Wet Wet Wet are a Scottish soft rock band formed in 1982. They scored a number of hits in the UK charts and around the world in the 1980s and 1990s. The band is composed of Graeme Clark (bass, vocals), Tommy Cunningham (drums, vocals), Neil Mitchell (keyboards, piano, vocals) and, since 2018, lead vocalist and former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm, who replaced founding member Marti Pellow after he left during the previous year. A fifth, unofficial member, Graeme Duffin (lead guitar, vocals), has been with them since 1983. The band were named Best British Newcomer at the 1988 Brit Awards.They are best known for their 1994 cover of The Troggs' 1960s hit "Love Is All Around", which was used on the soundtrack to the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. It was a huge international success and spent 15 weeks atop the British charts. One week before potentially equalling the record for the most consecutive weeks at number 1 on the UK singles chart, held by Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You", it dropped to number two.

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  1. H

    100% Coverage in wet area small tiles

    So i got 100mm x200mm metro tiles with ridges on the back and i am aiming for 100% coverage in the shower area. I have been using a 6mm round notched trowel and its not quite getting the coverage Is the only way to todo this is to back skim every tile? Is it worth looking to buy another...
  2. R


  3. R

    Wet saw plastic or metal construction?

    Hi, I am looking at wet saws and only a DIY here but got a few odd shapes to cut. What would people recommend between the cheap plastic type wet cutters like the Mac Allister or a metal based one? Such as Performance Power PTC450E 450W Brushless Electric Tile Cutter 230-240V -...
  4. Muff Tiler

    Preparation Setting wet room tray

    When setting a wet room tray do you set it 6mm higher to take a cement board? Floor is 22mm chipboard joists are 400 centers
  5. R

    Wet concrete tiling in old house - help!!

    I really need some sound advice as I’m well out of my depth. We have a little second home with a galley kitchen by the coast. Unfortunately we had a washing machine leak which soaked the cement floor over 5 months ago. I thought it had dried out having lifted all the vinyl etc. we had put down...
  6. T

    New Build - Wet Rooms - Advice

    Hi All, Appreciate the wealth of knowledge on here, so i would like to ask for some input on the below new build currently underway. 3 Wetrooms - 1 Ground Floor - 2 on 1st floor. Both very similar setup's. GroundFloor Floor - Basse struture is concrete Raft foundation with 180mm PIR...
  7. J

    Porcelain tiles wet room Ufh heating

    Hi guys A little advice if possible I have a bathroom 2.6 x1.9 on joists 18” gaps New weyroc floor Ufh is on spreader plates in between and a wet board flush into the area So my question is decoupling mat or not ? For this size area is it needed Will there be that much flex? There have been...
  8. BulkWorkwear

    The ideal wet weather gloves - Bulkworkwear

    You've tried the rest, now try the BEST! Waterproof Protective Safety Gloves - The ideal wet weather gloves. Now available @Bulkworkwear.co.uk
  9. A

    Water UFH Anyone had experience with pre-routed 22mm chipboard for wet UFH

    So Ive seen this ProWarm ProFloor pre-routed chip and was wondering if anyone had has any experience with it? I'm giving the bathroom a total revamp and the existing floor boards will be getting replaced anyway. The plan is, take up the old chip, insulate between the joists with celotex or...
  10. M

    External tilling on a wet concrete path

    I am laying porcelain external tiles over a concrete path outside. The path has had self leveling poured on it and a coat of 50/50 sbr, water mix as a primer. The trouble is its been raining all morning and now it's cleared up but the path is still very damp from the rain. Can I still stick the...
  11. detroitMi

    For Sale Dewalt wet saw

    Quick sale as I am relocating. Selling Dewalt wet saw £350, Sigma straight cutter 70mm £85, Dewalt jack hammer £35, Metabo Mitersaw with stand £100. Got some US appliances considering selling as well, a Makita GV5000 5'' disc sander/polisher and step down/up voltage transformer (for polishing...
  12. R

    Wet dark color between the tiles after cleaning

    Hello, min the end of renovation the cleaning company cleaned the floor with water. when they done all the floor got stains of water between the tiles. hiw can I solve it and disappear this stains? thank you in advance
  13. R

    Angle grinder or huge wet cutter

    On large format are alot of you using angle grinders (anyone use the monolit guide? Plus using a good extractor) Or the wet circular saw or now you having to carry about 1200mm wet cutter?
  14. Scotiansailor

    Stone sealer that doesnt change the look, but allows water in for wet look

    Hello, is there any such thing as a sealer/impregnator for our pebble shower floor that would allow the stones to look dry when dry, but wet when the shower is in use? Many thanks :) Laura
  15. N

    Tile over uneven terracota/brick tile (??) over wet UFH

    Hello! I’m hoping I can get some advice on what to do in my kitchen RE wanting to replace the existing tiles that are over wet underfloor heating. The Kitchen is in an extension that was built 5 or so years ago. The floor is concrete, 100mm cellotex, wet underfloor pipes, 50 or 60mm screed on...
  16. M

    My 1st Job Installing Mosaic On a Wet Room Floor

    Hi All, First time poster and tiler here. Hoping to get a bit of advice on tiling a wet room shower tray using hexagonal mosaic (30cm x 30cm sheets - individual tiles are probably 2.5cm x 2.5cm or so). The shower tray is level to the floor, I've used cement board on the walls and floor and...
  17. M

    Thin Porcelain Wedi Board or Hardibacker for wet room?

    Hi everyone - we're doing up our house and installing a wetroom, tiles are 8mm 60cm x 120cm porcelain tiles. The floor is timber and the walls are a mixture of timber and brickwork. Would appreciate your advice on what our tiler should be using for the floor and wall substrate - Hardibacker or...
  18. D

    Timber frame wet room

    I am adding an addition to my house that will be timber frame with 6x6 floor joists 1 foot apart because it is being designed as a wet room it can be designed which ever way works best my main thought was can I slope my floor joists down 1.5 inches to get my slope the shower room will be 12x5...
  19. mickey blu

    Wet saw

    What's your question? Pictures can be added. Wet saw Hi all , best wet saw for the money to take big tiles to ! I know of the dewalt is this still the case ! Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  20. J

    Tile repair in wet room

    My plumber had to lower my tub drain to fix an issue. I just noticed the threads to the reconnect the pipe now fall below the floor line. How would you repair the tile but still have access to unscrew the pipe? Can it even be done? It is in a wet room so I’m concerned about water.
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