What Is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng is a 2006 novel written by Dave Eggers. It is based on the life of Valentino Achak Deng, a Sudanese child refugee who immigrated to the United States under the Lost Boys of Sudan program. It was a finalist for the National Book Award.

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  1. J

    Tile Trim Inverted corners what to finish with

    Tiling three walls where sink will go. Walls to left and right of sink will have tiles up to about half way with metal tile trim up and across to the back wall. Back wall will have tiles from floor to ceiling. How do you guys finish the back wall edges above the tile trim that come across from...
  2. A

    What would you do. 800mm tiles

    I have a small ensuite that is 1950mm on 2 sides, the other two sides are 1850mm. I have 800mm wide tiles x 300mm high. My question is what way would you set these out. I have two options, start with the 800mm coming out from the corner, another then this leaves me 350mm in the other corner...
  3. R

    What prep would you do here?

    Got a kitchen floor to do and it consists of a concrete floor which then meets a timber floor. It also meets another area of concrete floor which has been poured at a later date to the original floor. Whole floor needs self levelling as is up and down and old adhesive which is stuck really well...
  4. M

    What size tile cutter to buy?

    Hi everyone 🙂.My friend has a cheap ceramic cutting machine that i don't like working with. it is weak, its rail bends when cutting thicker tiles. I don't wanna mess around , I was thinking of buying a montolite 63p3 right away. It could do a lot of work. Now the problem is that tile sizes...
  5. B

    What to do with this wall?

    I’m installing a bath in this area. There used to be a shower there & that brick wall had a board over it which was soggy & weakened so I removed it back to the brick. I’ve bought a 12mm hardiebacker board to put over the brick area. I’m aware I have to install with an adhesive & screws but...
  6. Guine Ver

    Can this be mitred? What tool is the best?

    Hi Everyone! I am asking for a professional advise. Can this tile be mitred? What's the best tool to do it with? Thank you.
  7. JL Building

    What type of tile is this?

    Hi Newbie here! I've got a couple of tiles to replace on a job I'm doing but struggling to source the type of tile. Would anyone be able to advise what tile this is? Thanks
  8. H

    What primer for backer board?

    …for going under flex adhesive to bed hardiebacker boards on 1) t&g chipboard floor and 2) brick wall Is waterproof pva adequate?
  9. sdm1964

    How's My Tiling? what do you think of this tiling?

    Hi everyone. I'm after some genuine comments on a job that someone did for me recently. I'd just like to get an idea of what people think of the work. I'm not going to say anymore than that, but any constructive criticism I would greatly appreciate. The photos are of a shower niche, and the...
  10. M

    Help! Kitchen wall tile job done badly - What do I do now?

    Hi all, I am hoping someone here can help me. I had kitchen tiles installed on Monday, and I’m really not happy with the finish. The grout lines are uneven, the plug sockets have been put back on crooked (I checked with spirit level to make sure my eyes weren’t tricking me), the tiles don’t line...
  11. O

    What would get out these marks/stains?

    Hello everyone, my first post here. I have recently had these tiles laid: Classico Fleur Silver Pattern Tiles - https://www.wallsandfloors.co.uk/fleur-silver-tiles?web=1&wdLOR=cA29807BE-580F-4591-9014-1033D29BEF76 They are in my bathroom, on the floor of the wet room. They have always looked...
  12. P

    What is the Best Electric Tile Cleaning Brush?

    What are electric cleaning brushes? . Powered by electricity, it can scrub anywhere in your home. Be it your bathroom or kitchen, electric cleaning brushes have all the answers. It easily cleans your home with just one swipe, which saves your precious time. Buying an electronic cleaning brush...
  13. Dan

    Merry Christmas from TilersForums.com - What a rocky year for tilers!

    Merry Christmas from TilersForums.com What a weird year we’ve had! We will need to keep our wits about us during these next couple of months, but I think we’re near the end of it all and at a place where we just live with it. London Christmas Tree feels the same as every single person in the...
  14. A

    What side STS board?

    Got a quick one :) I'm just about to fit STS foam boards prior to tiling with some 600 x 300 x 10mm using Dunlop CF3 fast set flexible tile adhesive. Not sure it needs it, but will prime as well anyway. Surface of boards is smooth one side and rough the other, so does anybody know what...
  15. R

    Cutting What would be your tool of choice for cutting plinths etc

    Trimming down kitchen plinths and end panels? Don't do many but have one coming up, usually use masking tape a a saw with high tpi. Any power tools better?
  16. L

    What tool to use for cutting trim mitres

    Hi all. I hope you are keeping well. Need a bit of advice on which tool is best to cut the mitres on metal trim. Can you get a good blade for an angle grinder or is there not enough control with this? I don't have a small chop saw, only a big sliding mitre saw which a blade would be very...
  17. A

    What size tile trim for 7mm tiles

    Quick question, I have bought some 7mm tiles and was wondering what size tile trim would be best? Any help greatly appreciate
  18. N

    What sealer?

    Ive just tiled the back wall of my shower with a hexagonal marble mosaic tile from topps tiles("serac"). Before i grout it i want to seal it with some kind of impregnating sealer/oil etc to prevent it potentiall getting stained and as it seems very porous i dont want it sucking up loads of...
  19. S

    What screws for Jackoboard

    Ive got a box of jackoboard galvanized washers ready to start fitting the boards but not sure what screws to use.... all i can find on their pages are 'used suitable screws' will something like galvanized turbogolds/goldscrews be good enough. I was thinking od stainless screws but since the...
  20. M

    What grout?

    Would you recommend any special grout for metal tiles? .
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