1. Ollie_selby

    Large gap in corner of tiled shower

    Looking for some advice of tiled my en suite and coming towards the end and gap down the edge is getting bigger as I go higher and looks as though will be about a 20mm gap What do I do?
  2. A

    Metro Tile Edge Trim

    Evening, Hope this post is in the correct section. If not, please feel free to move! I'm hoping some of you can offer some advice on the best way to edge trim metro tiles. They will be fitted horizontal brick above kitchen worktops, with the top edge and one end edge bordering a painted...
  3. I

    Floor Tile Edge Profile Height Issue

    We recently completed the (rectified porcelain) floor tile installation in the bathroom and finished the edge with the trim extrusion we were given when we bought the tiles. At the time i thought the edging profile was a little too high but since i couldn’t find any alternatives available that...
  4. F

    How to finish the edge of these border tiles?

    Hi, Planning on tiling with a "border tile" along the top. It's an inset area with a sink, 2 internal corners and 2 exposed edges of the tiles. I'm struggling to work out how to finish the exposed edges. I was planning on using white trim, but that doesn't look right continuing up to the...
  5. D

    Shower glass pane against skimmed wall and up against tile edge.

    Hi all, This forum has been a wealth of knowledge for me while i tackled our new build. A quick question please regarding wetroom wall tiles and a glass partition. Where the wall tile meets the glass partition (tile will finish here and not go beyond the glass), do i finish the edge of the...
  6. elvis80

    Grouting tumbled edge

    This is my first thread, so hopefully I'm observing all the rules... I am struggling to grout tumbled edge tiles. I've got two issues, firstly the grout won't stay in the joins very well - if I leave it long enough to go off so that the sponge doesn't wipe it all away, then that means it's also...
  7. S

    Mosaic tiles step edge

    Hi am tiling a wet room with 5mm thick porcelain mosaic tiles (hexagons 5x5cm). The wet room is between walls and has a small step to get in and I would like the mosaic to wrap around the step. How can I finish the step nosing edge. I tried to mitre but not very good at it and haven’t managed...
  8. T

    Do you need to run Ditra right to the edge of the room? Thinking of leaving a gap to deal with a high perimeter.

    I've got a room with a two-layer plywood subfloor that is fairly flat (not level) but the floor ramps up at the perimeter fairly sharply. I'm going to be using Ditra for the installation (only for uncoupling - not worried about waterproofing). Rather than trying to raise the entire floor to...
  9. Nicobond

    Dark/Black Grout Onto White Bevel Edge Tiles

    We've seen a lot of comments online about grouting dark / black grout onto white bevel edge tiles - the leaching, the stains, the headache....this is totally a product push but watch the video Shaun shows how easy it is to overcome. Top grout and we swear by it. Happy to do local demos with...
  10. L

    Finishing off bath edge

    Hi. I’m not happy with this finish as I think it looks messy. In an ideal world we could have got a bigger bath or boxed it in with a stud wall but neither option would have worked given out limited space all round. What’s the best way to finish this gap between the bath and wall? I was thinking...
  11. A

    Tile cracking at edge of cut

    I have a Rubi manual tile cutter which is quite new. It has been fine initially but now each tile I cut fragments at the top. I cut from the bottom up but three tiles in a row have cracked the corner off at the top. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? These are all standard straight cuts. Nothing...
  12. D

    Small chips on cut edge - will grout hide them?

    Hi All, I am struggling to cut 10mm thick ceramics(600x300) with my wet cutter without some small chips on the cut edge. I'm worried this will look poor around the window where it meets the trim. My grout is a similar colour to the tile, will it colour the small chips? Photo attached. Thanks...
  13. N

    Grouting square edge porcelain tiles

    Hi all I’m laying 600 by 600 square edge porcelain tiles. Because of the square edge should the grout be brought up to the tile level to protect the Edge.
  14. GrumpyGrampa

    Cutting tiles with beveled edge

    I'm having a real problem cutting 20 x 10 tiles that have a beveled edge on all sides. If I score across the short side (10 cm) the tile cutter works as it should but every time I score along the long side (20 cm) the tile splits across the middle of the short side. Does that explanation make...
  15. S

    Profile edge

    Doing a backsplash above a cooker and will be boxing in using metal profile edging, my intentions were to tile right up to the profile edge. Is this the correct method or do I leave a gap in between for grouting.
  16. Daz1977

    subway tiles with bevelled edge, how to fininsh

    Hello all, what edging would you use to finish off a bevelled edge tiled wall and also the corners ? racking my brain trying to work it out on our new kitchen. Cheers in advance guys Daz
  17. Mmark

    GifaFloor FHB18 Joins without Joists and no Edge Support.

    We have a 4x3 bedroom with the following 12 spans: 190, 368, 380, 365, 380, 370, 385, 370, 395, 385, 370, 300 The UFH was installed by builders ready for the GifaFloor FHB18 (18mm). FHB18 is rated at 2kn point load when installed to manufacturers instructions, they estimate to reduce that by...
  18. W

    Pedestal system for irregular edge porcelain, anybody tried it?

    Pedestal system for irregular edge 20mm porcelain, anybody tried it?
  19. W

    Tile Trim Window Edge

    Hey guys, new to the forum.. I'm currently tiling a bathroom and have the tiles cut around the window in the front wall.. I've tried my hardest to get the edge of the window tiles as straight as can be but when placing a tile edge trim up against the line there's a 1mm gap every now and then...
  20. J

    Large gap between bath and wall

    I have about a 40mm gap between the bath edge and the wall, I plan to tile the wall, do you recommend boxing this in or using some kind of sealant? Really struggling to find a large enough ceramic or plastic lip edge to fit.
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