,000 'reaction score' (basically, likes). So my score isn't even 1:1. Or even 2:1...
  13. M83T

    Setting Out Setting out above bathtub.

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has already been covered before. I'm going to start doing my cousins bathroom at the weekend, (I'm not a professional but I'd like to be in the future, I just enjoy tiling) got everything covered so far so just thinking about setting out. What are the general rules...
  14. M

    Sealing pipes coming out the wall

    Hi guys. As title says. What methods do you use to seal the shower outlet pipe feeds that come out the wall? Got two copper pipes coming out at 150 centers for my mira erd shower. Pipes are in a stud wall, lined with jackoboard. Its not tiled in that area yet. I have seen gaskets but cant...
  15. M

    Max run out too to bottom

    Hi the wall is flat but runs out gradually from top to bottom by 10 mm, can this be overcome through tiling or does it need to be plastered Thanks mark
  16. S

    Ardex Out of Date Ardex X7 G - Adhesive Past Sell By Date

    By way of background that might go some way to explain this question - I'm from Yorkshire... I have some bags of Ardex X7 G tile adhesive left over from a DIY tiling job i did in spring 2016, when i tiled my downstairs shower room/ toilet. There are two unopened bags and one open. The date...
  17. M83T

    Starting out as a Tiler.

    Hi apologies if this has been asked before but here goes I have recently finished a short introduction to tiling course which I really enjoyed. I took the course to see if I tiling was for me and with a view to eventually starting out on my own. The course covered the basics of floor and wall...
  18. Cranbrook

    Ripping out existing floorboards

    One of my pet hates is ripping out old floorboards so was wondering what everyone's tried and tested methods and what tools you use...
  19. timeless john

    Video from LinkedIn - Brexit -I’am out!

    Liam Tuffs - https://www.facebook.com/298062044267676/posts/415174745889738/
  20. E

    Cutting Cutting out door frames to fit tile under

    Just wondering what height to cut clear - Tile + How much for adhesive? The tiles are 59cm x 59cm porcelain and 9-12mm thick. I have a 20mm trowel. I think that is 15mm height so applied at an angle presumably will be somewhere between 9 and 12mm (depending on angle)... is there an official...
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