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setting out

  1. JimmE

    Setting Out Tiling around existing splash back - where best to centre?

    I’m just planning specifics for tiling our kitchen. We have a stainless splash back behind our hob which we intend to keep, but want to tile the rest of the way around the kitchen between the underside of the cupboards and the upstand from the worktop. I would normally plan to set out by...
  2. A

    Setting Out Wetroom tray setting out

    Hello people. Been up to the eyes with life, but finally managed to progress my (now 6m long!) wetroom project. All tanked ready to go, but wondering which way you pro’s would set out this tray. 315 square tiles, and with one sitting dead centre on the tray, hard against the front edge of the...
  3. C

    Setting Out Setting out advice - 600 x 300 x 9mm porcelain tile brick bond fashion?

    Hi, Running a small bathroom job for a customer. Customer really wants to use a particular 600x300x9 porcelain tile he has picked out in a brick bond pattern. The back wall of the shower cubicle is awkwardly a little over 600 wide. It's also on the wonk in a proper pyramid shape, but all...
  4. acaciaguy

    Setting Out Setting out conundrum

    So I have a bathroom to do in 100 x 200 metros. Lucky me. Taps are on long side of bath next to wall. Taps are and bath are centred to wall. I generally like to use the taps as the centre. Tiles are to be fitted brick bond. Using the taps as centre means that I end up with a 25mm cut in reach...
  5. dg-1984

    Setting Out Setting out - small toilet en suite tiling prep

    Hi all, please see attached picture of where the toilet is located on the wall that's straight In front of the door. In the picture you can see the centre line drawn on the wall that I was going to have a grout line and use this as my starting point. My issue is as you can see the toilet is not...
  6. M83T

    Setting Out Setting out above bathtub.

    Hi everyone, apologies if this has already been covered before. I'm going to start doing my cousins bathroom at the weekend, (I'm not a professional but I'd like to be in the future, I just enjoy tiling) got everything covered so far so just thinking about setting out. What are the general rules...
  7. K

    Help ... 2 different tiles joint don’t line up (assumed both 30x60 but not)

    Hi, I bough two types of tiles, one of them being 300x600 rectified split face for a future wall, and the rest 300x600 marble. Only after laying few raws of the split face and one of the marble on one wall, I found out a day after that the joints don’t line up at an internal corner - I know...
  8. Stu Brard

    Setting Out Cathedral opus setting out

    morning all, I’m laying my first opus floor and was wondering what’s the best way to set out? I’m sure there’s a method that’s simple but I’m scratching my head a bit! Any help gratefully received!
  9. A

    What/How would you do it

    Ive bought these beveled edged tiles and setting out leaves me with a problem. As pictured ive set the tiles out this way to minimise the cuts, I have 1 full tile at the base of the picture then i was going to 2 halves then 1 full ect ect but its left me with a long cut ( in yellow ) and if i...
  10. acaciaguy

    Setting Out Kitchen Splash back with metros - setting out for trim

    Hello all, I have a job this week doing a kitchen splash back and window reveal. The wall behind hob has a boxed in section which means extra cutting. I had originally planned and customer agreed that they wanted mitred externals. They have now changed their mind and want to use white round...
  11. Stevev

    Setting Out Setting out a floor..........

    Setting my floor out, is it worth dry laying g and doing all my cuts then doing the adhesive or do cuts for half the room and then adhesive. It's a 4m squared porch. What do u prefer
  12. C

    Setting Out Setting out for window

    Evening, hope all is well. Im Looking for a bit of advice regarding setting out on the window wall. Which ever way I play around with it I seem to have a sliver either at the window or both ends. I've attached a photo of the wall and a diagram with the measurements. It would be nice to know...
  13. E

    Setting Out Setting out hand holding

    I’m going to start my bathroom refit this weekend and just want to check my plan is sensible. I’m using 300x500mm ceramic tiles, floor to ceiling, no border. The wall tiles are mainly pale, the floor tiles are dark and I was planning on creating a 100mm dark tile upstand all around. The room...
  14. L

    Setting Out Setting out advice please!

    Hi guys, I finally have some walls and levels to work off for setting out. Here's the wall I am finding a bit tricky: Sorry for the squiffy angle, it's a small room. Here's a plan with dimensions: Tiles are 500 x 200, laid stacked, long side horizontal. 2 mm grout joints. I'm fairly...
  15. R

    Setting Out Setting out bathroom

    Hi, I'm struggling to decide between these floor layouts. I've gone for staggered patterns so I can avoid intersecting with the grout lines on the walls. The floor tiles are 900mm x 450mm with 3mm grout line. The floor is 2460 wide by 2270mm long , the bath is 800mm wide by 1800mm long...
  16. J

    Setting Out Setting out to tile a splashback

    As the title. I have my daughters kitchen splashback to tile. In the examples Ive seen the worktops seem to be taken as level and full tiles (metro) form the bottom layer. My question is how do you address if the worktop is not level? Do you mark a line about half a metro up and cut the bottom...
  17. J

    Setting Out Setting out Herringbone pattern

    Never done a herringbone pattern before. What to watch out for please boyos? Ta, Jim.
  18. J

    Setting Out URGENT! need advice TODAY, horizontal staring point (see drawing)

    I need opinions on where to start tiling. I'm doing a standard running bond with 300X600 tiles, so like oversized subway tiling. *Green tiles - cut tiles White tiles - full (uncut) tiles I want the tiles centered on the window and a full tile where the wall meets the ceiling. This doesn't...
  19. C

    Setting Out Setting out French pattern

    Hi, I have been asked to tile a friends floor in a French pattern. They have a small shower room that leads through to a larger utility room by way of a door they would like the floor to flow through. How would the pattern Change the way you set out ? Would you start with the larger room ...
  20. P

    Setting Out Bathroom setting out

    Hello everyone this is my first post I'll try not to waffle. Im in the middle of a house renovation and I'm just about to tile my bathroom. However I have a setting out problem with regard to the height. I'm using 300x 600 tiles and 3mm grout lines. If I set the tiles so they're almost...
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