In a building, a room is any space enclosed within a number of walls to which entry is possible only by a door or other dividing structure that connects it either to a passageway, to another room, or to the outdoors, that is large enough for several persons to move about, and whose size, fixtures, furnishings, and sometimes placement within the building support the activity to be conducted in it.

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  1. D

    Leveling spacers and movement joint

    Hi first timer to tile, im getting all my prep work and tools. My question is will the self leveling clips/spacers that are left behind interfere with installing a foam backer rod or interfere with the movement joint itself?Or does anyone use a different tile spacer method? After you break the...
  2. O

    Tiling transition advice.

    I have a room 3m X 8m , which has a change of direction at about halfway down the room 8m side. I want to keep the lines parallel to the walls , how do tile the transition with out using little pieces of tiles , should it have the joint where it changes direction, then cut from smaller to...
  3. C

    tilling onto wood in shower room

    hi, im looking to put right a mistake that was made previously in a shower room. i have a 1400 shower tray in a room that is 1480 wide, so at the end of the shower there was a gap that had been filled in with ply and then tiled over, this failed and i have taken the tiles off. my question is how...
  4. Muff Tiler

    Preparation Setting wet room tray

    When setting a wet room tray do you set it 6mm higher to take a cement board? Floor is 22mm chipboard joists are 400 centers
  5. J

    Porcelain tiles wet room Ufh heating

    Hi guys A little advice if possible I have a bathroom 2.6 x1.9 on joists 18” gaps New weyroc floor Ufh is on spreader plates in between and a wet board flush into the area So my question is decoupling mat or not ? For this size area is it needed Will there be that much flex? There have been...
  6. T

    Do you need to run Ditra right to the edge of the room? Thinking of leaving a gap to deal with a high perimeter.

    I've got a room with a two-layer plywood subfloor that is fairly flat (not level) but the floor ramps up at the perimeter fairly sharply. I'm going to be using Ditra for the installation (only for uncoupling - not worried about waterproofing). Rather than trying to raise the entire floor to...
  7. C

    Tiler Kitchen / dining room / utility 47m flooring Perth

    Hi. I’m new to the forum and wanted to ask if anyone is in the Perthshire area that could tile my new kitchen floor? Joiner finishes kitchen fit mid November so hoping to get flooring done ASAP after that. It’s open plan kitchen diner into utility room. Suspended floor which will be sheeted in...
  8. A

    I have just had my shower room fitted and not happy with tiling. Do you think this is a goid job. How can it be rectified

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be this acceptable tiling?
  9. S

    Shower room floor prep

    Currently removed the wall and floor tiles and shower tray from the shower room im renovating. The floor boards look okay but have quite a few holes... Plus one more out of view. Someone on another thread mentioned overboarding with a tile backer but im wondering if I should replace the lot...
  10. M

    My 1st Job Installing Mosaic On a Wet Room Floor

    Hi All, First time poster and tiler here. Hoping to get a bit of advice on tiling a wet room shower tray using hexagonal mosaic (30cm x 30cm sheets - individual tiles are probably 2.5cm x 2.5cm or so). The shower tray is level to the floor, I've used cement board on the walls and floor and...
  11. M

    Thin Porcelain Wedi Board or Hardibacker for wet room?

    Hi everyone - we're doing up our house and installing a wetroom, tiles are 8mm 60cm x 120cm porcelain tiles. The floor is timber and the walls are a mixture of timber and brickwork. Would appreciate your advice on what our tiler should be using for the floor and wall substrate - Hardibacker or...
  12. D

    Timber frame wet room

    I am adding an addition to my house that will be timber frame with 6x6 floor joists 1 foot apart because it is being designed as a wet room it can be designed which ever way works best my main thought was can I slope my floor joists down 1.5 inches to get my slope the shower room will be 12x5...
  13. J

    Tile repair in wet room

    My plumber had to lower my tub drain to fix an issue. I just noticed the threads to the reconnect the pipe now fall below the floor line. How would you repair the tile but still have access to unscrew the pipe? Can it even be done? It is in a wet room so I’m concerned about water.
  14. M

    wet room / hall and kitchen

    Hi all Some advice needed please. I'm doing a renovation and now it needs tiling. I've tried to get a tiler but cant get one in the time frame i need, as time is running out and i need to move in by the end of April, i'm going to have to do the job myself. The floor is 60mm anhydrite screed...
  15. L

    Bathroom leak disaster- wet room the culprit?

    Hi there, Several days ago the plaster board of my living room ceiling collapsed, as a result of a leak in the bathroom above. There were water marks on the ceiling for months, but these were not getting worse and the ceiling showed no signs of being wet/cracking before collapsing. We're trying...
  16. O

    Wet room leak - Advice?

    We've had a wet room installed upstairs using the Impey wet room system (see attached). The issue seems that water is appearing between the tanking and the tiles right next to the bathroom door. The plumber has returned several times and tried applying more silicone inside the shower screen and...
  17. D

    How to install Tough x wet room tray

    Hi I have a Tough x linear wet room tray that I need to install straight onto joists, which was bought from trade wet rooms. However the tray has not arrived with any installation instructions! Can anyone advise on the best way to secure it to the joists? Can’t seem to find anything online about...
  18. D

    My 1st Job How to remove tile adhesive and sealant from a wet room floor

    We decided to replace the mosaic floor tiles in our wet room (2m x 2m). I've removed the tiles, but having difficulty removing the tile adhesive and waterproof sealant below. I've broken up some of the adhesive to expose the black sealant below, and I've used white spirit to soften the sealant...
  19. R

    Silicone Corners in Shower/Wet Room

    Hi all I'm aware that I should be silicone-ing in the corner of my fully tiled (wet) room. The corners will be butt joints, as in I will tile one wall (with some margin for error) and then tile the other one up to it with a neat gap for silicone. 1) What gap is recommended large enough for...
  20. P

    50/50 Floorboards Concrete room. Not level!

    Hi, So I’ve decided to tile my mums kitchen for her. Never tiled before so please bare with me. I’ve done my research and was feeling quite confident that I could get the job done. Firstly I removed all of the fake (tiled look) wooden floor. Underneath, I’ve found a few issues that I’m going to...
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