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  1. A

    Advice for neating up tile edges left by professional tiler.

    Hi there Homeowner here who recently had my kitchen tiled by a professional tiler. We’ve been left with some untidy edges to tiles and I’m looking for an easy solution to fix and improve the appearance myself. The tile had to be cut and the edge that has been left is not neat. The tiles are...
  2. A

    Contractor damaged edging. Now what? Please help.

    Hi everyone. I'm really hoping you all can help as I am at my wits end. We have hired contractors to renovate a large portion of our home. We are nearing the end, but the shower has been quite a struggle. The contractors did our tile work and subsequently the edging along with it. Some of their...
  3. Chocoholic

    Plastic edging strips 5mm above tiles

    Good evening tilers, I've just had some tiling work done in our kitchen and the plastic edging strip sticks out about 5mm above the tile on our window ledge and sides. I am getting to grips with why the tiler has done this - we have plastic edging around the windows and rather than rip those up...
  4. M

    Plastic and metal edging in kitchen

    I'm tiling my kitchen with white marble tiles, I wanted to have the top that meets the plasterered walls have metal edging and any corners that meet with other tiles be done with white plastic edging. Will this look normal combining both and is it normal practice?
  5. O

    Quality of tile cutting when installing a metal edging strip

    We now have a professional tiler in attempting to tile a wall up to an external corner where he has suggested incorporating a metal edging trim. Due to the overall layout of the tiles, the tile edges next to the trim need to be cut, which the tiler has attempted to do. He's also trying to butt...
  6. J

    Tiles against brick edging – expansion gap?

    Hi all, new signup here beginning first tiling job. We've got a conservatory room at the back of our house in which we're laying some quarry tile. We've figured out the spacing, and happily the room is pretty square (3mm skew for just under 4m), so we're beginning our layout on the left hand...
  7. T

    Edging tiles after installation

    Hi all. We moved into our house a few years ago. The previous owners had a new bathroom and upstairs toilet installed and there was a lot of bodging happening apparently (e.g., cupboards without handles, attaching the toilet lid to the base with silcone, installing the toilet pipes the wrong...
  8. J

    Special Tile edging

    I'm undertaking a little tiling project and will need to incorporate some edging. There is an existing tile job in our house that utilized a piece of edging I have never seen before and the tile store I spoke to had never seen before either. The edging is like an L edge but the lip is extended...
  9. C

    does anyone know any makes that have actual tile (not metal or plastic) quarter round edging tiles??

    any help on this would be really appreciated because i have been allover the place trying to source this I'm looking for a quarter round tile to finish edges that is actually made from tile, so not metal or plastic. I would be happy to find one that is 150 long that works with basic 150 square...
  10. S

    Poor finishing in £21k kitchen?

    Kitchen fitter used charcoal rather than grey grout which probably makes this look worse, but to my eye the edging is not well done with gaps and sharp ends, the grouting is uneven and several tiles are poorly shaped. Can this be rescued? Am I being too fussy here?
  11. R

    Tile edging finishes

    Wondering what the options (and fashions) are for edging. Particularly outside corner edges. What do you guys use, what do you prefer? Trim, butting, bull nose, mitering? -Trim: curved, square, mitred, inverted? -Butting, does anyone do this? -Bull nose seems nice. To use that, do you have to...
  12. JordanLincs

    Noob needs mitred tile edging advise

    I have only been tought how to how to edge with trim. So any advice on how to achieve mitred tile edging would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. D

    Ditra Drain4 and Ditra Rake edging

    Hi, I wonder if someone here can offer some independent verification of my what my tiler contractor are telling me. It is too late to change anything but I am keen to understand. We have a 50sq meter terrace raised 18” above ground level running the width of the house. A new 4” concrete base...
  14. A

    Chrome Edging Trim Question

    Im interested in people’s views of how this edging trim has been installed. All other edges meet together in the bathroom but these two done look right to me? Thanks in advance.
  15. C

    Does this edging strip look ok?

    Hello everyone. My tiler is fitting bevelled edge metro tiles in my kitchen. I’ve chosen a white gloss pvc quadrant tile trim to match. The outer corner joins don’t look very neat at the moment though and I’m a bit concerned that we should be using corner pieces for a neater finish. I did bring...
  16. S

    Is an edging strip necessary?

    Hi all, really hope someone can help me! I'm having my bathroom done soon. However, I really don't like tile edging strips, chrome, or plastic. I'd really like to know whether it is possible on my tiles to not use a trim, I think it looks more contemporary and cleaner. There is a window...
  17. C

    SLC and the need for perimeter edging strip?

    morning everyone, just a quick one. Self levelling a 42m floor today over electric under floor heating . Is a perimeter edging strip necessary? Does the SLC need expansion gap around the perimeter ? Any help please
  18. E

    Hexagonal mosaic tile edging help!

    Not sure if these images will work but I have tiled my kitchen splash backs with hexagonal mosaic ceramic tiles. I have tried cutting the tiles with a nipper but the tiles just crumble and I wouldn't be able to get a decent edge on any of them to make worthwhile doing. I have grouted the first...
  19. A

    Edging is not level with Tile

    Hi Everyone, I had a contractor in to do some renovations and although he told me he was good at tile, I unfortunately have been left with some issues after the fact. See attached pictures, the metal edging he used is not level with the top edge of the tile. Also, some of the tiles on the face...
  20. T

    Floor tiles around fireplace surround

    Hi all, looking for some advice. I have recently removed my old fireplace hearth and taken up my wood laminate floor. I plan to carpet the room but i want to lay some floor tiles as opposed to a hearth around the fireplace. I would like the tiles to finish flush against the carpet, so the carpet...
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