1. S

    Tiling edge wrong?

    Hello, I had the bathroom refitted recently, and whilst I am happy overall with the tiling, I don't feel as if the finish on the edge is correct. I don't know anything about tiling, so wondered if somebody on here would be able to look at the photo and let me know please? The tiles finish part...
  2. E

    Trim for green metro tiles with bevilled edge

    Hello. Not certain I can ask this here but had a browse and it seems many of you dislike trims with bevilled edge metro tiles. Sadly we can't avoid this any more because of a sink/sill issue. Would you share your opinion about what might be out best option for trim please? If it helps we have...
  3. N

    Need help to identify edge trim make

    Hello all, I had to remove some tiles around my shower. Now I need to refit them, I need to replace the edge trim and want it to match the exsting stuff in the room. Original install was from 2000. Please can someone tell me what brand used 'MM' on their edge trim? Please see photo. Thanks in...
  4. R

    Tile edging finishes

    Wondering what the options (and fashions) are for edging. Particularly outside corner edges. What do you guys use, what do you prefer? Trim, butting, bull nose, mitering? -Trim: curved, square, mitred, inverted? -Butting, does anyone do this? -Bull nose seems nice. To use that, do you have to...
  5. T

    Advice on what I can use to edge existing ceramic tiles

    Happy New Year everyone! I am hoping for some advice please. I have a large area of bog standard white 10mm thick ceramic tiles in the bathroom of my rented home but they don't have the plastic edging to finish the rough unglazed edge. Is there anything I could use to edge the tiles, plastic...
  6. Tom Astley

    Pictures External Victorian path... Alderley Edge

    Well I was forced into screeding (sand and cement) this today... at 7:45am....... contractor stated it needs to be done and he will stand the cost if it fails...... Talked him out of it for starting the tiling until the spring to see if the base lasts...... No parking.... it was totally dark...
  7. poynton phil

    North West Floor repair Alderly Edge

    This floor as been ok for 18yrs, and then this happed The affected area is appx 3mx1m. The house is up for sale so needs to be sorted very soon. If anyone can repair this please pm your tel No and I will pass it on. Thanks
  8. M

    Wanting a trimless finish with bullnose tiles but not possible due to cut edge in metro pattern?

    Hi, Our bathroom is being renovated. I wish not to have a trim and went with a range of premium tiles that offered a short rounded edge (bullnose) tiles (cut out page in catalogue here Imgur - https://imgur.com/gIEQwz2 ). We are using 6 x 3 inch tiles arranged in overlapping 'brick/metro...
  9. P

    Silicon Carbide discs, which grades to tidy up porc. edge?

    Can anyone recommend which grades to start off with SiC discs on a grinder to tidy up a cut edge on porcelain tiles? Just to smooth the glazed edge when seen from the front. Thanks
  10. P

    Cutting porcelain, visible edge needs to be good

    I have realtively few cuts to make on 30x60 porcelain tiles that will be visible. Normally I would hire an overhead wet tile saw to do the whole job, but here in Italy, where I live anyway, I'm having trouble hiring one. The cuts need to be accurate as well as very clean as they are visible and...
  11. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation 30mm metal straight edge tile trim

    Hi Anyone know if 30mm straight edge tile trim is available Cheers
  12. Arturs

    Edge trim alternative

    Decided to tile my kitchen myself. 1st time tiling and I forgot to install PVC edge trim across top tiles. Any suggestions what could I do? Top tiles are mosaic if that matters
  13. M

    How to finish the edge of split faced tiles.

    Hi All . As the title says. My customer has bought these for her kitchen, I've sorted out how I'm going to do the switches & sockets, but it is any bare top edges that are going to be on show. Has anyone any experience of these or can anyone recommend a way to finish them off to make them look...
  14. Kieks

    Sigma Jolly edge anyone have one?

    I was just wondering if anyone has the sigma jolly edge, or used one? I brought one around a year ago. It worked very well for about 7 mitres on a 60/60 porcelain tile. All of a sudden it started to run off the mitre edge leaving it thick. I’ve read the set up instructions and have it set...
  15. D

    Edge options for galaxy granite

    Hi all, I’ve got 8sqm of galaxy granite for a wet area in my barber shop. What are my options for the edging and do I need anything to edge where the floor will meet the wall and things like that, since it’s only a small area and a business I was wanting it as fancy as possible within a...
  16. L

    Tilers straight edge

    what do people use as a straight edge when you need one longer than a 6 or 8 ft level if any? I was wondering if a portable straight edge exists or does anyone have a home made version. Saw a few videos on Instagram from some Canadian tilers laying large format floor tiles with long metal...
  17. poynton phil

    Copper square edge trim

    Hi does anyone know if you can get a copper square edge trim, and if so where from.Any help greatly appreciated.
  18. E

    My 1st Job Curbless shower fall edge detail

    Hello chaps, I've started a bathroom refurb & the current plan is to install a curbless 1200 x 900 shower with a single plane fall into a slot drain along the back. Wall on two sides, and a glass screen on the third. I have no idea how to deal with the sliver along the bottom edge of the...
  19. C

    Porcelain Hollow Sounds and Space under edge of tiles?

    We are having our kitchen redone due to problems with our suspended flooring. As a result we have put a concrete floor down. We have just had our tiler start on the job - laying 40m2 of porcelain tiles (60*60) We have just inspected some of the tiles that were laid and have noticed that a...
  20. J

    Mitre cut metro tiles

    Hi I am having the kitchen splashback re-tiled and there are a couple of corners. I really don't like tile trim and so we want the tiles mitred. We plan to use metro tiles (flat rather than bevelled) but wanted to check these can be mitred. Our tiler said the tiles should be at least 8mm thick...
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